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LaserMax Review 2024 → Patented Laser Technology For Guns

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About LaserMax

You may hear that the number of crimes is getting higher these days. Some of them even happen at home. Thus, you must carefully prepare everything to protect yourself and your family. At this point, let’s come to LaserMax and get protected!

LaserMax Review: About LaserMax

Talking about crime, we must be ready for its worst possibility. Besides that, you have to realize that you can’t knock out those criminals with empty hands. Therefore, let’s complete your self-defense equipment with laser-featured guns from LaserMax!

In addition, if you think that this is a gun or firearm producer, you’re wrong. Otherwise, the company does something innovative. Specifically, LaserMax has long been developing, manufacturing, and distributing technological laser systems for firearms.

Are they popular? Let’s bring up this fact, then. On social media, we found the company has gained nearly 25k total followers. So, since we never know when those criminals secretly enter your house, why don’t you read our LaserMax review till the end?

Overview Of LaserMax

The long years of operation make LaserMax highly trusted in the industry. Do you know when did this company start its first kick? Yup, it was around 30 years ago (1989).

Simply, at the same time, we can also say that LaserMax has been operating for over 3 decades. Within those years, it’s logical that they have collected millions of satisfied customers.

Besides that, the gun laser system from this company has also made it to the professional level. For instance, a police chief once requested laser-quipped pistols for his department.

Next, LaserMax has also become a part of Crosman, an American manufacturer of shooting sports products. Susan Houde-Walter, the company’s CEO, must’ve worked hard for this.

So, how much is your interest in this laser-equipping company? Whether you need it for home defense or a professional training program, let’s just choose this over other companies!

LaserMax Review

We know you are here now for a particular reason. Then, let us be your helpful guide today by providing you with highly recommended products. But before that, a laser gun in the following picture is what you really wanted, right?

LaserMax Reviews: LaserMax Review

If you have been in the shooting industry for a long, you may understand that a tactical laser and light in a gun are crucial for a successful mission. But due to insufficient lighting, you may find it dark and invisible for shooting.

Therefore, you may need to know these product collections

LaserMax Product Collections

Trigger Guard Laser Find the simple and versatile Lasermax Guide Rod Lasers with a direct attachment to trigger guards!
Internal Laser These collections fully replace your handgun’s internal guide rod and build it inside.
Rail Mounted Laser You may expect to have a larger sight in this collection! They are rail-mounted with extra features!

Specifically, in each category, you will also find various guns from different gun manufacturers. Also, if you want to look for optics, accessories, or other specific parts, they are here. So, what’s more complete than this?

Finally, once again, as your helpful guide, we won’t let you stop here. Otherwise, we still have more to reveal, including the brand’s best-selling laser systems, prices, reviews, special offers, and more. Can you stay, then?

LaserMax Green Guide Rod Laser Reviews

Let’s read this first review to determine how much you need Green Guide Rod Laser! But before that, have you seen this most technological gun in other stores?

LaserMax Review: LaserMax Green Guide Rod Laser Reviews

We believe you have never found it anywhere. In detail, this green laser is made for use in Glock 20 (Gen4), Glock 21 (Gen4), and Glock 41 (Gen4) pistols. Then, what’s more?

Next, LaserMax’s system replaces the factory spring guide assembly in Glock. Thus, it enables advanced target acquisition with its high-intensity green laser sighting system.

Furthermore, the Guide Rod Laser is made with durable and precise components. Even better, everyone can install it easily without requiring any special tools or certain skills.


  • Weight: 0.76 OZ
  • Wavelength: 520 Nm
  • Accuracy: Within 1 inch POI@ 10 YDS
  • Power output: Class 3R
  • Battery life: 1 hour
  • Laser light: Green and red

So, do you think Green Guide Rod Laser is your current need? If yes, let’s secure yours now because until you read this review, the price is still no more than $329.00

Before moving on to other products, we recommend the Gripsense Centerfire Green Laser. It’s a gripsense-activated trigger for the P365/P365XL. Get it for more options!

LaserMax Red Gripsense Laser For Glock 43 Reviews

Do you want to have another better product? Then, our review brings you to see the Red Gripsense Laser For Glock 43. Is this an ordinary red-laser gun like other products?

LaserMax Review: LaserMax Red Gripsense Laser For Glock 43 Reviews

Of course, it’s different from function and specification. Further, this gun’s red laser sighting system and LED light combo enable faster and more accurate targeting.

Besides that, the Glock 43X laser light sighting tool has a rounded, blended design that ensures a smooth draw. Also, it is useful for home protection, or training purposes.

And the best thing is in its GripSense technology. It provides the option to use regular switches or immediately activate the light and/or laser when gripping the firearm.


  • Weight: 1.5 OZ
  • Lumens: 100 LED
  • Wavelength: 650 Nm
  • Accuracy: User-adjustable
  • Power output: Class II
  • Battery life: 5+ hour
  • Laser light: Green and red

Ultimately, can you say the Red Gripsense Laser For Glock 43 brings you beyond your expectations? Yes, it does. Then, let’s exchange your $171.77 for this now or never!

LaserMax Spartan Green Laser Reviews

Are you dreaming of having a Spartan gun with a functional laser light? At this point, we have no better products to recommend than Spartan Green Laser from LaserMax!

LaserMax Review: LaserMax Spartan Green Laser Reviews

First, this gun is super easy to use after being equipped with the latest LaserMax technology. Also, the laser maintains precise accuracy even during extensive live-fire exercises.

Furthermore, after being inactive for 10 minutes, the Lasermax SPS-G will automatically shut off. This system is highly effective in preventing unintentional battery drain.

After that, the simplicity is also the product’s plus point. Specifically, it has oversized touchpads for easy activation and a lightweight design for easy handling. Isn’t that great?


  • Weight: 0.60 OZ
  • Wavelength: 520 Nm
  • Accuracy: User-adjustable
  • Power output: Class 3R
  • Battery life: 1+ hour
  • Laser light: Green and red

Finally, you can’t deny that Spartan Green Laser is really that reliable, right? So, we ask you to pull out around $141.99 from your bank account and be freely lasering!

LaserMax Pros and Cons

Is LaserMax always good? You don’t know until you read this pros and cons section:


  • Safe, reliable, and tactical laser system
  • Compatible with many gun brands
  • Lightweight
  • The batteries can last up to 5 years
  • Easy to install
  • It has been used by many professional institutions
  • Advanced technology
  • Up to 5 years of warranty
  • 30-day return policy


  • Unclear information about free shipping

Who Is LaserMax For?

How do you enjoy our review? After talking about each product, you may now realize that those smart-laser guns may make an appearance in your house. But ensure its safety as well since it’s too dangerous for unskilled people.

So, can everyone benefit from this store? We can’t say that these products suit everyone. Otherwise, a laser gun may be helpful for those who want to complete their home defense equipment. Second, it also suits people in police departments or shooting training programs.

LaserMax Review: What Do Customers Think?

Related to the question in the pros and cons sections: ‘Is LaserMax always good?‘ you may find the further answer here. Thus, let us bring you to see this testimonial section more specifically.

LaserMax Review: LaserMax Review: What Do Customers Think?

The brand seems to be popular on Amazon. Further, the average product has gained over 100 to 200 reviews. Also, some of them have over 1k good reviews, which is a very good sign. 

However, do you want to know the detailed rating for each product we reviewed?

After that, let’s not forget the customers’ real reviews as well. They are all here now!

First, this honest review stands out among others:

I’ve never used or heard of LaserMax before. The laser I was previously using had to be replaced three times. I decided to give LaserMax a try, and it’s compatible with my gun, which has document number 1. The installation process was easy.

From this review, we can say that LaserMax’s laser is compatible with an easy installation. Great signs, right?

Then, you can’t leave before reading this review:

My friend recommended the S&W centerfire laser for shooting training. I was shocked by how cool it was. Overall, great quality for the price.

Since the beginning, LaserMax has always offered a reasonable price with adequate quality. Start shooting now?

Next, can you say this review is helpful?

The laser fits perfectly, as if it was specifically made for this gun by Ruger. It is easy to adjust and while I am not aiming for pinpoint accuracy with a pocket pistol, the LCR essentially has no sights, so this is a significant upgrade for a carry gun.

After reading this, we know that each laser system works perfectly for each gun type. Hence, you don’t have to worry.

Psssttt, we still have one review left:

Bought this at a discounted price for my 10/22 takedown. The one I received fit perfectly on the synthetic stock of my rifle. Overall, it was a great very nice buying experience.

Will you have a bad shopping experience here? You won’t. When this customer says it’s great, then you may feel the same way.

Finally, how ready are you to hold your own laser gun? The faster means better, anyway. However, let’s always keep in mind that LaserMax is the only place to shop. Then, what else will we have?

Is LaserMax Worth It?

Can you stay for a little longer and read this section before shopping? Related to the question, LaserMax is 100% worth it, and this company has well-proven credibility.

LaserMax Review: Is LaserMax Worth It?

Within these 3 decades, LaserMax has been serving so many customers. Also, the fact that it has been associated with many institutions, like the police department, makes it stronger.

Next, the laser system is also compatible with many gun types or brands. So, it deserves that ‘worth it’ label. Case closed.

LaserMax Shipping Policy

Will you ship your laser gun today? Then, ensure that you are 18 or over 18 already. In addition, some products may also require a signature from a 21-year-old person when it arrives.

So, where does LaseMax ship? Let us inform you that the store only ships within the USA. All orders will be processed within working days (Monday – Friday), but it may take longer to pre-order products. 

LaserMax Return Policy

Do you find your item is wrong or damaged after shipping? You don’t have to worry because every problem is well handled with LaserMax.

In detail, with the return policy, you can return your unwanted item in its original packaging within 30 days. Before that, to initiate the process, let’s fill out the return form here.

Return Address

ATTN: LaserMax Returns
Crosman Corporation
7629 State 5 & 20
Bloomfield, NY 14469

How To Contact LaserMax?

Do you need some assistance with your order? Call the agent:

  • Phone: 800-527-3703
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Social media: LaserMax Products/lasermax_products
  • Contact form: Leave your message here!

Company Address

7629 Routes 5 & 20
Bloomfield, NY 14469

Where to buy LaserMax?

Are you curious about where to get LaserMax’s complete products? First, the only trusted site is the official website. Second, if you prefer to shop on an e-commerce platform, kindly visit Amazon and check the brand’s official store there!

LaserMax Coupon Codes & Promos

What special offers can you get in this store? See the following points:

  • Be eligible for a 10% discount on your first order by joining the Newsletter
  • Save $400 ($699.99 $299.99) for Laser Rangefinding Binoculars
  • Reveal special Military & Law Enforcement discounts here
  • Get more benefits by becoming the official dealer on this page

Unfortunately, those are the only current offers from LaserMax. If you need more from us, this button may help:

Reveal all coupons

LaserMax Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for LaserMax reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is LaserMax any good?

Yes, LaserMax’s laser-equipped guns are good and have proven to work well professionally.

Who owns LaserMax?

Susan Houde-Walter is the owner of LaserMax.

How long LaserMax batteries last?

Surprisingly, the brand provides a battery that lasts up to 5 years.

Is LaserMax still in business?

Yes, the brand is still working on providing guns with functional and reliable laser systems for a more helpful experience.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of LaserMax Reviews & Ratings

Completing home defense equipment is vital these days. Fortunately, a laser gun has appeared and become one of the most reliable solutions, especially when you get it from LaserMax.

Having these items may be a true challenge for those with good shooting skills. They must be skillful while monitoring the danger that may attack them suddenly. However, with LaserMax, you’ll get only a satisfying experience. Prove it now?


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