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About Last Gameboard

Gathering with your friends and playing gameboard can offer great entertainment to have fun playing and laughing. But, using the traditional gameboard where you can only play a particular game like monopoly and chess can provide limited access. This means you need to gather every piece of gameboard in your house to play a different gameboard game.

Last Gameboard Review: About Last Gameboard

Fortunately, as technology develops, a digital tabletop game board comes to light where you can play a wide selection of gameboards at the next level. The Last Gameboard is a digital gameboard designed with high tech, which allows you to connect online, move your minis to play remotely or even gather around the table.

This brand has become the leading company in the digital gameboard industry that has achieved many awards every year and features in TechCrunch, ColoradoInno, Yahoo! News, and many other media publicity. It has also gained popularity, with 3.6k Facebook and 2.2k Instagram followers.

However, when you want to invest in a digital electronic that is not cheap, there are many things that you should consider. Thus, in this The Last Gameboard review, we’ll help you to make an informed purchase by uncovering its company profile, product review, testimonials, and many more.

Overview of The Last Gameboard

In 2019, Last Gameboard was founded by Rob Wyatt, Tim Schukara, and Shail Mehta as the CEO. The company creates the first board game console to offer an in-person and online connection through board gameplay.

Its gameboard is designed with a real-time multiuser interface, speaker, microphone, remote play, and a wide selection of games. The combination of new technology and gameboard design making this brand can create a new history in the game industry.

With its invention of a 3D capture device, this brand has excellent achievements in 2022 Best of Gencon, 2022 Colorado Companies to Watch, 2021 Inno Blaze Winner, CES Innovation Award, and 2021 Tagie Winner. Every year this company never stops writing a new achievement.

Now let’s see some of the pros and cons of this gaming board company:

Last Gameboard Pros

  • Widescreen with patented SenseScreen Touch technology
  • Stereo speakers and microphones for the immersive gaming experience
  • 3-month free games trial
  • Award winner product
  • Wide selections of games from leading board game studio
  • It can be used for playing around the table and remotely
  • Able to play with dice, cards, and minis

Last Gameboard Cons

  • No international shipping, but will be in the future

Last Gameboard Review

Mainly The Last Gameboard offers a digital tabletop game board which is social gaming that is designed to allow you to play with anyone, anywhere and any game pieces. This gameboard brings the traditional gameboard with the latest technology, where you can move your physical minis to interact with battle maps and board games.

Last Gameboard Reviews: Last Gameboard Review

Unlike traditional games, Last Gameboard provides a wide selection of games, remote online play functions, an immersive speaker, and others.

If you’re interested in the gameboard, you can purchase it made to order. But to access the game it offers, you need to purchase a subscription. The wide selection of games in the library will keep increasing over time.¬†

Thus, below we’ll give you a review of its gameboard to see its quality. Then, let’s jump to the Last Gameboard review!

Last Gameboard Reviews

The Last Gameboard-1 is designed with a SenseScreen display with 1920×1920 resolution that can offer the best resolution. It also comes with a 160Hz Touch Refresh Rate and a 60Hz Display Refresh Rate that can provide smooth movement. Its power uses battery reserves and can be charged via a USB-C power adapter.

Last Gameboard Review: Last Gameboard Reviews

The Gameboard’s technology mimics how you move your hands on the screen surface of the gameboard arena in real life. In addition, the board game tabletop can be connected to other Gameboard, online gaming platforms, and gameboard companion apps.

It can be played around the Gameboard table and used remotely with friends or family members, like on your smartphone. But the thing that you can do with your phone is how you can utilize the minis in virtual play with a tabletop wide screen and high-quality speaker.

The Last Gameboard has stereo speakers and two powerful microphones to enhance the immersion game plays. Combining the sound effect and impressive speaker quality will make you feel like the real trolls and your friends are in the room.


  • 22″ playable screen
  • 17″ x 17″ sleek form factor
  • (1)USB-C Port
  • (1) HDMI Out port
  • (2) Stereo Speakers
  • (2) Stereo Microphones
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • 64GB Flash Storage
  • Expandable SD Card Slot
  • 4GB DDR4 RAM

Last Gameboard Games Reviews

Unlike your traditional gameboard, where one board can only be used for limited games, it offers various available games. With only one gameboard, you can use it to play a wide selection of games from leading game studios such as Riot Games, Asmodee Digital, Steve Jackson Games, Nomad Games, and Many more.

Last Gameboard Review: Last Gameboard Games Reviews

It has a significant selection of games, from Creature Feature and Terraforming Mars to Spider Solitaire and Chess.

To access the Last Gameboard games, you can subscribe for only $15/month to access all gaming content libraries and additional networking features. You can try the subscription first, and then if you like a particular game, you can make the individual purchase to play it forever.

Last Gameboard Subscription Reviews

Ready to immerse in next-level board gaming? You can order your Made-to-Order gameboard that costs $899 in a one-time payment, or you can use the buy now pay later by Affirm, where you can pay $82/month for 12 months.

Last Gameboard Review: Last Gameboard Subscription Reviews

For the first month, you try The Last Gameboard subscription, you can enjoy a three-month free trial, and then you need to pay $15/month for unlimited play on the game library or by a single game to access it forever.

Who Is Last Gameboard For?

When technology uncontrollably keeps developing, many people forget how fun it is to play with a gameboard, and most people focus more on their phones when gathering. And sadly, many kids out there don’t know the fun of gathering around the table and playing gameboard games such as blue marble and chess.

Last Gameboard Review: Who Is Last Gameboard For?

Starting from there, this company creates this digital gameboard for kids to have fun with both old and the latest gameboard games through this one of the gameboard. Aside from that, it also can be the best option for adults who like to gather with their friends or family around the table to play.

This digital gameboard is also suitable for gamer addicts since, in one gameboard, you can enjoy a wide selection of gameboard games that keep increasing in number, so you won’t ever get enough. So basically, this digital gameboard is designed for everyone.

Is Last Gameboard Legit?

If you are asking us, “Is this brand legit?” Then the only answer we utter is, “Yes, Last Gameboard is genuinely legit. As you can see from all things we’ve stated above, this brand has a remarkable achievement in the industry with the range of awards they have won.

Last Gameboard Review: Is Last Gameboard Legit?

Moreover, this company has a feature on several media that shows how this brand is legit. You can also see the last gameboard Crunchbase that show how this company is transparent about its company detail. The FCC certificate that it achieves also proves that this company offer a genuine product in the market.

Is Last Gameboard Worth It?

From everything we’ve learned in this Last Gameboard review, we can see that this brand is worth checking out. It also can be an excellent option for kids and adults who want to spend time have one with their friends and family.

Last Gameboard Review: Is Last Gameboard Worth It?

This brand brings not only social values but also has excellent product quality with vast sections of games subscription and great digital gameboard design. Moreover, it is equipped with an immersive speaker, responsive touch screen, widescreen, playable minis, Bluetooth and wifi connectivity.

The last gameboard price is also affordable when considering the long-term investment. If you are hesitant, you can also use the Gameboard Beta, where you can get the chance to try this digital gameboard exclusively. So overall, we couldn’t help but recommend this excellent brand that we believe will keep becoming the leading company among gameboard makers.

Last Gameboard Shipping Policy

Since its product is made to order, this brand will send the first batch at the beginning of march after the Beta ends in February. Moreover, after you make your purchase, the lead time is approximately four months which is quite long since the product is custom-made.

However, you can keep in mind that its product only has an FCC certificate for the United States, so international shipping is currently unavailable. Shipping outside the US is currently available only in Canada and Mexico. But, if you’re willing to wait, you can email the company so you’ll be informed when they get the required certificate for your country.

Last Gameboard Refund Policy

When you start the subscription in your account, it will be set for automatic billing, which means you may charge automatically on a recurring basis. But if you want to cancel the subscription, you should notify the company to cancel the automatic payment through the subscriber account dashboard.

It is worth noting that this company don’t offer any refund for the remaining times of your subscription from any payments. However, since it is a monthly subscription, we think it’s not a deal breaker since you can cancel the automatic payment at no cost.

How To Contact Last Gameboard

Need information about The Last Gameboard or have questions lingering in your mind? You can feel free to reach its customer service via:

  • Form: Contact Us Form
  • Social Media: The Last Gameboard Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitch
  • Discord
  • Live Chat at the bottom right

Where to buy Last Gameboard?

Are you interested in bringing your gameboard to the next level? The only place to order Last Gameboard exclusively is through its official website. There you can purchase the product through its original manufacturer to ensure the best quality and authentic product.

Last Gameboard Coupon Codes & Promos

What’s more, delightful than getting a special offer on your first purchase? Here is several money saving way that you can harness from this brand:

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Last Gameboard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Last Gameboard reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Last Gameboard?

This company is owned by three co-founders, Rob Wyatt, Shail Mehta, and Tim Schukar.

Does Last Gameboard ship internationally?

Unfortunately, this company still only has the US FFC certification, which means it only can ship within the US. But this brand still fights for the certificate in other countries, so it will be available in the future.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Last Gameboard Reviews & Ratings

In a nutshell, Last Gameboard offers a smart gameboard where you can enjoy a wide selection of games in one table board. Moreover, you can subscribe you your favorite game from renowned game studios and enjoy it with your friend.

It also lets you physically move your minis connected to real-time dynamic line-of-sight and immersive sound effects. So instead of meeting with your friend that everyone focuses on their smartphone. It can make everyone have fun together and enjoy your gathering, whether remotely or around the table.

Thus, if you’re interested in having this Last Gameboard, you can visit its website!


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