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About Life Wellness Healthcare

Respiratory conditions seem to be a common health issue among people. But what do you think about saying there’s a natural way to improve it? Life Wellness Healthcare will bring the OPEP devices to help you find relief.

Life Wellness Healthcare Review: About Life Wellness Healthcare

This Australian company offers reliable breathing devices that can improve lung conditions. It can give treatment to asthma and COPD. Also, the product can be used for kids and adults.

Natural breathing devices become a better option than using drugs. It even grabs many people’s attention internationally. Even more, it also has 3.4K enthusiast followers on Facebook.

Further, our Life Wellness Healthcare review will give you more details about how this product can help you. So stay tuned for testimonials, customer service, promo info, pros and cons!

Overview Of Life Wellness Healthcare

Life Wellness Healthcare was born from the dedication to help people with respiratory conditions. They know how hard it is to live with such a condition. So, this company wants to make things easier for them.

It offers products that can help people to achieve their goals by improving their respiratory health. Further, natural health devices are the triumph of science and research by Australian innovators.

Its products come from the company’s goal to help people breathe again. Now, the products have been helping millions of people worldwide from its headquarters in Tweed Heads South, New South Wales.

Life Wellness Healthcare Review

Uncountable people are struggling with respiratory health. Here, Life Wellness Healthcare offers vast products designed to help your condition. From nebulizers to oxygen concentrations, it is all for you.

Life Wellness Healthcare Reviews: Life Wellness Healthcare Review

However, its main product is its AirPhysio breathing device, which can help those with lung conditions. Further, it can tackle multiple problems without the use of drugs. The site also has several kinds of accessories that go along with its products.

Life Wellness Products

Better Health AirPhysio, Protective Storage Case, Resistant Stainless Steel Ball Bearings, etc
Sport Performance AirPhysio Sport Edition, Better Breathing Sport Lung Exerciser, etc
Unique Beauty AHA Glow Resurfacing Serum, Bio-Active Eye Reset Serum, etc

Its product collection is pretty complex to help your lung condition. Shockingly, it even has a beauty collection of serum from Boost Lab. But can its product work? Thus, our Life Wellness Healthcare review will give you some details about its products!

Life Wellness Healthcare AirPhysio Breathing Device Reviews

The first-placed product in our review is absolutely the best-selling Life Wellness Healthcare AirPhysio Breathing Device. It’s an award-winning lung device that brings the oscillating positive expiratory pressure technology.

Life Wellness Healthcare Review: Life Wellness Healthcare AirPhysio Breathing Device Reviews

This OPEP tech is designed to promote the natural clearance of mucus in the body for clearer airways. So, this product will help with breathing issues like Asthma, COPD, Bronchiectasis, and more.

In addition, this breathing device is very quick and efficient. Just use it 1 to 5 minutes for once or twice a day. You’ll feel the difference. Moreover, it can be used with diverse groups, from adults to children and smokers to singers.

Better Health Breathing Device Details

  • Dimension: H 5.19 in x W 1.57 in
  • Steel Ball Diameter: 0.78 in
  • Suitable Age: 5+
  • Intended Use: Lung expansion and mucus removal

Overall, the device will greatly enhance your daily breathing and support certain respiratory needs. So, bring this AirPhysio Device as your companion to discover better breathing naturally at $69.97. Only $59.97 at current sale!

Life Wellness Healthcare AirPhysio Adult & Children's Device Reviews

Looking for a breathing device for children? The Life Wellness Healthcare AirPhysio Adult Low Lung & Children’s Device is your option. Basically, it’s similar to the previous product that comes with the OPEP tech for better breathing.

Life Wellness Healthcare Review: Life Wellness Healthcare AirPhysio Adult & Children's Device Reviews

But the main difference is how it comes with a kid-friendly approach. This product is designed with the kids’s safety and ease of use. Further, it also can be used for adults with lower lung capacity.

This breathing device will act as a respiratory trainer to help children master their breathing. It’s highly crucial for overall health and well-being. Also, the external disposable filters will capture 99.9% of bacteria and viruses for most pristine breathing.

AirPhysio Children’s Mucus Clearance Device Details

  • Dimension: H 5.19 in x W 1.57 in
  • Steel Ball Diameter: 0.66 in
  • Suitable Age: 5+
  • Intended Use: Lung expansion and mucus removal

Now, you should harness this device to encourage lung capacity expansion and enhance breathing quality. Grab this AirPhysio Kid’s Breathing Device at $39.97 after being discounted from the regular price of $59.97!

Life Wellness Healthcare AirPhysio Sports Edition Reviews

The Life Wellness Healthcare AirPhysio Sports Edition Breathing Exerciser is created for sports use. It’ll help unlock peak athletic performance for both elite performance and sports enthusiasts.

Life Wellness Healthcare Review: Life Wellness Healthcare AirPhysio Sports Edition Reviews

This device can improve the O2 and CO2 gas transfer process to boost lung capacity and efficacy. As a result, it can help to extend the performance duration and quicken the recovery post-exercise.

The use of this breathing trainer is pretty convenient. It only takes 5 minutes of your day to nurture your lungs. However, high-grade filers offer robust filtration of 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

AirPhysio Sports Edition Breathing Trainer Details

  • Dimension: H 5.19 in x W 1.57 in
  • Steel Ball Diameter: 0.86 in
  • Suitable Age: 13+
  • Intended Use: Lung strengthened and airway clearance

Shockingly, Elite Wheelchair Marathoner or Road Racer like Natasha Price become this breathing trainer ambassador. Therefore, achieve your peak athletic performance with this AirPhisio Sports Breathing trainer at $69.97. The price is down to $59.97 at the current sale!

Who Is Life Wellness Healthcare For?

Clearly, its breathing aid products are purposed for everyone who lives their day with respiratory conditions. It can aid multiple diseases like Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, COPD, Bronchiectasis, and more.

The device works for children to adults starting from age 5. Moreover, it has a sports edition that works best for athletes from amateurs to elite performers. So, it basically can be used for all people who need it.

Life Wellness Healthcare Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

For all smart buyers, you must know how important it is to check the customer’s reviews. Assessing the buyer’s back will allow us to find the negative and positive opinions.

Life Wellness Healthcare Review: Life Wellness Healthcare Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Although it has no reviews on Trustpilot, we found thousands of reviews. Meanwhile, the company has a 3.9/5 rating on Facebook with 23 reviews total. The AirPhysio also has 4/5 ratings with 681 reviews on Amazon. Now check out the buyer’s opinion below:

I have had my device for over year. I am in the respiratory department and talked to my physio. She really said to me that the devices do work. They call it a flutter device…I highly recommend it to anyone with lung issues.

Another buyer also reported:

I bought this breathing device for my husband. He has blood clots in his lung from having COVID-19 in March. He finds it hard to clear any mucus because of the pain of coughing. But this little device has been heaven-sent!

All Life Wellness Healthcare reviews are positive, stating how well it works. Even AU and UK reviews also seem so fine. Overall, we see no complaints about its service and products.

Is Life Wellness Healthcare Worth It?

Life Wellness Healthcare is worth trying to ease your lung condition. This store does a good job in catering quality products that can perform finely for a wide range of ages. It even works for athletes.

Life Wellness Healthcare Review: Is Life Wellness Healthcare Worth It?

Most customers also prove how the products can relieve their issues. Not to mention, the low price makes it more worthwhile. With simple products, quick daily treatment, and low costs, you can improve your lung issues naturally.

Life Wellness Healthcare Pros And Cons

Checking out the brand’s pros and cons is important before buying. It allows you to see future risks that may occur when purchasing. So check this out!


  • FDA registered products
  • Suitable for adults and kids
  • Highly portable and compact
  • No battery and refill
  • Quick and easy treatment
  • Effective natural treatment
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • Many positive feedback from buyers


  • The shipping can take longer than expected

Life Wellness Healthcare Shipping Policy

Life Wellness Healthcare delivers products within the United States, Canada, the UK, and the rest of the world. The shipping costs $6.48 to $14.10 with an ETA of 3 to 5 days for US orders. Meanwhile, the international shipping cost is higher at $20.

In addition, the site also has free shipping for USA orders over $50. Further, the order tracking details are sent via SMS or email. Use it to track the package and see the exact ETA.

Life Wellness Healthcare Return Policy

The Life Wellness Healthcare 30-day return policy covers all products purchased from the official stores. Use this return policy to return it if the product is not operated or gives the expected results.

Buyers should also inform customer service to claim their right to return. Also, the returned item should be in its original packaging. Then, it’ll refund the payment minus the associated cost within 14 days.

How To Contact Life Wellness Healthcare

Need more info about the products? Have any issues with your orders? Untangled your issues by reaching the customer service via:


PO Box 6662,
Tweed Heads South, NSW 2486

Where to buy Life Wellness Healthcare?

It’s important to ensure the product’s authenticity regarding medical devices. Thus, we recommend getting the product directly from the official site at Moreover, this site is open for international purchase!

Life Wellness Healthcare Coupon Codes & Promos

Welcome to the most awaited section! We’ll gladly spoil you with coupon codes and savings. Here’s the list:

Life Wellness Healthcare Discount Code and Perks

  • Free US shipping on orders over $50
  • Visit the product collection to find items on sale
  • Buy more to obtain higher discounts or free items
  • Obtain a 5% OFF promo code by joining the email list
  • “Click to reveal” when you first open the site to take 10% OFF your first order

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Life Wellness Healthcare

Life Wellness Healthcare Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Life Wellness Healthcare reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Does Life Wellness Healthcare ship internationally?

Yes, its online store ships its AirPhysio and Better Health 2023 breathing device collection to most areas around the globe.

Where is Life Wellness Healthcare located?

The live wellness health shop’s headquarters is in Tweed Heads South, NSW.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Life Wellness Healthcare Reviews & Ratings

Having a lung condition makes it hard to breathe and reach their peak performance. That’s why our Life Wellness Healthcare review introduces you to this store. Through its online site, prospective buyers can find Australian-made breathing devices.

Its breathing trainer will help to improve multiple lung issues from asthma to COPD. Even better, this affordable product has a quick and easy routine. Hence, breathe better naturally with Life Wellness Healthcare!


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