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About MAAJI Swim

Boys and girls, the end-year holiday is right before your eyes. But do you already have some holiday plans? If it’s watching Netflix 24/7, come on, don’t you get bored? Thus, let’s go out to the beach and get some wet there. But have you checked MAAJI Swim?

MAAJI Swim Review: About MAAJI Swim

Why do I need to check it?‘ Of course, you must. Yes, for years, MAAJI Swim has become a favorite store to shop for cool and trendy swimwear. You won’t wear a shirt and pants to the beach, right? So, get your best beach look in this reliable store!

Then, what makes this store special? It’s because they are pretty popular these days. And we’re shocked to know that you haven’t heard of this yet. On social media, you can find it has collected over 665.3k followers. What a number! Will you follow now?

See? It’s crazy to know the fact that the brand is quite popular, but you don’t know it all. Therefore, to help you have a better understanding, just stay along in our MAAJI Swim review. What will you get? Nothing but the best guide to bring you a good shopping.

Overview Of MAAJI Swim

MAAJI is a similar word to magic. So, was this brand born due to the magic? To answer this, let’s meet with the brand’s founders, Amalia and Manuela Sierra. How did they start it?

In detail, Amalia and Manuela are sisters who grew up in a warm family environment. Their parents’s love for fashion and business has made them live with a big dream since then.

Then, as years went by, these lovely sisters planned to make their dreams come true. Finally, in 2002, MAAJI Swim appeared on the surface and manufactured in Colombia, their home.

We know it makes you warm to read this story, but their journey was actually not that easy. With 350+ employees, MAAJI Swim has gained so much trust & love around the world.

Besides that, this sisters-owned business has been a B-certified company. Also, it’s cool to know they sell the products in iconic stores like Nordstrom Rack and Anthropologie.

MAAJI Swim Review

Welcome to the MAAJI Swim’s store, and enjoy everything right before your eyes. So, what will we have in this section? A little spoiler: you may check the picture below.

MAAJI Swim Reviews: MAAJI Swim Review

Everyone knows that beach agenda is always exciting, especially when you do it during the end-of-year holiday. And do you also expect to watch some fireworks show at night?

Oh yes, that would be an awesome night. However, we won’t talk about the beach things anymore, so let’s prepare for your best shopping then. What you may find in this store?

MAAJI Swim Product Collection

Swimwear A good swimsuit for a beach party? Find various products for men & women (top, bottom, reversible, 4-ways wear, and more)
Clothing MAAJI also sells casual swimsuits, anyway! Discover your favorite dress, pants, skirts, shorts, loungewear, shirts, and others here. 
Accessories During the beach visit, ensure you bring bags, towels, and pockets, too! You can get them and the others on this page. Let’s go!

So, who’s ready to surf on the board or just do casual sunbathing on the beach? Before everything, ensure you get the best swimwear in this store to expose those butts beautifully!

MAAJI Swim Dragon Fruit Bralette Bikini Top Reviews

An attractive and cool bikini top for a wilder move? We know you want the Dragon Fruit Liberty Sporty Bralette Bikini Top to be in your bag. So, what’s special about this piece of swimwear?

MAAJI Swim Review: MAAJI Swim Dragon Fruit Bralette Bikini Top Reviews

Wearing this top means much freedom since you can expose your body shape under that shiny sunlight. Specifically, since it’s a top set, you’ll get a piece of a bralette for a perfect beach time.

In addition, it is a perfect low-support top for tanning days with its deep cleavage and thin straps. So, can you already imagine how sexy you are in this bralette? Sure, you’ll be in the spotlight then.

Next, about the swimwear sizing, each piece of this top comes in various sizes (XS to XXXL). The detailed bra cup size is also there, so you must adjust it to your actual size. Isn’t it good?


  • Swimwear reversible
  • Adjustable straps
  • Guaranteed reverse print
  • Removable soft cups
  • Adjustable hook and loop closure
  • Recycled fiber

So, can we see your sexiest look with this Dragon Fruit Liberty Sporty Bralette Bikini Top? Once it’s yours, we believe there will be more items you buy. So, start preparing no more than $57.75!

MAAJI Swim Areca Palm Sublimity Bikini Bottom Reviews

After the top, let’s search for some good bottom for the additional set. What about checking Areca Palm Sublimity Classic Bikini Bottom? It may suit you since it’s on the best-selling page.

MAAJI Swim Review: MAAJI Swim Areca Palm Sublimity Bikini Bottom Reviews

At first sight, we know that this bottom is looking good to cover up every woman’s butt. For your information, this bottom is the new version of the previous best-selling item in the store. 

In detail, the product delivers a whole sporty look for your beach-ing activity. Besides that, this high-rise bikini bottom also features a high-leg design to accentuate your sexy curves.

What about the size? There are actually different types of sizes, depending on the collection you choose. On the other side, there are XS-XXXL for the swimwear, and if you choose beachwear, it’s from XS-XL.


  • Swimwear reversible
  • Mid-rise
  • Guaranteed reverse print
  • Removable soft cups
  • Cheeky coverage
  • Thin side
  • Spandex Knit

Finally, does this Areca Palm Sublimity Classic Bikini Bottom raise your sexy beach look? Of course, it does. However, we don’t when it runs out, so let’s drop for your $53.90 to get one!

MAAJI Swim Selvatik Mimi Trikini One Piece Reviews

Or are you bored of having a bikini here and there? You may look different from other beach girls, so let’s bring Selvatik Mimi Trikini One Piece inside your bag. Why do you need to have one?

MAAJI Swim Review: MAAJI Swim Selvatik Mimi Trikini One Piece Reviews

We are so happy to see that we now have a full set. It’s a trikini, and it delivers an antimainstream beach look for every woman who wears it. Then, what’s more special about this beachwear?

Specifically, the beachwear is a one-piece that features attention-grabbing cutouts on the back and near the ribs. Also, you will feel like a real mermaid with the high-cut leg design! Do you agree?

Meanwhile, the tropical and floral design also suits beach things a lot. Therefore, this set not only delivers comfortable wear but also a stunning and unique look to be different in the crowd.


  • Reversible piece
  • Moderate coverage
  • Adjustable straps
  • Guaranteed reverse print
  • Removable soft cups
  • Adjustable clasp on the back
  • Cheeky coverage

Is Selvatik Mimi Trikini One Piece your taste in beach fashion? Then, let’s amaze people around with your sexy walking in this trikini set. Good news, you shouldn’t spend more than $116.90!

MAAJI Swim Pros and Cons

What’s good about reading a brand review without exploring the pros and cons section? So, for a better shopping decision, let’s read this:


  • A two-decade brand with good credibility in the market
  • Consisting of various swimsuit products
  • All-ages products (men, women, and kids)
  • Various sizing (suit many body sizes)
  • Affordable price
  • Quick delivery
  • International shipping
  • Free shipping for all orders (over $100)
  • Free returns


  • No phone number
  • Some customers complaint about the improper condition of the product after shipping

Who Is MAAJI Swim For?

So, what beach activity do you love to do the most? Whatever it is, you already know that ensuring the sexiest and most perfect beach look is essential. Thankfully, we found the MAAJI Swim!

But who can shop and get benefits from this store? After reading the entire review, we undoubtedly say that the brand’s products suit everyone (men, women, and kids), especially when they want to have some beach stuff.

The collection delivers good confidence in your body. So, you know how to pose with it.

MAAJI Swim Review: What Do Customers Think?

As smart buyers, we know reading reviews first tops everything. So, let’s explore this testimonial section and get your best beach look in several clicks.

MAAJI Swim Review: MAAJI Swim Review: What Do Customers Think?

Do people say that MAAJI Swim is satisfying? On the website, we found that this company has gained over 4.7k reviews with mostly 5 stars given.

Also, we always remember to give you a detailed rating for each product we have reviewed earlier. Here is the list:

People say that numbers are not enough to prove. Therefore, we also bring some of the customer’s reviews below:

What do you think about this first review?

My order arrived quickly, the swimsuits were flattering and I received compliments while wearing them. I’ll definitely buy from MAAJI again.

MAAJI is where all good things happen, for example, the fast shipping, as this customer has experienced.

Then, you shouldn’t miss this, too:

Every time I wore this top with the matching bottoms, I received compliments because it was super flattering. Overall, it’s nice and supportive.

Oh yes, nothing is disappointing about MAAJI’s swimwear. People even love it at first glance, don’t they?

Next, let’s see how honest this customer is:

I bought matching bathing suits for my daughters for Christmas and they love them. The suits are super comfortable and of great quality. 

In this store, you’ll find top-qualified products with good comfort. We don’t say that, but this customer did.

Finally, have you prepared some bags to load your swimwear? Since you already know where to go, why only freeze on your seat? But wait, we still have more below!

Is MAAJI Swim Worth It?

Can you recommend the best swimsuit store for us today? We know you have no answer for that since MAAJI Swim is the only trusted site to shop. So, are they worth the money?

MAAJI Swim Review: Is MAAJI Swim Worth It?

Of course, MAAJI Swim is a worth-purchasing swimsuit store. The company has been in the industry for over 2 decades, and they are known worldwide. Then, what makes you still hesitate about its credibility? Of course, nothing.

MAAJI Swim Shipping Policy

We promise this shipping part will be one of the exciting sections since we have some good news. What are they? Before that, let’s promise to shop right after this.

First, let us tell you that the store ships to most countries worldwide. Is your country included? See the list here. Second, all customers will be eligible for free shipping for orders over $100. Then, customers in Australia, Asia, & Africa only need 2 weeks to receive the orders.

MAAJI Swim Return Policy

Return always comes after shipping. Is that right? Yes, and we are here to learn how the store’s return policy works.

Receiving the wrong item is common in online shopping. In MAAJI, all customers will have 30 days to apply for a return. 

Simply, just complete this return form to initiate the process. But if you need more guidance, contact customer support at [email protected]. And do you know what’s the best? All returns are free (domestic and International orders).

How To Contact MAAJI Swim?

Do you have some questions to ask to MAAJI  Swim? Then, these are the only platforms to find them:

Where to buy MAAJI Swim?

Are you about to order those swimwear now? Then, let’s visit the brand’s official site for more interesting offers. But if you prefer to shop on the e-commerce platform, you may search MAAJI’s official store on Amazon. 

MAAJI Swim Coupon Codes & Promos

Don’t leave first before you the special offers of MAAJI through this section. So, how big is your chance of getting more benefits?

  • Join the newsletter and save up to 15% off your order
  • Earn up to 40% discount on the Sale page here
  • Register yourself on the Affiliate program and get up to 10% commission
  • Claim a special Students Discount on this page
  • Free shipping for all orders over $100
  • Free return for all orders

Aren’t you satisfied yet? No worries, we have a secret button to reveal more offers for you:

Reveal all coupons

MAAJI Swim Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for MAAJI Swim reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns MAAJI Swim?

The brand’s owners are two lovely sisters, Amalia and Manuela Sierra.

Where is MAAJI Swim located?

MAAJI is located and manufactured in Colombia.

Does MAAJI Swim ship internationally?

Yes, the brand currently ships to 57 countries around the world.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of MAAJI Swim Reviews & Ratings

So, how many friends will you invite to your beach party? Why don’t you all get those swimwear from MAAJI Swim? Therefore, you can have a matching look with each other. Isn’t that great?

Furthermore, since people mostly shop from popular or well-known stores, it’s the one you’ve been looking for. With its good reputation, it means you have a greater possibility of getting the best product with the best service. Do you agree?


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