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Men's Wedding Bands Review 2024 → Peculiar Tungsten Ring Ever!

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About Men's Wedding Bands

Wedding jewelry is synonymous with women who often wear it. But nowadays, men can also wear jewelry on such a sacred occasion. Many stores provide rings for women, but what about men? We have the answer: Men’s Wedding Bands.

Men's Wedding Bands Review: About Men's Wedding Bands

Men’s Wedding Bands is a company that creates wedding rings for men that emphasize eco-friendly materials and handcrafted pieces. Their collection consists mainly of rings and other accessories: watches, bracelets, and necklaces.

In addition, realizing that men can also choose their wedding rings, the company goes all out to work with craft experts and licensed organizations. It is meant to create and collect high-quality materials.

This company is yet to make an appearance online. However, a record 10,000+ couples as customers have scored happiness by wearing rings from them. Doesn’t that number of tens of thousands tantalize your studs?

What we’ve mentioned before are not mere rumors. Watch our Men’s Wedding Bands review entirely to learn more about this brand. Let’s keep going!

Overview of Men's Wedding Bands

Where did this company come from? Well, they were built out of anxiety about men’s wedding rings being boring, looking the same, and not inspiring. We have yet to notice who the owner is. However, we found out when they began their mission.

In 2017, this brand’s team started exploring unconventional materials, from ancient meteorites to unused spaceship titanium. Accordingly, those things became their mission.

This company also embraces three core values that strongly reflect it as the world’s distinctive men’s wedding ring company. Their values include impeccable craftsmanship, sustainably harvested materials, and a commitment to giving back to customers.

Further, perfectly crafted means creating a unique ring that expresses the wearer’s self. At the same time, sustainably harvested is working with licensed partners to collect all natural materials.

And to realize these three values, the company works with family-owned workshops. Why? Because they are a team of craftsmen who are experienced and talented at detailed ring-making. Reviews

From the explanation of the Men’s Wedding Bands story, we already know their journey began by thinking about materials: sustainably harvested and with a fresh imagination. Thus, they can make many wedding rings for extraordinary men.

Men's Wedding Bands Reviews: Reviews

This brand’s collections range from Jurrasic to classic. Also, regarding the unity of materials, the brand has amazing ones, from dinosaur fossils to Hawaiian Koa wood. You can encounter cosmos, signore, adventurer, and a tough guy.

Not only are the collections and materials stunning, but the color choices are also likely. Commonly, guys resemble much in black. However, this company provides other shades: brown, blue, yellow gold, and gray.

Shop Men’s Wedding Bands By Category

If you want to engrave your partner’s name, month, or date of birth, the brand provides free custom engraving. They use butler fonts to enhance the beauty of your wedding ring. Just visit the website!

Moreover, this review will not stop by showing you the collection. We will strive to discuss the 3 most-purchased products that men can captivate. Keep up to date!

Men's Wedding Bands The Black Label Reviews

All gentlemen, please come closer. A tungsten ring is hyped in the market, The Black Label. The product is a timeless combination of black and gold, which is regal and graceful.

Men's Wedding Bands Review: Men's Wedding Bands The Black Label Reviews

What makes this product unique besides the color combination is the material. The item is made of tungsten, not silicone, and 18 kilos of gilded gold. Also, the type of tungsten is carbide, with a melting point of 6,191.6°F. It’s one of the most durable metals in the world.

Furthermore, this product comes in various sizes ranging from 5 to 15.5. For the width of the ring, you can choose between 6 and 8 mm accordingly. If you need to learn how to measure your finger circumference, the brand provides it on the website.

Purchasing this tungsten plus 18k gold ring means free packaging: certificate of authenticity, case, and cleaning kit. The price is currently at $149.99 from $166.00.

Men's Wedding Bands The Aerosmith Reviews

Hi guys! Our product recommendations are still ongoing. There is still The Aerosmith tungsten with diamonds. Is the diamond grain natural? It is an artificial diamond almost similar to the original in the lab, not formed from the mine.

Men's Wedding Bands Review: Men's Wedding Bands The Aerosmith Reviews

From the picture above, this product has six micro-precision gears scattered on the outside. You can rotate the rim slowly to create a sparkling effect. The gear ring is made of gunmetal or rose gold and high-quality gold copper material.

Also, the company made this ring with a blend of titanium, platinum, and gold materials. Speaking of gold, it comes from 14k pressurized hypoallergenic gold plating that has 100 times the gold of plated jewelry.

The gold in this product is known for its durability, unbreakability, chipping, and tarnish resistance. This item might be the solution if you want a cheaper karat gold replacement.

Furthermore, this 8 mm product has unlimited sizes for every watchmaker and engineer. You can choose from sizes 4.5 to 16.5. It comes with a ring gauge. Meanwhile, the available colors are only two: gold and silver.

Like the prior item, buying this Aerosmith ring means you get a box that contains a certificate, case, and cleaning kit. Have you prepared money for this product? The budget you need is $269.00.

Men's Wedding Bands Nitro Black II Reviews

Have the previous two products yet to reflect your style? Nitro Black II might be just what you want. The product epitomizes true masculinity as its signature ultra-black finish contrasts throughout the ring.

Men's Wedding Bands Review: Men's Wedding Bands Nitro Black II Reviews

Furthermore, the center of this ring is a prominent textured black with polished black edges. When viewed, it looks very dignified and dramatic. So, it is ideal for men who like to attract attention discreetly.

This titanium ring is better than gold, platinum, or steel. Titanium is often seen in spacecraft that you might not know before. The properties of titanium are very durable and very strong. It is also lightweight and comfortable when worn.

Besides, this Nitro Black II ring type already comes in many sizes. The brand provides measures from 4 to 17 with a width of 6 mm. Don’t wait too long to buy a black in-black ring. Just pay $134.96 from $159.00!

Men's Wedding Bands Care Guide

When taking care of a product, even rings have their unique way of handling it. Customers may need to be fully aware of this. Therefore, this section will educate you on properly caring for your wedding ring that can last forever.

Generally, all wedding rings can be cleaned using warm water and mild dish soap without harsh chemicals. Further, you can use a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub away the dirt. Then, dry the ring with a soft cloth.

Moreover, this company also provides methods for maintaining rings based on their material on this page. You can learn to handle each material, such as wood, dinosaur bone or horn, titanium, tungsten, meteroite, and carbon fiber carefully.

Men's Wedding Bands Pros and Cons

While writing this review, we wondered if the readers knew about this brand’s pros and cons. If you have yet to understand, check out the facts below!


  • Hundreds of craft & reimagining wedding bands
  • Awesome designs representing men’s style
  • Affordable prices
  • Sustainably harvested ingredients
  • Work with family-owned workshops
  • Have relations with artistry experts
  • Support clean environment
  • Limited free custom engraving
  • Free shipping & exchange
  • 30-day returns
  • Happiness guaranteed
  • Free lifetime guarantee


  • There is no phone number for customer service
  • International countries may not be explained in detail
  • No social media accounts info found

Who Is Men's Wedding Bands For?

From the brand title, you would have guessed that Men’s Wedding Bands are for men. That’s right, it’s for all men who are getting married. Are guys who are unmarried or not yet married not allowed to buy the brand’s ring collection? That’s not true. You are their target, too.

This company provides gentlemen with an array of very remarkable rings. Their product has a wide selection of rings from tough guys, space rocks, ancient times (dinosaurs or Damascus eras), and beers. Indeed, those choices are genuinely representing men’s style.

Men's Wedding Bands Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Dear customer, this is probably the most essential part of our review to show that your choice is not wrong. We bring proof that this brand’s products are the best to wear at your sacred wedding.

Men's Wedding Bands Review: Men's Wedding Bands Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We took some customer comments from the official website instead of Reddit. Each of the buyers shared their satisfaction by giving 5 stars like this first customer statement:

Beautiful! My partner adores it and has already begun wearing it before our wedding. Thank you!

This woman above said she was happy buying the black label ring for her husband, and even he wore it before the event.

The second buyer commented:

It is an excellent everyday ring. It’s comfortable, light, and easy to clean. I’ll buy more in different colors.

The following customer was happy with the Aerosmith ring, not the Kays product. They mentioned it was worn painlessly, lightly on the finger, and effortless to clean. He even wants to rebuy it because it suits everyday jewelry.

Another customer mentioned:

It’s an outstanding ring for the money! You can’t beat the quality & price.

The last customer we took the comment from said the quality of the nitro black II ring is unmatched, while the price is impressive, unlike Cartier.

We agree with all customers about the quality of this brand’s rings, which is very proud. The buyers are not only happy with the grade but also with the price offered. Therefore, you should take your time.

Is Men's Wedding Bands Worth It?

This brand’s ring jewelry collections for men are precious and worth buying. You can call it the safest Men’s Wedding Bands ever. They use recycled materials that are around our environment. They also claim their products are allergy-friendly and do not irritate your finger skin.

Men's Wedding Bands Review: Is Men's Wedding Bands Worth It?

In addition, each ring is made with the need for an extended period of years. You don’t need to replace it every time because it’s not easily damaged. Your purchase likewise will be well-spent as they offer free replacements if you lose your ring. Accordingly, this brand is worth it!

Men's Wedding Bands Warranty Policy

Losing a ring is annoying; not all jewelry companies will deal with it. If you buy your ring from this brand, it won’t be such an annoyance anymore because they provide a free lifetime limited warranty.

This brand covers you with a routine maintenance and repair warranty. You may also request a ring replacement if there are signs of damage during regular use for free.

Men's Wedding Bands Shipping Policy

Currently, Men’s Wedding Bands ship their products free of charge. They aim to deliver between 5-10 business days for in-stock items with no-cost shipping and 2-3 business days for expedited delivery across the US, NYC, and Canada.

Furthermore, you may wait fifteen days or more for out-of-stock items. This brand also says there are additional delivery days if you order engraving. You can check your order on the tracking order page after they send you a tracking notification email.

Men's Wedding Bands Return Policy

Customer pleasure is the key to why companies thrive. Hence, this brand spoils you with a 30-day return policy after receiving the package. Or you can exchange the product within a year for free. Whatever you choose between the two options, they will serve you sincerely.

It takes no effort to file a return. The item you’re ready to submit may need to be in its original packaging and show no signs of you wearing it. Before filing the return, it’s better to reach the CS at [email protected].

How To Contact Men's Wedding Bands

Do you have lots of questions after reading our review? If so, please get in touch with the customer team by email at [email protected].

Equally important, you may note that the support team has working days Monday through Friday, day and night, from 9 am – 6 pm and 9 pm – 6 am based on UTC−05:00.

Where to buy Men's Wedding Bands?

Ready to have one wedding band from this store? Please go ahead to Men’s Wedding Bands’ official website! Not to mention, you may not encounter a ring near me at Walmart or Amazon.

Men's Wedding Bands Coupon Codes & Promos

What a joy it is to shop with lots of discounts! This brand knows your dream. At the same time, make the most of your shopping time with the discount codes below.

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Men's Wedding Bands

Men's Wedding Bands Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Men's Wedding Bands reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Men's Wedding Bands?

We don’t entirely know who owns this company. However, it could be one man or a group passionate about renewable wedding rings.

Does Men's Wedding Bands ship internationally?

Yes, the company does. They ship your favorite white gold rings internationally.

Why are Men's Wedding Bands so cheap?

That’s probably because the company makes materials from wood waste, rocks, and bones that are still usable.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Men's Wedding Bands Reviews & Ratings

Like women, men have the same right to look great at their wedding with jewelry on their fingers. With rings from the Men’s Wedding Bands collection that range from antler bone to space rock elements such as meteroite, you will complete your partner’s look to the max.

This brand’s work is truly distinctive. They craft it from very nature-friendly materials, and of course, they do it by hand. They also ensure their prices are a lifetime investment as their rings are highly durable. Check it out soon!


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