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About Lipault Luggage

Travellers always bring a lot of stuff during the journey. They can’t help it because they need huge compartments. Lucky you, Lipault Luggage offers roomy suitcases you can use during the trip. 

Lipault Luggage Review: About Lipault Luggage

This Parisian company does sell not only suitcases but also backpacks which will perfect your look for daily occasions. In addition, the luggage sizes vary, allowing you to choose the size you need the most. 

Furthermore, it offers 10 available shades, from monochrome to cheerful ones. These options allow you to mix and match the vivid shades from the luggage to your outfits. 

Although it does not feature in the press, the company receives much customer attention. As a result, its Instagram is filled with 57.5K followers, and Facebook is crowded with 204K! 

Therefore, keep reading this Lipault Luggage review to get more insights about this company. So let’s begin the discussion with the brand’s history now! 

Overview of Lipault Luggage

François Lipovetsky is the designer who founded this company in 2005. This young Parisian designer wants to bring colorful luggage with the audacity to the world.

But then, Samsonite owns this company and can develop it more. This Paris-based company’s fantastic design has become a great look that people always look for. 

In addition, you will receive a 3-year guarantee on your order. The team ensures to provide the best product with nylon and polyester material. As a result, the bags are durable yet lightweight to carry on. 

Lipault Luggage Review

You know that there are many kinds of luggage available on the market. Can you guess what kind of bags you may purchase from Lipault Luggage

Lipault Luggage Reviews: Lipault Luggage Review

Below, I’ll write you three main categories from this company, including:

Luggage Backpacks & Bags Accessories

In addition, you may check your desired bags based on the colors. Here are 10 colorful shades created by the company:

Magnetic Blue Open Sky
Blinding Sun Frozen Matcha
Black Blue
Green Red
Pink Orange 

But since this Lipault Luggage review is limited, let’s focus only on these best-sellers:

So let’s jump into the first product review without further ado! 

Lipault Luggage Plume Long Trip Packing Case Reviews

Are you going on a long trip and still have no suitcase yet? If so, this Plume Long Trip Packing Case will accompany you on your journey! The case is available in 4 shades with a 6.4 lbs weight and 27.5 x 18.1 x 12.3 inches dimensions. 

Lipault Luggage Review: Lipault Luggage Plume Long Trip Packing Case Reviews

Moreover, the spinner has a sturdy body since it is nylon. You can bring any stuff you need due to its roomy internal space. It features a front zipped pocket, bottom compartment, zipped lateral pocket, and top zipped pocket. 

In addition, you don’t have to worry about your stuff since it has a TSA lock. Therefore, with 4 double wheels, you can mobile effectively and stay slay on your trip. 


  • Roomy suitcase
  • Nylon-made
  • Four double wheels 
  • Lightweight 
  • Available in 4 shades

So let’s not regret buying this product at only $325 now! 

Lipault Luggage Plume Cabin Spinner Reviews

I must say that Lipault customers are lucky because they can bring this Plum Cabin Spinner on board. Why so? Because it is sturdy with nylon construction and suits the cabin luggage of most airlines! 

Lipault Luggage Review: Lipault Luggage Plume Cabin Spinner Reviews

In addition, this cabin bag is lightweight, with only 4.8 lbs, and has roomy space. You can use all of the 21.6 x 13.8 x 8.3 inches dimensions to put your stuff. It has a front zipped pocket, bottom compartment, zipped lateral pocket, and zipped top pocket. 

Furthermore, the brand provides a TSA lock to keep your stuff safe in the suitcase. Therefore, choose one of the 2 available shades and walk confidently with this product’s help of four double wheels


  • Roomy suitcase
  • Nylon-made
  • Four double wheels 
  • Lightweight 
  • Suit cabin airlines 
  • Available in 2 shades

Then, take your wallet and start shopping for this product for only $245 now! 

Lipault Luggage City Plume Backpack Reviews

Are you a student who wants to look fashionable yet can bring a lot of stuff? If so, look no further than buying this City Plume Backpack. It is the best option you can purchase since it is available in 4 shades

Lipault Luggage Review: Lipault Luggage City Plume Backpack Reviews

In addition, the roomy space due to the front zipped pocket, hidden zipped pocket, flat side pocket, smart back sleeve, main compartment, and laptop sleeve is perfect for daily wear. 

Next, the product is made of versatile polyester material. It is also lightweight with only 0.97 lbs and 16.6 x 11.6 x 8.9 inches dimensions. So, are you ready to bring your laptop and stay on point? 


  • Roomy suitcase
  • Polyester-made
  • Laptop sleeve  
  • Lightweight 
  • Suit daily wear 
  • Available in 4 shades

Its original price is $95. But if you click the link below, you’ll get discounts which let you have it for only $56.99. So, let’s buy it now! 

Lipault Luggage Pros and Cons

When digging into a brand, understanding its good and bad sides is a must. So here is the comparison between them. Take a look closer! 


  • Parisian bags made by Parisian designers 
  • Made of high-quality nylon twill and polyester combination
  • Vivid colors 
  • Suitable for daily wear or long trips 
  • 3-year guarantee from manufacturing defects 
  • Ships to the US and its surroundings 
  • Free US standard shipping for all orders 
  • 60-day return policy 
  • Receives many positive feedbacks from customers 


  • It doesn’t reproduce the same product whenever the stock runs out 
  • International shipping must change domains 

Who is Lipault Luggage For?

This company lets everyone, I mean it, from men to women, single ones and families, may use its bags effectively. Furthermore, you can choose between 10 available shades! 

Lipault Luggage Review: Who is Lipault Luggage For?

If you’re into a neutral, Black may be the best answer. But if you want to perform cheerfully, Pink and Frozen Match will make your look perfect! So, which outfits will you wear to complete your performance with the brand’s luggage? 

Lipault Luggage Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Before buying a product, I believe testimonials are the proof you need to ensure you won’t get scammed. Then, let’s see how many ratings Lipault Luggage receives from customers. Let’s jump right in! 

Lipault Luggage Review: Lipault Luggage Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Below are the ratings of the abovementioned carry-ons and backpacks:

Furthermore, a satisfied customer said:

This is my 3rd purchase of long trip luggage, and I love them for its good reason. It is the best, the lightest luggage, and very roomy. 

This customer has purchased her 3rd item and is still satisfied with the quality. It is excellent and light, and the luggage is spacious! 

Another customer stated:

Lipault bags are great, light, and durable. I bought this one for my weekend trip and I have owned the next size up for five years. It is perfect for a week trip!

This customer finds the luggage amazing for a weekend trip. It is a perfect choice because it is lightweight yet durable for the journey. 

In short, Lipault Luggage performs excellently in creating luggage for daily and long journeys. As a result, customers are satisfied and thankful for the items. 

Is Lipault Luggage Worth It?

After reading all the explanations above, you know Lipault Luggage is worth checking out. It serves the best product you can buy on the market with premium materials.

Lipault Luggage Review: Is Lipault Luggage Worth It?

Not to mention you get a guarantee for manufacturing defects. Thus, let’s immediately choose your desired product and place an order now! 

Lipault Luggage Warranty

Nowadays, brands offer warranties to improve their quality. So does this Lipault that provides a 3-year guarantee for manufacturing defects on all bag purchases. 

However, the policy does not occur on damages due to airline transits. If your bags get damaged due to daily wear, you may claim the warranty by contacting customer service via [email protected]

The team will check every detail of the damage and inform you whether the repair is available. Thus, you can stay calm and relieved since the brand provides the best service. 

Lipault Luggage Shipping Policy

This Lipault USA branch will ship packages to the contiguous US, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Guam. What are the policies? Please take a closer look at the list below to find them! 

  • Package preparation may take 1-2 business days 
  • The contiguous US has standard, expedited, and next-day methods 
  • Free US standard shipping fees for all orders without minimum orders 
  • Orders outside the contiguous US only have a standard method 
  • Shipping fees for outside the US range from $29.99 to $79.99, based on the total order.
  • Once your order ships, you’ll receive an email with a tracking number.

Please wait 2 to 6 business days until the package arrives at your door. Suppose you face a problem, please get in touch with the team immediately at [email protected]

Lipault Luggage Return Policy

Unsatisfied customers who want to return the products may do it within 60 days of delivery. However, the merchandise must be unused and have original packaging to be eligible for the policy. 

To return, please fill in the data on the Return Order page. Then, the team will guide you with instructions. Please allow 7 to 14 business days for inspection. 

If your return is eligible, you may receive a refund to your original payment method. But if the repayment is late, you may contact customer service at [email protected] to ask for assistance. 

How to Contact Lipault Luggage

Do you want to get closer to this bag company? If so, please contact customer service on the following methods. 

The team is available online from Mon to Fri, 09:00 AM to 4:00 EST. In addition, please allow 5 to 7 business days to receive a response via email. 

Where to buy Lipault Luggage?

You may wonder if this company has an outlet to visit. Unfortunately, this Parisian bag company sells its exclusive products only on the official website and marketplace, such as Amazon

This way lets customers get the original products. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about its shipping fee. In contrast, every order may enjoy a free standard shipping perk to USA destinations without minimum orders. 

Lipault Luggage Coupon Codes & Promos

This company ensures to give the best product and service. Moreover, you may subscribe to the newsletter on the official website for more accessible offers and updates

All US customers may enjoy free standard shipping fees if they buy the products from the official site. I also recommend checking social media for more promotions and discounts. So, which bags attract your attention? 

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Lipault Luggage

Lipault Luggage Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Lipault Luggage reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Lipault Luggage?

François Lipovetsky is the founder of this company. 

What brand is Lipault?

It is a France brand operating in luggage production for daily wear and traveling. 

Is Lipault owned by Samsonite?

Yes, today, Samsonite owned this company. 

What is the material of Lipault?

The brand uses nylon twill fabric with polyester fabric linings, resulting in durable yet lightweight items. 

Does Lipault Luggage ship internationally?

Yes, but international customers must change the domain to get the products to their destinations. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Lipault Luggage Reviews & Ratings

Traveling suitcases and backpacks are great companions for your journey. Thanks to Lipault Luggage, you have a new recommendation to bring on short and long trips. 

Furthermore, its high-quality products are perfect for bringing any stuff. Let’s visit the site and check the luggage sale now! Then, are you ready to place an order? 


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