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Using laser cutting is quicker than traditional mechanical cutting methods. It is effective in creating excellent cutting and engraving with high precision. So, if you’re searching for the best laser engraver, Laser Tree deserves your attention. 


Wait, have you heard of Laser Tree before? Alright, Laser Tree is a leading laser module supplier. This brand has everything for all your laser cutting needs, from laser diodes, optical lenses, and laser drivers to laser modules. 

With 63 followers on Instagram and 750 followers on Facebook, the brand presents the best quality products beyond expectations. Thus, the product has sold hundreds of pcs and received positive customer feedback. 

So, are you excited to start your creative project with this brand? If so, keep reading our Laser Tree review, as we will guide you to decide whether this brand is the one you want.

Overview Of LASER TREE

Before diving into the products, let’s find out who Laser Tree is. Ready?

Laser Tree is a brand under the Shenzhen Guangchuangfeng Technology Co., Ltd. company. It was founded in 2018, focusing on selling cutting laser modules and other accessories with the best quality and low prices.

In addition, the products are shipped to worldwide customers with laser packaging technology to ensure they arrive in good condition. Even better is that the products are certified IOS9001, FCC, IEC, and FDA-approved.

The brand strives to improve the quality of its products over the years to bring customer satisfaction. Not to mention its excellent customer service. It keeps customers leaving a positive impression. 


  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Quick delivery
  • 30-day easy refund
  • Offers discounts & promotions
  • 1-year warranty
  • Lifetime customer support


You can find quality laser cutting widely used in material processing, industrial equipment, or machine vision at Laser Tree. Whether you are looking for a high-power diode laser module or supporting accessories, they have everything you need.


They use advanced technology to provide the best possible performance for each product. The brand also always focuses on packaging security for safe delivery during transit. 

Laser Tree Products

Laser Module K40W+, K30 30W+, 20W, 10W, K10, 5W, 80W, Lt-80W-AA, and many more. 
Laserpecker 2 Handheld, 1 Pro Super Laser. 
Spider M1 Laser Engraving & Cutting Spider X1, Spider M1, Tyvok.
Accessories Laser Lens, Laser Safety Glasses, Adaptor Board, Laser Head Air, Power Adapter, and many more. 

Moreover, the brand provides the highest quality OEM&ODM laser diode modules with center wavelengths in the 375 – 2000nm range. The laser diode also features output powers from 1.5 mW up to 3 W.

With its variety of products, it will be easier to get the laser you want only in one place. To make things easier, we already made 4 best-selling product reviews to help your purchase decision. 


If you are looking for a powerful laser engraving and cutting module to cut large amounts of thick materials, the K30 30W+ Optical Power Laser Module should be on your top list.


The K30 is specially designed with high laser power between 32-35W. The laser head uses 6 pcs of 5.5W laser diodes and the beam compression system. Thus, this laser is powerful for cutting thick materials in one pass, such as 0.1mm stainless metal, 15mm black acrylic, and 15mm plywood.

After that, you will be surprised by its air assist and dual fan cooling design. These features boost the cutting performance and improve laser head lifespan. Then, the result will be much smoother and deeper, with fewer burn marks.

Not to mention the wide compatibility. The K30 can be used with laser engraver cutters, controlled DIY, CNC, and 3D printer machines. It is also compatible with most 12V 24V DIY cutting machines. Sounds great, right?

Product Details:

  • Model: LT-K30
  • Dimension: 66 x 66 x 134 mm
  • Weight: 710g
  • Wavelength: 450nm(±10nm)
  • Focus Length: 40mm
  • Output Optical Power: 30W+
  • Electric Power: 24V 5A

Basically, this powerful laser allows you to have an incredible cutting experience. It will speed up your project with maximum results. So, are you interested in buying? If so, you are lucky because K30 is marked at $599.00 from the regular price of $649.00.


If you need a laser to cut 10mm bass plywood at 3mm/sec, look no further than the 20W Optical Power Laser Cutting Module (LT-4LDS-V2). This professional cutting module streamlines the engraving process with its longer focal length and 10000rpm fan speed.


To be honest, the V2 is designed much better than the V1. It features an output of 20W optical power that is more stable and precise for producing excellent patterns. Likewise, the air assistance works great for the fine-cutting process.

The best part? This laser is newly upgraded with an advanced protective window design to protect your eyes from blue lights. This means you can watch the engraving process without wearing protection like goggles.

Product Details:

  • Model: LT-4LDS-V2
  • Dimension: 84 x 63 x 145mm
  • Weight: 620g
  • Wavelength: 455nm
  • Focus Length: 40mm
  • Output Optical Power: 20W(19-21W)
  • Electric Power: 24V 2.3-3.2A

Overall, the V2 2W optical power laser module will be a good partner during your project. You can spend most of your time creating excellent patterns with this laser. So, let’s buy today at a special price of $349.00. It’s a good purchase, after all.


Lastly, meet the K40 40W+ Optical Power Laser Module! It is a new product in the Laser Module category, which gives you a completely different cutting experience.


Compared to the K30, this one is more powerful, with 8 pcs of 5.5W laser diodes and 40+W output optical power. Additionally, the K40 has excellent and reliable features. Thus, the K40 provides high performance for fast and precise cutting.

You can use the K40 to cut multiple materials of various sizes. It ranges from 9mm MDF to 15mm Plywood and even 30mm Pinewood to 30mm black Acrylic. Incredible!

Moreover, you will notice a red cross-positioning cursor on this laser. It helps to ensure accuracy during the cutting process. Not to mention, the heat dissipation design is perfectly works for cooling down the machine.

Product Details:

  • Model: LT-K40
  • Dimension: 66 x 66 x 134mm
  • Weight: 900g
  • Wavelength: 450nm(±10nm)
  • Focus Length: 40mm
  • Output Optical Power: 40W~46W
  • Electric Power: 24V 6A

It costs $899.00 includes with all the accessories. If you want to buy it, you can use the unique code on the product page to save $49. Hurry up!

LASER TREE Pros & Cons

As a reader of Laser Tree review, it’s also important to know the pros & cons of the brand before deciding to buy the products.


  • It works great and has lots of power for the price
  • Effective for cutting and engraving in high-precision
  • It cuts fast without any issues
  • The laser module can cut various types of materials, including black acrylic, plywood, pinewood, and more
  • In one package, the laser module comes with high-quality components
  • It can upgrade your cutting machine


  • Most of customers have no complaint about the quality


If you ended up in this review, you must be looking for the best laser module that suits your work effectively. That’s right. Laser Tree is the latest laser engraver solution you can trust to speed up your work.

Whether you are creating commercial DIY items or making company logos, the brand has everything you are looking for. As we know, laser cutting is needed for several projects, such as material processing or industrial equipment. 

LASER TREE Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Do you still have doubts about Laser Tree? As a part of this review, we’ve compiled honest testimonials from the website. It helps you to see why customers are cravings for this brand. 

LASER TREE Review: LASER TREE Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The first customer said:

The laser power is surprisingly impressive used for a diode laser. I cut the plywood(4mm,6mm), acrylic(black and red! 3mm), leather, pinewood(20mm), and cardboard …

From what the customer explained above, the K30 power laser module works great for several materials.

Another buyer raved about 20W with 5 stars. He said:

Yes, it is more powerful—faster and deeper cuts. I should have purchased the Laser Tree lift bracket at the same time. This 20W laser has a more extensive body than my 10W laser, so the mount bracket I owned would not work …

Another customer also loved the LT-4LDS-V2 model for its good performance. 

One happy customer said:

… This laser is a beast. It cuts quickly and leaves little carbon on the sides. I calculated the maximum output to be 48 Watts, which is amazing. The design is excellent and cooling is efficient …

Indeed, this laser is exceptional. It does a great job with its powerful features and thoughtful design.

See? Overall, each product earned positive feedback from customers. It shows that the quality of this laser is what you need to consider for your next project.


As we know, this brand has various laser blue engraving with different optical power outputs. They also offer other great products to enhance excellent cutting and engraving experiences. So, we believe that you can trust this brand as the products are worth money.


In addition, the products are available at reasonable prices in the market. You’ve paid what you’ve got for as each product is made using advanced technology with a high-security level.

It will be the best laser module you can buy to speed up your cutting project. So you won’t have any regrets about buying it.

How To Contact LASER TREE

The brand’s customer service always responds to all your queries about products or anything else. Here are the fastest ways to get in touch with them:

Laser Tree Address

1716 Building B, RONGDE International,
Long Gang District, Shenzhen, China

LASER TREE Shipping Policy

The brand currently ships the products to most countries around the world, including the US, Canada, the UK, and most EU countries. In addition, all products will be delivered from the nearest warehouse to speed up the delivery process.

Typically, you will receive your product within 7-14 business days. However, if you want to expedite your order, select express shipping with an estimated arrival of 3-8 business days, depending on your location. 

Good news? Free shipping is available for all orders. Once you complete the shipping details, it will automatically apply to your checkout page.

LASER TREE Return Policy

Do you have any trouble with your package and wish to ask for a return? Take it easy. Laser Tree offers a return policy within 30 days of receipt. 

After that, follow these steps to initiate the return:

  • Contact customer service with your order and the reason for the return
  • You’ll receive a notification for the approval or rejection
  • If your request is accepted, you will get your money back within 5-7 business days

Where to buy LASER TREE?

Looking forward to trying Laser Tree power laser cutting module? Start to visit the official website and select the product suitable for you. Or you can find some products at Amazon.

LASER TREE Coupon Codes & Promos

Hip, hip, hooray! Laser Tree offers big deals once you purchase the products through the website. What are they? Check it out!

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To get the latest code, click the button below. 

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LASER TREE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for LASER TREE reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is Laser Tree good?

All Laser Tree products are undoubtedly excellent and worth the price. You can rely on this brand for everything you need on the power laser module.

Does Laser Tree ship internationally?

Yes. The company offers worldwide shipping. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of LASER TREE Reviews & Ratings

Let’s upgrade your engraving machine with Laser Tree! This brand provides various laser-cutting modules with different optical powers. Of course, all products have excellent quality and do a great job cutting the materials. 

Further, you can also find other products and accessories to complete your cutting process. Plus, you won’t have to worry about price because they are worth your money. Visit the website and select the right product suitable for you!


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