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About Lemongor

Have you ever found a shopping site that continuously updates its collection every week? We guess not. However, never finding one doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Meet Lemongor, a brand that is always relevant to the trend.

Lemongor Review: About Lemongor
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Lemongor is a popular shopping site that sells clothes from dresses, tops, bottoms, and even suits. This brand appears to be the best choice when you look for every new style in fashion trends.

Moreover, they also maintain their product to be accessible. All of their product has affordable prices. That’s one of the reasons that makes them top-notch among other competitors.

Their commitment to always staying up-to-date with current fashion trends brings them to massive attention. As a result, this brand collected 159K followers on Instagram. It is a significant number, considering they entered the business recently.

Moreover, we know that you may be curious about this brand cause it’s hard to find their twin. Thus, please stay on this Lemongor review cause we will help you discover this brand even more. Let’s start with the overview of the brand!

Overview of Lemongor

Since they are new, it’s hard to find detailed information regarding their history. If you ask about this brand of clothing from which country? The answer is China. All their warehouse are headquartered there.

Moreover, the underlying reason for the birth of this brand comes from its concern for fashion trends. We all know that it’s always hard to follow the trend cause it’s changing so fast.

As a result, looking for a shopping site that provides a new product collection will always be hard. That’s why Lemongor exists in the first place. This brand was born in 2020 at the same time when fashion became quickly viral on the internet.


  • High-quality material
  • Up-to-date collections
  • Attractive designs
  • Affordable price
  • Responsive customer service

Lemongor Review

As you know, this brand updates its collection at least a week. Thus, it isn’t surprising that thousands of items exist in its collection. Hence, every shape, design, and color you want will likely be available to shop.

Lemongor Reviews: Lemongor Review

When you look at their product description, you will notice that their material comes from high-quality fabrics. It includes cotton, tencel, denim, chiffon, and many more. Say no to stiff and uncomfortable material!

Thus, you will only find soft, high durability, and lightweight throughout their collection list. Moreover, you can see their collection yourself. Take your time to explore the collection through the list below.

Lemongor Collections

Further, it’s now the time to know them in detail. We have already handpicked 3 best-selling items from their vast collection. Thus, If you are curious whether your pick is included, we suggest you stay and scroll to the product review!

Lemongor A-Line High Waisted Skirts Reviews

Are you ready for the party? It will always be exciting to present well in the crowd. However, do you know what to wear? If you don’t know yet, why don’t you try Lemongor Stylish Selection A-Line High Waisted Falbala Solid Color Skirts Bottoms Reviews?

Lemongor Review: Lemongor A-Line High Waisted Skirts Reviews

As you can see through the name, this skirt has an A-line and is high-waisted. Thus, it will make your hip more in shape. Plus, don’t be shocked that your legs will look taller because this skirt is truly the best to wear to impress people.

Moreover, look at the design! It has a flowy ruffle outline. Thus, it will bloom beautifully when you walk. Don’t worry about the weight cause it is super light. It will enable you to move around easily.

Additionally, this skirt has 5 colors available. It includes black, red, white, green, and navy blue. It also comes in substantial size choices from S to XL. Thus, it is versatile for every shape and preference.

Skirt Details

  • 100% cotton material
  • A-line and high-waisted style
  • Flowy and lightweight
  • 5 colors available to choose
  • S, M, L, XL sizes

Furthermore, if you are ready to rock the crowd, let’s purchase this skirt as soon as possible. This skirt cost only $39.99 from $50.99.

Lemongor Round-Neck Tops Reviews

Following KPop idols or Korean actresses’ fashion styles have become a trend. Luckily, you can always find the same tops as your idol through Lemongor—for example, a Tied Solid Color Buttoned Loose Long Sleeves Round-Neck Blouses & Shirts Tops.

Lemongor Review: Lemongor Round-Neck Tops Reviews

It is impossible that you have never seen this kind of top worn by your KPop idol. The loose long sleeve has become a hot item in Korea. It’s all because the design is simple and basic.

The design will efficiently fit every mix and match. Whether you want to pair it with jeans or a skirt, this top will always give off an elegant aura. Plus, if you notice, the upper button is not attached accordingly. That detail adds some uniqueness to the shirt.

Moreover, this top material is made from cotton. Thus, it isn’t surprising that the top is lightweight and comfortable to wear daily. It also enables breathability to ensure you won’t sweat easily.

Tops Details

  • Round-neck neckline
  • Available in one size only
  • Made of more than 90% cotton
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Color available in white, pink, and black
  • Size can be smaller than normal

How? Are you ready to be a fashion icon like your idol? Now, you only need to prepare money to purchase this top. Don’t worry! This top has a very affordable price. It cost only $83.99 for each.

Lemongor Wide Leg Jumpsuits Reveiws

Are you looking for one set of clothes? That’s a piece of cake when you are going to Lemongor. Let’s meet Simple Solid Color V-Neck Half Sleeves Wide Leg Jumpsuits. A best-seller’s one-set clothes that counts.

Lemongor Review: Lemongor Wide Leg Jumpsuits Reveiws

As you may notice, this jumpsuit has a long v-neck style. Thus, you are welcome to combine it with your favorite necklace or scarf. This type of neckline will also make your neck look longer. 

In addition, a jumpsuit is a fashion-forward choice for those seeking style and convenience. It is the perfect choice if you are looking for simple clothes to wear on your special day.

When looking at the material, it has polyester as the main fabric. This fabric is popular because of its high strength and durability. Thus, besides being soft and lightweight, this jumpsuit is also reliable for long-term use.

Jumpsuits Details

  • Polyester material
  • Size available in S, M, L, XL
  • 3 color choices
  • V-neck mode
  • Flowy and lightweight
  • Breathable material

This jumpsuit is perfect to wear on a formal occasion. It is ideal for work, formal gatherings, or a relative’s wedding. Thus, let’s give it a try to this one. For $33.99, you can send this jumpsuit home. You better quick cause it is currently on sale at the original price of $44.99.

Lemongor Pros and Cons

To learn more about the brand, we suggest you read all the pros and cons of Lemongor below. We hope it can help you choose whether to trust this brand.


  • Up-to-date collections
  • Vast models and colors to choose
  • Versatile choice of sizes
  • High-quality materials
  • Attractive design
  • Affordable price
  • Responsive customer service
  • Free shipping available
  • Fast and easy tracking delivery
  • 14-day return policy


  • There’s little customer reviews on the website

Who Is Lemongor For?

This brand is dedicated to every woman who is a fashion trend lover. However, it doesn’t entirely mean this brand is only for a trend enjoyer. Whether you love collecting fashion items, trying to change your style, or want to find an everyday outfit, this brand will always be there to help you.

Moreover, thanks to their vast collection, you can use Lemongor as your one-stop shopping site. It’s all because they have a clothes collection and some fashion items such as jewelry, shoes, hats, etc. Thus, you don’t have to go across one and another site to have your outfit completed.

Is Lemongor Worth It?

Looking at their quality and their vast collection, we agree that this brand is worth purchasing. It is a great place to explore new fashion styles without worrying about the quality. Plus, they also work that fast. For example, when you find some cute vest trending on social media, they will likely have the exact design already.

Lemongor Review: Is Lemongor Worth It?

On top of that, their price is also accessible to everyone. You can easily get a pretty dress for not more than $50. Thus, it isn’t surprising that you will make a bulk order when you shop at them. Aside from being affordable, their collection list is full of visually appealing fashion designs you will love wholeheartedly.

Is Lemongor Legit?

Yes, they are legit. This brand has sold thousands of pieces and received numerous positive customer feedbacks. Even though they are new in business, they are already loved by shoppers throughout 130 countries. It can be seen from their massive audience on social media.

Looking at the internet, many customers are concerned about this brand’s legitimacy. One that attracts the most is the reviews on Reddit. Everyone is trying hard to find the answer to the brand legitimacy cause they want to shop there. Don’t worry! If you have any problem during shopping, they have responsive customer service to help.

Lemongor Shipping Policy

Lucky you! This brand is currently shipping its product to most addresses in the world. You can enjoy free shipping once your order is over $69. However, if you wish to upgrade your shipping to express, there is an additional fee of $29. Once your order is shipped, you will get a tracking number in your email.

Moreover, since there isn’t much information on their website, we can’t provide information about the carrier. We believe you will get the detailed information during checkout. Nevertheless, if you want to read the full policy, please visit their Shopping Policy page.

Lemongor Return Policy

Great news for all! This brand is offering a 14-day return policy for items that are unused and in their original packaging. However, this policy doesn’t apply to Bikinis, Tankinis, One-Piece Swimwear and Lingerie. Please notice that all return shipping fee is subject to customers.

To begin your return, send a request with your account. You can also contact the customer service team through [email protected], and they will assist you with further information. Please note that returns without notifying customer service will be rejected.

How To Contact Lemongor

If you think this review isn’t enough to answer your question, it’s always right to contact the brand customer service for a better answer to your curiosity. You can contact them via:

Where to buy Lemongor?

There’s no better place to buy their collection than on the official website. If you purchase through their website, you can enjoy several things. It includes discounts, shipping info, responsive customer service, and a hassle-free return policy.

Lemongor Coupon Codes & Promos

Dear discount lovers, Lemongor will be your comfort zone in buying fashion items. It’s all because they have discounts and promotions to make your final price increasingly lower. At this rate, say no to an insufficient budget!

  • Unlock $10 OFF when your order is over $90. Use the coupon code hlween10
  • Get $20 OFF when you exceed $120 on your order. Discount code: hlween20
  • Grab $50 OFF on your order over $300 or more by using the promo code: hlween30
  • Obtain up to 80% OFF from their Clearance
  • Subscribe to their newsletter and enjoy 20% OFF code, several deals, and exclusive sales
  • Enjoy free shipping on orders over $69

Reveal all coupons

Lemongor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Lemongor reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Lemongor?

Unfortunately, we can’t find the name of who owns Lemongor.

Does Lemongor ships internationally?

Yes. Lemongor ships its products internationally.

Where is Lemongor located?

Lemongor’s main fulfillment center is located in China.

Is Lemongor safe?

Yes. We believe that Lemongor is 100% a safe website for shopping.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Lemongor Reviews & Ratings

Following fashion trends is no longer a big deal. Lemongor exists as a solution for every trend lover who constantly struggles to find a shopping site that provides all new fashion trends to add to their wardrobe. This brand aims to deliver only high-quality pieces with appealing designs.

After all, everyone will stay, not only because this brand has a vast collection of choices and high-quality materials. They also stay because it is the only place to fulfill their needs without breaking the bank. Thus, don’t you think it is the right time for you to join their satisfied customer? Go to their website and start to shop for yours!


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