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About LEVEL8 Cases

Since the declining Covid 19 cases, many people have returned to outdoor activities such as vacationing, traveling, or continuing business trips. The surge in travelers who want to get back to enjoying vacation moments has made luggage sales in the market increase rapidly.

LEVEL8 Cases Review: About LEVEL8 Cases
Image: facebook.com/Level8Group

As a frequent traveler, the problem that often occurs is a suitcase that is easily damaged. This is certainly quite detrimental to expenses. Therefore, the LEVEL8 Cases review is here to recommend reputable brands that sell high-quality luggage and other traveling equipment.

If that’s what you’re looking for, then LEVEL8 Cases is the answer! The brand sells products that are sleek, simple in design, and expertly crafted with durable, quality materials to make traveling smarter. They carry bags and luggage for you in a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication.

The brand has become very popular as its products are of unquestionable quality. Even today, they have reached 10.7k followers on Facebook and 15k followers on their Instagram accounts.

We also found several YouTube channels that positively review the products of this brand, such as the TipsNNTricks channel with 11k viewers, JeffgrantMedia with 8.3k viewers, and there are still several others that you can find on the YouTube platform.

There are many other advantages that you should know about this brand. So, therefore, don’t go anywhere! Stay with us because there is still a lot of information about the brand, including the best-seller’s product reviews, testimonials, and current offers that you can get here.

Overview of LEVEL8 Cases

‘Striving for sophisticated simplicity’ is the principle that LEVEL8 Cases lives by. They want their products to be simple yet high-performance, capable of bringing users the best assistance users need. Their products will not give you a headache, but only the things you need!

Traveling has become an inseparable part of human life. For this reason, LEVEL8 comes as the perfect luggage for traveling efficiently. From concept to production, the brand always wants to give the best to the products they offer.

They want their customers who love to spend time traveling, whether for vacation or work, not to have to worry about what to bring. With that in mind, they came up with the perfect luggage set for your adventures.

LEVEL8 Cases manufacture luggage and bags that are sleek and simple in design and expertly crafted with durable and quality materials. They are very confident in the quality of their products and services, backed by their years of experience.

Always functional and always reliable, the brand believes their cases are perfect for all travelers, being better luggage than any other brands.

To prove what they believe, we’ve prepared a luggage review that we’ll talk about in detail. But before starting the review, we have also listed some LEVEL8 Cases’ pros and cons as proof of their worthiness.

LEVEL8 Cases Pros

  • Products designed by combining excellence in functionality, comfort, and design
  • Simple design yet powerful performance and features
  • Made of premium materials that make it durable
  • Fast and Free shipping on US & EU
  • Full-time warranty
  • Easy return
  • Gives a lot of exciting deals

LEVEL8 Cases Cons

  • High price
  • Product returns are valid for 7 days only

LEVEL8 Cases Review

More travel means more cultural connections. Traveling is always the most anticipated thing. Of course, for this most awaited moment, you have to prepare everything well, including your luggage.

LEVEL8 Cases Reviews: LEVEL8 Cases Review

Good quality luggage and bags will provide maximum comfort on your trip. With good performance, you no longer need to worry about your stuff. Thus, we highly recommend LEVEL8 Cases to accompany your trip.

This brand sells various types of luggage with the best quality that will make your trip easy and enjoyable. They sell a variety of luggage, such as carry-on luggage, Check-In, and women’s luggage. They also sell various accessories to complete your trips, such as backpacks and organizers.

As we said earlier, in this LEVEL8 Cases review, we’ll go into more detail about their products. So, let’s move on to product reviews!

LEVEL8 Cases Voyageur Check In 28''/ 26'' Reviews

Often traveling long distances for long periods of time? This product is the one you’re looking for. Voyageur Check In is one of the largest pieces of luggage the brand offers. The Voyageur suitcase is refined in design and functionality to offer a larger capacity suitable for accompanying longer trips.

LEVEL8 Cases Review: LEVEL8 Cases Voyageur Check In 28''/ 26'' Reviews

The brand is obsessed with combining excellence in functionality, comfort, and design without leaving any stone unturned, all of which are applied and realized in this one-of-a-kind suitcase.

This suitcase designed with a creative handle design offers a maximized base allowing for increased packing space. So this will be just right to ensure more of your items can fit. It is made with the finest Makrolon polycarbonate hard shell material from Germany to ensure a lightweight and durable scratch-resistant hard shell.

It has a TSA-approved combination lock for added security, so you’ll have to worry about your luggage. Not only that, this suitcase features ultra-silent 360° durable spinner wheels with a shockproof and ultra-smooth design that feels silky smooth as you walk to the next gate number.

Comes in 3 sizes. Here are the details:

  • 20”: capacity; 43L, weight; 8.1 lbs(3.7kg), over dimension; 15.1”L*9.8”W*21.3H (38.5cmL*25cmW*54.5cmH)
  • 26”: capacity; 93L, weight; 11.8lbs(5.37kg), over dimension; 16.6”L*13.3”W*27.3H (42.5cmL*34cmW*70cmH)
  • 28”: capacity; 99L, weight; 12.4lbs(5.65kg), over dimension; 16.6”L*13.3”W*29.1H (42.5cmL*34cmW*74.5cmH)

With several size options available, you can adjust the size to your needs. Voyageur luggage also comes in several color options that you can match with your style, from yellow, black, and navy.

This product has superior features, one of which is designed with a telescopic handle made of aluminum alloy. It also has an interior compression system to organize your items, making it easier for you to arrange to package. 

Despite its high price tag of $299.99, with its durable quality and outstanding features, you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.

LEVEL8 Cases Full Aluminum Carry-On 20'' Reviews

This second product is one of the best-selling Red Dot award-winning suitcases. This Full Aluminum Carry-On is finely crafted with Aerospace-grade aluminum magnesium alloy, giving it a classic look and durable performance.

LEVEL8 Cases Review: LEVEL8 Cases Full Aluminum Carry-On 20'' Reviews

Different from other suitcases, this suitcase is zipperless and keyless, which can keep your belongings safe thanks to the TSA-approved Double Lock. Just like the previous product, this suitcase also features 360° Spinner wheels with Covestro AG Polycarbonate Case. This includes premium wheels that are quiet, durable, and can handle rocks very well.

You can store your luggage freely because of its detachable divider design with ZERO barriers. This makes storage more spacious and practical. It also has a slow-release handle without noise. Even frequent problems such as pinching your hand due to the suitcase handle, you’ll not experience any more! 

The telescopic handle also offers 4 adjustment settings to fit all sizes of people. So, whether you are tall or mini, you can still hold the suitcase comfortably and freely.

Details product:

  • Imperial Unit: capacity; 36L, weight; 10lbs, over dimension; 15”L*8.4”W*21.8”H
  • SI: capacity; 36L, weight; 4.6kg, over dimension; 38.1cmL*21.3cmW*55.4cmH

This aluminum luggage has a finely crafted anti-wear mount with scratch-resistant material, keeping your luggage beautiful after the trip. To own a suitcase with this unique design and advanced features, you have to spend $403.99. You can choose silver or gray color according to your taste.

LEVEL8 Cases Pro Carry-On With Laptop Pocket 20'' Reviews

Do you often go on business trips? you are certainly used to traveling with many important documents and also your valuable laptop. Of course, you must store and keep important documents and your laptop in a safe place when you’re on the go, right? Thus, we recommend the Pro Carry-On With Laptop Pocket that will accompany your business trip to be more proper.

LEVEL8 Cases Review: LEVEL8 Cases Pro Carry-On With Laptop Pocket 20'' Reviews

This carry-on luggage is one of the Red Dot award-winning suitcases like the product we covered earlier. It has excellent performance, is designed to be waterproof and lightweight, and has a durable aerospace-grade Bayer Makrolon hard shell casing to protect your valuables and important documents.

Finely crafted with aerospace-grade Bayer Makrolon, making this luggage a winner in the market. True to its name, the Pro Carry-On With Laptop Pocket comes with a padded front pocket suitable for your laptop to stay safe and avoid hard impacts.

Even better, this suitcase features a built-in USB port and an interior compartment for a power bank, providing a quick connection to your electronic devices. This is very supportive of the professionalism of your business trip. Even if you carry important documents, laptops, and other valuables, you don’t have to worry because these have TSA-approved locks.


  • Imperial Units: capacity; 35L, weight; 9.3lbs, over dimension; 14.4”L*9.2’W*21.5”H
  • SI: capacity; 35L, weight; 4.2kg, over dimension; 37cmL*23.5cmW*55cmH

It is enhanced with 360° spinning wheels that are beautiful and quiet, making it easy to maneuver and allowing movement with little resistance. The suitcase is designed to combine confidence, intelligence, and sophistication to complement its excellence in functionality.

Priced at $209.99, you can get the best luggage to make your business trips more enjoyable!

Who is LEVEL8 Cases For?

For every touch of design simplicity, special luggage is created for those of you who prioritize the best performance of a product over its appearance. The quality of each product with superior features makes their products the right choice for those of you who want to enjoy your trip more peacefully.

LEVEL8 Cases Review: Who is LEVEL8 Cases For?

LEVEL8 also presents products with the sophistication of superior performance that will support those of you who often travel on business trips that carry many documents and other important valuables to remain safe from the beginning to the end of the trip.

Many travelers entrust their equipment to this brand because the quality is very promising. Although the price is quite high, you’ll not be disappointed with their products. Well, maybe those of you with a low budget aren’t suitable for this brand.

LEVEL8 Cases Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

In this section, we’ve included some testimonials submitted by LEVEL8 Cases’ customers as a consideration to further convince you before purchasing their products.

LEVEL8 Cases Review: LEVEL8 Cases Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The first review comes from the first product we covered in the previous section. Voyageur Check In 28”/26” received a rating of 4.8/5 from 65 reviews. Here is the review:

I absolutely love the Voyager’s checked luggage! It is HUGE and allows me to pack a lot of stuff to take on my longer trips. I love the fact that there are multiple ways to pick it up and carry it (front/side/top handles) as well as the super wide trolley handle! The wide trolley handle allows me to pack more stuff in the trunk as there is more interior space…

In accordance with the design, this product has a large space for storage and packaging that can accommodate many items. The handles can also work very well to facilitate users when carrying this suitcase.

The next review comes from the second product Full Aluminum Carry-On 20,” which received a rating of 4.8/5 based on 56 reviews. One of the happy customers who purchased this product said:

Very good build quality. Sturdy wheels, and a divider bag is included. I highly recommend this bag if you are looking for an aluminum carry-on bag. I had been looking for a few months, and finally settled on Level8.

The customer expressed his satisfaction with the product thanks to its quality and other details he got. This makes him highly recommend this aluminum luggage.

The last review we found from the last product we discussed earlier, the Pro Carry-On With Laptop Pocket 20”, has a rating of 4.8/5 out of 55 reviews. Here is one of the opinions left by one of its customers:

This suitcase is simple but a little sophisticated, very suitable for business travel, the wheels are very smooth, and the front opening design is also much more convenient.

From the reviews, the product perfectly illustrates the brand’s goal of producing products with a simple design but sophisticated performance. As said by the customer that this suitcase is very comfortable for business trips because of its features.

It can be concluded that the three products we discussed in the previous direction have a rating of a fairly high number. Many customers are satisfied with their purchases of the excellent quality of the product and its usefulness that can work optimally. Its features also provide excellent support to make it easier for users to use luggage products from this brand.

Is LEVEL8 Cases Worth It?

When it comes to brand worthiness, from some of the topics discussed in the previous section, it can be concluded that LEVEL8 Cases is worth investing in.

LEVEL8 Cases Review: Is LEVEL8 Cases Worth It?

Its well-designed products are supported by advanced features such as TSA-Approved Lock, Whisper-Quiet 360° Wheels, Damping Rubber Handle, and many other superior features that make this brand’s products superior in the market. The details that are very concerning about each product make customers satisfied every time they get their products.

Not only that, even the services they have, such as a full-time warranty, fast shipping, easy return, and cleared to fly, make the products of this brand undeniable.

LEVEL8 Cases vs Away Luggage

It is undeniable that the luggage industry has sprung up a lot in the market since the increasing demand of consumers for this product. Therefore, there must be several brands that also sell their version of the best suitcases.

To give you an idea of the quality of products from LEVEL8 Cases with products from other brands, we’ll compare it with the Away brand, which also sells luggage and bags for traveling. Here we’ll discuss one of their products that have excelled in the market. Let’s see LEVEL8 Cases vs. Away Luggage comparison below.

Image 1: LEVEL8 Cases Textured Carry On
Image: level8cases.com
Image 2: Away The Carry-On
Image: awaytravel.com

LEVEL8 Cases Textured Carry On


  • Scratch-resistant & waterproof surface technology
  • Durable and sturdy hardshell
  • Multi-directional spinning wheel
  • Spacious packing interior
  • Can pack 3-5 days’ worth of clothes
  • Interior Zipper Compartment
  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Cabin size complies with most international airline regulations


  • No outer pockets to access items
  • Cannot compress or expand

Away The Carry-On


  • Great-looking
  • Luxurious interior liner quality
  • Comfortable Hinomoto wheels
  • Strong and flexible polycarbonate
  • The large version can hold almost 40 liters


  • Doesn’t have external pockets
  • Wheels that often get stuck
  • USB-PD fast charging port is not airport friendly
  • Clamshell design makes packing and unpacking frustrating

Is LEVEL8 Cases a Good Brand?

LEVEL8 Cases is a brand that is very popular with the quality of its luggage products. This is a mid-level brand with a premium price, and although it is not the cheapest on the market, the quality is not to be confused.

Their luggage is durable and looks great. Their products also have many practical features to help make packing and traveling easier. Although the price is quite expensive, it is a reflection of the quality and construction that if you’re a frequent traveler and need TSA-approved luggage, then Level8 Luggage would be a great option to choose.

In fact, some of their products even won the Red Dot Award and beat products from other well-known brands. All of this says a lot about how good and quality this brand is.

LEVEL8 Cases Shipping Policy

Since the brand ships all over the world, you can order its best products anywhere you need with the following shipping policies.

Local Shipping

Shipping is free for US shipments (it also applies to EU shipments). Shipments are made using UPS / Fedex / USPS shipping methods. All shipments within the US have an estimated delivery time:

    • West coast: 1-2 days
    • Midwest: 3-4 days
    • East: 5-7 days

International Shipping

The brand delivers all over the world, such as in Europe, Canada, Australia, Asia, and UAE. Delivery is processed using Fedex / Post / UPS / DHL / DPD / Other shipping methods. Delivery will take about 7-8 business days, depending on the delivery location. The cost will certainly be different for each country and each location. We recommend checking international shipping details here.

All orders, both local and international, take approximately 1-3 business days to process, depending on product availability.

LEVEL8 Cases Return Policy

Customers have the right to file a return within 7 days of delivery. To be eligible for a return, please make sure the item must be unused, in the same condition as you received it, and also in its original packaging.

To make a return, please contact the customer service email for return validation and make sure to follow the return instructions. Please note that in order to complete your return, the brand requires a receipt or proof of purchase. So, please keep your receipt or proof of purchase.

After you make a return, the item will be inspected by the inspection team. They’ll send you an email confirming the approval or rejection of your refund.

If your return is approved, your refund will be processed, and the credit will be automatically applied to your credit card or original payment method within a certain number of days.

How to Contact LEVEL8 Cases

Do you have any questions regarding the brand’s products? Or would you like to submit feedback for the brand? They would love to hear from you! Please reach out to the team via the contact details below:

You can also get in touch with the team by sending a message to their social media at:

Feel free to send them a message and ask anything, as the customer service team will help and reply to your message as soon as possible.

Where to buy LEVEL8 Cases?

Getting products from LEVEL8 Cases is not a difficult thing. You can buy their products on the official website with very easy access. Moreover, they also do international shipping, so wherever your location is, you can get their products easily. 

But, what if the product you want to buy is sold out on the official website? Not to worry, you might be able to get the product you’re looking for on one of the international retailers, Amazon.

LEVEL8 Cases Coupon Codes & Promos

The brand wants to give a lot of satisfaction to its customers every time they shop for its products. Thus, they have many offers that can be applied by their customers when checking out. Below we have prepared some interesting brand deals.

  • Subscribe to receive 5% off on your first order
  • Apply discount code HOLIDAY 22 to get unlimited 10% off at checkout
  • Save 5% off on your first order using the coupon code FIVEOFF
  • Free US & EU shipping
  • Get a $20 off coupon or earn points in several ways that you can find in the rewards column at the bottom right corner of the website
  • Receive a 10% commission for any products sold when you join the affiliates program

Reveal all coupons
LEVEL8 Cases

LEVEL8 Cases Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for LEVEL8 Cases reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns LEVEL8 Cases?

So far, we have no information regarding the owner of this brand. However, Level8’s CEO is Steven Lin.

Where are LEVEL8 Cases suitcases made?

LEVEL8 is a luggage design and manufacturing company based in New York City.

Do LEVEL8 Cases ship internationally?

Thankfully, this brand ships worldwide, so you can get their products no matter where you are.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of LEVEL8 Cases Reviews & Ratings

Whether traveling for work, fun, or connection, it should always be enjoyable, if not constrained by annoying things like a broken suitcase on the go.

Therefore, let LEVEL8 Cases make your journey easier so you can focus on the destination, not just the journey. Thanks to the quality of the product, which is designed very well. From premium materials, the simple design with sophisticated performance makes users can enjoy every trip with more fun.

So, are you ready to have a great trip too? Get your LEVEL8 Cases product now!


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