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About Lytmi

Extinguishing and dimming light can have many effects. From the beat of the music to the shifting frames of movie scenes, Lytmi will turn your daily interests and hobbies into a light that doesn’t go out.

Lytmi Review: About

From strip light to strip bar, Lytmi innovates to match the rhythm of music and the color of movie frames in the form of light bias that makes you feel more immersed in the atmosphere.

Lighting companies may not be as popular as other devices, but not Lytmi. The brand’s discussion forums are always lively, and it has amassed 2k followers on Facebook and 1k followers on Tiktok.

With quality lamps, affordable prices, and user-friendly application of goods, Lytmi is one brand of lighting products that is a solution for all movie, game, and music enthusiasts.

Now, will Lytmi’s ambiance might be something you also need in the dark corner of your family room? Let’s find out through the Lytmi Review below. Lumos!

Overview of Lytmi

Lytmi is a technology-based company under the care of Shenzhou Computer Co. Ltd. and is located in China. The brand makes various light kits and items that create ambient light to enhance the mood of your hobbies and interests.

Unlike other brands that set the LEDs light strip at a steep price, Lytmi comes as a brand that focuses on designing products that are simple to operate and easy to reach for any class.

Offering international shipping, providing responsive customer-company relations through its dedicated forum, and launching targeted products that meet customer needs, Lytmi is an up-and-coming brand that stays true to customer satisfaction.

Before going further on this Lytmi Review, let’s scan how this brand should be on your radar immediately.


  • Offer free shipping internationally
  • Has expedited shipping
  • 18-month warranty and 30 days warranty
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Adjustable length cord
  • Cuttable design
  • Enabled to control via remote and phone app
  • Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa


  • Need connection via HDMI
  • Easy installation on Youtube but unclear text instructions

Lytmi Reviews

Ready to get immersed in your screen? Next, I will do a short review to help you figure out how much worth this brand deserves to win your heart.

Lytmi Reviews

Lytmi Products

  1. Neo HDMI series
  2. PC lights

The light kit can be either a bar or a cord length of lamp cord that you need to stick behind the screen. In every purchase, you will get two strip coils, an HDMI cable, an adapter, and fixing or mounting brackets.

Almost all of their products are fairly priced and have easy installation. The color changing time also adapts quickly with the screen view.

However, among its innovations, is there any light you need among Lytmi’s lineup below? Well, it is time to turn on the lights and let us see.

Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Epoxy Backlight Kit Reviews

For a thrilling home entertainment choice, this Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Epoxy Backlight Kit is the best choice. It has gained the best popular product on Lytmi’s web and Amazon.

Lytmi Review: Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Epoxy Backlight Kit Reviews

The backlight kit has a cord length that is suitable for any screen size, it supports 4K 60Hz, is CEC Enabled, and can sync to any gadget via one HDMI port.

With super easy installation and immersive movie-watching experience, you can get this at $99 on its official store.

Lytmi PC Screen Sync Light Bars Reviews

Lytmi PC Screen Sync Light Bars have two light bars that seamlessly sync with whatever you are playing on your PC or laptop; movies, games, or even music.

Lytmi Review: Lytmi PC Screen Sync Light Bars Reviews

Also, this synchronized bar has the ability to follow your lead through Alexa, google home, or smart things. Also, it has three light display options one color, two colors, and multicolor options.

Also, it has a small footprint. So you can place this $59 lighting bar almost anywhere.

Lytmi Screen Strip Light for Windows PC Reviews

This Screen Strip Light for Windows PC from Lytmi is suitable for all PC screen sizes from 24 inches down to 44 inches. It is versatile to any screen size and fairly easy to install.

Lytmi Review: Lytmi Screen Strip Light for Windows PC Reviews

With the ARGB LEDs technology it has, the cable will accurately reproduce the color ambiance you play on the screen. When you purchase this kit, it includes a controller, rill LED strip, USB-DC, two corner mounting brackets, and a user manual.

For less than $40, PC strip lights can amplify any action effect on your PC screen.

Who Is Lytmi For?

Lytmi is for everyone who pays attention to enjoying visual pleasures, such as movie buffs, game lovers, and even music geeks. It can be adults, youth, or even kids. People who have been exposed to technology will know how to use it.

Lytmi Review: Who Is Lytmi For?

Using Lytmi is very easy. It’s all about plug-and-play. Thus, from tech geeks to technophobes will be able to operate and install the products. Hence, there is no age limit for anyone who wants to use it.

Place it behind the TV screen to watch movies, behind the PC to play games, or even in the corner of your room. Lytmi will immerse you in the music beat and movie scenes through its ambient lights.

From a family man to a dancing lady, Lytmi is for everyone.

Is Lytmi Worth It?

Now, the real question: is Lytmi worth your investment?

Lytmi Review: Is Lytmi Worth It?

I have been reading and reviewing the customers’ feedback on this Lytmi Review, and I could sense the wave of satisfaction from the products’ quality, customer service, and price.

With the combination of high-quality products, mid-range prices, and responsive customer service, I dare to say the quality of this product itself is worth trying.

Lytmi Review: What Do Customers Think?

This universe is filled with pros and cons. And so is Lytmi. Below, I will fairly reveal how the customers measure Lytmi products’ pros and cons.

Lytmi Review: Lytmi Review: What Do Customers Think?

One thoughtful customer said:

“These lights look gorgeous, and you cannot beat the quality for the price, but there are some drawbacks I’d like to mention […] Overall, this purchase satisfied my needs and enhanced the visual experience when playing games or watching movies. While there are some downsides (as with everything), I believe the pros beat the cons. Would purchase again.”

He has pointed out some of the drawbacks of this brand product, yet in the end, he mentioned that Lytmi’s pros outweigh the cons.

And according to many reviews, the RGB LEDs shift shades are worth the praise. One expert review states:

“The Lytmi Neo delivers stunning color-changing performance. Its RGB LEDs shift shades quickly in accordance with the images on the screen.”

Lastly, a customer has mentioned how reliable the customer service from Lytmi was:

“[…] Something else is that Lytmi’s technical support and customer service are great.”

All in all, the customers have testified that Lytmi’s pros outweigh the cons. Like one of the reviewers above, Lytmi’s technical support will come to the rescue if you have any product problems.

After indulging myself in reading the Lytmi reviews, I could not help but conclude that, most of all, audiences are satisfied with the overall performance of this brand.

Lytmi Shipping Policy

Want to get your Lytmi items to your home right away? I will shortly explain the delivery process right after you complete the payment.

After you process the payment, Lytmi will immediately pack your order within 2-3 working days. After that, the goods will be shipped according to the request of the expedition you choose;

  1. Lytmi accepts shipping requests worldwide and offers free standard shipping with an estimated 10-15 shipments on business days. If you choose express shipping, there is a shipping fee subsidy of $45.99 for 7-10 days of the delivery process.
  2. The duration of the shipping process is calculated from the moment your package status is in transit.
  3. Track your order delivery via email sent by the Lytmi team.
  4. The customs fee is the responsibility of the receiver.

That’s all the information you need to know about how they ship your goods. All you have to do is sit at home and wait for the goods to arrive while tracking your order.

Lytmi Return Policy

Well, many things happen in life. And, people can change plans. Lytmi fully grasps this possibility, so they offer a 30-days unconditional refund for unopened and unused items.

All you have to do is send an email to [email protected] and mention the order number and product status. Later, you will be asked for the proof attachment. The team will then direct you to the shipping process.

Being a brand that prioritizes customer satisfaction, Lytmi will entirely cover the returned shipping fee entirely, except for non-quality-related warranty claims. Next, your refund process will normally take around 7-10 days.

Lytmi Warranty

What if your Lytmi order has quality defects after thirty days?

No need to worry. Lytmi also provides an 18-month warranty for all products. You can file your complaint alongside the order number and products’ status via contact [email protected].

How to Contact Lytmi

We know that not everything can be answered to your satisfaction unless you can interact directly with the team. Great news! You can always contact Lytmi via:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone:¬†+852 6969 0124
  • Live chat on the bottom right corner of its web

You can reach out to them every weekday Monday-Friday with a time zone of 9 AM-6 PM (HKT). They will call you back immediately with a maximum response time of 24 hours.

Where to buy Lytmi?

Can’t wait to get your Lytmi to light up your home theater? It’s relatable! You can get full access to Lytmi products on their website and on other major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay.

Lytmi Coupon Codes & Promos

As far as I do the Lytmi Review, I find promos for free standard worldwide shipping when you purchase through the official website.

Fortunately, Lytmi also offers to all people who want to join their referral program by giving your friends a 10% discount code, and when your friend purchases from your invite link, you will get $10 in cash!

For more, you can sign up for its newsletter by submitting your email to get exclusive updates from the brand.

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Lytmi Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Lytmi reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Lytmi?

Lytmi is owned by the company Shenzhou Computer Co. Ltd, based in Banxuegang Industrial Zone, Guangdong Province, China.

Does Lytmi ship internationally?

Yes, they do. Fortunately, they also offer free shipping and expedited shipping service for international customers.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Lytmi Reviews & Ratings

Who says in-room entertainment is boring? Turn off the lights, and let the light from Lytmi’s light bars or light strips shine in the darkness of your place. Soon, you’ll be in a new world of wonder.

LED lamp strips and in-room bars are now a trend. If you are confused about which brand to trust, Lytmi is the best option. The product, price, and service are all on-point. It’s a brand that doesn’t let you down.


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