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Menseventwear Review 2024 → Affordable Formal Suits with Premium Materials

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About Menseventwear

Do you find formal wear too expensive to purchase? If so, Menseventwear must be a perfect brand for you. It is a clothing brand that produces high-quality outfits at affordable prices.

Menseventwear Review: About Menseventwear

Even though Menseventwear is new to the US,  this brand can perform very well in making customers satisfied. They have a stylish design that every guy will adore. Even better, you can save money to have well-made suits, vests, and tuxedos.

It is a diligent brand that always updates posts on its social media. As of now, they seem to be active on Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, and Twitter. So, you can see every activity and its new arrival by following the brand on that platform.

To get close to this brand, read this Menseventwear review to know better. I’ll provide its history, products, testimonials, and so on in this article. Then, let’s move on to the next section!

Overview of Menseventwear

As I was looking for the brand’s owner, we didn’t find who owns Menseventwear, but it’s stated that they were established in 2010.

In their first start, Menseventwear teams were desperate due to their low income and wanted to get more. Then they walked into a suit shop, thinking they could produce a high-quality product at an affordable cost.

Afterward, they met 12 friends who wanted to work together. So, at last, they created the company through a partnership model. The mission is to produce men with quality, stylish, and cost-effective suits.

The brand slowly grows its popularity and gains fans as its base. Now, they can make many customers trust their qualities. It even provides a customization service for anyone who does not suit the chart size.

Before we go over to the Menseventwear review, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this brand thoroughly!

Menseventwear Pros

  • Offers high-quality formal and casual clothes
  • Provides affordable prices
  • Most of the products are easy to clean with a machine or hand
  • Offers a customization service on color or size
  • Ship internationally with free ground shipping
  • Provides free return within 30-days
  • Some products are refundable
  • Has many good feedbacks from customers

Menseventwear Cons

  • Custom products are non-refundable

Menseventwear Review

Alright, reading the history and the style of the brand is enough. Now, I know you must be curious about what the brand has to offer.

Menseventwear Reviews: Menseventwear Review

So, I provide the reviews regarding products of Menseventwear. First, you must know that the brand sells everything, including suits, pants, vests, blazers, tuxedos, hats, ties, and so on.

It even classifies the pattern into notch lapel, peak lapel, shawl lapel, herringbone, plaid, and tweed. But I’ll only take the three best-selling products with high ratings and good reviews. So, are you ready to jump into the products? Then, let’s go and read them ASAP!

Menseventwear Classic Men's Suit Herringbone Tweed Peak Lapel Tuxedos Reviews

I’ll begin the review of the best-selling item. Menseventwear offers Classic Men’s Suit Herringbone Tweed Peak Lapel Tuxedos in XS to 5XL.

Menseventwear Review: Menseventwear Classic Men's Suit Herringbone Tweed Peak Lapel Tuxedos Reviews

This item contains three clothes: blazer, vest, and pants. It’s available in nine shades, and I bet that you’ll adore its choices from Army Green. Black, Blue, Brown. Burgundy, Champagne, Coffee, Grey, and Navy.

This clothing has high-quality material of rayon and polyester. Plus, the blazer has a peak lapel, center vent, and single buttons. You may put your belongings in the five pockets: 2 in the flap, one in the welt, and two others on the inside.

It also features a sleeve slit with four-cuff buttons. You’ll adore everything with it since the full-lined sleeve is perfect with a v-neck vest. Also, the vest is great since it has two flap pockets and one welt pocket with a single-breasted four buttons and back metal elastic adjustment buckle.

On the other side, the pants have a zipper closure for easy wearing. The brand provides two hip pockets and two seam pockets there.


  • High-quality material with a herringbone pattern
  • It contains a blazer, vest, and pants
  • Has many pockets
  • Dry-cleaning only method
  • Customers can custom based on their preference

You might wonder about the price. Of course, it’s affordable since the price at only $118. But don’t get me wrong about the low price, the brand makes its top quality as its priority.

Menseventwear Men's Retro Suit Pants Herringbone Tweed Trousers Reviews

Do you need new formal pants? Menseventwear also offers Men’s Retro Suit Pants Herringbone Tweed Trousers. This other best-seller is available in 22 sizes, from 29W x 28L to 42W x 34L.

Menseventwear Review: Menseventwear Men's Retro Suit Pants Herringbone Tweed Trousers Reviews

Coming in four colors: Army Green, Black, Brown, and Burgundy, this product will be an excellent option for events like prom, graduation, weddings, or even important meetings.

Even better, it features premium fabric of wool and polyester. These herringbone pants have two hips bound pockets and two-seam pockets. You can wear it comfortably due to the zipper closure.

As it has high-quality fabrics, you won’t find it hard to clean it. Merely activate a washing machine or wash it on your hands, you’ll find your pants clean.


  • Made of high-quality fabrics
  • Has herringbone pattern
  • Flexible for formal occasions
  • Promotes cleaning on machine or hands
  • Accessible for color and size customization

Therefore, if you’re interested in this product, prepare for around $39. Then, you’ll be the most charming guy at the event!

Menseventwear Formal Men's Suits Slim Fit Notch Lapel Tuxedos Reviews

This third product is the last one I’ll review. Menseventwear offers Formal Men’s Suits Slim Fit Notch Lapel Tuxedos. It is a perfect item for important agendas such as prom or weddings.

Menseventwear Review: Menseventwear Formal Men's Suits Slim Fit Notch Lapel Tuxedos Reviews

It’s available in XS to 5XL. You may also choose the featuring color in Grey, Hunt Green, Light Blue, Mint Green, Navy, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Silver, Teal, and White. Those colors are beautiful and will change you into a gorgeous guy.

Even better, rayon and polyester will result in slim-fit outfits. You’ll receive three items: a blazer, vest, and pants. The blazer is impressive with a white and notch lapel. It features a center vent, a single button, two flap pockets, one welt pocket, and two pockets inside.

This blazer is complete with a fully lined and four-cuff buttons sleeve slit. The vest is excellent due to the shawl lapel, two bound pockets, double-breasted five buttons, and black metal adjustment buckle.

Voila! You won’t forget the pants because it is a perfect set. This one features a zipper closure, two hips, and two seam pockets. Everyone loves this product since you can clean it by hand or machine.


  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Suitable for proms or weddings
  • Has matching vests and pants
  • Easy to wash with a machine or hand
  • Available for size and color customization

The brand also offers customization for sizes or colors that are unavailable. So, prepare a budget of around $103 to get this complete tuxedo!

Menseventwear Size Chart

This brand offers different size charts on every product. Commonly, you can check on the size chart in the image above if you are going to purchase a suit and blazer.

Menseventwear Review: Menseventwear Size Chart

On the other hand, you must check another guide to purchasing vests or pants only. The guidance is different to give more access and easy checking. Therefore, visit this link for further information regarding Menseventwear’s size chart.

Who is Menseventwear For?

Menseventwear is a clothing brand that sells affordable formal wear. It is made of high-quality fabrics so that everyone can purchase products with premium features.

Menseventwear Review: Who is Menseventwear For?

The brand considers producing formal suits, pants, and tuxedos for every occasion. So it’s an excellent option if you think standard tuxedos are too expensive to purchase.

You can have an impressive suit and pants without feeling dizzy due to the high price. What an ideal clothing brand for everyone who can’t afford expensive suits but wants to perform marvelously.

Menseventwear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

It’s time to check how are the reaction from customers after receiving products from Menseventwear. Overall, this brand has 4.5/5 ratings from 327 reviews on its website.

Menseventwear Review: Menseventwear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

I can say that it’s pretty high for affordable products. But first, let’s check the ratings from the three products we read in the previous sections.

  • Classic Men’s Suit Herringbone Tweed Peak Lapel Tuxedos gets a 5/5 rating from 10 reviews
  • Men’s Retro Suit Pants Herringbone Tweed Trousers obtains a 5/5 rating from 8 reviews
  • Formal Men’s Suits Slim Fit Notch Lapel Tuxedos receive a 4.5/5 rating from 16 reviews

Those numbers prove that customers’ satisfaction is from getting formal wear from this brand. For example, one of the customers said:

The suit was great. It fit just as expected, it had great quality and wore well. I got it to attend a wedding but some people thought I was the one getting married . I highly recommend it to anyone interested in buying.

This customer bought Formal Men’s Suits Slim Fit Notch Lapel Tuxedos for attending a wedding. You can see how grateful he was because people misunderstood he was the groom. He even finished his sentence by recommending this tuxedo for everyone.

Another buyer stated:

This vest is a classic. It matches my tweed, a size smaller would be perfect. Logistics was slower than I thought. But I love this vest, it’s really pretty.

From this statement, you can see how satisfied the buyer was. He was delicate because the item is classic and matches the tweed. However, it seemed bigger on his body, and the logistic partner was slow. It’s a problem because the manufacturer’s location is in China. But he was finally okay with that because the pretty vest made him look lovely.

Hence, I can conclude that most customers find the Menseventwear products satisfying. However, it might not suit the buyer well because of the size. It also faces a problem with relatively slow logistics. Yet, all the issues are bearable since the products are lovely and worth buying.

Is Menseventwear Worth It?

In reality, formal suits and tuxedos are beyond expensive. Those clothing are sold at a high price due to the premium wool. However, the brand appears in this industry to provide more affordable clothing.

Menseventwear Review: Is Menseventwear Worth It?

I think this brand is worth it for guys who aren’t willing to spend much on formal wear. Indeed, you may not get the most-fascinating outfit. But you have a stylish cloth at the lowest price in the world. Well, yes, you can trust the brand and purchase the most desired items you prefer.

Menseventwear Shipping Policy

Menseventwear will ship from China from Monday to Friday. The brand will require a day to five days to prepare your package. Then, it will be sent via USPS Priority Mail International, UPS Worldwide, and FedEx International Priority.

Below, I attach the information regarding the shipping cost. Check it out!

  • Shipping to European countries will differ in two: Free standard shipping with 7 – 14 business days, and expedited shipping will require 3 to 5 days for $18.
  • Shipping to the United States region, including small islands, Canada, and Mexico, has two categories: Free standard shipping with 7 – 14 business days of shipment, and expedited shipping, which needs 3 to 5 days, at $25.
  • Shipping to other countries besides the two above will be charged $15 for standard shipping and takes around 15 – 20 business days. Or you can choose the expedited one with a $35 cost, which will arrive after 5 – 8 business days.

Menseventwear Return Policy

So what about if you find the product unsuitable or want a return? No worries because Menseventwear prepares for these risks. Customers can return the orders under the following guidelines:

  • Product with incorrect size
  • The buyer does not find the quality satisfying
  • Wrong item or different outcome from what is described
  • Customized items and custom-tailored suits are non-returnable and non-refundable

Please ensure you return the item in its actual condition by the time you receive it with its original packaging within 30-days. Then, write a customer service email to [email protected] if you wish to return it and get a refund. Please remember the shipping costs are your responsibilities to cover.

Then the brand will inspect your order and check whether it is refundable. Finally, you’ll receive a notification via email regarding the refund. Please wait for seven days to process the refund if it is acceptable. Thus, you can receive your money back once the process finishes.

How to Contact Menseventwear

I know you have more questions about this brand. So let’s follow these four methods to get in touch with Menseventwear!

  • Shoot the team an email through [email protected]
  • Please fill out the blank form on its official website
  • Ask them directly on the live chat at the right bottom on the website
  • Visit the business basecamp at 985 West Beihuan Road #202, 2nd Building Suzhou, 215000 Jiangsu, China

Please note to contact the brand during business hours. This clothing brand works from 9 AM to 6 PM EST from Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).

Where to buy Menseventwear?

Unfortunately, its official website is the only place to purchase products from this brand. However, it’s excellent because you’ll receive the original items. You can even make a special request for a particular size or style from this place.

So not only is the brand responsive, but also you can contact customer service with ease once you face a problem while buying products from Menseventwear.

Menseventwear Coupon Codes & Promos

The brand chooses to sell low-priced products because it is a manufacturer. But don’t worry because Menseventwear provides promotions for loyal customers. Here they are:

  • Subscribe to the website to get exclusive deals and access to new products
  • Get three products for only $90 in this collection

So, ensure you stay tuned to the official website for claiming promotions and discounts from this brand!

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Menseventwear Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Menseventwear reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Menseventwear?

Sadly, I can’t find the ownership concerning this brand. However, you can purchase their products securely and get what you desire since it is active in the business.

Does Menseventwear ship internationally?

Yes, Menseventwear wants to reach a lot of customers worldwide. Even better, you don’t have to pay the shipping cost using the free standard shipping method.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Menseventwear Reviews & Ratings

Who doesn’t love affordable clothes with premium qualities? You must be one of us! Menseventwear is a solution for anyone who thinks that suits are too expensive to purchase. However, this brand doesn’t want you to be left out.

It creates the most stylish cloth you can wear on many occasions, including business meetings, proms, or even weddings. Furthermore, you can get a customization service on size and color. So, which one of the brand’s products attracts your attention? Then, get it as soon as possible and go with the most charming look!


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