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A holiday is not always identical to something cheap. By booking Luxury Cottage, you can feel a new experience staying in a luxurious cottage across the UK. Review: About

Luxury Cottages is one of the world’s most elegant cottage rental agencies, offering the best holiday homes for rent all over the United Kingdom from South West to East Anglia.

With various types of the highest quality luxury stays in the most sought-after locations across the UK, you can find cabins with pools, hot tubs, log fires, and dog-friendly and eco-friendly houses.

The brand’s luxury experts specifically handpick the particular variant cottages. Unlike the name luxury, which looks expensive, the property’s price for rent is attractive from the cheapest to the most expensive according to the facilities offered.

The Luxury Cottages offers the finest holiday homes and customer service for discerning guests and owners to ensure their properties are maintained to the highest standards.

By facilitating guests and owners with validated standards, the company has been featured in famous magazines, such as The Independent, Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, and many more.

Besides, the brand has got a nominee for British Travel Awards 2023. It has also caught many people’s attention by getting 17k followers on Facebook and 15.5k followers on Instagram.

To support the success of sustainable travel and the environment, the company works with major brands Hypnos for bed-making, Ecologi, and Consensus for carbon neutrality and donating carbon offset projects.

We’re sure you want to know more about reviews. However, first, acknowledge its short history in the next section!

Overview of was created in 2019. Alistair Malins wanted to incorporate the level of customer service at a luxury travel agency with a portfolio of luxury properties that was unrivalled in the field.

Therefore, the owner joined with two other specialists, Michelle Sephton, and Anthony Cole, in the luxury travel field. Currently, the company has Headquarters in Staffordshire and local luxury experts based across the UK.

The company is made up of a small but growing team. The owners and the other team all share the same interest and passion for developing luxury holidays in the UK and have a wealth of experience in the travel and leisure industry.

In addition, their core mission is to bring people together in unique and inspiring homes, providing exceptional customer service and memorable experiences. They don’t want to impact the environment and local communities with these missions negatively.

Now that we are familiar with the one who started the agency, let’s find out the pros and cons so you can book through their website immediately.


  • Variants cottages handpicked by luxury experts
  • Prices vary from cheapest to highest
  • Available dog-friendly and eco-friendly cabins
  • Indoor and outdoor pools and hot tubs
  • Locations are most sought-after across the UK
  • Nominee for British Travel Awards
  • Featured in renowned magazines
  • Support sustainable movement


  • Only providing luxury cottages in the UK

Finally, we’ve come to see the product list. To find out, please hang it tight! Review

After knowing the brief history of the brand, we are happy to acquaint you with products sold by Luxury Cottages. Meanwhile, you can find that the company offers its service to guests and the owner. Reviews: Review

In addition, guests who want to stay can choose whichever cabin suits them. At the same time, the owner can lease their property to the company with many benefits.

Surprisingly luxury cottages are notorious for their luxurious furniture inside with elegant pools, cabins with dog-friendly facilities, or coastal places for honeymoon. See the lists in the table. Services


Although you want the luxury cottages in Birmingham review, we will only focus on portraying the type of cottages currently trending to the brand’s customers.

The three luxurious types of cottages are Cottages with Swimming Pools, Dog Friendly Cottages, and Coastal Cottages. So, let’s get moving on the first type! Cottages with Swimming Pools Reviews

If you are searching for a luxury cottage with a swimming pool inside or outside the house, Cottages with Swimming Pools is for you! Review: Cottages with Swimming Pools Reviews

The brand offers you 18 indulgence cottage choices with indoor pools, hot tubs & swimming pools, and pet-friendly cottages with pools. All properties provide a minimum of 2 bedrooms, one shower room, and a wood burner.

Most of the cottages are located in South West and The Midlands, such as Devon, Somerset, Cotswolds, and Worcestershire. Since the houses are habitable for 4 to 18 people, your small or big family can fit.

See the ranges of the cottages below, handpicked by luxury experts directly.

Luxury experts’ favorite
  • Oakfield, Somerset
  • Withington Grange, Cotswolds
  • Beach View, Pembrokeshire
  • Woodland House, Worcestershire
  • Bluebell Cottage, Cheshire
  • Potter Tarn Cottage, Lake District
  • Bix Cottage, Berkshire
  • The Byre, Herefordshire
  • The Manor, Somerset

Furthermore, the price of the cottages above varies according to the owners and the brand’s agreement. You can see on the page that they offer starting from £167. Dog Friendly Cottages Reviews

In contrast to the first trending collection, we have another recommendation Dog-Friendly Cottages. The houses can be rented for dog owners who want to bring their lovely pets while staying cation. Review: Dog Friendly Cottages Reviews

Meanwhile, hundreds of cottage choices are primarily located in England, Scotland, and Wales from south to east. You can stay among these locations, such as Sussex, Cotswolds, Glamorgan, etc.

The brand has prepared features that fit any dog, like a tiny puppy and a couple of hounds in tow. The other parts are a space for dog beds and enclosed gardens so your dogs can have fun too.

Equally essential to mention is dog-friendly cottages with hot tubs, countryside lodges, and luxury coastal cottages. Each house has at least one bedroom, a bathroom, and a wood burner.

Further, the cottage variants handpicked by luxury experts are in the box below.

Luxury experts’ favorite
  • The Vand, Sussex
  • Limetree Cottage, Gloucestershire
  • Withington Grange, Gloucestershire
  • Mimosa Cottage, Vale of Glamorgan
  • America Farm, Chiltern Hills
  • Coach House, Cumbria
  • Tinkers Folly, Yorkshire
  • Middle Tumble Cottage, Powys

Then, which of the dog-friendly cottages above is your favorite? You can book the property starting from £149 only. Coastal Cottages Reviews

Do you miss spending the night near the UK beach with your loved ones? You can check the brand’s collections of Coastal Cottages. Review: Coastal Cottages Reviews

The brand has prepared several choices; large cottages by the sea, places with sea views, beach cottages for families, and dog-friendly cottages on the coast. The locations are varied, from South West to Northern England.

Another reason to not miss staying in the properties is that it fits your small family, from two people to more than ten people. With the facilities, a minimum of 2 bedrooms and one bathroom. Also, you can find a wood burner to warm the night.

In addition, either a house with sea views or a beach house that has direct beach access you want to visit is available in this coastal cottage collection.

See the choices from the experts’ picks in this table and find your perfect fit!

Luxury experts’ favourite
  • Porthleven View, Cornwall
  • Waters Dream, Devon
  • The Bay at Beadnelll, Northumberland
  • Beach View, Pembrokeshire
  • The Crewhouse, Hampshire
  • Harold House, Isle of Wight
  • Seaview, Isle of Anglesey

To get accessible for staying one night or long nights in above picked cottages, you can find the price starting from £161 only.

How Does Work?

After seeing all the review products on, we will present you with how to make a reservation for each cottage you want to stay in.

First, you may provide accurate data, such as real name, phone number, email address, and other requested information. However, you can book through the website, phone, and email. We highly recommend you book via the website.

Here are quick ways to book:

  1. Visit
  2. On the first page, choose destination or property, then select the date and guests.
  3. Then, you will get a book button under the calendar
  4. Click the book button
  5. Fill out the required data and payment method
  6. Click the complete and pay button
  7. Wait to get a confirmation booking

You may also prepare a valid payment method such as a debit, credit card, or PayPal. In addition, when the agency accepts payment for all or any part of the rental charges, you will no longer owe a debt to the owner’s property or the agency for the associated amount.

As usual, before submitting your booking on the website, the booking process will allow you to review the booking conditions and details for your selected houses and, if required, make amendments to your booking.

At last, if you still need further information, you can go to the page or email their customer service at [email protected].

Who Is For?

Legally, Luxury Cottages allow people to book their properties from 18 and above. To note, the brand doesn’t offer to visitors only but also to the owner who wants to lease their luxury houses. See the page for detail. Review: Who Is For?

As a traveler who loves to wander extravagant places, the agency is a wise choice. Tourists who love the UK atmosphere, from beaches to history, must book it. In addition, for you who are looking for a new experience spending your summer, booking a isn’t wrong at all.

The brand provides properties that suit you for a little family or the big one, a specific holiday group, and everyone who loves traveling annually. Whether you are a pet owner who wants to enjoy a luxury vacation with your dog, now the brand accompanies you! Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

To make you not hesitant anymore. Thus, we have collected testimonials from previous customers who have stayed in luxurious houses from Feefo luxury cottages and Trustpilot rating reviews with 4.8 ratings based on 166 reviews. Review: Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The first customer said that the house was stunning. It’s in a remote area which she commented was good. The brand also served with detail in choosing cottage area. 

This was an absolutely beautiful place to stay. It was so secluded and peaceful. Every detail was thought through so finely. I’d like to recommend the cottage to others….

Another guest revealed that the brand’s service was terrific. She was happy with the detailed information regarding the house she booked.

Excellent communication for booking and check-in. They provided us with a detailed description of the property, how to find it and details required for access etc….

Meanwhile, the last customer gave his approval upon the online booking. He said that they had the best customer service. Also, the place he chose was incredible!

Weekend break at The Oratory, Worcester. Firstly, booking online was convenient and straightforward. Excellent customer services. The welcome pack that had served was very informative and useful. The venue itself is absolutely stunning…

Overall the reviewers enjoy the collections of cottages. The three of them said the house was astonishing. Not only that but also they have provided excellent customer agents.

Is Legit?

Even though is the leading agency in the luxury cottage industry nowadays, people still want to convince themselves whether it’s legit. We have to say that the brand is legit!

Not only does working with the specialists, but the brand also lets you know it has become a nominee in British Travel Awards 2023.

Undoubtedly, the company has been featured in The Independent, Daily Mail, Which? The Times The Sunday Times, OK! Magazine, and The Daily Telegraph.

Although the agency is still young since 2019 founded, the owner has successfully cooperated with Midlands Engine Investment Fund and the Ecology Climate Friendly Workforce. They are known as local investments and support sustainability movements.

Is Worth It?

Aside from Luxury Cottages’ premium services, you wouldn’t ignore that the brand is worth it! Review: Is Worth It?

The brand provides luxurious cottages only based on luxury experts’ assessments. Besides, they select houses matching people’s needs thoroughly with trusted owners.

Not to mention, there are various extravagant cottage choices to stay in when on holiday. Even the company presents small cottages to historical ones.

To you looking for fantastic special offers, the brand got you! With many deal choices, you can save up to 30%. Any beach or historical views and dog-friendly houses are available with discounts.

Moreover, the agency is also the right place to lease your premium cottages. Since the brand proposes the best price based on what they monitor on the entire UK self-catering market, you worry less now! Cancellation Policy

What if, on another day after booking, you couldn’t promise the team to stay on the booked days? Don’t worry! The agency provides a standard cancellation policy within 60-21 days, enabling you to cancel for whatever reason.

  • Within 24 hours of making the booking gets 100% of the accommodation cost
  • Confirmation cancellation from 21 days to 59 days equal to 0%-50% of the accommodation cost
  • 60 days or more, any overdue balances will be waived over and above the deposit amount
  • Need a 30-50% deposit when booking
  • The balance is paid no later than 60 days before traveling
  • Equally important, the deposit plus any booking fees are non-refundable

Further, although the cancellation costs are varied now, the agency will re-review the terms and conditions for cancellation info in the future based on a case-by-case basis.

How To Contact

Suppose you’re still bewildered about how to reach Luxury Cottages. We have quick routes to get in touch with them. Here are contacts to inquire with the agency’s friendly team. They are available 24/7.

If you need to stay updated on the latest news besides on the official website, follow their social media.

  • Facebook: Luxury Cottages
  • Instagram: @luxurycottagescom
  • Twitter: @luxurycottages_

In addition, you can visit their official office at this address during business hours.

  • Monday through Friday: 9 am – 6 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 10 am – 4 pm

Office Address

Luxury Cottages, C/o WeWork, 55
Colmore Row, Birmingham, B3 2AA

Where to buy

After reading the reviews above, are you interested in booking luxury cottages in the UK? Then, you must reserve the only highly recommended place through You can get millions of excellent deals on beautiful cottage collections in just one place. Coupon Codes & Promos

Even though luxury is’s central theme, the brand doesn’t forget to give innovative services by offering you special deals and fabulous discounts.

  • Book within 28 days and save up to 10-15%
  • Save up to 15% for staying within seven days
  • Special discount of 30% for staying within ten days long
  • Book to wait 14 days and get 10-30% discounts
  • Reserve within six days to save 20%
  • Get discounts from 5% to 30% for visiting on specific dates from June through December (see here)
  • Special mid-week pricing offers: for four nights

Moreover, if you want to get the latest news on new properties, exclusive offers, etc, we suggest you subscribe to their official website.

Reveal all coupons

Get discounts & promotions coupon codes for in other countries. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns

The owner of is Alistair Malins.

Does offer refunds?

Yes, the agency offers refunds in specific terms and conditions within 60-21 days.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Reviews & Ratings is a luxury travel agency that offers a variety of luxury properties with unique cabins. Their offerings range from homes with indoor pools to eco-friendly cottages for couples all over the United Kingdom.

So, there’s no reason not to book a vacation this year in December with family or friends. Many great discounts and deals await you, so note your UK vacation dates now!


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