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Little Poppy Co Review 2024 → Affordable, Pretty Bows and Headband!

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About Little Poppy Co

As a mommy, it’s sometimes tiring to handle everything while ensuring your daughter gets the styling they deserves. Every little daughter wants to look pretty, and as a mom, it’s your responsibility to realize that idea. However, no worries. Let’s check out Little Poppy Co.

Little Poppy Co Review: About Little Poppy Co

Little Poppy Co is the solution to every mom’s problem. As we all know, there is much more essential thing to do than just organizing your kid’s style. That’s why this brand will be your backup. They will provide you with bows, scrunchies, headbands, etc.

What differentiates this brand from other bow brands is its ‘surprise’ feature. This brand has a subscription option to get hair accessories once a month with different styles, colors, and patterns. Convenience!

Further, this brand has 152K followers on Facebook and 266K followers on Instagram. Plus, they are also working on their TikTok account! We can see that they have 1.2K followers now and strive to work harder to get the recognition they deserve.

Are those numbers enough to tell you how great this brand is? However, it’s no problem if that doesn’t count. Through this Little Poppy Co review, we will spill all the great things about this brand. You’ll find why this brand is at the top of the list regarding pretty baby stuff.

Let’s get started!

Overview of Little Poppy Co

Little Poppy Co was born in 2015. This brand was built by 2 pretty moms, Becca and Lindie. The underlying reason for the building of this brand comes from their concern.

Both Becca and Lindie think that they constantly need bows for their kids. However, at that time, it was hard to find a place where they offered bow subscriptions.

Knowing that fact, Lindie took the initiative to do business with Becca. They run their small business as an owner alongside being moms and wives for their families.

Fortunately, all their hard work pays off. Although running the business isn’t smooth, they grows little by little. From a hundred subscribers, they now cater to thousands of subscribers and send new bows monthly.

Numerous moms and their little girls have been satisfied with the products. Becca and Lindie will always strive to provide their subscribers with excellent bows and other hair accessories collections and help more moms and girls worldwide.

Little Poppy Co Reviews

This brand mainly has a little girl accessories collection. However, while discussing the collection, we also want to inform you about the subscription. Exactly, isn’t it what you have been waiting for so long?

Little Poppy Co Reviews: Little Poppy Co Reviews

So, if you join their subscription, you can get a set of 3 accessories based on the size you choose at the first of your order. It includes a mini and original nylon headband and an original or oversized reversible alligator clip.

Likewise, they will send you different items every month. However, the bow’s theme is typically based on the season or a specific period, such as Christmas, Independence Day of America, and more.

Plus, one thing that you can’t miss. This brand also provides a styling inspiration every month. For instance, in the September bows styling guide, they mix the bows with a sweater cause it is an autumn season.

However, you can always have add-ons if you like something in their collection. These add-ons can also be purchased as a single item without a subscription. Thus, shall we discover their collection below?

Little Poppy Co Collections

Moreover, if you already follow this brand, you may notice that there aren’t earrings in their collection. We also noticed that this brand previously had an earrings collection. However, we can’t find those collections at the moment.

Further, don’t worry! There are still many products we can explore from this brand. To make it fair, we will review their 3 best-selling products from the current collections. If you want to know the details, please scroll to the next section!

Little Poppy Co Merry Floral Claire Reviews

December is getting near day after day. Are you ready to style your daughter’s hair with something cool for Christmas day? Not yet? No worries. Why don’t you try Merry Floral Claire from Little Poppy Co?

Little Poppy Co Review: Little Poppy Co Merry Floral Claire Reviews

Do you know what color is associated with Christmas? It’s a red. This pretty red bow is a perfect go-to accessory for your tight Christmas schedule. The floral detail and combination of green, white, and red can be excellent for your daughter’s Christmas outfit.

Moreover, this bow has a neat seamline to solidify the precision. Looking at the material carefully, you can feel the fabric has the finest quality. It won’t easily break from kid’s wear and tear.

On top of that, this Merry Floral Claire comes at a very affordable price. It costs only $12.99, and your daughter can walk cheerfully for Christmas. So, what are you waiting for?

Little Poppy Co Olive Field Floral Knot Headband Reviews

Are you looking for hair accessories to match with the spring season? Why not? Trust it to Olive Field Floral Knot Headband from Little Poppy Co.

Little Poppy Co Review: Little Poppy Co Olive Field Floral Knot Headband Reviews

When it comes to spring, wearing a flower-themed outfit is a must. Luckily, this headband understands the assignment. This headband has a tiny flower design in white colors on top of the olive base. It makes the overall visual more calm and eye-catching.

Moreover, this headband comes in 3 colors to choose from. It includes black, brown, and olive. Thus, you can match it with your daughter’s outfit before purchasing the colors. Or else, if you want to buy all of them, that would be great.

The Olive Field Floral Knot Headband comes at an affordable price. So, when you want to purchase all the colors, it won’t break your bank account. Curious about the price? For only $17.99, you are ready to style your little girl!

Little Poppy Co Rose Gold Shimmer Emma Scrunchie Reviews

Have you been in a situation where your daughter gets an invitation to her friend’s birthday party but doesn’t know what style you want to give her? If you nod, don’t let those situations happen again. Check out Rose Gold Shimmer Emma Scrunchie from Little Poppy Co.

Little Poppy Co Review: Little Poppy Co Rose Gold Shimmer Emma Scrunchie Reviews

As the name implies, this scrunchie has a delicate rose gold color. It is much more shiny with a gold shimmer detail, making it an ideal look for a party. The scrunchie will hold your little girl’s hair effortlessly. Plus, it can make the hair more neat and pointed.

In addition, it comes with a beautiful big bow. It quickly makes your daughter look more elegant, like a princess in her favorite cartoon movie.

However, you’ll be shocked by the price of this scrunchie. It’s only $9.99! We suggest you add this scrunchie to your cart before it is sold out. Let’s go!

Little Poppy Co Pros and Cons

Through this section, we will help you find the pros and cons of this brand. After learning about the brand from different sides, you will understand whether this brand is perfect for you and your girl. Check it out!


  • Pretty hair accessories collections
  • The design is related to the current trend (typically based on the season)
  • Subscriptions are available for more convenient and affordable options
  • High-quality fabrics
  • Free shipping is available
  • The hassle-free Cancel subscription process
  • Responsive customer service


  • This brand doesn’t accept return

Who Is Little Poppy Co For?

Little Poppy Co is dedicated to every mom who constantly struggles to find hair accessories for her little girl. This brand has an extensive hair accessories collection ranging from headbands, bows, scrunchies, and more. Plus, their design is something every girl will love.

Their collection is also suitable for all little girls, from a 0-month-old newborn to a 3 or more-year-old girl. You can choose whether the size of your little girl’s bows is in mini, original, or oversized sizes.

Little Poppy Co Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

What do other moms say about the brand and the products? We understand that as a mom, finding a product for the loved ones must be selective. Thus, trusting other mom’s reviews is essential.

Little Poppy Co Review: Little Poppy Co Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

However, don’t worry! We will give you reviews from satisfied moms who purchased this brand’s products. There are currently 4.7/5 ratings from 166 reviews on their official website.

Let’s start with this review:

I love all the bow materials and styles. There will always be something new to add to my girl’s collection. We already collected many LPC products. I adore the mommy and me matching so much.

This happy customer said that she loves to collect hair accessories from LPC. She mentions that all the bow has excellent materials and styles. Plus, she said she likes the ‘mommy and me matching’ to match her accessories with her little daughter.

Next, a review from this customer:

Me and my daughter love LPC bows. We continue to subscribe to their bows every month because we love getting new bows to add to the collection. I genuinely love how this brand sends different bow types and fabrics to mix it up. Thanks.

From the review above, we can see that this customer is satisfied with the bows subscription. She said that she and her daughter love the new bows this brand sends them monthly.

Lastly, this customer said:

My girls genuinely love the bows from this brand. I also noticed that the color, style, pattern, and quality are superb.

This customer said that her daughter loves the bows from the brand. However, this mom understands why her daughter thinks that way. It’s all because everything from the brand, color, style, pattern, and quality is lovely.

Furthermore, we can see that all moms are happy with their purchases and subscriptions. What makes them happy the most is the design.

Since it has an updated design every month, it isn’t surprising that all little girls are pleased with the products. Plus, they also said that the products genuinely have high-quality materials.

Is Little Poppy Co Worth It?

We all know that having bows for little girls is somehow challenging. Sometimes, they are missing, bitten by your dog, or left outside and dirty. When this situation happens, you will likely frustrated. It is why this brand is your ultimate solution.

Little Poppy Co Review: Is Little Poppy Co Worth It?

They will send you the bows monthly when you join their subscription plan. Thus, you don’t have to walk to the mart to buy the bows or scroll the e-commerce every time. Hence, we can’t deny that Little Poppy Co is 100% worth it.

Little Poppy Co Shipping Policy

Congratulations! You can get this brand’s product wherever you live in. It’s all because this brand currently offers domestic and international shipping. They ship using USPS for domestic and DHL for any international orders.

Moreover, the shipping fee will be a flat-rate fee of $3.50 (for the US) and $10 (for international). However, if your order value is above $40, you will get free shipping. Please note that if you have any problem regarding the shipping, we suggest you contact their customer service.

Little Poppy Co Return Policy

Unfortunately, this brand doesn’t have a return policy and doesn’t accept any returns. The reason is due to the seasonal products collection, which are sold for specific periods.

However, nothing to worry about. If you find any product issues, such as damaged ones, you can email them at [email protected], and they will help you with the problems.

How To Contact Little Poppy Co

Do you have any questions about this brand while shopping? Luckily, this brand has a responsive customer service. You can contact them through the following ways below.

Unfortunately, this brand currently doesn’t have a phone number. However, don’t worry! They will answer your inquiries as quickly as possible using the available contact above.

Where to buy Little Poppy Co?

The only place to get their products both as a single purchase or subscription must be through the official website. If you have already joined the bow club, don’t forget to log in to your account and enjoy subscription-only deals.

Little Poppy Co Coupon Codes & Promos

Let’s dive into the world of deals. In this section, you will find all the discount codes and promotional offers from Little Poppy Co. Are you ready? Let’s find out!

  • Get a free bow from refer a friend (your friend will get 15% OFF)
  • Win up to 50% OFF your first order by spinning the wheel. Don’t forget to submit your email for the coupon code
  • Save 40% on your add-on purchase by joining their subscription plan
  • Enjoy free shipping on orders over $40 to the US
  • Unlock promo codes, exclusive offers, and more by signing up for their newsletter

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Little Poppy Co

Little Poppy Co Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Little Poppy Co reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

How much is a little poppy subscription?

The subscription price of Little Poppy Co is $19.99 per month.

Who is the founder of Little Poppy Co?

The founder of Little Poppy Co is Becca and Lindie.

How to cancel little poppy co subscription?

If you have month-to-month subscriptions, you can cancel your subscription anytime before the 16th of the month.

However, if you have a 6 or 12-month subscription, you can email [email protected] to help you with the auto-renewal so that you won’t be charged at the end of the initial subscription term.

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Conclusion of Little Poppy Co Reviews & Ratings

Overall, Little Poppy Co is a perfect place to get all your daughter’s hair accessories. Be it from bows, scrunchies, headbands, etc. Moreover, their subscription plan is also an excellent choice for moms seeking convenience. This brand will cover those small details, and moms can do their things, too.

Further, all their hair accessories design is also at its finest. They will update the design monthly with an excellent combination of colors, patterns, and fabrics. Thus, are you ready to surprise your kids every month and dress them up with a bow that matches every outfit? Go to this brand’s website and start to subscribe!


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