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Megalook Hair Review 2024 → Premium Human Hair Wigs on Sale!

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About Megalook Hair

What? Your boyfriend was complaining about your unhealthy hair look? No, it’s a big disaster! Don’t let him run to another girl because of it, and let’s act to save your love life (also your hair, of course) by checking what’s inside Megalook Hair!

Megalook Hair Review: About Megalook Hair

Can I rely on this to make my hair look twice prettier?‘ Indeed, you can! We know that not all woman have good experiences with their hair. They’re always stuck in repeated issues like hair dryness, loss, dandruff, etc. Thus, wigs come to save!

Megalook Hair provides what a woman defines as true hair beauty. Furthermore, you may expect numerous well-tested quality human virgin hair wigs to be your gorgeous crown. But do people believe in the brand’s product and service?

Moreover, let’s not be blind to this fact! Approximately 387k+ people show their support through Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. Meanwhile, it also gained over 630k likes and is still counting. So, let’s tap the ‘follow’ since it’s free!

Does it already sound good to you? It should be, but let’s expect to have more good things as you scroll down our Megalook Hair reviews! Now, please tell your boyfriend to be a little more patient, okay?

Overview of Megalook Hair

Do you know where are the points of women’s confidence? Yes, one of them should be in the hair. Thus, having good and pretty hair is a must, even when you should get wigs.

Get closer and let us tell you something interesting about this company. Do you know that this brand has not only emphasized its product quality since the beginning? So, what else?

Product quality may come first in every company, and that’s what Megalook also does. Likewise, they also prioritize the customer’s hair use & care to save them from mistakes.

Thus, the brand also acts as a professional consultant, making them different from other hair suppliers. However, that’s not the thing. There’s still one interesting fact left to know.

Furthermore, when others tend to spend money on marketing (influencer, content, etc.), Megalook stuns differently. Otherwise, they love spending money on products & services.

Why? It’s because the brand believes that customer satisfaction is the best marketing ever. So, spending money on product & services are effective in gaining customer’s compliments.

Megalook Hair Reviews

Get your full-standing mirror now because once your wig has arrived, you cannot stop posing in front of it! So, are you now ready to know more about Megalook Hair?

Megalook Hair Reviews: Megalook Hair Reviews

However, before diving deeper into it, let us tell you each wig has different styles and characteristics. So, we guess it’s important to match your personality to it!

Next, to begin, let’s swim through the product categories below! What are they?

Human Hair Wigs Discover various wigs of different types (cap, color, texture)
Wear & Go Glueless All pre-cut lace wigs are here, with many styles available!
Long Wigs Make your long hair dream happen with up-to-40-inch long wigs!
Bundles & Closures Get more than one wig at lower prices by shopping bundles here!

Now, have you decided to shop from which category? Or, if you are still clueless, we guess our product recommendation can help you.

So, let’s see what are the brand’s best-selling items (our recommendation, too) below and shop later:

  • Crystal Hd Lace Wig Body Wave Wig
  • Barbie Blonde Straight & Body Wave Lace Front Wigs
  • Long Balayage Highlight Hair Transparent Lace Front Wigs

Since each product recommendation has arrived, are you on your relaxed seat already? Good, then!

Let’s have a great time and make your ‘all eyes on me’ moment with your personality-matched wigs!

Megalook Hair Crystal Hd Lace Wig Body Wave Wig Reviews

What wave makes you stunning? ‘Can it?’ Of course! But let us make it specific because it’s Crystal Hd Lace Wig Body Wave Wig! Do you like this type of hair? If yes, let’s not skip every single thing!

Megalook Hair Review: Megalook Hair Crystal Hd Lace Wig Body Wave Wig Reviews

Girls, if you want a fluffy and thicker layer of hair, we suggest you have this. Why? It’s because the wig’s 200% density level will absolutely stand out when you put it on your head. Come on, who’s not interested in that?

In addition, it’s great to see the various choices of size. You’ll discover the 9 wig sizes from 16 to 32 inches as you go through the brand’s website. You know your style pretty well, right? So, make sure to get the one that looks good.

Meanwhile, the lace is also important to consider while buying. In this product, there will be 3 choices of lace size, and they are 4×4, 5×5, and 13×4. If you need help, try the second one since it’s the most recommended.

And what else? Ah yes, this black hair wig can be dyed with any color, and it will last for around 1 year. Don’t you think it’s good to always dye a wig without concerning your real hair’s health? Big opportunity to shine, then!

Last, Crystal Hd Lace Wig Body Wave Wig is always reliable for you who want to double your confidence level, especially when it’s about hair. Hence, your $125.90 will definitely turn into praise from people around! Shop to prove!

Megalook Hair Barbie Blonde Straight Wave Lace Front Wigs Reviews

Do you want to live in your own Barbie world? It’s 100% possible, and you need to have Barbie Blonde Straight & Body Wave Lace Front Wigs to start everything! So, can we now play the ‘Dance The Night’ song by Dua Lipa?

Megalook Hair Review: Megalook Hair Barbie Blonde Straight Wave Lace Front Wigs Reviews

We know it was your childhood dream to dress like a Barbie. Now, let’s make it happen! You can prepare your own dress, shoes, etc., and let us give you the best wig to complete. Then, do you know that wig is available in two types?

Yes, it’s so good to know that those 2 types are straight and body wave (both in 13×4). Therefore, you can adjust it to your style while shopping. ‘But what if we love both styles?‘ Can’t you take a conclusion? Just get both, then!

Furthermore, this wig exists in 8 choices of length size. It starts from 10 inches (bob hairstyle), and the longest is 30 inches. But if you want to recreate the Barbie look, we suggest getting the 24-inch wig since it’s the most recommended.

One thing missed: girls who want to have a thicker hair look, you may also try this, by the way. Specifically, it has a 180% density level, and if you want to change the blonde color, it’s also possible. You may try pink, ash grey, red, or what else?

So, is your Barbie world about to start now? Get your Barbie Blonde Straight & Body Wave Lace Front Wigs to amaze your Ken and every person you meet in your Pink’s world! Pssttt, it won’t bring you poor since it’s only $179.79

Megalook Hair Long Balayage Highlight Hair Transparent Lace Front Wigs Reviews

New wig style? Of course, you can expect everything in Megalook Hair! Have you ever heard of Long Balayage Highlight Hair Transparent Lace Front Wigs? It must be in your shopping cart for your most iconic hairstyle of all time!

Megalook Hair Review: Megalook Hair Long Balayage Highlight Hair Transparent Lace Front Wigs Reviews

Why did we say this wig will give a new style? It’s all in its texture choice. Unlike the two previous products, this balayage wig has 3 choices of texture: straight, body wave, and the iconic water wave. Have you ever tried it?

Meanwhile, the various length choice is also here and it ranges from 16 to 32 inches. And girls, if you’re not sure which length suits you, then check the detailed measurement guide on the brand’s website. So, it’s all on a good handle, right?

After that, with a 180% density level, wearing it is highly suggested to impress people with your thick and healthy hair. Also, it aligns with its transparent lace, making people not realize that it’s actually not your real hair.

Can we dye this wig?‘ Of course! Wearing a wig is never boring since you can do creative things on it. Thus, saving $156.90 for Long Balayage Highlight Hair Transparent Lace Front Wigs will never be a waste. Trust us!

Megalook Hair Pros and Cons

Do you want to see how further the brand performs? Alright, we won’t stop with the product reviews only, so let’s begin the pros and cons section!


  • 100% human virgin hair
  • Many types are available
  • Transparent lace
  • Detailed measurement guide
  • Many discounts available
  • Receive custom orders
  • Shipping Overseas
  • Free shipping in many countries with no minimum orders


  • Little information about the company (owner, location, etc.)

Who Is Megalook Hair For?

Did we mention ‘boy’ throughout the review? We didn’t, right? So, who do you think are the right customers to shop from Megalook Hair? Certainly, all women who want to look prettier with human hair wigs deserve those incredible collections from the brand.

Specifically, wigs are in women’s wishlists for some reasons. First, they may buy it for lifestyle, and it’s so common, right? Second, they really have problems with their hair. We’ve mentioned earlier that hair dryness, dandruff, or loss can possibly happen. That’s why wigs have become their best solution. So, why do you shop for wigs?

Megalook Hair Review: What Do Customers Think?

What do you want us to spill? Yes, it should be the brand’s ratings and reviews. Do you think they perform well based on the customer experiences? Scroll down to discover more!

Megalook Hair Review: Megalook Hair Review: What Do Customers Think?

Let’s not be surprised because, on the Judge Me platform, Megalook Hair has gained more than 1830 reviews. Those numbers result in an average rating of 4.95 from 5 stars, which is amazing.

Moreover, that’s not our final stop because the detailed product ratings and reviews are about to drop:

Were those enough to prove to you about how good the brand is? We guess it’s not. Thus, be ready for the selected customer reviews below!

As a starter, read this first review:

I just had to share with you all about the amazing hair I recently got my hands on. It was everything I could have wanted. The length was spot on, the texture was soft, and easy to run my fingers through without any tangling. The density was also accurate…

It’s always nice to read that kind of review. This happy customer finally got her long-wanted wig, and everything was perfect on her.

Then, it’s also a must to read:

Firstly, I didn’t have to do much to this hair or lace. I applied my skin-toned powder directly to the lace and it melted right into my scalp. I definitely love this company.

From that review, we know that the wig’s transparent lace does its assignment pretty well. It becomes one into your scalp, and all perfect!

Meanwhile, the last customer added:

When I received the wig, I was happy to see that the color matched the pictures exactly. It looked great on me, especially with my dark skin. I wore the wig to dinner and got compliments from my stylist and random people. It helped me look my best and feel confident.

You know it’s never bad to have much praise from many people, especially because of your purchased product. So, do you want to experience good with your wig like this customer?

So, do they really help you to convince your own self? Hopefully, you’re now more than sure, and let’s scroll down (again) to find other interesting facts!

Is Megalook Hair Worth It?

Do you know what is a better brand than Megalook Hair to shop for wigs? It’s hard to find one, right? Hence, we can say that Megalook Hair is a worth-purchasing wig provider for all women.

In addition, we’ve also said that this brand is not only a common supplier as others. However, they’re also there when customers ask, share, and discuss their health treatment or problems before shopping.

Is Megalook Hair Legit?

Can you promise to shop from the brand right after we answer this question? Basically, we have no reason to say that Megalook Hair is a scammer or anything else. However, once you go through its website, everything is there. 

They have been selling millions of products, with thousands of customer good ratings and reviews. Also, their social media and contact availability always welcome all customers’ purposes. So, we can only say that Megalook Hair is a 100% legit and trusted wig brand.

Megalook Hair Shipping Policy

We’ve been waiting for you to arrive at this section, and finally, you’re here now! What else do you need to know about the brand’s shipping regulations?

First of all, Megalook Hair will process orders from Monday to Saturday. Then, we’re happy to tell you that they offer worldwide shipping, with an estimated 3-10 days to arrive.

What about the shipping costs? Furthermore, customers in China, US, CA, Mexico, UK, FR, and DE will be eligible for free shipping. Meanwhile, the rest of the countries must pay $20-$25 costs.

Megalook Hair Return Policy

Then, what if you have a bad experience while shopping at Megalook Hair? Save your concern and let the brand return policy work to handle from A to the Z!

Great news! The brand offers a return, exchange, or refund within 30 days after your package arrives. In addition, ensure that it’s still new and in the same condition.

What should we do to request a return?‘ You must send your return request through [email protected] and ensure the items are not from the customized categories or clearance sales.

How To Contact Megalook Hair?

Is reaching out to Megalook Hair your priority now? So, find their customer service team through the following platforms:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (501)7226336
  • WhatsApp: 8618903740682
  • Live bubble chat: right side of the website
  • Social media: Megalook Hair

Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t explicitly mention the customer support’s working hours.

Company Address


Where to buy Megalook Hair?

Looking for the best place to shop for wigs from Megalook Hair? Great! You have so many choices to visit and try! First, we suggest shopping immediately from its official website since you may find more special offers there. Second, you can also rely on Amazon and Aliexpress to shop for yours and get them at the best rates. Stand out with your wig!

Megalook Hair Coupon Codes & Promos

We put this section at the end so you won’t leave earlier! Are you now seeking a discount code or other special offers? We won’t tell you much, but let the following list explain:

  • Unlock your 20% discount or $280 bonus on your first order by subscribing to the email
  • Spin the wheel to get up to a 30% discount, and it’s applicable for 10 minutes only
  • Enjoy up to 57% on ‘Special Sale’ products
  • Earn up to $80 cashback by reviewing Megalook Hair products on your social media
  • Save $10 off by shopping over $99 with discount code: MG10
  • Grab $30 off by shopping over $169 with discount code: MG30
  • Claim $50 off by shopping over $259 with discount code: MG50
  • Get $120 off by shopping over $399 with discount code: MG120
  • Enjoy $10 off for orders above $89 with a mysterious code on the WhatsApp group
  • Acquire $20 off for orders above $119 with a mysterious code on the WhatsApp group
  • Collect $35 off for orders above $169 with a mysterious code on the WhatsApp group
  • Get $85 off for orders above $379 with a mysterious code on the WhatsApp group
  • Receive up to 93% discount for ‘Flash Sale’ products
  • Be eligible for a 41% discount by shopping Bundles with Closure
  • Use code: 4C80 to save $80 for products in ‘4C Edge Wigs’
  • Have your 4 special gifts and a discount of up to 60% as ‘New User Exclusive’
  • Grab $20 off for a new user’s first purchase over $109 with code: N20
  • Claim $50 off for a new user’s first purchase over $189 with code: N50
  • Take $90 off for a new user’s first purchase over $299 with code: N90
  • Earn $120 off for a new user’s first purchase over $399 with code: N120
  • Get more benefits and commission by joining the Megalook Ambassador program
  • Grab free wigs by shopping the link from the brand and giving 5-star reviews
  • Buy 1, get 1 free, only this page!
  • Free shipping for customers in the US, UK, CA, FR, DE, China, and Mexico

Wow, can you handle those special offers? Your fingers might explode to click every discounted product, we’re sure! Also, we still have more, and all are in the button below!

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Megalook Hair Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Megalook Hair reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Megalook Hair?

We’re sorry, but there is no specific information about that.

Where is Megalook Hair located?

We didn’t find the specific address information, but it’s clear that Megalook Hair company is in China.

Does Megalook Hair ship internationally?

Yes, the brand ships worldwide.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Megalook Hair Reviews & Ratings

So, have you told your boyfriend that he shouldn’t worry anymore about your hair look? Good, then! It’s the best time to meet Megalook Hair in such a situation. Along the review, there’s only a good experience left, right?

If reading our review left something good on you, then more good things should appear after you shop, right? Therefore, let’s have an unrivaled hair look and better confidence with your personality-matched wigs all day! Have you chosen yours?


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