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Major Lutie Fitness Review 2024 → All-In-One Home Gym Equipment!

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About Major Lutie Fitness

Our fast-paced world sometimes doesn’t leave us much time to do things we like, such as going to the gym. However, don’t worry too much cause you can do your gym at home! It’s all because Major Lutie Fitness exists.

Major Lutie Fitness Review: About Major Lutie Fitness

Major Lutie Fitness offers practical and powerful home gym equipment. Their top-selling comes from all-in-one gym gear. However, they also provide other gym equipment such as barbells, weights, dumbbells, and more.

When it comes to the gym, there is no compromise on the quality. It’s all because quality plays a significant role in making the gym experience highly valuable. Luckily, they ensure all craft is unwavering, ensuring endurance and power.

Moreover, their dedication to every gym enthusiast makes them gain a lot of numbers on social media. Today, there have been 17K followers on Facebook, 100+ followers on Instagram, and 1.3K subscribers on YouTube.

Further, if you are curious why this brand is at the top of the list of all-in-one home training and fitness equipment, keep your eyes on this Major Lutie Fitness review. We will reveal all you need to know about the brand. Let’s start!

Overview of Major Lutie Fitness

Meet the founder of this brand, Jay Gong. Founded in 2021, Major Lutie Fitness was built from Jay’s concern after global changes due to the outbreak.

Jay believes that people tend to go out less. So, they don’t truly engage with the gym outside. Thus, he brings out Major Lutie Fitness—a home gym equipment specialist, to follow the reshaped fitness routine.

This brand has become the ultimate solution for everyone. Their products ensure that gym enthusiasts can get back on track in the comfort of their homes. Even better, they can do their practice anytime, and no monthly membership gym is required!

Fortunately, their dedication to every innovative home gym equipment earned them considerable appreciation. As of today, this brand has been loved by 20K customers and continuously secured many positive reviews.

Moreover, they will always bring new collections in the future and are ready to accompany more satisfied customers. Then, are you ready to join their positive community?

Major Lutie Fitness Reviews

This brand believes that fitness at home must feel the same as going to the gym outside. Therefore, they innovate all-in-one gym equipment. It means that you can do various gym exercises in one multi-station trainer.

Major Lutie Fitness Reviews: Major Lutie Fitness Reviews

However, when discussing innovative machines, questions such as “Where is Major Lutie Fitness made?” may occur often. Accordingly, we can’t find the exact information, but they seem USA-made.

Nevertheless, their consistent commitment to quality is impeccable. They carefully craft fitness equipment that delivers an outstanding performance. Thus, it isn’t surprising that all the gear is highly durable.

Moreover, we think you need to look at their collections now. They have numerous gym needs, and we believe you will love all of them. So, let’s dig into the list below!

Major Lutie Fitness Collections


  • PLM03
  • SML09
  • PLM04
  • and more
Power Racks

  • Lightning F35
  • PLM03
  • Raptor F22
Smith Machines

  • SML01
  • SML09
  • Spirit B2
  • and more

More Equipment

  • Leg holders
  • Straps & wraps
  • Squat Rack
  • and more

Further, after exploring their collection, we will review their 5 best-selling products. We hope that our review can help you find the perfect gym equipment. Hence, let’s see them closer in the next section!

Major Lutie Power Cage PLM03 Reviews

Power Cage PLM03 combines a power rack and multi-grip pull-up bar as high-performance, all-in-one home gym equipment. Also, it has a cable crossover machine and landmine into one multi-session trainer.

Major Lutie Fitness Review: Major Lutie Power Cage PLM03 Reviews

With these 4 equipment combinations, PLM03 offers over 80 exercise possibilities. It ensures you can target different muscles in one go. Better yet, there are 15 adjustable positions along the uprights and pulley. Thus, finding the correct height is not a deal.

Likewise, the cable pulley system offers a smooth motion. Even better, it is designed with a back offset. Hence, it is an ideal addition to build strength, primarily if you work on your muscles. Such a multi-function power cage!

Power Cage PLM03 Highlights

  • J-hooks 1000 lb and Spotter Arms 700 lb(static) ultra weight capacity
  • Rack made of heavy-duty 2 x 3-inch 14-gauge square steel for outstanding stability
  • Precision manufacturing
  • Easy plm03 instructions
  • It comes with 4 free accessories

Moreover, if you think this Power Cage PLM03 should be in your home, purchase this right away. See the price in the list below:

  • Rack Only: $789.99 from $999.99
  • Rack + Bench: $1,049.99 from $1,399.99
  • Rack + Bench + Barbell: $1,289.99 from $1,659.99
  • Rack + Bench + Barbell + 230BL Plate Set: $1,889.99 from $2,339.99

Major Lutie Fitness Smith Machine SML07 Reviews

Smith Machine SML07 is the definition of robust. This unit merges 5 equipment for strength training practices. It includes a power rack, cable crossover system, multi-grip pull-up bar, Smith machine, and 360° landmine. Mastering full-body muscle has never been this easy.

Major Lutie Fitness Review: Major Lutie Fitness Smith Machine SML07 Reviews

This Smith Machine SML07 has plenty of adjustable levels. It has 12 adjustable positions for the uprights, 13 for the pulleys, and 8 for the Smith system. Thus, finding a suitable height that matches your preference is hassle-free.

Moreover, due to Smith’s machine nature, it has a fixed path barbell. Right. The barbell is secured between 2 steel rails, which features a safety catch, safety stops, and unparalleled security.

Smith Machine SML07 Highlights

  • Premium dual pulley system
  • Includes 7 practical free attachments
  • Reliable weight capacity
  • All-level friendly
  • Outstanding smoothness and stability
  • Features 15 attachments for 80 exercise options

Further, we highly recommend this unit if you are new to the gym. It’s all because this Smith Machine SML07 has the security you need. Moreover, if you are ready to make a payment, here is the price list:

  • Smith Machine Only: $1,169.99 from $1,599.99
  • Smith Machine + Bench: $1,429.99 from $1,999.99
  • Smith Machine + Bench + 230LB Plate Set: $2,029.99 from $2,679.99

Major Lutie Fitness Power Rack Lightning F35 Reviews

Become a symbol of versatility, the Power Rack Lightning F35 combines a multi-grip pull-up bar, power rack, cable pulley system, and 360 landmines into one machine. However, what makes this unit stand out is its foldable feature.

Major Lutie Fitness Review: Major Lutie Fitness Power Rack Lightning F35 Reviews

Right! Home gym equipment may be a little hassle when you don’t have any room left to place the machine. However, this innovative F35 folding mechanism allows you to fold and unfold after your workout seamlessly. Thus, creating a compact garage gym is possible now.

Moreover, it also has a unique and user-friendly design. Thanks to the simple elastic pin at the top and a secure magnetic latch at the bottom, switching to different modes won’t take longer than a minute. Totally convenience!

Power Rack Lightning F35

  • Save over 30% of space
  • 4 free versatile attachments ecosystem
  • 1:1 pulley ratio for higher levels of exercise
  • Incredible stability and reliable weight capacity
  • Secured wall-mounted design
  • Numerous adjustable positions

Likewise, this unit has various prices based on what option you choose. The most affordable is $949.99 if you buy the rack only. However, if you want it to be full equipment, you must prepare $2,049.99. Below is the other option you may find suitable for you:

  • Rack + Multifunctional Handle: $1,099.99 from $1,249.99
  • Rack + Bench: $1,209.99 from $1,499.99
  • Rack + Bench + Barbell: $1,499.99 from $1,769.99

Major Lutie Fitness Power Cage PLM05 Reviews

Power Cage PLM05 is a beginner and budget-friendly option you can look forward to. It offers a customized workout experience. Thus, you can create a style that suits your space and goal.

Major Lutie Fitness Review: Major Lutie Fitness Power Cage PLM05 Reviews

The high-quality steel construction itself speaks to superior stability. It has exceptional strength, effortlessly passes a 150kg free-fall test from 30cm height, and signs no deformation.

However, this unit is also perfect not only for the beginner but also for professional gym goers. With more attachment storage units, you can easily upgrade the racks with every equipment you want. Be it increased weight capacity, added pull-up band, etc.

Power Cage PLM05 Highlights

  • Most affordable racks for beginners
  • Upgraded safety bars capacity to 700lbs
  • 15 height adjustable holes
  • Durable steel-shaft nylon-coated pulleys
  • Superb cable system
  • Stylish visuals

Moreover, if you want to enjoy your gym session with the set you choose, look no further than Power Cage PLM05. This power cage review recommends seeing the price list below before checking out. Prepare yourself to see the fair price you ever see!

  • Power Rack Only: $299.99 from $399.99
  • Power Rack with Lat Pull-Down: $429.99 from $699.99

Major Lutie Fitness Power Rack Raptor F22 Reviews

Offering a dual pulley system, the Power Rack Raptor F22  is the definition of an all-in-one. It can be an ideal home gym for family and friends. It’s all because this unit provides a simultaneous use for up to 3 people.

Major Lutie Fitness Review: Major Lutie Fitness Power Rack Raptor F22 Reviews

This F22 combines a power rack, cable crossover machine, landmine, and multi-grip pull-up bar in one trainer. However, as we stated earlier, the cable differs from other units. The 2:1 dual pulley system offers smooth motion. Perfect to use with your loved ones!

Likewise, the cable crossover has a durable steel shaft, and the pulleys are nylon-coated. This durable system allows you to experience smooth training without any interruption.

Power Rack Raptor F22 Highlights

  • 6 Band Pegs offer versatility
  • 14 adjustable positions for uprights and 17 adjustable positions for pulleys
  • Made of 2 x 3-inch 14-gauge square steel
  • It comes with 4 free accessories
  • Easy to install

Furthermore, are you ready to practice together with your family or friends? If yes, let’s see the price list before visiting their website. Check it out!

  • Rack Only: $899.99 from $1,099.99
  • Rack + Bench: $1,159.99 from $1,499.99
  • Rack + Bench + Barbell: $1,399.99 from $1,759.99
  • Rack + Bench + Barbell + 230LB Plate Set: $1,999.99 from $2,439.99

Major Lutie Fitness Vs Mikolo

If you are a gym enthusiast, you must know that Major Lutie Fitness and Mikolo are 2 of the top home-based gym equipment providers. To make the review more exciting, we will compare both brands in the same category. Without further ado, let’s start!

Major Lutie Fitness

  • Power Racks Price: $149.99 – $949.99
  • Smith Machine Price: $999.99 – $3,699.99
  • Return Policy: 35-days
  • Free Shipping: Yes
  • Warranty Policy: 365 days


  • Power Racks Price: $369.99 – $1,459.99
  • Smith Machine Price: $699.99 – $2,359.99
  • Return Policy: 35-days
  • Free Shipping: Yes
  • Warranty Policy: 365 days

Major Lutie Fitness Pros and Cons

Before checking out the product, we have prepared the list of Major Lutie Fitness in the table below. Thus, let’s prove whether they are worth every penny you spend!


  • Sturdy, high-quality materials
  • Durable constructions
  • Easy to assemble
  • Smooth cable pulley
  • Space-saving and compact
  • Wide choice of machine selections
  • Free shipping on all US orders
  • 35-days return policy
  • 365-days warranty policy
  • Responsive customer service
  • Countless positive customer reviews


  • Limited shipping location coverage
  • The price may be a bit pricey for the complete equipment

Who Is Major Lutie Fitness For?

Major Lutie Fitness is designed for every fitness and gym enthusiast. Whether you are a beginner in fitness or a gym fanatic, this brand will always welcome you with its gym equipment.

Moreover, since their product is a home-based gym, it is perfect for those with a busy schedule to walk outside the gym. Plus, it is also perfect if you want to do your workout routine without being afraid of paying for an expensive membership.

Major Lutie Fitness Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

When you type ‘fitness Reddit’ to find a perfect fitness gear recommendation, you will likely find Major Lutie Fitness. It’s pretty predictable because who doesn’t love this brand? They are the solution for a simple fitness and gym at home.

Major Lutie Fitness Review: Major Lutie Fitness Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

However, to make it more interesting, we gathered some of their reviews and will put them here. Plus, we also combined it with a review from their website. As a fresh starter, why don’t we closely examine their 5 best-selling product ratings?

Let’s begin with this customer review from Reddit:

I went for a cheaper cage cause I wanted to stay budget-friendly. The cables are very smooth and lightweight. The weight isn’t pain at all. With their price, I truly love it.

Initially, this customer purchased the cage from this brand cause it has a budget-friendly price. However, the cage is beyond his expectations. He said the cables are smooth and lightweight, and the weight doesn’t make him feel pain. It’s truly worth every penny!

Next, this power rack review. This customer said:

Happy to have this rack! The installation is super simple. I am satisfied with everything this rack offers. Thank you!

Meanwhile, this customer is happy with the easy-to-install process. We can sense his excitement in reviewing the products. He said that he was satisfied with everything from the rack.

Lastly, having a great product will enhance an excellent gym experience. Thus, let’s see this customer’s gym reviews:

Great value! It has good construction, and the product quality is the best. It allows a lot of versatility. Very happy with my purchase!

This customer review shows that this brand’s product is high-quality and has good construction. He also said that he loved the product’s versatility and highlighted that he loved his purchase. It proves that this customer had a great gym experience with the product.

Furthermore, all the reviews show that they are happy with their purchase. Some love the installation’s ease; the rest said the construction makes this brand worth it. They prove that a low price tag doesn’t mean low quality.

Is Major Lutie Fitness Worth It?

They are worth every penny you spend. One that makes them worthy comes from their uncompromised quality. With its sturdy and durable construction, it truly offers an enjoyable gym experience.

Major Lutie Fitness Review: Is Major Lutie Fitness Worth It?

Moreover, don’t forget about their price, the main attractor. Rather than paying for a high gym membership price every month, it is better to pay for one and enjoy the gym every day. There’s no need to think about breaking the bank account!

Is Major Lutie Fitness Legit?

Major Lutie Fitness is a legit all-in-one home gym equipment brand. They have already catered to 20K+ customers and collected a 4.3/5 rating in TrustPilot. On top of that, you can easily find any information about the brand on the internet—for instance, the founder’s name.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry since this brand has responsive customer service and a tremendous after-service policy, such as a 35-day return and 365-day warranty. At this rate, we can’t deny that they are a legitimate company. 

Major Lutie Fitness Shipping Policy

Big news for all! This brand promises free shipping to all orders sold through the official website. They will ship the products within 2-3 working days after placing the order.

Moreover, they currently support shipping to Australia and the United States. It excludes Alaska, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, and military and air bases. Thus, they are unable to ship internationally.

Likewise, the shipping time initially takes up to 10 days. Yet, they will ship based on the nearest distance since they have CA, NJ, and GA warehouses. However, all of the products are taxable. It means you may need to pay additional taxes based on particular laws.

Furthermore, see their Shipping Policy if you think there are more details you are afraid to miss. Otherwise, their customer service is also ready to help you anytime.

Major Lutie Fitness Return Policy

If unsatisfied with the product, you have 35 days after the delivery date to request a return. But first, ensure the returned product is in original condition and is available for secondary sales. It means no damage, scratches, bumps, traces, etc.

To initiate the return, contact their customer service through email. After the return application is accepted, return the product to the brand. Please allow up to 3 working days for inspection. The refund will be returned to your original payment if the return is approved.

Please note that if your reason causes the return, you must return it yourself. However, if it appears to be the seller’s reason, they will send you the return label within 1-2 working days. For more information about the return, go to their Return Policy.

Major Lutie Fitness Warranty Policy

If you are afraid after looking at their affordable prices, don’t worry! This brand offers a free 365-day warranty for all items sold on So, once you think there is a problem with the product caused by manufacturing, you can claim the warranty.

Moreover, as a usual warranty policy, there are some exclusions you may understand. Accordingly, this warranty excludes products affected by accident or abuse, improper assembly, change or modification, abnormal operating, and general wear and tear.

If, by any chance, you are confused about the warranty, their customer service team is ready to help you. Thus, don’t hesitate to reach them. Any other way, you can check their Warranty policy for details.

How To Contact Major Lutie Fitness

How do I contact Major Lutie Fitness?” You may have questions about their product, but the answer isn’t available everywhere on their website, right? Don’t worry! We will tell you their contact through the list below.

Where to buy Major Lutie Fitness?

We suggest you purchase their products directly from their official website. It’s all because you can enjoy their exclusive offers, such as free shipping and a 35-day return. However, if you are okay to miss out on the offers, you can purchase this brand’s product through Amazon.

Major Lutie Fitness Coupon Codes & Promos

Who doesn’t love discounts? As a gym enthusiast, paying a monthly membership is sometimes tiring. However, if you have home gym equipment from Major Lutie Fitness, you will pay for once, and you can pay as affordable as possible with these deals:

  • Christmas Deals! Get up to $1020 OFF when you buy their Christmas collection (limited-time offer)
  • Unlock $20 OFF when you order accessories over $50. Use the coupon code ACCESORIES20 at checkout
  • Take $40 OFF on accessory orders over $100 with discount code ACCESSORIES40
  • Claim promo code ACCESSORIES60 to activate $60 OFF on accessory orders over $150
  • Acquire up to $1000 store credit and lifetime free trials when you join their ambassador program
  • Refer your friend and obtain $15 OFF coupon codes (your friend will get a $15 OFF code)
  • Obtain an exclusive 3% OFF Military and First Responders
  • Earn a 3% commission when you join their Affiliate program
  • Sign up for their newsletter and obtain the latest news about products for sale, discount codes, and more
  • Enjoy free shipping on orders made through the official website

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Major Lutie Fitness

Major Lutie Fitness Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Major Lutie Fitness reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is Major Lutie Fitness made in USA?

We think so. All Major Lutie Fitness is made in the US.

What is the ratio of major lutie pulleys?

The ratio of the Major Lutie Fitness cable pulley is 2:1.

Who owns Major Lutie Fitness?

The owner of Major Lutie Fitness is Jay Gong.

Does Major Lutie Fitness ship internationally?

No. Unfortunately, Major Lutie Fitness only ships to the US (excluding Alaska, the US Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, and military and air bases) and Australia.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Major Lutie Fitness Reviews & Ratings

Having home gym equipment can be an ideal solution for your fitness routine. Fortunately, Major Lutie Fitness has everything that you need. They provide powerful, versatile, and safe products to fit everyone’s needs that align with their goal.

Moreover, their price is considered reasonable for everything you get. Rather than paying for a high monthly gym membership, their price is more pocket-friendly and cost-effective. Thus, what makes you stop from purchasing their product? Go to their website now and choose your gym equipment!


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