LINSY HOME Review 2023 → 15 Years Leading Modular Sofa Industry

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A sofa is one of the important components for comfort in the living room. However, choosing the right sofa not only provides comfort. But also gives a touch to the design of the house. Get to know LINSY HOME more closely and find out the interesting things!


LINSY HOME is a brand that sells versatile and stylish modular sofas. They offer the perfect solution to transform any room into a haven of comfort and functionality.

Linsy Home’s modular sofas have more practical features and unexpected materials. Its sofa collection also offers a new comfort experience with designs beyond imagination.

In other words, your sofa collection gives you the freedom and power to create a seating arrangement you can customize. So you can use your imagination to create the room of your dreams.

The brand offers endless options for furniture arrangement. Even publications such as ModernCastle, Apartment Therapy, and Better Homes & Gardens agree that its modular sofa collection will transform your space perfectly.

With over 40k followers on Facebook and 12k on Instagram, people are completely in love with their modular sofas. Its beautiful style with top quality is no exception!

To get the full scoop on the brand, our LINSY HOME review will discuss it from different angles. From the brand profile, its modular sofa collection, testimonials, discounts, etc, you can’t skip.

Overview Of LINSY HOME

Why did the brand create modular sofas as its business focus? Established in 2007, Guangdong brand LINSY Home Co., LTD focuses on young users aged 25 to 35.

They want to create a generation of young people who are unlimited, undefined, and free to satisfy different needs at every stage of life. So, they started this industry by focusing on modular sofas full of creativity and imagination.

Linsy hopes its products will be a short-term companion and accompany the younger generation through its growth. Thus, they are committed to providing furniture by developing creativity and innovation that is personalized for each individual.

This allows you to modify the modular sofa over time to enhance any corner of your space. It also proves a commitment to sustainability and minimizing environmental impact.


LINSY HOME offers modular sectional sofas that provide endless options for your furniture. Focusing on modular sofas means guaranteeing outstanding quality.


On the other hand, its furniture products come with complete styles, categories, and high-cost performance. Thus providing a great experience for home comfort.

Do you think the Modular Sofa is right for your space? Take a look below:

LINSY HOME Modular Sofa Collections

Learn more about the modular sofa collection in the next section. We have prepared 3 best-selling products for your consideration. Let’s start!

LINSY HOME Rubik III 4 Seat With 2 Ottomans Reviews

Are you ready for maximum comfort? Forget about those stressful days of struggling with difficult-to-find instruction manuals or missing screws! Rubik III 4 Seat With 2 Ottomans is the solution to comfort.

LINSY HOME Review: LINSY HOME Rubik III 4 Seat With 2 Ottomans Reviews

The convertible sectional couch is easy to assemble and adapt to your style. So you can customize it to fit every corner of your home. It’s even like playing with adult-sized LEGOs!

Moreover, the new fabric is more luxurious and soft, like a baby’s bottom, making you feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. Besides the soft fabric, the high-density foam cushioning provides premium seating comfort.


  • Covers: Removable Polylinen
  • Frame: Solid Wood 
  • Cushions: Memory Foam and High Density
  • Weight Capacity: 1000lbs Each Seat
  • Number of Packages: A Total of 7 Packages 

Moreover, this modular sofa has good sturdiness and stability. Thanks to its solid metal, you can sit without worrying about it shaking like sitting on a boat.

The best part is that the $1,399 sofa has hidden compartments and storage. Thus, it makes the ultimate storage ninja and keeps the living room clutter-free.

LINSY HOME Rubik I 3 Seats With 2 Ottomans Reviews

If you want to change your furniture positions to avoid getting bored, then the Linsy modular sofa is the perfect choice. We recommend Rubik I 3 Seats With 2 Ottomans as a modular sofa for the comfort of your room.

LINSY HOME Review: LINSY HOME Rubik I 3 Seats With 2 Ottomans Reviews

This very comfortable sofa can be easily adjusted from a U or L shape. You can even update the sectional sofa cover material and color to give your room a fresh look. Also, replacing the cover is easy because it can be removed and washed for hygiene maintenance.

Furthermore, this Rubik I 3 Seats is extremely versatile and flexible. It’s also stable and sturdy, thanks to its solid metal connectors. So, it is a great choice for long-term use.


  • Covers: Removable Polyester (Except armrest)
  • Frame: Solid Wood
  • Cushions: Foam, Foam and Memory, and High resilience
  • Weight Capacity: 300lbs Each Seat

Enjoy undeniable comfort on this $1,049 sofa. Thanks to its memory foam and high resilience foam, it is also efficient at eliminating odors, preventing bacteria, and absorbing excess moisture.

Like the previous sofa, this one also has hidden compartments and storage details. So, it is great for your living room and keeps the space clean.

LINSY HOME Rubik III Versatile Console Reviews

As a young generation, you would agree that you can’t escape gadgets. Hence, Linsy Home presents a Rubik III Versatile Console with USB and a three-prong plug to maximize your gadgets’ use.

LINSY HOME Review: LINSY HOME Rubik III Versatile Console Reviews

This console charges, doubles as a table, holds your drinks, and has storage. It’s truly multifunctional! But is it difficult to assemble? It’s very easy. You can attach the table legs and get ready to spend all day on your favorite sofa.


  • Covers: Removable Polylinen
  • Frame: Solid Wood
  • Charge: USB and Three-prong Plug

The stain-resistant fabric on this stylish console is one of its outstanding advantages. Hence, you can rest easy knowing that food and drinks will be safe from stains.

You should know this is a best-seller. So, order your multi-function console now for only $399.

LINSY HOME Pros and Cons

To complete this review article, we prepared the LINSY HOME Pros and Cons. Thus, you can see if it’s worth your consideration.


  • Sells modular design sofa
  • Deep storage space
  • Ultimate comfort with memory foam cushions
  • Easy to move and assemble
  • BIFMA X5.4-2020 certified, CA65 and OEKO-TEX certified
  • Free shipping
  • 30-Day returns
  • 3-year warranty
  • Installment payments


  • Cushions are not part of the furniture
  • International shipping is unavailable


Some of you want to compare these two brands, LINSY HOME Vs Linsy. Therefore, we will share some information about them.

You need to know that these 2 brands come from the same company. They are under Guangdong LINSY Home Co., LTD. Although under the same company, do they have the same quality?

So, Linsy and Linsy Home both sell the same product. They both sell modular sectional sofas that can be easily customized. The quality, features, and designs they bring to their sofa collections are the same.

So what’s the difference? If Linsy Home focuses on modular sectional sofas, then Linsy has a wider range of sofa collections. You can find sofa products like velvet modular, pet-friendly sofas, or panacea recliners.

As both are of equally good quality, it all depends on you. If you want to see a wider collection, Linsy is the answer. However, if you want a modular sectional sofa, Linsy Home is the right choice.

Linsy Home’s focus on its modular sectional sofa collection certainly brings the best quality and service. So, visit the website now and find your modular sofa choice.

Who is LINSY HOME For?

LINSY HOME modular sectional sofa is designed to satisfy the young generation, who always want to explore innovative products. They have designed a modular sofa full of imagination for young users between 25 and 35 years old.

Thus, the owners can freely imagine and easily change the sofa’s appearance to different shapes in the corner of the room. But is it only for the younger generation?

Of course not. Everyone who enjoys the comfort of furniture can choose this collection. In other words, the sofa is perfect for families with its various attractive features, such as storage space and comfortable fabric for children’s sensitive skin.

LINSY HOME Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Turning to verified customer reviews, you should hear what customers say. So you know what you are getting into before buying.

LINSY HOME Review: LINSY HOME Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

On the Trustpilot site, the brand has a fairly high rating. They have 4.0/5 stars out of 14 reviews. There aren’t many reviews on the site, but most customers leave many positive comments.

Here’s one of them:

The couch is unbelievable. With a clean and modern design, no other modular sofa has the same storage and accessories as this one.

The customer above was excited with the modern and clean design of the sofa. He was also impressed with the accessories and storage other sofas don’t have.

Like the customer above, this review comes from a customer who is very happy with the sofa’s features. She said:

I am in love with this sofa! It checks ALL the boxes on my shopping list, including modularity, washability, storage, comfort, and the ability to double as a bed. Linsy Home, thank you! In the future, I look forward to seeing different upholstery options.

Its features, such as storage, comfort, washability, and, of course, modularity, have impressed many customers. But is the service as good as the product? 

We found one of the customers on the official website. On the site, the brand gets 4.90/5 based on 98 reviews. One of the following customer reviews tells how she communicated well with the team.

Good team communication, simple assembly, easily change back for multiple configurations, excellent storage.

The overall review concludes that the brand is committed to its customers. It gives the best, from the excellence of its products to its services. Therefore, they deserve a high rating.


Is the layout of your living room boring? The LINSY HOME modular sofa is the perfect solution. Its versatility makes it worthy of your choice.


The brand’s modular sectional sofa allows you to customize each piece to suit the layout of your room. Likewise, the great thing about the sofa is that it is more compact than a traditional sofa and easier to move.

Though more compact, its sturdy hardwood frame can support up to 300 pounds per seat. Its hardware connectors are as strong as steel. Thus, it can hold each segment together and ensure a secure connection between parts.

Above all, this furniture collection is BIFMA X5.4-2020 certified. The materials are CA65 and OEKO-TEX certified, which ensures safety.

LINSY HOME Shipping Policy

Fast, safe, and reliable are key to the brand’s delivery policy. Therefore, they carefully examine their policies to keep the best service.

The brand currently ships to most of the United States. However, they can’t ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico, or other territories (See the shipping policy page for details).

They process the order within 1 to 2 business days. Then, the brand delivers the order to your doorstep within 5-7 days. So what about the shipping cost? Check below:

  • FedEx: Free shipping
  • Less Truck Loading: Shipping costs around $85

LINSY HOME Return Policy

Whether you want to cancel your order or make a return, the brand has a policy for such requests. See the cancellation and return policies below:

  1. Contact the service team as soon as possible to confirm the order cancellation before the items are shipped
  2. You can return all items for a refund within 30 days of receipt. However, the return cost is your responsibility.
  3. It’s important to confirm the return before starting the return. Include your order number and a photo of the item you wish to return. Also include the reason for the return or exchange.
  4. You may request a free exchange or refund if the item you receive is damaged, defective, broken or stained upon receipt.

Refunds are processed to your original payment method or through another payment platform. The brand also refunds credit cards upon receipt of warehouse returns. It typically takes 10 to 2 weeks to process.

LINSY HOME Warranty Policy

The brand offers a 3-year warranty on its sofa products. However, this warranty only applies to the original buyer, not subsequent purchasers or recipients.

What does the warranty cover? Here it is:

  1. Stains or damage: Food or drink stains and human or pet stains
  2. Accidental rips or tears
  3. Damage resulting from normal use, excluding human damage

If all these requirements are completed, contact the customer service team first. Send proof of purchase so that the brand can validate your warranty. It’s also important to include photos or short videos of the product from different angles.

How to Contact LINSY HOME

Do you have questions? We recommend you check the FAQ page for questions about products and services. But if you can’t find the answer to your question in the FAQ, contact the customer support team. Here’s how to get in touch:

Also, visit their social media to connect with the team via direct message and get the latest updates.

  • Facebook: linsyhomeofficial
  • Instagram: linsyhome_official

Where to buy LINSY HOME?

Getting the best modular sofa is very easy. Just visiting the official website, you can choose which one you like. However, this site only focuses on modular sofas.

Since the brand has other furniture products on different sites, visit the sites listed on the official website. Or find other furniture products such as TV stands, console tables, coffee tables, ergonomic office chairs, or desks at retailers available on Amazon, Walmart, Klarna, and others.

LINSY HOME Coupon Codes & Promos

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LINSY HOME Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for LINSY HOME reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns LINSY HOME?

It is a company owned by the Guangdong brand of LINSY Home Co., LTD.

Are Linsy and Linsy Home the same company?

Yes! These two brands are the brands of Guangdong LINSY Home Co., LTD. Both specialize in furniture products.

Does LINSY HOME ships internationally?

No. Currently, the brand only ships orders to the United States.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of LINSY HOME Reviews & Ratings

After going through various information about LINSY HOME, we can confidently recommend them. Moreover, thanks to their 15 consecutive years of experience, they have become an influential and industry-leading friendly furniture brand.

With the possibility to change and move each sofa section, you can customize it to fit your home space. Bring out the beauty of your home with different styles and create your dream home!


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