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LawnBright Review 2024 → Natural, DIY Lawn Care Subscription Plan

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About LawnBright

Dear lawn owners, are you having a hard time recently since your yard has so many weeds or is attacked by several pesky insects? Don’t be too sad, as LawnBright has arrived to offer the best solution to solving your lawn problems.

LawnBright Review: About LawnBright

Who is LawnBright, anyway? In short, it is a US-based brand that offers an all-natural, DIY lawn care subscription service to repair your weedy lawn. With such a service, it will deliver the best lawn care products that meet your lawn needs to your doorstep.

Did we mention natural before? Oh sure, yes, this brand made its lawn care products from natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals at all! With that in mind, you can rest assured as its lawn care products are safe for your family, pets, and the earth.

In addition, this brand also shines among lawn owners on social media. We’re talking about a whopping 600+ followers on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Do you want to get close to this brand? Follow their social media, then!

Now, the time has come! We will lead you to learn more about this brand through this LawnBright review. From its background, lawn care subscription plan, how it works, available discounts, and more. So, stay tuned!

Overview of LawnBright

In 2020, LawnBright was founded by Craig Elworthy from his vision to make lawn care easier and more efficient. That’s right! It offers a DIY lawn care subscription plan containing every lawn care product that your lawn needs.

Headquartered in Massachusetts, this brand will deliver the ideal and tailored lawn care products for all US lawn owners straight to their doorstep. There is no need to pick the product up. You only need to wait for your product to arrive in your home.

Moreover, all lawn care products from LawnBright are liquid and made in the USA. Each contains all-natural, carefully sourced, organic ingredients that significantly build soil and roots while improving grass health.

But that’s not what makes this brand stand out. Lawn Intelligence. That’s what sets it apart from other DIY lawn care subscription brands. But what is it, by the way? Lawn Intelligence is a science-based technology designed to monitor your real-time weather.

With this technology, the brand will send you texts about how much to water your lawn, when to apply the lawn care products, and other tips and tricks to maintain your lawn. Indeed. You will genuinely get a lawn care experience that is much easier than before.

LawnBright Reviews

At LawnBright, you can get a natural lawn care subscription service that delivers custom blended products to your home every 8 weeks during the growing season.

LawnBright Reviews: LawnBright Reviews

Their products effectively prevent and control weeds, pests, and diseases, as well as create healthy, green lawns.

Such a DIY plan will allow you to have the ideal lawn care products that best suit maintaining or greening up your lawn. Whether you have some weeds or a lot of weeds in your lawn, this brand will tailor the ideal lawn products.

Apart from providing a lawn care subscription plan, LawnBright also offers numerous lawn care products on its official website. What products are they? Here they are!

LawnBright Products

We know that you may have no time since you want to maintain your lawn and prevent it from any weeds or pesky insects. Hence, let’s see four must-have lawn care products that may fit you and your lawn needs.

  • Lawn Care Subscription Plan
  • Pre-Emergent Weed Control
  • Organic Mosquito and Tick Control
  • Boost Pack

So, without wasting more time, let’s fly to the next section and see what these products offer!

LawnBright Lawn Care Subscription Plan Reviews

First on the list is the prominent product that LawnBright offers, the Lawn Care Subscription Plan. It is a convenient and affordable solution to fulfill your lawn’s needs in time without hassle. Coming in a box package, it contains all essential all-natural lawn care products for your lawn.

LawnBright Review: LawnBright Lawn Care Subscription Plan Reviews

After all, the products available in this lawn care box are entirely customizable. This means the brand will curate and give you lawn care products that best fit your lawn size, region, and soil needs. What you need to do is only apply the products to your lawn. That’s all!

But before tailoring you the ideal lawn care box, this brand will send you a soil test kit. This soil kit will analyze your soil’s nutrient levels, allowing the brand to customize your lawn care plan to meet your lawn needs.

Then, how about the prices? It all depends on the lawn care products in your subscription plan box. But on average, all the plans start at around $140 per year. How is it? Are you interested in curating your plan for the sake of your lawn? Enroll it, then!

LawnBright Pre-Emergent Weed Control Reviews

Do you believe the proverbs that say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure? If you do, you can also apply this proverb on your lawn using the Pre-Emergent Weed Control. As its name suggests, it is the ideal product to control and prevent the build-up of weeds and annual grasses in your lawn.

LawnBright Review: LawnBright Pre-Emergent Weed Control Reviews

Made from 99.81% hydrolyzed corn gluten meal with 0.19% inert ingredients, this pre-emergent weed control is a natural, non-toxic, and effective alternative to chemical-based products for weed control in lawns. With such material, it is safe for kids and pets.

To get the best results, don’t you also have to make the best effort, right? The same also goes for lawn care. To get maximum weed control results, apply it early to mid-spring and every two months during the growing season. Are you ready to embrace your green lawn?

Now to the most crucial question: how much does it cost? It can be said that the price you should pay for this pre-emergent weed control depends on the size you choose. Here are the detailed prices:

  • 2 – 32oz bottles: $50.00
  • 4 – 32oz bottles: $85.00
  • 6 – 32oz bottles: $130.00

Which one that best suits your lawn needs? Think and choose the best one!

LawnBright Organic Mosquito and Tick Control Reviews

October is just around the corner! It’s also time to greet the new month and wave goodbye to those pesky mosquitoes, ticks, and pests in your lawn. Who can do it? The Organic Mosquito and Tick Control. Prepare yourself to embrace a fully pest-free lawn!

LawnBright Review: LawnBright Organic Mosquito and Tick Control Reviews

LawnBright creates this lawn care as a safe and natural solution to repel mosquitos, ticks, and other insects. It is made from 100% pure organic cedarwood oil ingredients, producing an excellent product to kill pesky insects quickly and chase them away from your lawn.

This organic mosquito and tick control is not just for the insect eggs or larvae but also for adult insects. For eggs and larvae, it can erode the exoskeletons and kill them. As for adult insects, it works by inhibiting the insects’ receptor ability and making them go away from your lawn.

Then, how to use it to get the maximal results? As advised by LawnBright, you should spray it on your lawn once per week within three weeks to create a cedar barrier. After those three weeks, please continue spraying once every 3 to 4 weeks to keep the cedar barrier.

Keeping your yard free of insects means preventing the growth of deadly diseases caused by insects. If you agree, feel free to purchase this mosquito and tick control at $33.00 for a one-time purchase and $225.00 for a subscription.

LawnBright Boost Pack Reviews

Now, there is no more saying, “The neighbor’s grass is greener than your own,” as you can create your green lawn using the LawnBright Boost Pack. It is a pack that contains Green Machine lawn fertilizer and Micro Boost micronutrients to deliver green-up to your lawn.

LawnBright Review: LawnBright Boost Pack Reviews

The Green Machine is a liquid lawn fertilizer that can give all the macronutrients to your lawn needs. It is supplemented with seaweed, humic acids, molasses, and other nutrients to activate the soil microbiome of your lawn. Your lawn will genuinely be made fertile!

On the other hand, the Micro Boost is a sugar-chelated liquid of iron and other micronutrients to boost chlorophyll production in all grass types. With such materials, it can rapidly green up all the plants in your lawn without excess their growth.

How about the instructions for this LawnBright Boost Pack? You can apply it in the early morning or late afternoon. After the applications, don’t water your lawn, and please wait for 4-6 hours.

Keep also this in mind. You should apply Green Machine in the first week and Micro Boost after 1 – 2 weeks of Green Machine application. It is meant to provide the best greening-up results for your lawn.

So, does this boost pack meet your needs to maintain your lawn? If it does, don’t hesitate to take $52.00 from your pocket to bring it home.

How Does LawnBright Works?

Creating and getting a DIY lawn care plan from LawnBright is a breeze, as you only need three steps. What are these steps? Check through the bullet points below!

  • Step 1: Tell About Your Soil

First thing first. Please take a simple “Get Started” quiz on its official website. This quiz contains several questions related to your lawn condition, how big your lawn is, and the location of your lawn.

After the brand gets all the essential data about your lawn, it will send you a FREE soil test kit to your home. After receiving the soil test kit, please add your lawn soil so the brand can tailor the ideal lawn care plan that best suits your lawn needs.

  • Step 2: Get The Lawn Care Products

Later, when the brand has tailored your lawn care plan, it will deliver a box containing all essential products based on turf science, your location’s climate, and your lawn data.

  • Step 3: Follow The Plan

The last step you need to do is to follow the plan. You need to spray the lawn care products on your lawn as instructed. Also, the brand’s Lawn Intelligence system will send texts to guide you in applying the products based on the weather.

Last but not least, each lawn care product from LawnBright features simple instructions. Hence, simply follow the included instructions to ensure your lawn gets the maximum results.

LawnBright vs Sunday. Which DIY Lawn Care Subscription Suit You?

Regarding DIY natural subscriptions, you may find similar brands except LawnBright, including Sunday, Gnome, TruGreen, and others. However, we found that many internet users often ask for a comparison between LawnBright and Sunday. Thus, here we go!

 LawnBright Lawn Care

  • Type Lawn Care: DIY Subscription Plan
  • State Availability: 50 States in the US
  • Ala Carte: Available
  • Lawn Care Pricing: Starts from $140
  • Refund Policy: 60 Days
  • Natural Ingredients: YES
  • Mobile App: Available

Sunday Lawn Care

  • Type Lawn Care: DIY Subscription Plan
  • State Availability: 50 States in the US
  • Ala Carte: Available
  • Lawn Care Pricing: Starts from $109
  • Refund Policy: No Refund Policy
  • Natural Ingredients: YES
  • Mobile App: Available

LawnBright Pros and Cons

Having the right DIY lawn care subscription is crucial. Therefore, you need to consider many factors before enrolling in the plan from LawnBright, right? Not to worry! To help you out, we have compiled several pros and cons of this brand below. So, check it out!


  • Offers do-it-yourself lawn care subscription based on your lawn needs
  • Made from independently sourced, all-natural, and organic ingredients
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Safe for humans, pets, and the earth
  • Science-based formulation
  • Features Lawn Intelligence for an easier and more efficient lawn care experience
  • Sells several essential lawn care products
  • Easy to customize and use
  • Fast shipping
  • 60 days refund policy


  • Only available for all contiguous states in the US
  • FREE shipping is unavailable

Who is LawnBright For?

Let’s make it clear. A better and green lawn means a happy you and your family, right? That said, LawnBright is for all lawn owners who want to conveniently maintain a lawn, repair it from weeds, or eliminate pesky insects.

This brand offers a DIY lawn care subscription plan that is customized and tailored to meet your lawn requirements for the best results. With that in mind, it will deliver the ideal lawn care products based on your lawn needs, including lawn size, soil needs, and region.

Best of all, it sells numerous lawn care products that you can buy the one that suits your lawn needs. These products include organic tick and mosquito control, organic starter fertilizer, pet spot repair, pre-emergent weed control, and boost packs.

LawnBright Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Now, are you curious about how the lawn care plans and products from LawnBright perform in all homeowner’s yards? Then, we guess understanding customer reviews is the best way to relieve your curiosity.

LawnBright Review: LawnBright Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

We made this section as visiting Reddit will take your time longer – we won’t let you do that. But before knowing the customer reviews, we will tell you that this lawn care service brand receives 4.8/5.0 stars from 136 reviews.

So, what do customers say about this brand and its products? Let’s discover from the first customer below.

Excellent product and service! We are about three months into applying their product and have seen notable changes in our lawn.

The first customer praises the brand’s quality of products and services. He says that he has been using its lawn care products for three months and has seen exceptional changes in his lawn. He loves it!

Likewise, another customer also tells how LawnBright lawn care products work amazingly on his lawn.

Lawnbright products have brought my grass to the greenest and healthiest ever. I will continue to use it to keep my lawn looking amazing.

Based on his testimonial, this happy customer loves how this brand changed his lawn’s grasses to the greenest and healthiest grasses. Due to that, he promises to keep using its lawn care products in maintaining his lawn.

For the last testimonial, a happy homeowner praises the brand for its convenience.

I love the convenience of this brand. They analyze my lawn requirements, so I’m not just assuming.

As you’ve seen above, he loves this brand’s convenience in analyzing his lawn requirements. That allows him not to assume what is wrong with his lawn.

Excellent ratings with hundreds of positive testimonials. Doesn’t that sound amazing for a brand that offers lawn care services? In a nutshell, LawnBright succeeded in allowing all US lawn owners to experience easier and more efficient lawn care through its excellent products and service quality.

Is LawnBright Worth It?

We would say YES. LawnBright is worth it for those of you who are searching for an all-natural, do-it-yourself approach to care for your lawn. With it, you can take good care of your lawn without the need to hire a care treatment company that is more expensive.

LawnBright Review: Is LawnBright Worth It?

In addition, it creates lawn care products using carefully sourced, all-natural, and organic ingredients. There are no harsh chemicals at all. So, you can feel relieved that you can take care of your lawn without putting your children, family, or pets at risk.

Is LawnBright Legit?

Sure, it is. Besides Sunday Lawn Care, this brand is one of the leaders in DIY lawn care products. It has also proven its legitimacy by getting a 4.8-star rating from hundreds of happy customer reviews. Thus, we agree to say that LawnBright is legit.

After all, this brand provides all its policies on its official website, from subscription, refund, privacy, and terms of service. More so, it uses HTTPS domains for its website, ensuring that your data is safe and secure when creating your DIY lawn care plan or buying lawn care products.

LawnBright Shipping Policy

This brand currently only delivers all its lawn care subscription boxes and other lawn care products within the 50 contiguous states in the United States. In other words, it doesn’t support international shipping.

Furthermore, all orders will be delivered using two shipping carriers, including USPS and UPS Ground. Which one is the correct shipping carrier? You can find out by filling in all the information on the checkout page.

Then, how about the shipping time? It all depends on your region. Depending on your home location in the United States, your order may arrive at your doorstep within 1-3 business days.

LawnBright Return Policy

LawnBright upholds Great Lawn Guarantee, where it is committed to ensuring its product and service works for you and your lawn. As a result, whether you need any replacement, troubleshooting, or other help, this brand is always there to help you.

More than that, it also prioritizes your 100% satisfaction where it offers a 60-day refund policy. So, if you’re unhappy with the results on your lawn after 60 days, you can ask for a refund. This brand will set the course for you. 

Then, how do I initiate a refund? To start it, you can get in touch with [email protected].

How To Contact LawnBright

Do you have any questions about the lawn care subscription plans or products from LawnBright? Hit the brand’s customer service team, then. To hit them up, please pick several contacts below.

After all, this brand provides an FAQ page that you can visit to discover several frequently asked questions from customers, including plans, billing, delivery, and others.

Do you prefer to contact the brand by mailing? If you do, please send it to the below address.

LawnBright Address
1 Bryant
Lynnfield, Massachusetts
01940, United States

Where to buy LawnBright?

Finally, you’ve come to this section! So, do you want to book a lawn care plan now? Alright! You shouldn’t expect LawnBright lawn care plan and product to be available in retail shops. It’s because the only place to book the lawn care plan and buy the lawn care product is on the official website.

LawnBright Coupon Codes & Promos

The deals from LawnBright are in your hands now. We’ve compiled several available discounts and promos through the bullet points below. Thus, check them out!

  • Use the LABOR25 code and unlock 25% OFF on your purchase
  • Sign up for your account and get 10% OFF on your custom lawn plan

If you need more, please click the button below to reveal several discount codes.

Reveal all coupons

LawnBright Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for LawnBright reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Lawnbright?

Craig Elworthy is the owner as well as the founder of Lawnbright.

How do I cancel my Lawnbright subscription?

There are three ways you can choose to cancel your Lawnbright subscription, including:

  • Log in to your account and manage your subscription
  • Call 978-595-2077, and
  • Email [email protected]

Where is LawnBright located?

This brand is located at 1 Bryant, Lynnfield, Massachusetts, 01940, United States

Ask a question?

Conclusion of LawnBright Reviews & Ratings

Keeping your lawn free from pesky weeds or insects is a must. Then, LawnBright is a brand that will help you maintain your lawn by providing a DIY lawn care subscription plan tailored to fit your lawn needs based on size, region, and soil needs.

With this brand, you don’t need to worry about your family’s or pets’ health, as all its lawn care products are made from natural ingredients without harsh chemicals. Not only are you taking care of your lawn, but you’re also taking care of your family! So, without further ado, create your own lawn care plan!


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