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Lendtable Review 2024 → Maxing Out Your 401(k) and ESPP Contributions!

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About Lendtable

401(k) and ESPP is a great investments for your retirement. But it may be caused there’s not enough money at the end of the month. As a result, employees simply can’t take advantage of their company’s 401(k) or ESPP match. Thus, Lendtable is the solution to have early cash from this contribution.

Lendtable Review: About Lendtable
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This platform is a service that allows you to have advance cash to get through the month. Furthermore, the balance is taken from the match of your 401(k) and ESPP. Therefore, it’ll help you have extra money to pay the household bill.

Additionally, this brand seems pretty popular among employees, with over 1.5K companies served. The companies include Pepsi, Walmart, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Bank of America, IBM, etc. Besides, it has over 4.4K followers on social media.

Well, it sounds pretty legit. But, before you subscribe to its service, it is better to know further about how the service works and its qualities. Thus, our Lendtable review will help you to get through the company profile, testimonials, customer service, and more.

Overview Of Lendtable

Sheridan Claybourne and Mitchell Jones established Lendtable Inc in January 2020. Both of them work with a company based in San Francisco, California.

Furthermore, its company is a financial service platform that aims to fight economic inequality. Besides, the platform strives to give low-income individuals cash advances from their 401(k) and ESPP.

Most of the employees are struggling with the payout from their retirement program. So, its platform will give them early access. According to the Crunhbase, this company has a Series A funding type and has raised $24M.

Lendtable Reviews

Simply put, this platform offers cash advances loans for employees that are different from credit cards and bank loans. Currently, it has two primary services, 401(k) and ESPP (shares in a stock purchase plan).

Lendtable Reviews: Lendtable Reviews

Aside from those two, this platform also offers packages for business owners or employers. For example, the Lendtable business is tailored to prepare the workforce for retirement. Besides, it allows employers to reduce the payroll taxes and retain the employees longer.

Next, let’s break down each of the information and its financial services. So, let’s jump to the next section of our Lendtable review!

Lendtable 401(k) Reviews

Need more than your monthly salary? The 401(k) is a financial service dedicated to giving employees cash advances to maximize their 401(k). Instead of lending from a bank or credit card, you can benefit from the free money from your retirement matching program.

Lendtable Review: Lendtable 401(k) Reviews

You can join its subscription to enjoy cash deposited into your primary bank account. Furthermore, the 401(k) is basically divided into a company-sponsored retirement account and a payroll deduction. So no matter which one yours is, this service is still eligible for advance cash.

In addition, the maximum deposit amount will be based on your 401(k), 403(b), or TSP match program. According to its estimation, in a year, you can receive average cash of $4,992/year.

Then, you should pay out the balance when you resign from the company, hit retirement age, or cancel the service. So, instead of paying the credit monthly, it’ll use a 20% profit-share rate and one-time payment.

Thus, if you want additional cash from your 401(K),  get started with only a $10 platform fee.

Lendtable ESPP Reviews

Next is the ESPP service, a cash advance program that benefitted from the Employee Stock Purchase Plan. The ESPP is a benefit program where the company offers an employee stock at a discounted match price.

Lendtable Review: Lendtable ESPP Reviews

Employees usually contribute to this program via payroll deduction. Then you can sell the stock at the market value to earn a profit. Furthermore, this service strives to help you contribute and get profit from it.

Here, you can get the advantage from your stock to get the balance from Lendtable. However, you need to pay the balance when you sell your shares. Therefore, the maximum balance you can borrow depends on the maximum income percentage you contributed to ESPP.

Like the 401k, this ESPP service also charges a $10/month subscription fee and a 35% profit-share rate. If you are interested, you can use the ESPP calculator to estimate the amount you can borrow. Thus, get started right now!

How Does Lendtable Work?

Still can’t understand how their service works? Then, we’ll make it easier to grasp how its service works through simple steps.

How Lendtable works with 401(k) and ESPP

  1. Sign up for Lendtable paystub and your company’s 401(k) or ESPP policy to make a login account. Then its team will do the document evaluations and notify the approval or refusal within 48 hours.
  2. If approved, you should like your bank information. So, it’ll be used to disburse the payment and charge a $10/month subscription fee. Next, you’ll sign the contract.
  3. Make sure you’ve enrolled in the pan during the enrollment period opening. Furthermore, set the ESPP or 401(k) contributions to the maximum the employer allows.

After you join its subscription, here’s how the service will work monthly:

  • Lendtabel will deposit the payout to your registered account on the 1rst and 15th monthly
  • This platform will automatically verify the contribution made to your retirement account. Sometimes, it’ll request you to upload your recent pay stub showing the monthly deductions.

The repayment is not a monthly payment monthly since you should pay the balance when you separate from the employers. Besides, it can be paid when you hit retirement age or cancel the service.

Lendtable Pros and Cons

We know, as a customer you are eager for detailed information. It will help you make an informed decision. Thus, let’s take a look at the pros and cons list below!


  • Maxing out the employer match
  • One-time payment
  • No need credit check
  • Frees up the monthly cashflow
  • Transparency about the profit
  • The profit share percentage remains unchanged
  • Easy cancellation
  • Thousands of positive testimonials


  • The profit share for ESPP may be high for some
  • The website is not easy to navigate

Who Is Lendtable For?

First and foremost, Lendtable service is only available to employees in a company that offers 401(k), 403(b), TSP, and ESPP matches. Furthermore, the employee ought to have at least 25% vested in your employer match within a year of beginning.

Lendtable Review: Who Is Lendtable For?

Additionally, for ESPP or company shares match program, you should be eligible to trade your shares immediately upon purchase. So, if a holding or lock-up period prevents you from selling the shares, the company cant grant your applications.

Lendtable Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Even though just founded three years ago but this platform obtained many reviews. Such as in Google Reviews gains a 4.7/5 average rating based on 2,034 reviews. Furthermore, it has a 4.7/5 average rating from 371 reviews on Trustpilot.

Lendtable Review: Lendtable Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Now, let’s see some of the Lendtable reviews to see the customer opinion and determine its service quality:

Lendtable is extremely helpful. It helps me cash out my 401k when needed. Moreover, I do not even have to be concern about dealing with my 501 providers. It also helps me to max out what money I need to help to pay some bills.

Not only get positive reviews, but we also discover a small number of negative testimonials worth considering. Here’s one of them:

…Love the idea, but the website’s confusing. Communication with CS has been iffy, and I still struggle to get some of the requested documentation. Hopefully, after the initial setup is complete, things will go smoother, and I can give a better review.

Considering reviews on both sites, most customers love how helpful it is for employees. Not only that, it has a simple requirement to make cash out from your contributions. So you don’t have to be concerned about monthly payments like bank loans.

Despite those positive reviews, we also scour for negative reviews worth considering. Most of the complaint is about the website not being easy to navigate. Moreover, the balance you can get depends on your monthly salary.

Is Lendtable Legit?

Yes, this company is a legitimate cash advance company. Additionally, it has an accessible privacy policy that ensures your safety. What’s more, it is transparent about the cost, and the profit share rate will remain the same.

The company has thousands of genuine reviews that show it’s a real business. It’s also transparent about the company information, including the owner and company locations.

Is Lendtable Worth It?

Although its website makes it difficult to understand its service, after learning more, Lendtable is worth it. It can be a great solution if you want to benefit from your 401k and ESPP contributions.

Lendtable Review: Is Lendtable Worth It?

We also like how the profit share fee is one-time instead of a constant interest rate. It also does not need a credit check, making it simple. Overall, it’s a great solution to take advantage ahead if you need extra money to manage the month.

Lendtable Cancellation Policy

Yes, you can cancel the service. However, since every month before the cancellation, you get the money from Lendtable, you need to pay the balance.

It will send the amount that you need to pay. But you need to pay the balance with the profit fixed is 20%.

How To Contact Lendtable

Have a question? If you have any questions regarding how the service works or need a hand, please contact Lendtable customer service via:

  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: (415) 323-3158
  • Live Chat: Green button at the lower right
  • Form: Contact Us form
  • Social Media: @lendtable
  • Address: 1475 Folsom St., San Francisco California

Where to buy Lendtable?

Ready to harness your advantages of contribution match ahead? Then the only way to join this platform is from its official website at lendtable.com.

Lendtable Coupon Codes & Promos

Unfortunately, this fintech doesn’t have any offers. But to get the latest promotion information, you should join its email list. Aside from that, check the button below to uncover a unique coupon code!

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Lendtable Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Lendtable reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is Lendtable and how does it work?

It’s a service to provide employees with cash advances based on their contributions. Moreover, the advances should be paid out in monthly installments.

How does Lendtable get me money?

The client will get direct deposits to their bank accounts in order to replace the money that deducts from employers from their paychecks. This deduction is the contribution for the company-sponsored retirement accounts pr employee stock purchase plans.

Do you have to pay Lendtable back?

You have to pay all of the money you borrow from Lendtable. Once your matching contribution is vested, this company will take a percentage of the profits as payment.

What are the benefits of Lendtable?

The main benefit of this service is you can get a full salary since it’ll replace the deductions.

Who owns Lendtable?

This company is owned by Mitchell Jones and Sheridan Claybourne.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Lendtable Reviews & Ratings

Overall, while writing this Lendtable review, we consider this platform very helpful for employees. It is also very accessible, even for an employee with bad credit. Moreover, it has transparent payment and an excellent customer service team.

The company is very legit and trusted by many employees from remarkable companies. Aside from that, it can help employees to save throughout their careers rather than harness it when retirement. Thus, if you want advance cash and benefit from your contribution ahead, check Lendtable!


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