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Maxfoot Bike Review 2024 → Get Commute with Affordable E-Bikes

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About Maxfoot Bike

Have you ever heard about Maxfoot Bike? This brand claims that it offers the best-quality electric bikes at affordable prices. But does it worth the claims? Let’s find out through our review here.

Maxfoot Bike Review: About Maxfoot Bike

Generally speaking, Maxfoot Bike is an up-and-coming brand that manufactures various high-quality yet cost-effective electric bikes. This brand intends to allow all riders and commuters to enjoy stunning riding experiences without ruining their buckets.

More than that, the available products on Maxfoot vary, from electric bikes to electric trikes. As a result, whatever your needs, be it an e-bike to commute around the city or an e-trike to enjoy a stable and safe experience, you can rely on this brand.

Likewise, the name Maxfoot Bike has also been popular on social media among riders and commuters. That said, it currently features 7.8k followers on Facebook, 1.7k followers on Instagram, and 1.08k subscribers on YouTube. 

Those are the prefix of this electric bike brand. Stay tuned for this Maxfoot Bike review if you’re interested in digging deeper into this brand.

We’ll reveal detailed information, from the brand’s background to the available discounts. So, keep reading!

Overview of Maxfoot Bike

How did Maxfoot Bike start? Historically, this brand kicked off in 2019 by two average bike riders, Gordon and Charles. They started Maxfoot with a mission,

To bring the best yet affordable electric bikes to everyone in the world

In line with the above mission, this brand ensures everyone can enjoy an exceptional riding experience without paying more.

More so, this brand is headquartered in California, United States. It also has a warehouse in El Monte where all the manufacturing and designing processes are done. Indeed. 

On top of that, all Maxfoot electric bikes are designed with high-quality aluminum alloy frames and the best-quality motor. This ensures you’ll ride the most advanced yet sleek electric bikes to commute the city and mountain.

Moreover, this brand also tested its products before selling them. This testing process guarantees that all riders and commuters get safe and perfect electric bikes. All the brand’s e-bikes are proudly made in the US; you can rely on their quality!

Affordability. That’s also what Maxfoot Bike always brings on selling its products. That’s why you can grab discounts up to $769 and other promos to save on your e-bike purchases.

Maxfoot Bike Review

Currently, Maxfoot Bike provides an expansive model of electric bikes and electric tricycles. You can find your ideal electric bike in this brand, from folding to cruiser, e-bicycles to e-tricycles.

Maxfoot Bike Reviews: Maxfoot Bike Review

After all, the available e-bike models on the official website are MF-17, MF-18, MF-19, and MF-30. Below is the detailed list of Maxfoot product collections:

Maxfoot Bike Collections

  • MF-19 1000W Folding E-bike
  • MF-19 500W 500F
  • MF-19 1000W 1000F
  • MF-30 750W Electric Trike
  • MF-18 P 750W Electric Cruiser Bike
  • MF-17 P 750W Electric Cruiser Bike

Apart from providing a wide range of electric bike and trike models, Maxfoot Bike also carries accessories categories. You can locate storage bags, mirrors, color displays, batteries, inner tubes, rear racks, and other accessories in this category.

Moreover, while writing this review, we found three most-searched Maxfoot electric bikes on the internet. What are these products, and what qualities they have? Let’s find out through the next section!

Maxfoot Bike MF-19 Folding E-bike Reviews

The first on the list is MF-19 Folding E-bike. This is the best e-bike to choose from for those who’re seeking a feature-rich electric bike with a foldable design. That’s right! This MF-19 electric bike is foldable means you can easily fold it for excellent space-saving and easy use.

Maxfoot Bike Review: Maxfoot Bike MF-19 Folding E-bike Reviews

Moreover, this folding electric bike features the Bafang 1000W brushless geared hub motor with 90 N.m motor torque. These two powerful motors let you be unstoppable in conquering all terrains, providing an exceptional cycling experience.

Further, this MF-19 e-bike is also equipped with a six-bar linkage rear suspension designed to provide maximum shock absorption. Combined with durable 20″ x 4″ tires, you can ride this 1000W electric bike to the city, beach, and even the mountain. 

MF-19 Folding E-bike Features:

  • Integrated Headlight
  • Multi-Mode Tail Light
  • Samsung 48V 14Ah Lithium Battery
  • 5-Inch LCD Display
  • Waterproof Controller
  • 1/2 Twist Throttle

If this MF-19 meets all your needs regarding electric bikes, you can start preparing $2,095 to bring this folding e-bike to your home. Before purchasing this MF-19, you can choose 6 available colors: blue-yellow, white-grey, red-white, and more.

Maxfoot Bike MF-30 Electric Trike Reviews

Broadly speaking, electric trikes are well-known for their maximal stability and how they can offer safe riding for seniors and all people. Hence, if you’re seeking an excellent quality e-trike on Maxfoot, MF-30 Electric Trike should enter your shopping cart.

Maxfoot Bike Review: Maxfoot Bike MF-30 Electric Trike Reviews

After all, this MF-30 e-trike features a Bafang 750W brushless geared hub motor with 85 N.m torque for maximum power to conquer all terrain. Also, this electric trike is equipped with front fat 24″ and rear fat 20″ tires, allowing you to have a stable riding experience.

Moreover, this MF-30 electric trike has 180mm dual disc brakes to prevent rollover accidents. Another good thing, this 750W e-trike features a thick padded saddle for comfortable riding and a waterproof storage basket for easy heavy object loading.

More Features:

  • Step-Thru Frame
  • Samsung 48V 17.5Ah Lithium Battery
  • 5-Inch LCD Display
  • Integrated Headlight and Brake Light
  • 1/2 Twist Throttle
  • Waterproof Controller

Lastly, this MF-30 e-trike comes in 6 available colors, including red, yellow, blue, grey, white, and green. Please choose the color that best suits your favorite and spend $2,599 to bring it home!

Maxfoot Bike MF-17 P Electric Cruiser Bike Reviews

Last on the list is MF-17 P Electric Cruiser Bike. This is the perfect option for those looking for a cruiser electric bike at a cost-effective price. Coming with a step-thru frame design, this cruiser e-bike is ideal for casual riding in the city or beach.

Maxfoot Bike Review: Maxfoot Bike MF-17 P Electric Cruiser Bike Reviews

More than that, this MF-17 electric bike features a Maxfoot 750W brushless geared hub motor with 85 N.m torque for an outstanding riding experience. It also has a suspension front fork to deliver excellent shock absorption for stable riding.

On top of that, this MF-17 e-bike comes with a thick padded saddle that will elevate your riding experience for a long comfortable journey. There is also a big curved handlebar, ensuring you and other riders have a comfortable riding position.

More Features:

  • 48V 13Ah Lithium Battery
  • 5-Inch LCD Display
  • Integrated Head and Brake Light
  • Waterproof Controller
  • 1/2 Twist Throttle
  • Durable 26″ x 4″ tires

Lucky you, if this MF-17 electric cruiser bike wins your heart, you can get it by spending $1,595. After all, there are three available colors to choose from: blue, light blue, and purple. 

Maxfoot Bike Pros and Cons

Before moving to the next section, spare your time to check the Maxfoot pros and cons through the bullet points below.


  • Offers the best-quality electric bikes and trikes
  • Affordable prices
  • Durable construction and long-lasting
  • Powerful motors
  • Long-range batteries
  • Comfortable riding positions
  • Available in various models from MF-17, MF-18, MF-19, and MF-30
  • There are plenty of color options to choose from
  • International shipping
  • FREE US shipping to 46 contiguous states
  • Excellent ratings
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Provides numerous discounts


  • No specific day for the return

Who is Maxfoot Bike For?

Indeed, Maxfoot Bike is for everyone who wants to commute to the city with an electric bike, whether you are an adult or senior.

Maxfoot Bike Review: Who is Maxfoot Bike For?

Since it offers a wide range of products, from electric bikes to electric tricycles, this brand can fulfill all your needs regarding e-bikes. If you need an electric cruiser bike to commute to the city or an electric trike to enjoy stable and safe riding, Maxfoot Bike has you covered.

Ultimately, this brand is also perfect for those budget-conscious who want to have stunning riding experiences with electric bikes. With many available discounts and promos, enjoy a cost-effective shopping experience!

Maxfoot Bike Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

After leading you through numerous sections, let us provide you with the customer testimonial section. This section will feature several genuine customer testimonials about Maxfoot Bike.

Maxfoot Bike Review: Maxfoot Bike Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

But first, let’s see the ratings of the brand’s three most-searched products. Here are the ratings:

  • MF-19 Folding E-Bike: 4.79 out of 5 stars from 28 reviews
  • MF-30 Electric Trike: 4.92 out of 5 stars from 120 reviews
  • MF-17 P Electric Cruiser Bike: 4.92 out of 5 stars from 36 reviews

The first testimonial comes from a customer who bought MF-19.

This is an absolutely beautiful-engineered e-bike! It’s so fun to ride, easy to use, super powerful, and all-around amazing. Great job, Maxfoot!

This customer claims that MF-19 is the most well-made e-bike he has ever had. It can provide fun and easy riding with powerful performance.

Moreover, there is also a happy buyer who states her praises for MF-30.

It is a sturdy, well-built electric trike. Good fit and finish. This e-trike also has smooth solid power and holds a charge well. It is a joy to ride!

This happy buyer finds that the MF-30 is a well-built e-trike with solid power and excellent fit and finish.

In the same way, MF-17 has also received a positive testimonial, as seen below,

Great quality bike at a great price. It cannot be beaten for quality at this price. A super nice electric bike, my wife likes it.

Based on his testimonial, this rider compliments how the MF-17 has excellent quality at a cost-effective price. His wife also loves this MF-17 electric bike!

In a nutshell, Maxfoot Bike received numerous compliments thanks to its electric bike quality at affordable prices. Many customers praise how the brand’s e-bikes come in a well-built design to provide a fun, easy, and comfortable riding experience.

Is Maxfoot Bike Worth It?

High-quality, affordable, and lets you enjoy an excellent riding experience. As a result, this review will say that Maxfoot Bike is worth your consideration. Period.

Maxfoot Bike Review: Is Maxfoot Bike Worth It?

Further, this brand always manufactures and designs its e-bikes with high-quality aluminum alloy frames and the best-quality motor. Therefore, you can ride the most advanced yet sleek electric bikes to commute around the city and outdoors.

More than that, all Maxfoot electric bikes are also constantly tested to ensure they are safe and perfect to ride. Enjoy fun and safe riding with Maxfoot Bike!

Maxfoot Bike Shipping Policy

This brand supports shipping its products within the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and several European Union countries. Better yet, it offers FREE shipping to all 48 contiguous states in the United States.

More than that, this brand will ship your ordered electric bike from its El Monte warehouse within 1 to 2 business days. After your order has been shipped, you will receive the tracking number in your provided email.

Then, how about the estimated arrival time? Based on the brand’s shipping policy, it all depends on your address. On average, your order may arrive within 1 – 7 business days for US orders. While for international orders, it may probably be much longer.

Moreover, Maxfoot will use UPS and FedEx Ground to ship electric bikes, USPS to ship small parts & accessories, and Road Runner and Estes Express freight to ship mopeds & trikes.

Maxfoot Bike Return Policy

All the Maxfoot products you buy from the official website are covered by its return and refund policy. Thus, if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase or find your ordered e-bike arrives in a damaged or defective condition, you can return it to the brand.

To be eligible for this return policy, please return your product in its original packaging. If you have ensured of this, you can request a return by contacting 818-305-6122 or [email protected].

How To Contact Maxfoot Bike

Do you want to communicate your inquiries or demands with this brand? If you do, please get in touch with the following contacts.

Keep this in mind. The brand’s customer service team is available during their business hours, Monday – Friday (10 AM to 5.30 PM) and Saturday (from 10 AM to 4.30 PM).

If needed, you can also visit the brand’s warehouse address below.

Maxfoot Bike Address
4188-B Arden Drive
El Monte, California,
United States, 91731

Where to buy Maxfoot Bike?

Get your Maxfoot electric bikes and trikes through the official website. There is a big discount that will save your e-bike purchase! You can also get FREE US shipping if you shop for electric bikes through the official website.

Aside from the official website, you can also visit Amazon and eBay to get your hands on the Maxfoot electric bikes and trikes.

Maxfoot Bike Coupon Codes & Promos

Your Maxfoot discounts are coming! Please check the bullet points below.

  • Take up to 5% discount for the US military, first responders, local government employees, and teachers
  • Enjoy FREE US shipping to all 48 contiguous states
  • Take an extra $200 OFF on MF-30 Ebike with coupon code at checkout
  • Use discount code at checkout and obtain an extra $300 OFF on MF-19 1000P Ebike
  • Save up to $796 OFF on all Maxroot bikes
  • Subscribe to the newsletter and unlock exclusive discounts and promos

Need more? Don’t hesitate to click the button below, as you can reveal several exclusive coupon codes. Happy shopping!

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Maxfoot Bike Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Maxfoot Bike reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where are Maxfoot bikes made?

All the Maxfoot electric bikes are made in its warehouse in El Monte.

What is the top speed of the Maxfoot MF 19?

The top speed of Maxfoot MF-19 is around 23 mph.

How fast is the Maxfoot MF 30?

On average, Maxfoot MF-30 has a top speed of up to 20 mph.

How to find Maxfoot manual?

Suppose you need any information regarding the Maxfoot manual, assembly, or MF-30 manual. Then, you can find them through the Blog page or Videos page.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Maxfoot Bike Reviews & Ratings

Enjoy a fun e-bike riding experience with Maxfoot Bike. This brand offers the best-quality electric bikes and trikes at prices that will never ruin your pocket.

Hundred of customers have proven the quality of the brand’s products, well-built, excellent finish, and great prices. Do you want to be one of them? Then, you can direct yourself to visit the brand’s official website!


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