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About Magid Glove

For manufacturing company owners, ensuring the welfare of their workers is essential. Without exception, safety is welfare in terms of hand protection. Magid Glove offers high-quality and advanced safety equipment.

Magid Glove Review: About Magid Glove

The company has existed for a long time, since 1946, producing work gloves. Aside from work gloves, they make various types of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), such as safety clothing, head & ear protection, facility maintenance, etc.

Besides that, with over 3000+ loyal customers, Magid seems to successfully produce 84 million products annually and over 38.000 orders through the website.

The brand has also been approved to have standard ISO 9001:2015 Certified. The other accomplishments are the Safety Supplier of the Year by Brock, the Certified Supplier Recognition Award by CAT, the Preferred Quality Award by Ford, and many more.

By acknowledging these pre-eminences, we believe you want to know more about the Magid Glove review. However, let us explain briefly their story up until now!

Overview of Magid Glove

For over 75 years, through the Cohen family’s third and fourth generations, starting with only 20 workers Magid Glove & Safety manufacturing company was first established by Sam Magid, Abe Cohen, and Dave.

In addition, since early 2014, the company has owned 700,000 square feet of land in Romeoville, IL. The brand believes in having excellent customer service, ensuring 99% of same-day products are shipped.

By doing OSHA safety assessments and getting ISO standard certificates, the company has already distributed over 700 leading safety brands until now.

Moreover, Magid has also partnered with Tytan Glove and Safety and participated in a charity run by donating PPE. So, to know what PPE items you can find on their official website, we will uncover it soon.

Magid Glove Review

After knowing this company’s history, you can get closer to what the brand sells. They offer the highest quality in each product, from work gloves to all PPE equipment, top to toe.

Magid Glove Reviews: Magid Glove Review

Not only ready to wear products they sell, but they also provide customized manufacturing safety products and safety services. At this point, you can check here. Find Magid Glove’s items from head to toe, as can be seen below!

Magid Glove Products

Safety equipment Safety services

Undeniably each of those items they provide offers you significant specifications. However, we try to give in-depth specification information about work gloves only.

We’ll be thrilled to present you with three best-selling work hand gloves you may find helpful. Henceforth get a look at the items here:

So, scroll up to begin!

Magid Glove Magid TRX746 Flexible RepTek Palm Impact Glove Reviews

We must consider buying robust protective hand gloves in the first place for a job requiring hands protection without sacrificing flexibility and heat resistance.

Magid Glove Review: Magid Glove Magid TRX746 Flexible RepTek Palm Impact Glove Reviews

Like this type of T-Rex windstorm Magid T-REX Windstorm TRX746 Flexible RepTek Palm Impact Glove – Cut Level A6 that has robust durability.

The advanced features, a new M-Flex defense system with an ultra-flex TPR design, make it more flexible to grip any object and secure common pinch points. Furthermore, the Reptek grip palm increases heat resistance and provides a superior waterless grip.

At the same time, a reinforced thumb saddle enhances comfort and durability at crucial points. Meanwhile, the coolmesh venting system delivers 60% more airflow and improved heat dissipation.

The glove specifically provides high-visibility colors with more than five options of different sizes for every job’s need, from xs to 4xl.

Magid Glove Highlights

  • Back-of-hand M-Flex impact defense system features an ultra-flex TPR design
  • An add of TPR guard between thumb and index finger
  • The RepTek grip
  • High-viz coolmesh venting system
  • Slip-on cuff with hook-and-loop closure
  • ANSI (the American National Standards Institute) level A6 cut resistance
  • ANSI/ISEA 38 impact level 1 protection on knuckles and fingers

Moreover, to get these high-quality hand gloves, you must afford around $27.15 only per pair. While you can get an extra discount by purchasing over 12 pairs for a lower price of $23.60 per pair.

Magid Glove ComfortFlex Disposable Nitrile Gloves Reviews

Unlike the previous item, we think this glove might be perfect for every single-use application. The Magid ComfortFlex Complete BK T9559 Black Powder-Free 5 Mil. Disposable Nitrile Gloves are excellent work gloves for preventing a job that requires lightweight protection.

Magid Glove Review: Magid Glove ComfortFlex Disposable Nitrile Gloves Reviews

In addition, the glove can cover by fluids, dirt, and chemicals and is ideal for hiding stains. Bringing the black color and protective black powder-free make it versatile for every print shop and painting dirtiness.

The Comfortflex glove provides any size; small, medium, large, xl, and 2xl. Further, for any measurement info, you can check after the third product review.

Magid Glove Highlights

  • Powder-free nitrile glove
  • The ideal combination of thickness and dexterity
  • Valid for the majority of single-use applications
  • To prevent tearing, you can rolled cuff when donning the glove
  • Complies with FDA food handling requirements
  • The black color completes these ideal for dirty jobs
  • 100 gloves per dispenser

Moreover, you must afford about $9.55 per pair to put this into your carton. You will get 50 pairs for completing your work requiring uncleanness. At the same time, you can get it for $8.30 for orders over 20 dispensers.

Magid Glove T-REX Waterproof Thermal Impact Glove Reviews

The other work glove we need you to know about is Magid T-REX Arctic Series Waterproof Thermal Impact Glove – Cut Level A5. Then, the primary specialty is superior impact protection matches for every hard work job.

Magid Glove Review: Magid Glove T-REX Waterproof Thermal Impact Glove Reviews

The glove is specially built with ANSI cut level 5 resistance and a warm acrylic fleece liner to keep your hands clean from wetness. It’s proved 100% waterproof! Also, it brings Nitrix grip technology that delivers rock-solid grip in oily applications.

Furthermore, the Arctic glove offers you 2 sizes, small and large, for completing your unique hand size. Despite its flashy orange color, it makes the glove more compliant when working.

Magid Glove Highlights

  • Insulcore extreme thermal lining
  • Aquagard waterproof membrane
  • DuraBlend machine knit shell
  • Soft and flexible TPR pads 
  • Nitrix grip technology palm coating
  • Reinforced PVC thumb crotch
  • Extended fingertip coverage
  • ANSI level A5 cut resistance
  • ANSI/ISEA 138 impact level 1

Summing up, you can have these excellent gloves for only $26.90 per pair. On the other hand, you can get an extra discount less the price of $23.40 for ordering more than 48 pairs.

Magid Glove Size Guide

Every human’s hand is different in terms of size. For this purpose, Magid Glove provides you with a sizing chart that you can use. Here’s to check your gloves size chart below.

4″ 4/XXS
5″ 5/XXS
6″ 6/XS
7″ 7/S
8″ 8/M
9″ 9/L
10″ 10/XL
11″ 11/XXL
12″ 12/XXXL
13″ 13/XXXXL
14″ 14/XXXXXL

Furthermore, the first instruction you must follow is to measure around the widest part of your palm. Given that you need to prepare your cloth tape measure.

Magid Glove Pros And Cons

After seeing each advanced quality work glove in detail, as shown above, we believe you might also want to see Magid Glove’s pros and cons. Thus, we have collected the pros and cons to convince you to buy.


  • Low prices
  • High-quality products
  • Since 1946
  • Millions of work gloves and other PPE
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Shipping nationwide and internationally
  • Free shipping available
  • Return available 
  • Have accomplished many national awards


  • Not all products are available in all sizes
  • Currently not available for refunds

Who Is Magid Glove For?

All of Magid’s gloves are for manufacturing workers. Those who are looking for high quality and durable any type of work gloves are highly suggested.

Magid Glove Review: Who Is Magid Glove For?

Correspondingly those working in these fields, such as construction workers, engineers, electricians, plumbers, and many more, are very suitable to buy every item based on their specialty.

Magid Glove Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Being one of the leading companies in which providing work gloves and other PPE makes them loved by its thousands of loyal customers and workers who have careers in the company.

Magid Glove Review: Magid Glove Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Besides, if you want to work in this company, you may visit the Magid Glove and safety glassdoor to see their employee reviews.

We think giving you their Magid Glove and safety reviews here is essential. Therefore, we’ve discovered three testimonials from the Elite ResellerRatings website. For the purpose of it, check them out below!

The first customer revealed that she loved how the company gave the service. It’s pretty fast. Then, she gave 5/5 based on 4.867 reviews.

She said:

“I like buying local! They delivered extremely quickly. I just hope they had more inventory in the warehouse. Oh well”

We found another shopper who said alike about Magid Glove in contrast. They expressed that the company had excellent service and shipment process.

At the same time, they had ordered twice so far and still got the best items. They voted 5/5 based on 4.867 reviews. 

They revealed:

“I’ve ordered gloves from Magid for the second time. The delivery is quick and customer service is amazing!”

In another case, the last buyer conveyed that they didn’t believe the item they bought arrived perfectly the same as they wanted. They showed 5/5 based on 4.867 reviews.

They said:

“The item was exactly what I requested and it came quickly!”

Overall, we can say that all customers felt satisfied with what they ordered. Besides, all services, products, and the shipment process were terrific. Important to realize that they proved that Magid never leaves their loyal customers unsatisfied.

Is Magid Glove Legit?

We know that being critical is not wrong at all. However, we believe that Magid Glove is exceptionally legit!

The company has existed for over 75 years now. Meanwhile, it has ISO 9001:2015 certification and many national achievements. So, what else is to be argued, right?

Additionally, the brand has expanded to a few locations worldwide, including Phillippines, Mexico, and Canada.

Is Magid Glove Worth It?

Exactly, Magid Glove is worth it! Aside from the lowest prices, the company has used advanced technology to create each work glove and other PPE.

Magid Glove Review: Is Magid Glove Worth It?

The company also uses an M-Flex defense system with an ultra-flex TPR design, The RepTek, and Nitrix grip technologies. The gloves comply with FDA food handling requirements.

Magid Glove Shipping Policy

For Magid, courting customers who will become its regular customers is not a waste. So, they would be thrilled if they could provide many offers, as we want to say below.

  • Free shipping within the continental United States by purchasing over $75 with no freight terms
  • Discount of up to 50% for Alaskan, Hawaiian, and Puerto Rico customers by UPS

To suggest, please subscribe to their website if you feel the offer is insufficient or want their sales offers and other promo codes. Or you can contact Magid Glove & Safety at 800-867-1083 to verify freight terms and ask for further info.

Magid Glove Return Policy

By buying products from Magid, you also believe the brand offers you returns. However, they offer returns for up to 30 days, with conditions you can note below.

  • If found any fault from Magid, there’s no extra expense
  • Returns are based on a case-by-case basis
  • Returned items must be in first-class merchantable condition, solid case only.
  • All returns must have an RGA# label (Return Goods Authorization). If received, write the title on the outside of the box.

Moreover, if you have an inquiry concerning the returned items, please get in touch with their customer service by phone or at their address.

How To Contact Magid Glove

For any inquiries regarding Magid products or their services, we suggest you contact through these ways:

Further, you can follow their social media accounts to get the latest news about their products.

  • Facebook: Magid
  • Instagram: @magidglove
  • Twitter: @MagidGlove

Magid Glove Address

1300 Naperville Drive,
Romeoville, IL 60446-1043

Where to buy Magid Glove?

So, it’s the right time to visit their official website to purchase your required equipment, especially gloves. In that case, you will get the best deals by checking out the site. What are you waiting for?

Thereupon, you can check it out on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and many other local work gloves stores near your door whenever the time is.

Magid Glove Coupon Codes & Promos

To give you a perfect shopping experience through Magid’s official website, some exciting offers are prepared to complete your order surprisingly.

So, let’s see what those offers are:

  • For clearance items, get up to 70% Off
  • Lowest price program to get 120% low price guarantee, if within 10 days after ordering any product on the site you find any better price, they will cash you about the deal by providing the link
  • Free selected products and free testing for industrial & safety professionals per person per company
  • Save up to 20% Off for customer savings over the competition on PPE

In addition, for any terms and conditions about low-price deals, please visit the page on their website. 

Reveal all coupons
Magid Glove

Magid Glove Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Magid Glove reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Magid Glove?

Greg Cohen is the current owner of Magid Glove.

Does Magid Glove ship internationally?

Yes, the company ships internationally and globally.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Magid Glove Reviews & Ratings

In conclusion, Magid Glove utilizes each glove with an M-Flex impact defense system featuring a new TPR design. The gloves have used advanced technology such as RepTek and Nitrix. In fact, it’s been supported with ANSI 6, 5, and 1.

Undoubtedly the brand has proven it for decades with many awards. In addition, they have marketed their products to Asia and have shipped thousands of orders.


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