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About Liberty Tabletop

Why do you panic knowing your big family will have dinner in your house? Oh no. Don’t tell us that you have no good flatware for them. It also makes us panic, anyway. Fortunately, we’ve just visited Liberty Tabletop, and do you know what it is?

Liberty Tabletop Review: About Liberty Tabletop

This company is the one that can save you from the most embarrassing moment during that big family dinner. How can it be? Further, Liberty Tabletop serves all homeowners with US high-quality flatware & kitchenware from the finest materials.

In addition, you won’t let your cousin or sister-in-law complain about your flatware, right? So, the solution is already here. In addition, the fact that this brand has gained over 66.1k followers on social media must convince you more. Wasn’t it pretty good?

However, that’s not the thing. Do you agree that a good brand always gets good recognition? And that’s another fact that you’ll find here. Additionally, Liberty Tabletop has made it into The New York Times, ABC News, Military Makeover, and more. 

Finally, we know you must be over the moon to discover this brand right now. But we won’t let your happiness stop here because more things are coming out ahead. Stay in our Liberty Tabletop reviews and let this brand teach you what good flatware is!

Overview Of Liberty Tabletop

Do you know Sherrill Manufacturing? Yes, it’s that Sherrill, the only USA flatware manufacturer. How can it relate to this brand, and why it’s a bit shocking for you?

Knowing that Liberty Tabletop is a Sherrill Manufacturing brand is even coolerThus, there should be no questions about the product quality since they’re never playing with it.

After that, it’s a family-owned business by Matt Roberts, Greg Owens, and Drummond LLC. Then, the fact that the brand has been in the industry for over a century is also insane.

Moreover, Liberty Tabletop is the place of good products with good working people behind it. They never miss every component in the production, so the results are always top-tier.

Is it hard to believe? Buy some and prove it yourself, then!

Liberty Tabletop Reviews

Moms, since you have no more time until dinner day, what about exploring the products now? We know you really want good flatware like the picture below, don’t you?

Liberty Tabletop Reviews: Liberty Tabletop Reviews

Since flatware is all homeowner’s daily needs, buying many items in one shop is recommended. After all, these Liberty Tabletop products will last a little longer with you.

Then, what are the brand’s product categories?

Liberty Tabletop Product Categories

Flatware Specials Cookware
Bakeware & Baking Cast Iron Cookware Dinnerware
Wheel Thrown Pottery Kitchen Tools Chests & Storage
Liberty BBQ Glassware & Drinkware Cutting Boards
Samples Baby Liberty Home
Food Service Wedding Flatware Holiday/Seasonal

Did you expect to have those categories? There are so many, but no worries. Fortunately, we have chosen 3 of them to recommend to you. What are they?

Liberty Tabletop (3 Best Selling Items)

  • Woodstock
  • Satin Annapolis
  • Honey Bee

Are you excited to see each of them? Of course, you should. But don’t blame us if you end up choosing all of them since they’re way too good. Trust us.

Liberty Tabletop Woodstock Flatware Reviews

Do you prefer to have Woodstock Flatware on your dinner table? Then, let’s make your big family dinner turn into something unforgettable with this set from Liberty Tabletop! What will you get from this set?

Liberty Tabletop Review: Liberty Tabletop Woodstock Flatware Reviews

Dear moms, let us tell you that all flatware products exist with different patterns and have become their identity. Likewise, in the Woodstock set, each piece has a unique flower pattern and peace logo designs.

Furthermore, we can say that this stainless steel set will be better with a flat white plate or something similar. Don’t you think it will give such a dinner-in-elegance type of vibes? We couldn’t even imagine how good it is.

Flatware Details

  • Consisting of 18 – 10 stainless steel
  • Euro-sized
  • Safe for dishwasher
  • Heavyweight
  • Made In USA
  • In the set: dinner knife, dinner fork, salad fork, teaspoon, soup spoon, butter knife, and more (adjustable orders)

Finally, will you stock the Woodstock Flatware set in your home? It’s (also) okay if you want to buy one or two or three products from this set, and you just need to spend starting from $7.29! We know it’s too cheap for you, right?

Liberty Tabletop Satin Annapolis Flatware Reviews

If you have heard of this brand often, do you know Satin Annapolis Flatware? Once you see the picture below, you will definitely buy so many products! Let’s read this passionately and see how it works for you!

Liberty Tabletop Review: Liberty Tabletop Satin Annapolis Flatware Reviews

Unlike the Woodstock set with unique patterns, this Satin Annapolis set comes with clear and fancy looks without any patterns on the surface. So, if you prefer a simple but classy dining style, better go with this set.

Furthermore, this set is also versatile, whether you use it for casual or formal dining. Also, the heavy weight of each item will double the comfort of your eating experience and absolutely durable for long-term use.

Flatware Details

  • Consisting of 18 – 10 stainless steel
  • Euro-sized
  • Safe for dishwasher
  • Made In USA
  • In the set: salad fork, pierced spoon, teaspoon, serving spoon, cold meat fork, and more (adjustable orders)

Ultimately, for you who love this type of set, let’s secure Satin Annapolis Flatware now! Like the previous product, you’ll need to spend starting from $7.29 to get the one you love. Or do you want to shop more?

Liberty Tabletop Honey Bee Flatware Reviews

Dear Moms, we bet you have never seen this flatware set before. So, do you want to take a look at the Honey Bee Flatware? Hence, see the picture below and learn how each piece will amaze you with its unique design.

Liberty Tabletop Review: Liberty Tabletop Honey Bee Flatware Reviews

First, we’re sure you cannot deny how unique and iconic the patterns of this set are. Furthermore, as the name suggests, Honey Bee has iconic bee and honeycomb patterns that stand out more than other sets.

Moreover, do you know if this set is more complete? Specifically, this set also features a ladle, servall, and casserole spoon. Meanwhile, the other items are the same but still in different patterns from Woodstock/Annapolis.

Flatware Details

  • Consisting of 18 – 10 stainless steel
  • Euro-sized
  • Safe for dishwasher
  • Heavyweight
  • Made In USA
  • In the set: dinner fork, pierced spoon, sugar spoon, soup spoon, dinner knife, and more (adjustable orders)

Finally, who wants to make some buzz around the dining room with this Honey Bee Flatware? Definitely, it’s you. Additionally, we’re still consistent in price, so you just need to purchase starting from $7.29! So, why not now?

Liberty Tabletop Pros and Cons

Meanwhile, is Liberty Tabletop always good? Fortunately, you have this section to answer your question:


  • Providing various home & kitchen needs (flatware, dinnerware, kitchenware, tabletop, and more)
  • Exist in different patterns and styles (contemporary, vintage, modern, royalty, casual, and more)
  • Selling products for babies
  • Heavyweight
  • Made in the USA 100%
  • Made of the finest materials (18-10 chromium/nickel stainless steel)
  • Durable
  • Over a century of operation
  • Adjustable orders
  • Worldwide shipping (flatware only)
  • Free shipping (US customers)
  • 25-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • No free shipping for international customers
  • Some customers complaint that theirs are easy to rust

Who Is Liberty Tabletop For?

Spending a lot of money on those incredible Liberty Tabletop products is a good decision. However, do you know the right customers to shop from this store?

Since we’ve talked about flatware, kitchenware, and tabletop, these products should suit all homeowners. Furthermore, if we have to make it more specific, it suits all Moms and their kitchen needs. So, how ready are you for the upcoming big family dinner?

Liberty Tabletop Review: What Do Customers Think?

After that, how do you know if Liberty Tabletop is that good without reading this section? Basically, this is what all shoppers need before they decide to buy. So, are you ready to witness more truth?

Liberty Tabletop Review: Liberty Tabletop Review: What Do Customers Think?

First, the brand has gained an average rating of 4 from 5 stars on the Yelp site. Second, it also scores well on Amazon, and each product receives hundreds of reviews with ratings of more than 4 stars.

However, what about the detailed ratings of each product we’ve reviewed? We won’t let you wait a little longer, so here we go:

After that, what do you think the customer reviews will be? Are they good, too? Specifically, here we bring them to you and don’t miss:

First, it’s always nice to start with this one:

I am absolutely in love with this stunning set! I captured each of them with cam. Each piece is perfect, and I appreciate that my purchase. The Econo-line silverware has a sturdy feel to it, without being too heavy like some others I have used in the past.

So, who agrees that Liberty Tabletop products always perform better than other brands? Buy some, and you’ll agree with what this customer said.

Then, you may need this for further consideration:

After surfing on your site, we were impressed with the design of all your tableware. We finally decided to purchase the Satin Annapolis, which perfectly complemented our dish set. Also, we bought 2 bottles for our kids. The quality of your items are significantly better than anything we’ve previously used.

Once again, this customer also said that he/she found no better flatware product than the ones from Liberty. So, will you prove it yourself?

Furthermore, do you want to read a review from Reddit, too?

Our Liberty set is now 10 years old and remains in spectacular condition. Despite heavy usage and regular cleaning in the dishwasher, the set still looks shiny. In fact, the teaspoons are so sturdy that they can be used to scoop ice cream without bending.

See? Previously, we said you just need to shop many items for once and let them stay longer. So, promise to shop after this review ends?

Finally, you’re now in your final step of the buying decision. However, we still have one section to convince you why shopping here will never be a disaster.

Is Liberty Tabletop Worth It?

So, why shopping in Liberty Tabletop will never be a disaster? You may still remember that the company has been operating for over a century, which means its credibility has been very well-known by the public.

Liberty Tabletop Review: Is Liberty Tabletop Worth It?

In addition, with long years of experience, there are always some improvements and new ideas in product development. Also, with the consistency of using the finest material and a professional team, we can say Liberty Tabletop is a worth-buying flatware provider for all homeowners.

Liberty Tabletop Shipping Policy

Can Liberty Tabletop ship those flatware overseas?

Nice question. Who’s curious about the brand’s shipping policy? Let’s go, then! Liberty Tabletop offers domestic (US) and international shopping. Further, the following points may explain the details:

  Items Shipping Fee
US Shipping All cookware and chest Free
Flatware, glassware, & kitchen items Free (orders over $99)
International Shipping Flatware items (only) Check out the checkout page!

Liberty Tabletop Return Policy

Who says that Liberty Tabletop doesn’t care about customer satisfaction? That’s an ungrounded statement, we can say. Why? It’s because the brand’s return policy is here to help you when something wrong happens to your items.

Further, you’ll have a 30-day return policy for all item types (flatware, cookware, dinnerware, and others). However, all customers should be responsible for the return costs, and kindly contact them first at [email protected]. So, is there any better step than this?

How To Contact Liberty Tabletop?

Is Liberty Tabletop your best friend now? Relying on your flatware needs to them will never be a wrong decision. So, do you know where to contact them?

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: +1 (844) 386-2338
  • Contact form: complete it here!
  • Social media: Liberty Tabletop / LibertyTabletop
  • Customer service phone hours: Mon – Thu (9 am – 5 pm), Friday (9 am – 4 pm) EST

Company Address

Liberty Tabletop
102 East Seneca Street / Suite 510
Sherrill, N.Y. 13461

Where to buy Liberty Tabletop?

In the end, it’s only you who can convince your own self to shop from this store. But do you already know where to go? First, shopping directly on its official website is (always) recommended. Then, if you love having e-commerce platforms, we recommend Amazon since the brand’s official store is there.

Liberty Tabletop Coupon Codes & Promos

Skipping this section means you’re weird. Everyone loves discounts, right? So, what will you get from Liberty Tabletop?

Reveal all coupons
Liberty Tabletop

Liberty Tabletop Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Liberty Tabletop reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Liberty Tabletop?

The brand’s owners are Matt Roberts, Greg Owens, and Drummond LLC.

Where is Liberty Tabletop manufactured?

All Liberty Tabletop are 100% made in the USA.

Is Liberty Tabletop made in USA?

Yes, all products are USA-made.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Liberty Tabletop Reviews & Ratings

So, how many days until your big family’s dinner happens? Since you still have a little longer time, why not shop for your favorite flatware from Liberty Tabletop now? Our recommendations are just a few, and you’ll discover more.

After all, having good and durable flatware, cookware, and tabletop is crucial for all homeowners, right? Thankfully, you got this dinner occasion, so you know something is missing here. So, our duty as your guide is over now, and be a happy (and lucky) shopper!


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