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About MakerFlo Crafts

Hi creative souls, what do you usually do in your free time? If you need something fresh and fun, let’s make your creativity wilder with MakerFlo Crafts. You like cute and pretty stuff, right? Thus, let’s be happy to be with us today!

MakerFlo Crafts Review: About MakerFlo Crafts

Have you ever heard of the brand? People with innovative ideas must be grateful to find this ‘heaven‘. If you are clueless about it, let us tell you that MakerFlo Crafts is a selling platform of stainless steel blanks and epoxy craft items.

Making fun of tumblers, pens, glassware, and other stuff is a nice activity to do. It doesn’t only enhance your creativity but also delivers good energy. Moreover, we’re happy to see over 55.8k people follow the brand’s social media accounts.

Once you see the brand’s collection, we believe no one can stop you from shopping. This store is special for all crafters, so let’s see how wild your creativity is. But can you stay in our MakerFlo Crafts review to reveal more surprising things?

Overview Of MakerFlo Crafts

As previously mentioned, MakerFlo Crafts is the most wanted store of all creative crafters. Sometimes, when we can sit happily with our looking-good DIY items in our hands, we call it satisfaction.

So, who should be responsible for this reliable store? You must owe John and Marc, as the brand’s Founders, for their creativity in making this store happen. However, they don’t work alone all this time.

With a helpful and professional team, John and Marc can bring MakerFlo Crafts to where it is right now. Today, all crafters recognize how well this store organizes and distributes their items.

Besides that, understanding the customer’s needs is also not an easy task. That’s why the store keeps consistently following the market orientation so that era-suit items are always on the table.

Since a long holiday is near, don’t you think that creating some DIY items will be good? At this point, you also owe us for telling you about this store earlier, so your items may arrive before the holiday!

MakerFlo Crafts Review

Do you already have a concept about your upcoming DIY items? We guess decorating some kitchenware like a wooden cutting board is good. But in this store, you will obviously have more than you expected.

MakerFlo Crafts Reviews: MakerFlo Crafts Review

Before that, once you visit the brand’s website, many ideas will pop up. It’s logical because various items and crafts innovations are available to bring you to your endless DIY life. So, can we start exploring now?

MakerFlo Crafts Product Collection

Tumblers & Blanks Shop for your favorite blank tumblers or other blanks like pens, pencils, glassware, and more!
Shop by Supplies From sublimation paper, glitter, resin, and epoxy, you may get your wanted DIY supplies here!
Shop by Crafts This store offers various crafts types, from sublimation, engraving, hydro dipping, engraving, etc.
Shop by Equipment If you need to buy a sublimation printer, oven, and press, they are on this ‘equipment’ page for sale!

So, which one is interesting for you? Or, if you want to try all of them, it’s 100% risk-free. However, we don’t suggest you hurry since we still have more sections below. Next, are you ready to see the store’s best-selling collections?

MakerFlo Crafts 20oz Skinny Tumblers Reviews

Do you want to make your tumbler look bling-bling? Or do you want to remake its look to suit your personality? Then, let’s do everything you want with these cool 20oz Skinny Tumblers!

MakerFlo Crafts Review: MakerFlo Crafts 20oz Skinny Tumblers Reviews

This blank tumbler has become a favorite since day one for its lightweight and durable function. In addition, you can also expect this to have such a good quality compared to others.

Why did we believe in its quality? First, it is a BPA-free stainless steel tumbler. Second, it has double-walled vacuum insulation with seamless construction for more fun crafting on it.

Also, this tumbler isn’t suggested for any sublimation things, anyway. Otherwise, if you need some suggestions, we recommend doing some epoxy glitter or hydro dipping with it.


  • Capacity: 20oz
  • Shape: Straight
  • Dimensions: 8.63″ H x 2.90″ D
  • Weight: 12.8 oz.
  • Temperature: Cold 24 hours/warm 8 hours
  • Care: Handwash
  • Buying choice: Single or 25 units/case

Do you already have an idea what you will do with your 20oz Skinny Tumblers? Sometimes, you need to buy it first before digging for some innovations. So, secure yours at $4.00 now!

MakerFlo Crafts 12ct Sublimation Pens (Chambers) Reviews

This is the second best-selling collection, so let’s have these 12ct Sublimation Pens (Chambers) to satisfy you more. Have you ever done something with pens? This might be a new addiction!

MakerFlo Crafts Review: MakerFlo Crafts 12ct Sublimation Pens (Chambers) Reviews

If you are a worker or student who uses pens daily, having them in a cuter look may make you happier. Buying this package doesn’t mean you’ll get an entire pen since these are only chambers.

Yes, you may get these 12 pieces of chambers and do some DIY stuff on them. After that, you can use it to replace the old chambers from your existing pens. Doesn’t that sound good to you?

In addition, these chambers are specially made for sublimation. So, if you love sublimating many items or want to start it, having these pens as your first trial is a good idea. ‘But are they cheap?


  • Surface: Stainless Steel Coated with Sublimation Coating
  • Shape: Straight
  • Dimensions: 4.75″ L x 0.38″ D
  • Weight: 0.19 oz (single)
  • Care: Handwash
  • Buying choice: 1 Pack (12 pens)

Of course, they are so cheap for you. Once you know the price, we believe it’s not enough to only buy for one pack. So, let’s exchange your $9.16 for these 12ct Sublimation Pens (Chambers)!

MakerFlo Crafts Sublimation Oven Reviews

After talking about the crafting goods, what about the equipment? At this point, you may have reliable equipment to give an optimal result for your DIY with a reliable Sublimation Oven!

MakerFlo Crafts Review: MakerFlo Crafts Sublimation Oven Reviews

What’s good about this oven? No, we won’t ask you to bake some cakes in it. Otherwise, this oven is a game-changer in sublimation. With simplicity, there shouldn’t be disappointing results.

At this point, we may agree that the MakerFlo oven is a smart breakthrough. Specifically, it offers precise temperature control, guaranteeing flawless and high-quality results for your projects.

Besides that, you shouldn’t worry about its operation since it comes with super-easy use. All you need to do is just prepare for some blank tumblers (more suggested) and see how they turn in minutes.


  • Parts included: Upper tubes lower tubes (3 of each), 1 back tube, 1 fan, and 1 oven light
  • Items included: 1 heat glove, 1 wire shelf, 1 metal mesh shelf, and 1 catch plate
  • Dimensions: 18″ L x 14″ W x 15″ H
  • Weight: 25 lbs
  • Power: 1600W + 400W
  • Voltage: AC120V 50Hz
  • Temperature range: 140° F – 446° F
  • Temperature control system: Digital with smart sensor 

Finally, will you start relying on this Sublimation Oven today? For better and more results, let’s spend no more than $399.00 to claim yours! But have you prepared the blank tumblers?

MakerFlo Crafts Pros and Cons

A reason to or not to buy MakerFlo Crafts? Learn this pros and cons section to know more:


  • Most complete store for art and craft supplies
  • Modern and functional craft equipment
  • So many offers available on the site
  • Detailed product description with guides
  • Cheap price
  • Durable
  • International shipping
  • Free shipping for US customers (orders min. $125)
  • 14-day return policy


  • Some customers complain about the broken items after shipping (mostly glassware)
  • No BBB accreditation

Who Is MakerFlo Crafts For?

If you already get bored of watching movies or reading books during your Q-time, why don’t you start playing with art? Today, we have learned that MakerFlo Crafts is the best alternative to choose from.

Can everyone satisfy their artistic desire here? Of course, it’s a place for everyone, especially pro or beginner crafters, who want to start doing DIY things. With so many ideas (sublimation, epoxy, engraving, resin, etc.) and crafting items offered, there will be much fun.

MakerFlo Crafts Review: What Do Customers Think?

Who says that you only need a pros and cons section to see the brand’s overall performance? Before you ask, you already know that this is the most trusted part to prove whether MakerFlo Crafts is good or not.

MakerFlo Crafts Review: MakerFlo Crafts Review: What Do Customers Think?

So, how do people score this store? The MakerFlo Crafts store has gained 90 reviews from Google users. Surprisingly, the final score of those reviews is 4.9/5 stars. But how about the product detailed rating?

We don’t think those ratings are enough to convince you. Therefore, we also bring you several real reviews from the customers. So, what did they say about their shopping experiences with MakerFlo Crafts?

First, we want you to read this:

I bought my sublimation package from MakerFlo, and the sublimation paper was included. My colors come out vibrant, and I have great compliments on the projects I’ve completed using this paper. Thank you for offering a great product!!!

This super happy customer said honestly about his product. He admitted that the products worked well with good & vibrant colors, resulting in more compliments.

Then, it should be on a to-read list, too:

These tumblers are amazing. My customers love the product. The lids fit perfectly, keeping drinks cold or hot for hours.

So, when will you start shopping for your own tumbler? This customer honestly said that his tumbler was well-sublimated with good function.

Next, how convincing is this review?

I bought these to practice sublimating pens, and I’m glad I did! They sublimate beautifully, and it’s fun to switch them out without using more pens. I will be buying more!

Did you see that? Buying those pen chambers really gives you more addiction. The final sublimation result is beautiful, and it’s where the addictive point is.

Finally, can you say that MakerFlo Crafts is your current favorite store? If those ratings and reviews are still not enough to convince you, then let’s keep your eyes on the following sections. Pssst, we won’t lie!

Is MakerFlo Crafts Worth It?

After reading the entire review, you can’t deny the fact that MakerFlo Crafts is 100% worth it. The store does not only sell products but also good service that most customers need.

MakerFlo Crafts Review: Is MakerFlo Crafts Worth It?

Furthermore, the collections they have also suit those who have just started in DIY things. Also, with functional equipment like an oven, presser, or printer, you will only find good things in this store. And the price? It’s not even half the cost of your weekly shopping.

Is MakerFlo Crafts Legit?

What makes MakerFlo Crafts not legit? From the top sections, we have learned that MakerFlo Crafts is a company with real team members and real displayed products. 

In addition, the existence of thousands of good reviews is also proof. Today, the store has widened its scale worldwide. Thus, there will be more satisfied customers appear. Finally, we have so many reasons to say that MakerFlo Crafts is legit and trusted.

MakerFlo Crafts Shipping Policy

Shipping has become one of the most awaited sections. So, how does MakerFlo Crafts ship the products to all customers?

You must be extra happy to know that the US, Alaska, Hawaii, and most countries worldwide are eligible to enjoy the store’s products. 

However, the free shipping service is only for US customers, with a minimum order of $125. Then, for the rest areas, the costs may differ based on the locations. What’s easier to understand than this?

MakerFlo Crafts Return Policy

What usually makes you sad in online shopping? Whatever it is, let’s be happy because the store’s return policy is here to give you the refund you deserve.

Specifically, after you receive the product, you have 14 days to return your items. Before that, don’t forget to reach out to the store’s team first at [email protected].

As with other policies, you must ensure that your items are still new and unused. Lastly, if you are curious about the return costs, it will be 100% the customer’s responsibility.

How To Contact MakerFlo Crafts?

Can I have some little talks with the MakerFlo Crafts team?‘ Sure, you will always have their time, anyway:

  • Customer Service (phone): (623) 263-5399
  • Customer Service (Email): [email protected]
  • Contact form: Your message is important, so leave it here!
  • Social media: MakerFlo Crafts/makerflocrafts
  • Operation times: Weekdays (10 am to 5 pm)

Company Locations

6100 W Gila Springs Place, Suite 13, Chandler, AZ 85226

Where to buy MakerFlo Crafts?

Do you want to add some items to your cart? But, ensure you shop at the right place. The only trusted site to get MakerFlo Crafts products is the official website. The second choice, you may also find it on Amazon. So, since they are on sale until today, why don’t you start shopping?

MakerFlo Crafts Coupon Codes & Promos

A coupon code to save big on your order? Let’s explore every offer below:

  • Subscribe to the brand’s email for earlier notification of special offers
  • Join the 12 days of deals program to unlock more discounts
  • Get Flo Rewards by signing up an account (no wholesale requirement, no minimum order)
  • Earn 2.5% on single tumblers & glitters when you build a mix-and-match case of 25 items
  • Save up to 20% OFF cases on each order
  • Enjoy more offers while shopping for Craft Kits
  • Become an affiliate and unlock your 3% commission on each sale
  • Participate in the wholesale program for more benefits on this page
  • Free shipping for US orders (minimum order of $125)
  • Save up to $200 with a discount code SAVETEN
  • Claim your 10% discount with a coupon code MAKERFLOAZCLASS

Waw, can you handle those offers? That’s so overwhelming. However, if you want to see more, tap the blue button below:

Reveal all coupons
MakerFlo Crafts

MakerFlo Crafts Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for MakerFlo Crafts reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns MakerFlo Crafts?

The store’s owners are John and Marc.

Where is MakerFlo Crafts located?

The company is at 6100 W Gila Springs Place, Suite 13, Chandler, AZ 85226.

Does MakerFlo Crafts ship internationally?

Yes, MakerFlo Crafts ships all products worldwide.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of MakerFlo Crafts Reviews & Ratings

Are you now happy to find the best activity to do during the upcoming holiday? After all, we guess you need to stock more pretty and colorful items inside your house to give a cozy experience.

With MakerFlo Crafts, you can shop for anything you want, from glitter to numerous modern crafts equipment like printers and ovens. So, are you ready to make such a masterpiece with those bling-bling things? Be a lucky buyer right now!


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