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About MacKenzie Childs

Did you know that your home decor can reflect your personality? There are many ways to find out a person’s personality. One of them is by looking at the condition of the residence. Home decoration with furniture with a unique pattern certainly has a different impression on the owner.

MacKenzie Childs Review: About MacKenzie Childs

The design of the home decor presented by MacKenzie Childs has unique design details and distinctive colors that bring a cheerful spring home decor atmosphere. Of course, this describes the characteristics of fun!

MacKenzie Childs has a colorful collection of handmade ceramics, enamels, glassware, furniture, and home accessories with signature designs you won’t find in other brands. Its unique and charming products are lovingly handcrafted and hand-painted

The brand, which has been in the handcrafted heirloom kitchen and housewares industry for decades, is able to survive with its distinctive designs that attract many customers every year.

They are very active on social media, such as Facebook, with 139.7k followers and 264k on their Instagram account to introduce their latest products. By continuing to innovate to showcase new products of increasing quality, they were even featured in Elle Decor, Town & Country, and Refinery 29.

Are you someone with a cheerful personality who loves colorful decorations? Well, our MacKenzie Child’s review will discuss the brand’s history, product quality, and testimonials. We hope you get all the information you need about the brand before purchasing.

Overview of MacKenzie Childs

Founded in 1983, MacKenzie Childs was born out of a love for home and a commitment to fresh and innovative design. Victoria MacKenzie and Richard Childs are the founders of a brand known for their eccentric, crazy, and creative style.

The brand produces unique home furnishings on a tranquil Victorian farm overlooking Cayuga Lake. With such a beautiful view, its designers and craftsmen have created beautiful products that add joy and elegance to any home.

In addition to producing beautiful home decor collections, the brand opens its unique homes to the public with a large garden, Second-Empire Farmhouse with MacKenzie-Childs designs open for tours, and a retail store filled with home furnishings, tableware, and gifts.

They even hold sales of their home decor products in their unique home, such as the warehouse sale 2022, which offers thousands of favorite styles at up to 70% off.

MacKenzie-Childs designs are alive with individualism, from plates to planters, teapots to bowls. Layer upon layer of artistry hand-applied to every inch of surface is a brand signature you won’t find anywhere else.

Each piece created by its craftsmen holds unexpected surprises and joys, making the designs of its products distinctive and original.

So, what do you think? From their story, does this brand catch your interest? To help you consider the brand well, we prepared MacKenzie Childs’s pros and cons below.

MacKenzie Childs Pros

  • Wide variety of timeless, unique, and decorative houseware
  • Handcrafted and hand-painted home furnishings
  • A trendy and versatile way to style the interior and create a colorful home decor
  • Easily available
  • Free standard shipping on orders over $150
  • 90-day returns (non-furniture) and 30-day returns (furniture)
  • Offer attractive discounts

MacKenzie Childs Cons

  • A bit of pricey

MacKenzie Childs Review

Usually, the dining table is the most comfortable place to chat over a delicious meal, so a fun kitchen will create a cozy atmosphere and lead to great conversations.

MacKenzie Childs Reviews: MacKenzie Childs Review

With a touch of cottage-core décor from MacKenzie Childs, your kitchen will have a pleasant atmosphere. Not only in kitchen decoration but their extensive home decor products that include a wide range of unique home furniture and other accessories will give your home an interesting touch.

From nutcracker products to rose rabbit centerpieces, and cookie jars, you can get various designs you’d like to choose from!

Here, MacKenzie Childs’s review will bring and show you how the products look and feel. However, we will only cover 3 best-selling products that we think can help give you an idea. So let’s get started.

MacKenzie Childs Courtly Owl Platter Reviews

Did you know that using ceramic plates can enhance the flavor of food? Not many people know that selecting dishes in a food presentation has many purposes.

MacKenzie Childs Review: MacKenzie Childs Courtly Owl Platter Reviews

If you observe the presentation in restaurants, most and almost all restaurants serve dishes using ceramic plates. This is because plates made of ceramic materials can enhance food taste.

In fact, apart from enhancing the taste of food, most ceramic plates are created with different, unique, and beautiful motifs. Like the Courtly Owl Platter, which is a ceramic plate with a design that features MacKenzie Childs’ signature checks and a touch of gold glitter that makes it attractive.

With this ceramic plate, presenting meals is not a concern. If ceramic plates had previously dominated the market without any variation, this is not the case with the platter from this Halloween-themed collection.

This owl-shaped serving ware will decorate your dining table beautifully. You can use it for everyday use as well as special occasions. Whether for fall celebrations, Halloween, parties, or anything else, it will be the perfect platter for cookies, cupcakes, or other treats.

Made of quality dolomite ceramic, this courtly owl platter has good durability. It has a width of 11″ with a length of 12″ and a height of 1″, giving it a fitting appearance on the dining table along with cups, glasses, and other plates.

Although it is quite expensive at $98, detailed designs and colors, durable ceramic quality, and unique patterns make it worth buying.

MacKenzie Childs Patience Brewster Dash Away Reindeer Mini Ornaments Set Reviews

Decorating a Christmas tree with your family is a very fun activity. Besides creating creativity, this can train your teamwork with your family. Especially if you choose unique, cute, and colorful Christmas tree ornaments, your children will be more excited to decorate together.

MacKenzie Childs Review: MacKenzie Childs Patience Brewster Dash Away Reindeer Mini Ornaments Set Reviews

Patience Brewster Dash Away Reindeer Mini Ornaments Set will be a great choice to decorate your Christmas tree. It features eight Santa Claus reindeer ready to fly worldwide, inspired by the classic Christmas movie Twas the Night Before Christmas.

These cute Christmas ornaments include eight handmade and hand-painted Dash Away Reindeer, each with a colorful outfit and personality. These will add a fun touch to your Christmas tree and your kids.

This mini ornaments set measures 3″ wide and 5″ tall and will look great with other Christmas ornaments. Handmade and hand-painted in the Philippines, this beautiful ornament set costs $238.

MacKenzie Childs Courtly Chickatee Teapot Reviews

Do you love to spend time brewing tea with your family or friends? Having a teapot with a unique design will give you a pleasant sensation and encourage you to enjoy your tea.

MacKenzie Childs Review: MacKenzie Childs Courtly Chickatee Teapot Reviews

With its unique design, the Courtly Chickatee Teapot, one of MacKenzie Childs’ new products, has attracted many customers. Whether you use it to brew your favorite tea or just as a decoration and collection, this is a teapot that you must choose.

It is made of hand-painted resin, making it superior and high quality. The Courtly Teapot comes with a design of two teacups on top and has a crown decoration of two yellow chicks, which is the eye catchy point of the whole look. Plus, the gold foil details give a classic impression to the design.

The combination of colors and patterns is so unique that this teapot will not be overlooked. This 7.75″ wide and 9.5″ tall teapot will be a pile of spring sweetness for your tea party. You can get it for $148.

Who Is MacKenzie Childs For?

In our opinion, its unique design with extraordinary details and colorful patterns makes this brand suitable for those of you who appreciate fun home decorations. This is very suitable for homeowners who have a cheerful and pleasant personalities.

MacKenzie Childs Review: Who Is MacKenzie Childs For?

Its handcrafted and hand-painted products will be perfect for those who want to give a special gift to their family or friends.

However, since MacKenzie Childs prices its products quite high, people with a big budget are more suitable than those with a low budget.

MacKenzie Childs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

As you know that MacKenzie Child’s products have a fairly high price. It is important for you to know the opinions of its customers regarding the appropriateness and whether the displayed products meet the customers’ expectations when receiving them.

MacKenzie Childs Review: MacKenzie Childs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

So in this section, we will list some customer reviews we found on Amazon. Let’s start with the first review:

Is MacKenzie Childs Worth It?

Despite the high price tag, we believe MacKenzie Childs is worth choosing. Well, What’s so special about MacKenzie-Childs? From this brand, you won’t be able to find its products anywhere else because each item is a unique handmade creation with excellent quality.

MacKenzie Childs Review: Is MacKenzie Childs Worth It?

The beauty of its handmade ceramics and home furnishings made by skilled designers and craftsmen always gives each product a unique and quality touch.

MacKenzie Childs Shipping Policy

Since MacKenzie Childs sells furniture and home decor products made from highly fragile ceramics, the brand only delivers within the US. However, please use their store locator to find a distributor in your area.

Their customers can enjoy free standard shipping on orders of $150 or more with an order value of at least $150 before taxes or shipping fees.

The standard (ground) shipping fee for orders under $75 is $7.50. While for orders of $75.01 or more, the fee is 10% of the order subtotal. Please note that shipping costs are susceptible to change at any time. Therefore, the shipping price will accumulate automatically when you place an order.

MacKenzie Childs Return Policy

Did the pattern of your home decor order differ from what you expected? To solve this problem, you must follow the return policy terms.

Since you can get the products online and offline, you can also return your ordered items by mail or store. For returning items by mail, please print the return form and return it to the address listed on the form. Meanwhile, to return an item to the store, please bring the item and proof of purchase within 30 days of receiving the product.

Please note that proof of purchase is always required to credit or refund eligible items. So, please keep the original paper receipt, order quantity, gift receipt, original packing slip, and gift packing slip.

According to the brand return policies, the conditions for non-furniture and furniture are different; please check the returns page for detailed terms and conditions. 

The brand will refund your purchase if you meet the terms and conditions. The brand will issue a credit or refund within 30 days, and along with acceptable proof of purchase, the purchase price will be refunded in full using the original payment method.

For in-store cash purchases under $75, the brand will refund cash at the time of return. You’ll receive a check in the mail for in-store cash purchases of $75 or more.

How to Contact MacKenzie Childs

No matter what your requirements are, to connect with the brand team, you can contact customer service via [email protected].

You can also connect via direct message on social media at

Where to buy MacKenzie Childs?

Fragile items are very risky when shipping. Fortunately, MacKenzie Childs has several stores for customers who want to visit and buy its products offline. Please check here for outlet store location details.

However, if the store location is far from your area, you can buy the products online at the official website to avoid knockoffs. Since the brand doesn’t have worldwide shipping, international customers who also want to own home decor with unique designs can buy them through international retailers such as Amazon and eBay.

MacKenzie Childs Coupon Codes & Promos

Good news for those of you on a low budget! MacKenzie Childs is offering some of its products at a very attractive discount. The brand has grouped the discounted products on the sale page, which you should check out now. 

The brand is also giving away an extra 25% off clearance and free standard shipping on orders of $150 which is certainly very beneficial.

Also, by signing up with your email, you are registered as a giveaway participant in the $250 monthly gift card draw and get updated notifications about other exciting offers, such as the Christmas sale or promo code.

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MacKenzie Childs

MacKenzie Childs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for MacKenzie Childs reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What's so special about MacKenzie Childs?

The brand is well-known for its signature Courtly Checks black and white checkerboard pattern. They’ve become one of the most pottery manufacturers that can produce one-of-a-kind products that have been reliable to many.

Is MacKenzie Childs a luxury brand?

Yes. The brand is a marketer and designer of luxury personal accessories and home furnishings.

Is MacKenzie-Childs an actual person?

Victoria MacKenzie and Richard Childs created the company and named it MacKenzie-Childs by fusing their last names. Hence, this brand’s name combines the genuine names of two individuals.

Is MacKenzie-Childs going out of business?

Although the brand once filed for bankruptcy, its innovative creations have allowed it to grow today under different management.

Does MacKenzie Childs ship internationally?

MacKenzie-Childs does not offer international shipping at this time.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of MacKenzie Childs Reviews & Ratings

Is your life too monotonous and in need of more color? Decorate your environment, including home items, with unique and colorful decorations from MacKenzie Childs. Their unique selection of handcrafted and hand-painted patterns by reliable craftsmen certainly has unquestionable quality.

Remember that the right furniture can make a big difference in seeing and appreciating everything around you. Make everyday life more enjoyable with MacKenzie Childs’ cheerful and charming decor!


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