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LifeOnRecord Review 2024 → The Best Gift You Could Ever Give!

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About LifeOnRecord

Everyone’s waiting for special days. They can be weddings, birthdays, graduation, or everything. But how do you celebrate this day? Let’s mesmerize your big event by recording the moment with LifeOnRecord

LifeOnRecord Review: About LifeOnRecord

This company provides a toll-free recording that you may ask your beloved people. In addition, the record does not limit the message. Instead, you can talk for 30 minutes by recalling your memories. 

The gift is anti-mainstream. Furthermore, you can give it to everyone you love the most, such as parents, lovers, grandparents, best friends, children, teachers, etc. 

The lucky news, the brand’s service is available worldwide. So wherever you are, you can order the toll-free number for everyone you would love to have the records.

Moreover, you can present on digital media, including speakers or vinyl records. Indeed, the documents will bring so many memories on a big day! 

Although the idea of this company is impressive, it does not feature yet on the press. However, its social media is filled with 600 more followers on Facebook and Instagram. 

If you want to know more, keep reading this LifeOnRecord review thoroughly. Therefore, let’s not postpone but start understanding the overview! 

Overview of LifeOnRecord

Mary and Alaa are couples who have four children. First, they think of preserving every family memory by recording the sounds. Then, in 2006, they founded LifeOnRecord to help people recall moments. 

These two want people to remember every precious time. So not only can they remind the moment through photos and videos, but also they can hear how everyone’s depict mind during the day. 

In addition, the founders ensure to keep customers’ privacy. The brand would not take every piece of information from the callers. Instead, you are the one who controls the results. 

This company considers worldwide customers by giving toll-free phone numbers. Thus, recording the thoughts of people is easy and accessible. So whatever occasion you want to remind, look no further than ordering service from LifeOnRecord

LifeOnRecord Review

You’ve learned enough about the brand, especially its features, and history. Next, let’s see what we will discuss in this article. 

LifeOnRecord Reviews: LifeOnRecord Review

I decided that this LifeOnRecord review will focus on these. five topics, including:

  • Celebration Type
  • Audio Guest Book
  • Benefits
  • Procedure
  • Pricing

So if you don’t mind, let’s immediately go on to your best memories and start the discussion! 

LifeOnRecord Celebration Type Reviews

You may be curious about what events you may order the service. Well, this company does not limit your creativity. Instead, recording the audio guest books may be functional for more than 14 events! 

LifeOnRecord Review: LifeOnRecord Celebration Type Reviews

Here are the lists: 

Baby Gifts  Baptisms
Celebrations of Life Child-to-Grandparent Gifts 
Coach’s Gifts  Corporate Anniversaries
Fraternity or Sorority Gifts  Get Well Gift 
Graduation Military 
Retirement  Reunion
Teacher Gift  Wedding Audio Guestbook

If you want a meaningful present, look no further than ordering the service for only $149. But if you click the link below now, you’ll get a discount and pay only $99! So, let’s book a day immediately!

LifeOnRecord Audio Guest Book Reviews

After understanding what events you may use the service, you may be more curious about the results. For example, what kind of media does the brand provide for all recordings? 

LifeOnRecord Review: LifeOnRecord Audio Guest Book Reviews

Every customer will receive a copy of the recording in digital type. You can access the compilation on your website’s account. That case is perfect for anyone who loves to save files on their gadgets. 

However, you may also ask for additional service to transfer the records through two media, including:

  • Keepsake Speakers, which cost $69 $49
  • Keepsake Vinyl Records, which cost $249 $199

These options will help older people to access the records more efficiently. Therefore, whichever media you choose, ensure the receiver may hear the records clearly and become touched after receiving the product. 

LifeOnRecord Benefits

Ordering an online service would not be easy, I know. However, you won’t regret placing an order since the benefits are beyond compare. Can you guess what they are? 

Here are some benefits you’ll get:

Benefits for The Recipient Reviews

  • The more recordings, the more meaningful for the recipient 
  • The gift is simple yet brings memories from the past to wishes for the future 
  • The recipient may recall every story told by the recorders 

Advantages of The Arranger Reviews

  • Easy to hide, which your recipient would not believe if the gift is a recorded file
  • Flexible to send, you can give it digitally or physically 
  • Arranger has full access to edit and add some sounds to the recordings 

Benefits of The Wedding Reviews 

  • Preserve guests from talking about your marriage 
  • Control all of the tapes and keep them neatly 
  • Last longer and can remind you how meaningful your wedding was

So not only can the arranger gets benefits, but also it benefits the recipient in contributing their special days.

How does LifeOnRecord Work?

You may be confused about the procedure since you must collect all recordings. So below, I’ll tell you how it works. 

Here are the steps:

  1. First, place an order for the service. If you want to rent the phone, ensure you book the day at least months before. 
  2. Then, the team will immediately prepare a toll-free phone number or QR Code. 
  3. Once you receive the phone number or QR Code, you may share it with the people you want for a wish. 
  4. Ensure to give deadlines so that the recording may be submitted ASAP. 
  5. If the recording is completed, you can access the file through the official website, specifically on your account. 
  6. After that, edit or give a song to make the recording more meaningful. 
  7. That’s it! You can collect the records and give them to the recipient when the day comes. 

Remember to share the gift in digital, speaker, or vinyl records. Whatever your choice, please ensure that the recipient may hear the documents instantly. So, are you ready to place an order? 

LifeOnRecord Pricing

Sometimes, ordering an online service may bring shock due to its high price. Therefore, knowing the price before placing an order will save your wallet.

Below, I’ll tell you the pricing LifeOnRecord’s services. 

Main Service 

This service provides a toll-free number to contribute the recordings for the gift receiver. You need to pay $149 to gain the full benefit. However, it offers a discount, now cutting the price to only $99

Premium Communication Bundle

This second service gives you a QR Code, immediately leading to a toll-free recording. So you can pay $124 to get the record ASAP. Ssst, you’ll get a lower price, as much as $87, if you order it now.

Retro Phone Rental 

This retro phone rental is perfect for a wedding. Depending on your chosen style, it requires a $199 to $249 budget. Once you have it, guests can directly record their message while attending your event. 

Keepsake Speaker

It is a compact and stylish speaker made of aluminum that the receiver may use efficiently. Merely click play, and the record will turn on or off. So, prepare for $69, but have it at a lower price of only $49 if you buy it now. 

Keepsake Vinyl Record 

Receivers who are vintage and own vinyl players would be delicate to receive a vinyl record. You may have this recording for only $249. But the price decreases during the sale so that you can have it at only $199. 

Thus, whatever service you need, ensure you have the budget so that the present you’ll give will mesmerize the receiver! 

LifeOnRecord Pros and Cons

Every brand has its good and bad sides. So this LifeOnRecord review will provide the pros and cons, including: 


  • 15 years of experience company
  • Audiobook for several vital events 
  • Every recording may take up to 30 minutes 
  • Booking may start months before 
  • Serve local and international customers
  • Free shipping for all audiobook gadget 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Speakers and rental phones are eligible for return
  • Has many good feedbacks from customers 


  • No secure SSL feature on the website 
  • Non-returnable and non-refundable vinyl records
  • Cancellation of the service will cut a 10% fee 

Who is LifeOnRecord For?

This company wants to help people who want to keep their memories forever, not only on D-day. In addition, it does not limit the celebrations of whether you’ll hold a wedding, birthday, graduation, etc. 

LifeOnRecord Review: Who is LifeOnRecord For?

You may also surprise your lovely lover, parents, or whoever to give the best present. Therefore, don’t hesitate and choose which audio guest book you want! 

LifeOnRecord Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

After understanding the products and every procedure, this LifeOnRecord review will write you several testimonials. You know ordering from an online service is risky, so here I explain the best customer reviews. 

LifeOnRecord Review: LifeOnRecord Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

First, I must apologize because there isn’t a rating for the testimonials. Still, the brand has many testimonials to share; one of them said:

Merely gave my Mother her LifeOnRecord CD for her 80th birthday. It has been the best gift, I have ever presented her! She cried and laughed, she was genuinely touched. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to show my Mother how much she is loved!

This customer can’t stop being thankful because her records for her birthday mom are the best. Moreover, her mom cries and laughs, meaning the gift touches her greatly.

Another customer said: 

I gave LifeOnRecord for my pal’s 40th birthday. Not only did she enjoy receiving it as a gift, but I also had so much fun editing the records. We laughed and hardly listened to the funny stories. It is the most impressive gift I’ve ever given to anyone.

This customer also finds the record helpful because it is the best she can give to her best friend. In addition, the descriptions make them recall how the past went, especially the funny stories. 

In short, LifeOnRecord becomes a great source if you need an anti-mainstream gift for your beloved people. Not only are the records precious, but also the process is simple. Thus, many customers are satisfied with the service. 

Is LifeOnRecord Worth It?

If you are asking me, I must say that LifeOnRecord is worth checking out! This company prioritizes you with toll-free phone numbers. 

In addition, you can use the service for whatever events you want to celebrate. Even better, customers have full access to edit and arrange the records. 

You can choose whether a record is worth hearing or is it better to throw away. As a result, the documents will be the most meaningful moments for the recipient. 

Is LifeOnRecord Legit?

Well, you may find it scary or not trust an online service company for a long time. However, you can avoid any worries because this LifeOnRecord is legit. Also, you don’t have to check it on Reddit because it is legitimate.  

Indeed, the founders explain every term and condition well. You may even find the name of the founders on the official website. 

Although it does not have a secure SSL-featured website, the brand is worth checking out. Customers may even find reviews that state how satisfied they are with service from this company. So, what are you waiting for? 

LifeOnRecord Shipping Policy

This company does not charge any shipping fee. Instead, you’ll receive a free standard shipping fee for whatever audio guest book you choose. 

Once your order ships, please check your email and look for a tracking number. Suppose you face a problem, then contact customer service immediately at [email protected]

LifeOnRecord Refund Policy

First things first, this company provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The team ensures you’ll have the best audio guest book arrive safely at your door. 

However, you may also cancel or ask for a refund. Here are the terms and conditions:

  • Customers may cancel the keepsake speakers as long as it has not shipped 
  • Customers may also cancel the rental phone at least five weeks before the day
  • Vinyl records are ineligible for returns and refunds
  • Cancellation for the LifeOnRecord service will include a 10% cancellation fee 

To request a return or cancellation, please contact customer service at [email protected]. Then, the team will gladly help with your issues. 

How to Contact LifeOnRecord

You may be confused or have more questions concerning the service. If you do, please don’t hesitate to contact customer service at these methods:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone US and Canada: 1.800.868.1606
  • Phone outside the US and Canada: 1.847.990.1110
  • Fax: 1.888.259.6561
  • Ticket: Contact Us 

The team will immediately reply. But please wait for at least 24 hours to receive a response. In addition, here is the address you can visit if you need to meet face-to-face. 

LifeOnRecord Address

1509 Old Barn Circle
Libertyville, IL 60048

Where to buy LifeOnRecord?

The only place to book a recording service from this company is the official website. You may choose the celebration you’ll have and ensure the date is correct. Then, log in to your account and start booking now! 

LifeOnRecord Coupon Codes & Promos

Reading this LifeOnRecord review won’t be completed if you can’t find promotions and discounts. Below, I’ll tell you what they are:

  • Enjoy limited deals on the Spring Sale that are limited up to 13th of April ’23
  • Join the Affiliate Program to earn a 17% commission 
  • Acquire free shipping for all orders 

I recommend checking the official website frequently to get another coupon code. So, prepare for the event and book a day now! 

Reveal all coupons

LifeOnRecord Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for LifeOnRecord reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns LifeOnRecord?

Mary and Alaa are the owners and founders of this online service company. 

Does LifeOnRecord ship internationally?

Yes! The company ships internationally to serve all customers. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of LifeOnRecord Reviews & Ratings

Keeping your memories forever may be challenging. It does not guarantee that you can remember all the moments that passed. Instead, you may be forgotten all about that. 

Say no more because LifeOnRecord will help you look after all your memories neatly in digital, speakers, or vinyl records. Moreover, it is available worldwide! 

So if you want to know how people react to your big day, let’s book a service without waiting any longer. Thus, are you ready to contact the team now? 


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