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LOCI Shoes Review 2024 → Create Unite Style With Vegan Sneakers!

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About LOCI Shoes

Platform heels and boots are some of the footwear options that are suitable for various occasions, but nothing beats the versatility of a pair of sneakers. Among the many footwear brands that provide sneakers, LOCI Shoes goes a step further by providing high-quality vegan sneakers.

LOCI Shoes Review: About LOCI Shoes
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Yep, that’s right. The brand offers vegan sneakers that are eco-friendly and sustainable but still with trendsetting styles that fit various occasions. Plus, the selection of shoes that LOCI Sneakers provides is perfect for both men and women.

Currently, the brand has a sizable following, with 3.4k followers on Facebook and 51.5k followers on Instagram. This is definitely a large number of followers, proving that they are a well-known brand.

On top of that, the footwear brand’s name is also well known as its sneakers are used by various famous celebrities, such as Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis, Ben Affleck, Kristen Bell, and other celebrities.

Due to its fame, LOCI Shoes has even been featured in several popular media publications, such as Metro, PETA, Vogue, and The Hollywood Reporter.

Just heard of this brand and are keen to discover more about them? If so, then reading this LOCI Shoes review is the way to go. Through this review, you can get information ranging from its background, sneakers products, customer reviews, discounts, and more. Read on!

Overview of LOCI Shoes

2021 is the year when Emmanuel Eribo and Philippe Homsy, the founder, established LOCI Shoes. Based in the United Kingdom, the brand stepped up its game in the footwear industry with vegan luxury sneakers or might be known for trainers in the UK.

In its 2 years of establishment, this footwear brand holds the mission that style should always go hand in hand with purpose. Based on this mission, they combine sustainability with fashion and create sneakers made from eco-friendly and groundbreaking materials.

That’s right. LOCI Shoes designs all its sneakers from 100% sustainable vegan materials and recycled plastics from ocean plastics, maize husk, and other materials.

Not only that, but the brand also designs each sneaker through a standardized process, from ethical material sourcing to the manufacturing process. All of this is done at their production site located in Portugal.

Even though they offer vegan sneakers that are environmentally friendly, the brand doesn’t sacrifice the fashionable aspect. This is why they are rapidly gaining popularity among the public, celebrities, and even media publications with less than two years of establishment.

Now that you know a fair bit about this eco-friendly footwear brand, you can further your insight by spending some time reading the pros and cons of LOCI Sneakers below.


  • Offers many models of vegan luxury sneakers for men and women
  • All of the sneakers are made from 100% vegan and recycled materials
  • Using a standardized production process
  • Many celebrities have worn the brand’s sneakers
  • Featured in many popular media publications
  • International shipping
  • Gives FREE shipping on all sneakers order
  • 90 days return policy
  • Excellent customer services


  • Several people complained about the long shipping time

LOCI Shoes Review

At LOCI Shoes, you can find five models of vegan premium sneakers that are suitable for both men and women. So, what are the five sneaker product categories? They are Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, and Eleven.

LOCI Shoes Reviews: LOCI Shoes Review

Each of these five categories has a different style of sneakers. The way to distinguish them is quite easy. Seven is for sneakers with a detailed low top. Eight is for minimalist low-top sneakers, Nine consists of classic low-top sneakers, Ten is for any-time mid-top sneakers, and Eleven is for sneakers with timeless high tops.

Apart from that, this footwear brand also presents various models of vegan sneakers in collaboration with several famous artists, such as LOCI x Reed, LOKI x Ilaria, LOCI x Aglet, and many more.

Besides the fact that you can choose sneakers with different top designs, the brand also lets you choose sneakers according to the color you like the most. There are four categories generally available, Maize, Core, Collaborations, and Neon.

However, in this review, we will only take the three best-selling sneakers from the brand.

LOCI Shoes Review: Three Most-Searched Sneakers

  • Women’s LØCI Seven
  • Women’s LØCI Nine
  • Men’s LØCI Eleven

LOCI Shoes Women's LØCI Seven Reviews

Please welcome the first best-selling vegan sneakers, the Women’s LØCI Seven! We bet that the first thing you’d say about these sneakers is, “How gorgeous are these sneakers!” as we would say the same.

LOCI Shoes Review: LOCI Shoes Women's LØCI Seven Reviews

Coming in a pure white color mixed with a bit of black on the back and some stone color on the logo, these vegan sneakers can really spice up your look in any activity you do. You can combine these sneakers with jeans, cargo pants, or with dress trousers, and you’ll look adorable!

In addition, these LOCI Seven sneakers are made using 100% vegan materials with a Cork insole for maximum comfort and recycled materials for superior water-resistant performance. Not only that but the sole of these eco-friendly sneakers is made of lightweight recycled rubber for extra durability.

Better yet, there are 7 sizing options available for these sneakers, ranging from 6 to 10. Also, there are 28 color options that you can choose from besides natural/black/stone. So, choose the size and color that you like the most and take home these sneakers for $195.

LOCI Shoes Women's LØCI Nine Reviews

If you are a woman who likes to wear sneakers with fashion-forward designs and styles designs and styles, then these Women’s LØCI Nine could be the best choice. Coming with a similar design to most sneakers in the market, these Nine sneakers are designed to stick up to date with various on-trend styles.

LOCI Shoes Review: LOCI Shoes Women's LØCI Nine Reviews

More than that, there are seven size options that you can choose for these Nine sneakers, namely 6, 6.5, 7, to 10. Aside from the diverse size options, these sneakers also come with 29 color options divided into three categories, maize, core, and collaboration.

Just like the brand’s mission of transforming recycled materials into a pair of quality sneakers, so do these Nine sneakers.

The brand designed these trendy sneakers uppers with 100% vegan materials with a ratio of 95% recycled plastics and 5% microfibre. The remaining 82% nylon and 18% bamboo provide durable and comfortable linings.

If you are interested in these women’s vegan sneakers, you can take them home and wear them for $195.

LOCI Shoes Men's LØCI Eleven Reviews

While the previous two are for women, this one is for men. Please welcome the Men’s LØCI Eleven sneakers, a pair of sneakers that comes with a high-top design perfect for giving good ankle support. These are men’s sneakers that are suitable for use in your various activities, be it daily activities or workouts.

LOCI Shoes Review: LOCI Shoes Men's LØCI Eleven Reviews

In addition, these LØCI Eleven sneakers are 100% eco-friendly. The upper part of these men’s sneakers is made of 95% recycled materials and 5% microfibre. Further, the insole of these sneakers is made of 100% natural rubber for maximum comfort when you wear them.

As for the lining, this brand uses 82% nylon combined with 18% bamboo to provide a durable and comfortable lining. Hence, look cool, trendy, and comfortable with these sneakers!

If you are interested in owning these sneakers, you can first choose from nine size options and 11 color options available. You can choose which one best meets your preferences. For the price, you can pick up a pair of these LØCI Eleven sneakers for $215.

Who is LOCI Shoes For?

Needless to say, LOCI Shoes is an eco-friendly brand designed for all men and women who value vegan sneakers. Through this brand, you can find a variety of sneakers with different top designs and colors. Just visit the official website and find the sneakers that appeal to you the most.

LOCI Shoes Review: Who is LOCI Shoes For?

Moreover, since the brand is well known in various media publications and celebrities, they are also perfect for those who always want to look fashion-forward by wearing shoes from a famous brand.

LOCI Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

You’ve heard what we have to say about this brand, so what about the opinions of customers who have purchased products from this brand? Not to worry. We have summarized some genuine customer testimonials that we found on its official website.

LOCI Shoes Review: LOCI Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Without further ado, let’s start with a testimonial given by a well-known media publication, Metro.

Vegan sneakers make footwear become more sustainable, one pair of sneakers at a time.

Just like what this media said, they claimed that LOCI Sneakers succeeded in producing vegan sneakers that change the use of footwear to be more sustainable.

Moving on to customer testimonials, there is a happy customer who expressed her satisfaction with purchasing sneakers from this brand.

Excellent shoes with both great style and comfort. I got complimented a bunch of times. In addition, the customer service is excellent as well.

In her testimonial, this customer revealed that the brand’s shoes come with amazing quality, in terms of style as well as comfort. Thanks to that, she got complimented a lot by people. Moreover, this happy customer also praised how the brand provides excellent customer service as well.

The customer below says the same thing:

I love these shoes. Super comfortable and stylish looking! Plus, the entire process of purchasing and customer service has been flawless.

This happy customer shared her love and satisfaction with the quality of the sneakers she purchased from the brand- super comfortable and beautiful looking. Not only that, but she also commended how the brand offers an easy purchasing process and helpful customer service.

In conclusion, the brand manages to create a wide range of high-quality vegan sneakers, both in terms of design and comfort. Aside from the high quality that the brand has in each of its vegan sneakers, many customers have expressed their satisfaction with the brand’s excellent customer service.

Is LOCI Shoes Worth It?

With all the information we’ve provided in this LOCI Shoes review, it might lead you to one question: is the brand worth considering? This LOCI review agrees that the brand is definitely worth it. LOCI Shoes is a worthy brand to consider if you’re looking for high-quality vegan sneakers.

LOCI Shoes Review: Is LOCI Shoes Worth It?

With all the eco-friendly materials used along with a strict and standardized production process, the brand ensures that you will always get great quality vegan sneakers.

On top of that, some famous celebrities, such as Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Ben Affleck, have worn the sneakers that the brand designs. Doesn’t that further prove the trustworthiness of LOCI Sneakers? Let us know by the five ratings that you give to this review!

LOCI Shoes Shipping Policy

We have good news for you. Based on the brand’s shipping policy, we found that LOCI Shoes offers international shipping for all of its shoe products. With that in mind, this brand will ship its products to many countries, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, NZ, Asia, the Philippines, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Europe, and others.

Better than that, LOCI Sneakers also give FREE worldwide shipping on all sneakers purchases. So how about another product? Well, depends on your address and shipping couriers; the shipping fee you should pay is different. Please check the table below:

Country FedEx Economy FedEx Priority Royal Mail Standard DPD Next Day Parcelforce Standard Parcelforce Express
USA $6.95 $12.95
Canada & Mexico $29.95
Australia, NZ, Asia, Africa $29.95
South America, North America, Central America $34.95
United Kingdom £3.95 £6.95
Europe €9.95
Europe (Non-EU) €12.95
Switzerland CHF 9.95

As for the shipping time, this brand will ship your ordered sneakers within approximately 1 – 10 business days. For your convenience, you can track your order through the tracking link sent to your email.

LOCI Shoes Return Policy

Are you feeling unsatisfied with your purchase? Don’t sweat it! Because this brand offers a hassle-free 90 days return policy for every purchase that you make on its official website. All you have to do is make sure that your returned product is in its original condition- it means not damaged, unused, or marked. 

If you have met this condition, you can contact +1 (620) 604-3805, [email protected] or fill out the available form to start your return process. Later when your return submission is received, the brand’s customer service team will reach out back to you via email.

Please keep in mind that this process may take several days, so please wait patiently. 

How To Contact LOCI Shoes

Do you have some questions that you can’t find the answer to in this review? If that’s the problem, you can get the solution by contacting the brand’s customer service team at +1 (620) 604-3805 or [email protected]. They’re available in the following hours:

  • 9 AM – 11 PM GMT/BST
  • 2 AM – 4 PM PST/PDT
  • 5 AM to 7 PM EST/EDT

Apart from calling, you can also contact the brand’s customer service team through the available form. There, you only need to fill out your email address, subject, and description.

Where to buy LOCI Shoes?

Getting interested in having a pair of vegan shoes from this brand? If so, the only best place to go is its official website. There, you can explore the shoe catalogs and find your preferred and favorite shoes.

LOCI Shoes Coupon Codes & Promos

Are you budget-conscious and seeking discounts on your vegan sneakers purchase in this footwear brand? Well, we have you covered. Below, we have rounded up several discounts and promos that are available to save on your purchase. So, check them out!

  • Student discount: Get 10% OFF on your purchase if you’re a student
  • FREE worldwide shipping on all orders
  • Enjoy 90 days return policy

For the sake of your satisfaction, you can take additional discounts using LOCI coupon codes hidden in the button below. Click the button and enjoy your shopping!

Reveal all coupons
LOCI Shoes

LOCI Shoes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for LOCI Shoes reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Loci Shoes?

The owner of this DTC vegan shoe brand is Emmanuel Eribo and Philippe Homsy.

Are Loci Shoes comfortable?

Absolutely. As you can see from the customer testimonials, the shoes that this brand designs are amazingly comfortable.

Where is Loci Shoes based?

The brand is based in the United States, but its production site is in Portugal.

Who wears LOCI trainers?

Currently, many celebrities like Mila Kunis, Olivia Wilde, Gabrielle Union, and Kristen Bell wear the brand’s sneakers or trainers.

Where are Loci Shoes based?

Loci Shoes is based on the UK.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of LOCI Shoes Reviews & Ratings

Apart from eco-friendly sweaters, eco-friendly sneakers are one of the fashion goods that are now on the rise. Even though they are made from recycled materials, the styles and designs they offer remain on-trend. This is the same aspect offered by LOCI Sneakers, an up-and-coming footwear brand that worth your consideration.

Although not as long as other footwear brands such as Adidas, New Balance, Nike, and others, LOCI Shoes has managed to spread its wings by providing high-quality 100% vegan sneakers with a variety of models to choose from. As proof, they have been featured in several well-known media publications as well as famous celebrities.

If you are curious about the quality of vegan sneakers that this brand provides, you can immediately visit their official website. Find your favorite sneakers, and look awesome!


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