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About Lumultra Supplement

Sometimes, we lose focus and, worse, memory loss, but in the time we need it the most. It must be hard for you to get back on the right track when that happens. Thus, don’t let that situation bother you again, and start using Lumultra.

Lumultra Review: About Lumultra Supplement

Lumultra claims to be a nutrition company that works to provide brain supplement products for wellness—their product works for energy, sleep, calmness, immunity, etc.

By building nootropic supplements, this brand ensures its products are easy to consume. Each product comes in capsules, making it ideal for those needing brain-enhancing triggers.

Likewise, what’s the most crucial point of having supplements? The FDA. Fortunately, this brand is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility. Thus, the quality is secure. Better yet, they are lab-tested, vegan, and non-GMO. 

Moreover, we found that they currently have 3.6K followers on Facebook and 300+ on Instagram. This Lumultra review will also explain why they are the best for your overall brain health. 

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Overview of Lumultra

Lumultra is a brand under Avanse Nutraceuticals, with Floyd Gibson as CEO. This company is full of people who have the same vision, it is to provide the best nootropic products for all.

The team at Avanse believes that the brain is the most essential asset of humans. The brain helps to win the competitive world, bring happiness, and more. It is why they strive to support the brain at its full potential.

To realize that, they ensure Lumutra’s product is manufactured in an FDA-registered laboratory. Plus, they also ensure all ingredients have been strictly tested. It is to eliminate and ensure only high-quality ingredients exist.

Accordingly, expert laboratories and chemists do all of the formulation and test. At this rate, their product is undoubtedly safe, works, and is ready to help more consumers get what they deserve.

Lumultra Reviews

As we all know, the brain is the most crucial part of the human body. It works mainly to decide, source of wisdom and perspective, comprehend information, and more.

Lumultra Reviews: Lumultra Reviews

Thus, as a human with dreams, supporting the well-being of your brain is crucial. Fortunately, Lumultra works that way. This brand provides a supplement for the brain (nootropic) so that your brain can perform at its peak.

Moreover, after years of research, this brand has some products with different targets. Although they are all nootropic supplements, they have different formulations and functions. Thus, shall we meet their products now?

Lumultra Collections

Furthermore, we will review their 3 best-selling items from the entire collection. We believe you will find the supplement that becomes your favorite. Thus, don’t go anywhere and jump to the next section!

Lumultra Zen Reviews

Have you ever been in a situation where you can’t perceive any information because of stress? When that happens, your brain will likely get a brain fog reduction. Prevent that from ever happening again with Zen from Lumultra.

Lumultra Review: Lumultra Zen Reviews

Zen is made from a combination of botanical blends, calming your mind. It includes Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV), Ashwagandha Root, Astragalus Root, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Cayenne Pepper, and Black Pepper Fruit.

Moreover, Ashwagandha, the main ingredient of this supplement, is classified as an adaptogen. It can help you manage your stress. Furthermore, it also gives other benefits, such as reduced cortisol and lowered blood sugar levels. 


  • Contains 120 capsules
  • 4 capsules per serving
  • Improved brain clarity
  • Great for weight loss and management
  • Boost cognitive performance
  • Lower the stress level
  • Reduce nerves

Further, are you ready to show your outstanding performances every day? If it’s a yes, then let’s discover the price list of Zen in the list below.

  • Subscribe and save 15%: $33.97
  • One-time purchase: $39.97

Lumultra Luna Reviews

Is it hard to focus on your work or school daily? It might happen because you don’t have a good quality sleep at night. However, no worries because we have Luna from Lumultra here.

Lumultra Review: Lumultra Luna Reviews

This supplement works to help you get a restful sleep. You probably don’t know, but having high-quality sleep helps recharge your brain a lot. Thus, to perform excellently during the day, you must ensure your body gets the rest at its finest at night.

Likewise, this Luna supplement has excellent ingredients. It combines natural herbs like Valerian Root powder, Passion Flower Herb powder, Chamomile powder, Lemon balm powder, and Magnolia. Additionally, it also has magnesium, L-Theanine, and more.


  • Contains 60 capsules
  • 2 capsules per serving
  • Fall asleep faster
  • Boosts cognitive function
  • Enhances mood and emotional intelligence
  • Help strengthen brain functions (focus, balance, memory)

Moreover, for you who wish to experience how refreshing it is to have a restful sleep, Luna must be at the top of your choice. Let’s check this supplement price list below:

  • Subscribe and save 15%: $16.97
  • One-time purchase: $19.97

Lumultra Nova Reviews

Often lack of energy and focus? We know, right? It’s so stressful to follow how fast the world around us. However, don’t worry! Let the Nova from Lumultra do the work.

Lumultra Review: Lumultra Nova Reviews

This supplement works mainly to boost your energy. Thus, it isn’t surprising that you will feel more refreshed and happy. Better yet, it can also increase your motivation. Therefore, you will have no anxiety to show your full potential to the world.

On top of that, Nova has the perfect ingredients to support your daily performance. It includes N-acetyl L-Tyrosine (NALT), L-Theanine, and Caffeine Anhydrous. What’s more, the caffeine in Nova won’t make you feel any jitter.


  • Contains 60 capsules
  • 2 capsules per serving
  • Reduce social nervousness
  • Accelerates memory and learning
  • Increase physical endurance
  • Boost immune system
  • Lift energy levels

Further, it’s time for you to purchase this powerful supplement. Unleash your full potential and be the best at everything. Claim Nova now with this price list:

  • Subscribe and save 15%: $25.47
  • One-time purchase: $29.97

Lumultra Pros and Cons

After reading the best-selling product’s review, why don’t we discover the pros and cons of this brand? It will help you make up your mind before purchasing. Here is the list:


  • Works effectively
  • Safe, drug-free products
  • Convenient shape
  • Powerful result
  • GMP-certified and FDA-registered manufacturer
  • Affordable price
  • International shipping available
  • Free domestic shipping
  • 90-day return policy
  • Outstanding customer service


  • The product may work slower on several body systems
  • The product’s effect isn’t permanent

Who Is Lumultra Supplement For?

Lumultra is available for every gender and age above 16. This brand best suits those who need a nootropic supplement to help enhance their overall brain health. Whether you are a student, professor, or worker, this brand will be your booster buddy.

Moreover, their products are also best for those who aren’t genuinely into drugs. It’s all because all of their products are made from natural ingredients. Thus, no ‘high’ results will appear after consuming the products.

Lumultra Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

For your information, until today, Lumutra has had 2986 reviews collected on their website. In the overall review, 4.9/5 is the cumulative rating. In other words, all customers are happy with their purchase.

Lumultra Review: Lumultra Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

However, we willn’t make you settle for the ratings only. We want you to know the reason behind their satisfaction. This is why we present some of the reviews from the customers here.

Nevertheless, before we see their reviews, let’s see their best-selling product ratings:

  • Zen – rated 4.85/5 from 882 reviews
  • Luna – rated 4.6/5 from 1071 reviews
  • Nova – rated 4.9/5 from 1961 reviews

Let’s start with this customer review. She said:

Zen is truly a wonderful product. I take 1 capsule, and it works effectively. It makes me feel relaxed and mentally balanced. Also, I am able to sleep peacefully at night. Super recommended!

From the customer review above, we can see that this customer is happy with her purchase. She noticed that the product works effectively and mentioned she is more relaxed, mentally balanced, and has a restful sleep at night.

Next, a review of the purchase of Luna. This customer said:

Works well on me. This is my fifth bottle. It helps me fall asleep faster. It’s better than sleep drugs. Thanks!

This happy customer mentions that Luna works effectively. He said he already had the fifth bottle, which means this customer is loyal. However, one point we have highlighted from his review is this product works better than sleep drugs. 

Last, what did this customer say about Nova? Check it out below.

The definition of energy boost. I become less procrastinating throughout the day. No stomach upset or jitters. So happy!

Meanwhile, this customer shared that she feels no jitter or stomachache after consuming the supplements. It proves that this brand’s product is safe.

Furthermore, all customers are pleased with their purchase. It’s all because Lumultra is an excellent choice for their problems, such as insomnia, nerves, and more. Besides being practical, this brand is also safe and drug-free.

Is Lumultra Supplement Worth It?

Looking at their dedication to creating the best nootropics supplements that work well, we can say that Lumultra is worth it. Moreover, their worthiness can also be seen through the ingredients they use and the laboratory they have.

Lumultra Review: Is Lumultra Supplement Worth It?

Besides, their products are easy to use. It’s all because they come in capsule form, making it ideal to consume daily. Hence, are you ready to add this brand to your lifestyle routine?

Lumultra Shipping Policy

To maintain customer satisfaction, this brand can ship domestically and overseas. They are available to send their products to over 60 countries.

For international shipping, there is 2 option available. It is the USPS First Class Mail with a flat fee of $14.97 and USPS Priority Mail with a flat fee of $29.97. On the other hand, you can claim free shipping if you wish to send their product domestically.

Moreover, since there isn’t any shipping policy on their website, you can contact customer service if you need information about shipping. They will further respond to your problem as soon as possible.

Lumultra Return Policy

Are you tired of trying numerous nootropic products but didn’t notice any change? In this brand, you won’t find that situation tiring. It’s all because they will refund 100% of your money within 90 days after purchase if you don’t experience noticeable changes.

However, they accept the return of opened/emptied and unopened bottles to prevent foul play. For instance, when you purchase 3 bottles, you must return 1 opened and 2 unopened.

Ready to start your return? Then, email them at [email protected] with your order number and a summary of why you wish to return your product. After that, they will process your return.

Moreover, you can contact customer service if you need any assistance. You can also check their Return Policy to read the complete information.

How To Contact Lumultra

You can contact this brand’s customer service with any concerns, such as a question or problem. There are ways of contacting the customer service. You can reach them via:

Where to buy Lumultra?

We recommend visiting their official website directly to get this brand’s product. However, if you ask for other options to buy this brand’s product, such as LumUltra Shield, Amazon is the only place you can count on.

Lumultra Coupon Codes & Promos

To help you enhance a better shipping experience, we put our heart into scrolling through countless pages. It is to find all of this brand’s available deals. Fortunately, we did find all of them and listed them below.

  • Subscribe to their newsletter and enjoy 10% OFF promo code, exclusive offers, and more
  • Save an extra 15% by joining their product subscription
  • Buy 3 products and claim 50% OFF from their Bundles
  • Get free domestic shipping on your orders

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Lumultra Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Lumultra reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Lumultra?

Lumultra is a brand under a company named Avanse Nutraceuticals, and the CEO’s name is Floyd Gibson.

Does Lumultra ship internationally?

Yes. Lumultra ships its products internationally.

Are there any side effects from Lumultra?

Like other supplements, this brand doesn’t rely on much caffeine in its products. Plus, they use mainly natural and premium ingredients. Hence, it isn’t surprising that there are no reports about the side effects of consuming their products.

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Conclusion of Lumultra Reviews & Ratings

Overall, Lumultra is the ultimate solution for you who need a nootropics supplement to help boost energy, maintain stress, or reduce your nerves. Every bottle contains only high-quality ingredients that have been tested in an FDA-approved laboratory.

Moreover, their products have also proven to work effectively. Thousands of people are already satisfied with the results after consuming this brand’s supplement. Hence, if you want to join them, visit their official website and check out their products!


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