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About Lulive

Dear all new spouses, what’s your current home activity? Of course, decorating and choosing some good furniture are your recent tasks, right? However, let us congratulate you first on your new living space. Then, regarding your current task, what if we recommend Lulive?

Lulive Review: About Lulive

We’re so happy to bring this announcement to all homeowners, especially those who have just married. Decorating the best spot and putting some good furniture in the home is a timeless task. Fortunately, versatile & high-quality furniture choices are here now.

Then, what’s special about this store? Besides its reliable product lines, it seems that this brand still works hard to enhance its social media popularity. With less than 100 followers, we guess good products can effectively raise their fame among many customers.

So, will you be supportive of this store like us? We know your house can’t do some decoration stuff and buy furniture on its own. Thus, it needs you to choose and purchase some. But ensure to read our Lulive reviews first to prevent some terrible shopping experiences.

Overview Of Lulive

So, can you furnish your home beautifully starting today? Of course, all homeowners can, but only if they choose the right furniture provider. So, what makes Lulive reliable and why?

This brand appeared due to the customer’s concern about having good and durable furniture. After a long research, the team behind this company found what the customers really need.

Simply, they want to have furniture with real design, versatile, easy to construct, functional, and durable. Therefore, all Lulive products have those functions, so there shouldn’t be any doubts.

In addition, with strong and fast product development, Lulive has now done several furniture tasks for many houses in Japan, Europe, North America, and more. So, is your house after this?

Lulive Review

When you treat your house well, then it will treat you better. Homeowner’s comfort mostly comes from what’s inside their houses. Simply, putting a soft and padded sofa by the pool will make everyone who sits on it relaxed all day. 

Lulive Reviews: Lulive Review

However, the better thing is having versatile furniture that suits any type of resident style. The only place to get it is in Lulive. As the picture above, don’t you think they will look great too in your house? Hence, let’s start exploring!

Lulive Product Categories

Fabric Dresser Store your clothes safely and comfortably with the various choices of fabric dressers!
Home Office Desk Are you the type of person who usually works at home? Then create the best space for you now!
Living Room Treat your guests like King and Queen with the top-quality living room furniture here!
Toys and Games Create a fun and cozy playing spot for your birdies with several toys from Lulive now!

After seeing the list, will you buy (at least) one from each category? That’s a very kind of you. But if you want to choose some, why don’t you see our recommendation below? Also, these are the most-searched Lulive’s products on Google:

Lulive 3 Best-selling Items

  • 10 Drawer Dresser
  • L Shaped Computer Desk
  • Hall Tree

Can you say that you’re more than ready to see the review of each product above? As our website always says, ‘read reviews before you shop,’ let’s make this your new culture so that terrible shopping experiences won’t happen.

Lulive 10 Drawer Dresser Review

A good and long-lasting storage to store your clothes? Let’s choose 10 Drawer Dresser over everything! This super functional item is highly recommended, and you’ll know the reasons why.

Lulive Review: Lulive 10 Drawer Dresser Review

First, this bedroom fabric dresser features 10 collapsible drawers in 3 different sizes for organized storage solutions. Also, the wooden tabletop provides a stable surface to help you easily reach your most-used items.

Furthermore, this one is also different than other similar items. Specifically, it features 1 side pocket for thin items, 2 side hooks for shopping bags or umbrellas, and 2 drawers that are more suitable for your underwear. 

Now, you know why it’s versatile, right? After that, this set of drawers also features a sturdy steel frame. It has a waterproof label and high-grade, non-woven, breathable fabric to give all homeowners strength and stability.

10 Drawer Dresser Details:

  • Material: engineered wood, wood, alloy steel
  • Dimension (D x W x H): 38.9 x 11.8 x 39.4 (inch)
  • Color choices: brown and dark grey
  • Easy assemble with understandable 10-drawer dresser instruction

Finally, remove your clothes from those boxes and put them neatly in this 10 Drawer Dresser! This super functional set is only $119.99, and we believe you don’t mind spending more since buying one is not enough.

Lulive L-Shaped Computer Desk Review

A remote worker or WFH type of worker should know this! Are you confused about how to put your computer and other working stuff? Let’s not put them randomly, but create the best spot with an L-shaped computer Desk!

Lulive Review: Lulive L-Shaped Computer Desk Review

Do you know what’s good about this desk? Further, this computer desk features adjustable designs, allowing for customized assembly to fit your working space. So, is your creative soul ready to make a cozy spot with this desk?

Next, the brand designed a corner desk with small spaces for an easy switch to meet any corner needs. Also, it can be extended as a straight desk for two people without interference. We guess there’s no more effective item than this.

Then, the comfort value is also the main point. No matter which installation method you choose, the storage shelves will always be on your side to greatly expand your legroom. Isn’t it comfortable enough to support your work?

L Shaped Computer Desk Details

  • Base material: engineered wood, metal
  • Top material: wood
  • Dimension (D x W x H): 95 x 18.9 x 29.5 (inch)
  • Color choices: black and grey
  • Easy assemble with understandable instruction

So, will you make the coziest working space with this L-shaped computer Desk? We promise, your working experience will be fun and anti-boring. So, isn’t $156.99 pretty cheap for you? You can even shop more, we guess!

Lulive Hall Tree Review

Do you need a very functional item to store your shoes, bag, jacket, and other stuff? We guess you need to buy Hall Tree from Lulive. What type of item is this? Find the answer here and get addicted afterward!

Lulive Review: Lulive Hall Tree Review

Dear all homeowners, this entryway storage solution includes 2 shoe storage shelves, 2 storage drawers, 1 bench, and 17 hooks, which are perfect for saving space. And can you guess what’s more special about this Hall Tree?

Furthermore, while putting your stuff on it, the bench can also hold up to 275lb, and you can safely sit on it. Seeing this fact, you may be curious about the frame, right? Specifically, the frame material is from metal, which is durable & sturdy.

Then, this hall tree is also adjustable, where you can assemble it as a whole part or split it into shoe stools and wall brackets. Besides that, all hooks on the hall tree are also movable, so you can easily adjust the item’s position as well.

Hall Tree Details

  • Material: alloy steel, metal
  • Dimension (D x W x H): 11.8 x 31.5 x 70.86 (inch)
  • Easy to assemble with multiple application

Ultimately, you now realize that you need this Hall Tree, right? After all, spending no more than $99.99 won’t break your bank account. Otherwise, you will be addicted to shopping for more! Do you want to prove it now?

Lulive Pros and Cons

What’s good and bad about Lulive? The only place to answer the question is here:


  • Furniture provider with versatile style and super functional
  • Sturdy and long-lasting frame
  • Highly popular on Amazon (furniture category) with thousands of reviews
  • Various product choices and mostly recommended for new spouses
  • Easy assembly instructions
  • Free shipping in the US with no minimum orders
  • 60-day free return


  • Few social media followers
  • Little information about the company profile and its background
  • Doesn’t mention the international shipping

Who Is Lulive For?

We understand that all homeowners always have concerns in doing their never-ending tasks (decorating and furnishing the house). However, if you choose the most durable and versatile one, look no other than Lulive.

So, can everyone shop from this store? Of course. Lulive is dedicated to all homeowners to help them create the coziest and most lively living space. Whether they’re new spouses who want to get their first furniture collection or old couples who want to do some upgrades, this store will help a lot.

Lulive Review: What Do Customers Think?

A smart buyer always scrolls down and reads until this section. So, what will you have here? It’s time to reveal the truth, and let’s be a satisfied customer, as in the picture below!

Lulive Review: Lulive Review: What Do Customers Think?

Compared to its social media accounts, this brand seems to be much more popular on Amazon. Specifically, their products have gained over 1.2k reviews, and the ratings are also above 4 stars.

However, will you see the detailed ratings for each product we reviewed above? Another truth is here:

You’re nuts to say those numbers are not cool. But do you want to see the cooler side? Yes, it’s customer reviews!

Let’s start with this honest review:

I am thrilled with my recent purchase of this furniture piece. It has not only added an elegant touch to my room but also offers exceptional firmness. The assembly process was a breeze and I would give it a 9 out of 10 rating.

See? All Lulive products are functional, they are not only good in looks, but also strong in use

Then, it’s also nice to know this customer’s words:

It’s a good quality product at a reasonable price. There were no missing parts, and the assembly was easy. Then, the size is smaller than expected but it’s actually the same as advertised.

We all agree that finding good products at lower rates is hard. Fortunately, this customer admitted that Lulive offers the best prices.

Lastly, you shouldn’t skip this as well:

I had been searching for a suitable piece of furniture to place my clothing stuff, and then I found this bench. Assembling it was a breeze, as it came with an ample amount of screws and tools. The bench itself is incredibly sturdy and well-made.

Before using the furniture, your early concern may be about the assembly process. But you won’t find it here since all products come with easy assembly instructions.

Ultimately, what makes you still hesitate about Lulive? You won’t let your house feel so empty for a long time, right? So, since you are finding the one now, why are you still freezing, then?

Is Lulive Worth It?

The only answer to that question is ‘yes.‘ Lulive is a worth buying home furniture store for some reasons. Can you mention some based on our reviews above?

Further, you may still remember that this brand was born to overcome all homeowner’s concerns about having good and long-lasting furniture.

Besides that, until today, Lulive strives to stay current with global residential trends, ensuring its products remain relevant. Also, do you think thousands of people on Amazon were lying? Obviously, not.

Lulive Shipping Policy

Can I ship those furniture online?‘ Sure, you can. However, let’s get to know more by learning this shipping policy section.

Unfortunately, based on its website, the brand only ships inside the United States. Also, they offer free shipping and no tax for all orders shipped using FedEx. 

In addition, if you order in-stock items, the brand will start shipping within 24 hours. Then, it takes around 3 to 5 days to arrive before your door. So, start ordering now?

Lulive Return Policy

We guess you won’t find other better brands than Lulive after seeing this return policy section. So, how does the brand apply this policy to all customers?

Basically, each customer will have a 60-day free return policy. Besides that, ensure to let the brand know about your return application through email at [email protected] or phone (7189095928). Lastly, you may check this page to see the list of return addresses.

How To Contact Lulive?

Messaging and calling Lulive for your furniture needs? That’s 100% possible, then let’s get connected through the following contact:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 7189095928
  • Contact form: drop the message here!
  • Social media: Lulive
  • Bubble chat: Tap the bubble at the right bottom side of the website!
  • Operation hours: weekdays (10 AM – 4 PM, EST)

Company Address

85th Floor, One World Trade Center, New York, NY 10007, USA.

Where to buy Lulive?

Dear online shoppers, it’s such happy news since Lulive is available on 2 sites. The first and most recommended site to shop is on its official website. On the other hand, you may shop through Amazon by visiting Lulive’s official store there.

Lulive Coupon Codes & Promos

Everyone loves discounts, as well as you. Then, what kind of special offer you’ll get in this store?

  • Subscribe to the brand’s email and get more updates about deals, discounts, and more
  • Enjoy up to 57% off most products by tapping this link
  • Earn up to 57% discount on Living Room Furniture
  • Free shipping on all orders with no minimum amount of buying
  • 60-day free return

Are you satisfied with those offers? If not, let’s check the hidden things inside the button below:

Reveal all coupons

Lulive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Lulive reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Lulive?

There is no information about who owns Lulive.

Where is Lulive located?

The company is on the 85th Floor, One World Trade Center, New York, NY 10007, USA.

Does Lulive ship internationally?

We found nothing related to international shipping on its website. Thus, we can say that there’s no such shipping currently.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Lulive Reviews & Ratings

So, is Lulive so helpful for your home furniture tasks? Basically, you never know until you get one and prove it yourself. Among many customers, we hope to find you there very soon.

Besides that, with this store, you don’t need to worry that your house will look so yesterday since they always follow the trend. What’s the current hottest resident style? Talk to Lulive very soon, and they will help you decide which one to purchase!


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