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About LAZRUS Golf

In the world of golf, the club is not just a partner. It’s your secret weapon! That’s why LAZRUS Golf is here to turn the ‘swing’ into a ‘SWING!’

LAZRUS Golf Review: About LAZRUS Golf

Among many brands, LAZRUS Golf emerged as the leading golf club provider in the US. The brand commits to building quality and excellent service. As a result, Its clubs have sold more than 500,000.

Moreover, its popularity makes several media outlets and public figures review this brand. We find KDG, Mr.ShortGame, Rick Shiels, Experior Golf, and others praising this company.

Besides, the social media is no less famous. This brand managed to gain almost 10k followers on Facebook and more than 8k+ followers on Instagram.

Therefore, join us for a swingin’ adventure with the LAZRUS Golf review. We will dissect this company in detail, including products and discounts. Let’s kick off!

Overview of LAZRUS Golf

Who owns LAZRUS Golf? This brand is a family-owned business. It started the journey in 2017. The owner and his coworkers share a common goal: to make high-quality golf clubs for everyone.

This Idaho-based company also promises competitive pricing. Furthermore, they also provide transparent and excellent customer service.

Since the company respects the customer, it ensures 100% customer satisfaction. People will be happy to know that this company has a money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty.

LAZRUS Golf Highlights

  • Over 500,000 clubs sold
  • Affordable pricing
  • For all levels of skills
  • Fits 99% of golfers
  • Family-owned in the USA
  • Fast shipping worldwide
  • Free USA delivery
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

LAZRUS Golf Clubs Review

Your search for the perfect golf club is over since you have found LAZRUS Golf. This brand has all the clubs and gear that golfers need.

LAZRUS Golf Reviews: LAZRUS Golf Clubs Review

LAZRUS Golf offers a complete range of golf clubs and accessories. The collection meets the needs of golfers of all skill levels. If you want to find out the company troup, please check the categories below:

LAZRUS Golf’s Products
Clubs Driver, Wedges, Irons, Hybrids, Full Sets etc
Gear Hybrid Covers, Wedge & Iron Covers, Apparel

The company knows that golfers want clubs with outstanding performance and durability. Therefore, this label puts heart and care into the manufacturing process. As a result, they have high-quality golf equipment.

Besides, the brand makes each tool with high precision. This method ensures that it meets the high standards of golf equipment. No wonder their products perfectly blend accuracy, distance, and control.

We bet you are getting excited after knowing the advantages of this brand. Thus, the next step is reviewing the 5 most-searched clubs. We will do our best to explain the features of the products. Let’s begin with the first product!

LAZRUS Golf Wedges Forged 52, 56, 60 Gap, Sand, Lob Wedge Review

When mastering a shot around the green, having the right wedges can make all the difference. You can get the best wedges in Lazrus Golf Wedges Set or Individual – Forged 52, 56, 60 | Gap, Sand, Lob Wedge (Right or Left Hand).

LAZRUS Golf Review: LAZRUS Golf Wedges Forged 52, 56, 60 Gap, Sand, Lob Wedge Review

With 52°, 56°, and 60° loft angles, this wedge equips you with the perfect tools for a short game. The 52° gap wedge provides distance control, and the 56° sand wedge excels in the rough. Also, the 60 degree wedge is perfect for shots around the green.

Besides, the sole grinds improve your game in various course conditions. Even better, you’ll spot the milled face. You know it’s handy for extra control and spin.

Right or left-handed? This wedge has it all. It makes it a friendly club for everyone. Furthermore, its sleek design and smooth curves give it a modern and elegant look.

Product details

  • 35 1/4 length
  • Regular flex shafts
  • Forged head
  • Loft:
    • 52° – 8 bounce
    • 56° – 12 bounce
    • 50° – 10 bounce
  • Specs as mentioned on the product page

This wedge is a flagship product that has sold thousands. Join the people having fun with this club by paying $147.00.

LAZRUS Golf Hybrid Woods (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,PW) Review

Looking for the perfect blend of distance, accuracy, and forgiveness? You should try Lazrus Golf Hybrid Woods (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, PW) Individual or Sets.

LAZRUS Golf Review: LAZRUS Golf Hybrid Woods (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,PW) Review

These Hybrid Woods cover clubs from 2 to PW. It means they suit all games, from long-distance accuracy to tricky shots around the green. Moreover, each club in this set provides the ideal loft angle for the target.

Further, the hybrid has a forgiving sweet spot. This feature provides stability and reduces off-center hits. It leads to more accurate shots. Also, the design includes a spotlight. Better yet, it has a sleek and modern style.

In addition, this club is suitable for all skill levels. Customers can also choose between right hand, left hand, or both options. What about the color? You can pick between black or silver.

Product details

  • Perfect for any skill level
  • Right or left-handed
  • Suits 99% of golfers
  • Specs as mentioned on the product page

Wading through narrow fairways or hitting long shots is OK with this club. Buy now to get the discounted price of $69.00 from $149.00.

LAZRUS Golf Irons Sets Right & Left Handed Review

We know that irons are the workhorses of the game. The company also nodded in agreement about that. Therefore, they created Lazrus Golf Irons Sets Right & Left Handed. This club allows you to do more spin and control.

LAZRUS Golf Review: LAZRUS Golf Irons Sets Right & Left Handed Review

The brand takes pride in the detailed crafting of each iron in their golf sets, including the clubhead and deep grooves shaping. In addition, the irons focus on weight distribution. It allows golfers to tackle a wide range of shots.

Furthermore, the company calibrates loft and lie angles carefully. Thus, it offers the ideal ball throws. Besides, the brand understands that golfers have various orientations. That’s why their iron sets are available for both right-handed and left-handed players.

On top of that, beginner to expert can rely on this silver iron. The brand guarantees it will be suitable for 99% of golfers. Get ready to make everyone on the golf course jealous since the design is elegant and attractive.

Product details

  • Regular bending stepped steel shaft
  • Custom golf grip
  • Deep grooves for better spin & control
  • Specs as mentioned on the product page

Thus, change your golf game to be more professional with this iron. You only need to pay $99.00 (special price) for a better swing experience.

LAZRUS Golf Premium Putter Milled Face Review

Turn your strokes into scores with Lazrus Golf Premium Putter – Milled Face (Right & Left Hand) With Magnetic Head Cover. This putter is perfect for everyone, whether left-handed or right-handed.

LAZRUS Golf Review: LAZRUS Golf Premium Putter Milled Face Review

This putter has a precision-milled face. This feature allows you to feel incredible feedback on every shot. Even better, it has perfect weight distribution. Besides producing stable shots, it also improves accuracy.

Also, we found this putter gives you a choice of 2 styles. There are mallets and blades. Mallet style has advantages in forgiving and distance control. Then, the blade style excels in fast greens and is suitable for those who focus on precision.

In addition, this putter package includes a magnetic cover. It keeps your club protected and adds a touch of style. Anyway, which color do you want? This putter comes in black, rainbow, and silver colors.

Product details

  • Magnetic headcover
  • 380 g head weight
  • 34″” length
  • 3° loft and 72° lie
  • Steel shafts
  • 10.5″ midsize grip
  • Specs as mentioned on the product page

This putter is perfect for everyone, even beginners. That’s why you should get this club immediately by purchasing it at $77.00.

LAZRUS Golf Driver & Head Cover (10.5 or 9 Degrees) Review

Every golfer dreams of one swing that can make the ball soar high in the fairway. The company approved your wish for Lazrus Golf Driver & Head Cover (10.5 or 9 Degrees).

LAZRUS Golf Review: LAZRUS Golf Driver & Head Cover (10.5 or 9 Degrees) Review

Don’t be surprised by the performance of this driver. It delivers explosive distance. It comes with 10.5 and 9-degree loft options. This feature provides an optimal launch angle. We are sure your skills will skyrocket after using this club.

Moreover, the clubface can enhance ball speed and provide maximum forgiveness. So, golfers need not hesitate since their drives will be on point. Whether you want a higher launch or a sharper shot, you can get both.

Furthermore, the driver comes with a head cover. It protects your precious clubs. What’s more exciting is that you can choose the shaft and weight! It comes in stiff, regular, and senior forms.

Product details

  • Graphite shaft
  • Weight:
    • Regular: 62 g
    • Stiff: 68 g
    • Senior: 60 g
  • 45″ length
  • Midsize grip
  • Specs as mentioned on the product page

Now, we know this driver is the best tool to hone your golf skills. Grab it fast because it’s at a special price of $157.00.

LAZRUS Golf Pros & Cons

Before we continue our journey, let’s take a quick break. We will take you to examine LAZRUS Golf’s pros and cons. Shift your attention to the list below!


  • High-quality materials
  • Affordable price
  • The diverse range of clubs
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Perfect for all skill levels
  • Providing right-handed & left-handed golf equipment
  • Customizable options
  • Fast delivery
  • Free USA shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Some limits on the specification
  • No offline store

Who Is LAZRUS Golf For?

We think it is clear that LAZRUS Golf is for everyone who loves golf. It includes recreational golfers, beginner, and expert players. This club brand offers a good balance between forgiveness and performance. Thus, it is suitable for those who want to improve their game.

Can budget-conscious golfers also use it? Why not? Golf can be an expensive sport, especially in terms of equipment. However, this company breaks the stereotype by providing affordable clubs.

LAZRUS Golf Clubs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

To round out this LAZRUS Golf review, we wanted to see what customers say online. We’ve sourced some of the feedback on the site and Reddit.

LAZRUS Golf Review: LAZRUS Golf Clubs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

One shopper mentioned:

They are fantastic. I can’t believe how well they swing. These clubs are very responsive.

It looks like the customer adores the wedge so much. It swings well. Besides, the wedge is also responsive.

The following shopper mentioned:

These irons are great. My distance and performance are getting better.

The customer above bought the irons, and that club impressed him. It improved his level of play.

Another satisfied shopper mentioned:

Fast shipping and great service! I like the feel. I am thrilled with this purchase.

This customer praised the speed of shipping. He also found the excellent customer service helpful.

After looking at the feedback above, we know this company has easily gained a place among golf enthusiasts. Their tools not only provide great features but also improve the skills of golfers.

Is LAZRUS Golf Worth It?

What makes golfers happy with this brand is the various types of clubs they offer. They come with different styles that people can choose according to their taste. Even better beginner and expert can improve their skills together. Thus, LAZRUS Golf is worth it.

LAZRUS Golf Review: Is LAZRUS Golf Worth It?

Furthermore, this company offers high-quality golf equipment at affordable prices. Besides, the customer is king for this company. They ensure customer happiness no.1. Customer service kindly assists customers who are newbies in golf.

Is LAZRUS Golf Legit?

If you read this review from the beginning, you will find this company getting attention from the media and professional golfers. The brand gets a lot of praise from KDG, Mr.ShortGame, Rick Shiels, Experior Golf, and many more. Therefore, LAZRUS Golf is legit.

Do you still need more proof? This company is family-owned, with headquarters in Idaho, USA. They are transparent in doing their business. You can call customer support or come to the office address for a direct statement from the company.

LAZRUS Golf Shipping Policy

We were happy to find out that LAZRUS Golf serves international customers. Yup! They ship their products worldwide. Especially for US golfers, you can get free shipping! You will be excited that they provide fast shipping, 2-3 business days!

However, for global customers, the arrival of goods will depend on the location of residence. But calm down! The team is working hard so that they process orders quickly. So, your golf club will reach home faster.

LAZRUS Golf Return Policy

Since the company is very customer-centric, they are happy to help if you find any defects in your order. You can return the item within 30 days of receipt. Here are 3 quick steps to return:

  1. Contact [email protected]
  2. Pack your order back into the original package and send it to the customer.
  3. Once the order is arrived, the team will give you a refund.

However, please remember that the return is not eligible if the damage is due to the customer. Also, the team does not accept discounted items returned.

How To Contact LAZRUS Golf

You can reach customer service to get in contact for any information this review did not include. Here are some methods you have to try:

They are ready to provide the best assistance on Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. (MST).

7293 W Airway CT
Suite B, Boise
ID 83709, USA

Where to buy LAZRUS Golf?

Did something catch your eye in this LAZRUS Golf review? If so, you can shop from the company directly at the official site.

In addition, we also found their sports products sold through other marketplaces. You can check Amazon, Walmart, Ubuy, and eBay from your smart device.

LAZRUS Golf Coupon Codes & Promos

Are you looking for a discount code? You are in the right place because LAZRUS Golf doesn’t let you spend much money. Most of LAZRUS Golf products are on discount. You can see a big difference between the regular and special prices.

Also, currently, the brand is having a massive flash sale. The event offers 10% extra OFF without applying a promo code! You can check it out right away on the official website.

Besides, we suggest you subscribe to their email to keep you up-to-date with coupon codes or upcoming big deals. The brand often sends the latest info specifically for its mailing list.

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LAZRUS Golf Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for LAZRUS Golf reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where are LAZRUS Golf made?

The products are made in Idaho, USA.

Who makes LAZRUS Golf clubs?

LAZRUS Golf company created this brand. It is a family-owned business with headquarters in Idaho.

How do I contact LAZRUS Golf?

You can contact the company at 208 515 3742 or [email protected].

Ask a question?

Conclusion of LAZRUS Golf Reviews & Ratings

Golf equipment is known to be expensive. However, LAZRUS Golf stands proudly provide golf clubs at affordable prices. But rest assured, they maintain the quality. The brand has exceptional quality with a wide range of golf products.

Moreover, their clubs are perfect for everyone. Whether beginner or expert. Thus, take a chance to experience the brand difference on the fairways. Visit LAZRUS Golf‘s website and discover the clubs that will take your golfing experience to new heights. Happy golfing!


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