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About Larnmern

As a hardworking person, you won’t cry like a baby because of the accident that happened at your workplace, right? Then, protect yourself properly, especially your feet, from any worst possibilities during work with Larnmern!

Larnmern Review: About Larnmern

Having proper protection for your feet during work is important. But it becomes more important when working in such a tough environment like building construction, mining area, and big kitchen. Are you now experiencing it?

Fortunately, Larnmern comes to save. It’s a safety shoe brand with the coolest collections ever on the planet. It’s not only 100% safe for all workers, but the additional function also breaks the old stereotype of safety shoes. What’s that?

We’re happy to say that you won’t sacrifice your whole appearance because of wearing safety shoes. That’s the point that the company wants to change! Therefore, all shoe collections drop with a trendy, stylish, and suit-any-event type of look.

Besides its promising points, does Larnmern also get more customer attention? We can say it’s a fast-growing company with current social media followers up to 1,2k. Therefore, we can expect their bigger side since they started pretty well since day one.

Can you tell us how excited you are to explore what’s inside the company? Then, you better hang in there and let our Larnmern reviews make some changes in your life!

Overview of Larnmern

It’s better to give earlier protection rather than crying and telling your mom about the rocks that fell onto your feet. That’s not your style, right? We know it!

Fortunately, we now have Larnmern on our top-to-buy list, and let us tell you more about it. As we’ve searched, the brand started the business in 1972 (51 years ago).

However, that’s the only information we found about the company’s background. Whoever is behind it, we should be grateful to him/her for the company’s long existence.

In addition, as the company grows, there are always some upgrades to the collections. That’s why Larnmern shoes are always on-trend and give a final perfect touch to your look.

Now, is having safety shoes your current need? Therefore, ensure not to leave this page until we arrive at the final section! Pssstt, what hit you after this may be more addictive!

Larnmern Reviews

Are you now here to get some new addiction? Well, we do appreciate it a lot. We promise there are only good things to find in this review section!

Larnmern Reviews: Larnmern Reviews

As we stated earlier, wearing footwear from Larmern won’t make you look bad. Otherwise, it will double your ultimate look, and no one at Cofeshop realizes that you put safety shoes on.

Can we bring those shoes everywhere? Of course, but sorry, you cannot bring it only, but you should also wear it. We’re joking! So, what kind of new addiction did we promise earlier?

If you’re here for it, then it’s good to tell you about the brand’s product category below:

Men Feature Discover top-selling shoes based on their functions, from slip-resistant, safety toe, and waterproof.
Preference Choose a pair of shoes you love. They are all flexible, comfortable, and lightweight.
Industry Whether you work in food service & restaurants, warehousing & distribution, or industry, choose the most suitable one!
Women Feature Discover top-selling shoes based on their functions, from puncture-resistant, safety toe, and slip-on.
Preference Choose a pair of shoes you love. They are all breathable, athletic, and multi-color.
Industry Whether you work in a supermarket, public service, or hospital, choose the most suitable one!

Well, since Larnmern shoes suit both men and women, you may also choose two pairs of them for your lovely one.

However, it’s not over yet. We still have 3 best-selling items of the brand, and they’re all here:

  • Men’s LongY Y: Men’s Steel Toe Boots
  • Women’s LongY Y: Women’s Steel Toe Boots
  • Women’s AirWalk Mercury: Chef Shoes for Women

New hair, new tee, new shoes, do you see? It’s such a great feeling to have a safe and gorgeous shoe on, right? So, let us make you impressed (once again) as our product reviews run after this!

Larnmern Men's LongY Y: Men's Steel Toe Boots Reviews

What’s up, all my men! Do you ever experience accidents during work? And how did you solve it? Today, you can even prevent those bad things from happening and put your Men’s LongY Y: Men’s Steel Toe Boots on to protect!

Larnmern Review: Larnmern Men's LongY Y: Men's Steel Toe Boots Reviews

There are no stronger men on this Earth regarding workplace accidents. They’re all suffering, definitely! But this Larnmern boot will always keep you safe, even for hard knocks on your feet.

What makes this boot strong? It’s because of the materials in it. FYI, this boot came with leather mesh with a rubber sole. This material ensures the item’s long durability and comfort point.

Then, to double the safety and longevity, the design incorporates slip and oil-resistant with an abrasion-resistant outsole. Isn’t it good to save big on your expenses? Yes, you shouldn’t buy shoes too often.

Moreover, the leather with mesh materials makes this boot lightweight and sturdy. But can it be resistant to the hard impact of puncture? Sure! Do you wanna drop something on it?

Last, this men’s boot is available in three color choices which are blue, yellow, and black. Furthermore, the size ranges from 6.5 to 13, and the size guide is also there to help you!

So, do you plan to bring this Men’s LongY Y: Men’s Steel Toe Boots home? Spend around $54.90, and you’ll automatically get a long-term safe working environment!

Larnmern Women's LongY Y: Women's Steel Toe Boots Reviews

Don’t think that Larnmern is only concerned with men! No, women are also in their minds, by the way. The more hardworking women on this planet, the more they need Women’s LongY Y: Women’s Steel Toe Boots!

Larnmern Review: Larnmern Women's LongY Y: Women's Steel Toe Boots Reviews

Why do you think women should wear this boot as well? Simply because they also need proper protection while working. No matter the environment, having these boots on is not a waste since they’re all also cool on feet.

This boot is actually similarly made from the previous one for men. However, let us tell you some additional points here. For added safety, the brand has included reflective strips on the boot that serve a dual purpose.

Meanwhile, you’ll also love how comfortable this boot is with its moisture-wicking and shock-absorption features. Since working women do more moves daily, we confidently say it’s a perfect match for your feet.

Next, the boot also features a 3 cm heel and a 1.25-inch platform. For us, this 3 cm heel is quite helpful for women who need more confidence with their height. At least they’ll be more confident in walking. Aren’t you?

Last, unlike men’s boots, this boot is only available in one color choice. It’s black, with a bit of a pink touch in several elements. Also, the available sizes are from 5.5 to 11, complete with a size guide on the website.

Grab these black & pink safety shoes Womens LongY Y: Women’s Steel Toe Boots, on your feet for $54.90 only! Also, let’s act tough and strong like the girls from Fifth Harmony in their ‘Work At Home’ music video!

Larnmern Women's AirWalk Mercury: Chef Shoes for Women Reviews

Girls, are you working in a kitchen now? Oh, you should be hectic with those orders, right? However, please stay aware of your safety and wear Women’s AirWalk Mercury: Chef Shoes for Women for the best feet protection!

Larnmern Review: Larnmern Women's AirWalk Mercury: Chef Shoes for Women Reviews

Initially, The company designed this shoe for chefs or kitchen people, but it is also suitable for various work environments. How does this shoe work to protect your feet? Is it that good?

Additionally, the shoe’s dura-antislip outsole guarantees exceptional slip resistance by displacing oil, grease, and water. So, it’s good that you can easily get through anything before you.

Also, moisture protection at the upper side may be resistant in rainy or snowy weather. So, whatever the condition is, it has nothing to do with your shoes, and you can stay comfortable wearing them all day.

Then, since you are mostly hectic with your work, this shoe has an additional plus point. Here is the thing. With the Velcro design, you can easily wear and take off your shoes in any situation. 

Last, these chef shoes are only available in one color choice (black), with sizes from 5.5 to 11. It seems a common color, but you shouldn’t forget how well it will protect your tiny and cutie toes during work.

So, whether you’re working in a kitchen environment, hospital, or supermarket, this shoe should come first. Be faster than others to own Women’s AirWalk Mercury: Chef Shoes for Women for $53.99 only!

Larnmern Pros and Corn

So, do you get more hyped after reading our steel toe shoes reviews? Better calm down first and let these pros and cons points explain everything briefly:


  • High-quality materials
  • Suit men and women
  • Resist to any liquids, sharp and hard stuff
  • Wide range of size
  • Trendy and stylish (wearing them while hangout is okay)
  • Various color choices for several items
  • Free shipping & free return (for US customers)
  • Worldwide shipping


  • Unclear information about the shipping cost outside the US.
  • Incomplete company profile

Who Is Larnmern For?

From product reviews to the pros and cons section, can you infer who should come to Larnmern and buy the products? Yes, it can be everyone. However, let us make it more specific for you.

Since the company sells safety shoes for workers, we highly recommend the products for all hardworking men and women. A little reminder: accidents in the workplace are something unexpected. Therefore, you better protect yourself earlier and be safe whenever you’re on duty.

Larnmern Review; What Do Customers Think?

Welcome to the testimonial section, and let us reveal how well-performed this shoe brand is based on the customer ratings and reviews.

Larnmern Review: Larnmern Review; What Do Customers Think?

Let’s begin with Amazon, the world-leading e-commerce. On the platform, Larnmern has collected 62,168 ratings and 8,601 reviews. It brings them a score of 3.9 out of 5.

Meanwhile, on the Review Meta platform, there are 6,869 reviews with a final rating of 3.8 out of 5. It’s pretty good, right? Now, what about the customer reviews? Are they good, too?

Before jumping into it, we bring you the detailed ratings for each product we reviewed earlier (based on the brand’s website):

Now, to prove it to you, let’s begin with the customer reviews section below!

Read what this first customer has said:

I couldn’t be happier with these shoes – they’re exactly what I was looking for! Even in the winter, I do my best to get the animals outside, no matter what the weather is like. Of course, in the spring, summer, and fall, it’s much easier to accomplish this!

Even if it’s winter, the shoes keep working well. This customer has experienced it by himself, which you should also do!

Next, don’t miss a good review from this customer:

…wearing these safety shoes for two weeks, and I have to say, they’re really impressing me! They keep my feet warm and dry in cold and wet weather, and they’re much lighter than my old safety shoes. Plus, the toe support feels very sturdy. 

Now let us see how Larmern shoes work better than other brands, as this customer said. Then, the function also never disappoints as it’s enough only to have one safety shoe.

Also, the last customer admitted that:

I’ve been wearing these boots for three months, and they still hold up well. I love how lightweight they are!. Overall, I’m really satisfied and would definitely buy them again.

Again, we can see how good and durable the shoe is. Surprisingly, this last customer doesn’t need more consideration to buy another one. Will you do so?

How sure are you to have those cool and safe shoes on your feet? Don’t be so yesterday and get the one that attracts your attention the most!

Is Larnmern Worth It?

Are the favorite shoes already in your mind? It’s good then! But is Larmern literally worth it? Once again, we know this shoe company has operated for over a half-century. Do you see that they’re just playing around?

In addition, don’t forget that they have made it into one of the largest e-commerce platforms, with thousands of good reviews. For these reasons, we can guarantee that Larnmern and its entire product collections are 100% worth buying from then till today.

Larnmern Shipping Policy

Your primary buying list should be at least a pair of safety shoes. So, do you want to know how the brand’s shipping policy works? FYI, we’re happy to inform you that Lernmarn offers shipping for both USA and International customers.

Then, all orders are sent from the US, and you may see the following table for further:

Shipping Destination Shipping Cost Days (Estimation)
United States $0 0-7 working days
United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Germany $0 0-7 working days
Other areas $0 7-12 working days

However, we found some different information about the shipping rules. On the shipping page, it says all shipping will have $0 in cost (as written in the table above).

Meanwhile, at the top side of the website, it’s written that free shipping is only for US orders. Finally, to ensure the shipping cost, you may try to order it directly and talk to the brand for further information.

Larnmern Return Policy

After the shipping policy, how does the return policy work? Having trouble with your orders is common in online shopping. That’s why you must know how the brand’s return regulation applies.

In Larnmern, they have a 30-day return policy. Hence, it will no longer work if you want to return your item 30 days after the receipt date. Also, kindly contact them at [email protected] to get approval for your return request.

How To Contact Larnmern?

Do you want Larnmern to always be by your side? Now you realize how reliable this brand is, right? Well, stay connected to the brand and be a loyal customer through the following platforms:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: +1 (443) 494-9280
  • Social media: Larnmern
  • Message: Fill out the Contact Us form
  • Live chat: at the website (see the bubble at the bottom right)

Company Address

Yunjing International Trading Limited
6/F Manulife Place 348 Kwun
Tong Rd Hong Kong

Where to buy Larnmern?

Do you really want to ship safety shoes to your home now? We respect your fast decision since the brand’s overall performance is also good.

Furthermore, if you’re confused about where to buy the products, here’s the answer. First, you may shop immediately on the official website. Second, the brand’s official stores are also on Amazon and eBay. So, happy shopping!

Larnmern Coupon Codes & Promos

Can we expect a discount code in Larnmern? To check what special offers you may have, be hurry to see the following list:

  • Get MISTERY OFFER 10% OFF by subscribing to the email
  • Enjoy up to 23% discount for selected items
  • Earn points and get rewards by becoming a member
  • Join the affiliate program and get up to 15% commission

Wow, can you handle those special offers? Better move now before other people become the luckiest ones. Also, see what we hide inside the following button!

Reveal all coupons

Larnmern Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Larnmern reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where are Larnmern shoes made?

Larnmern shoes are produced in China. Meanwhile, the warehouses are in China, Europe, UK, and USA.

Who is the owner of Larnmern?

Unfortunately, we found nothing about the company’s owner/founder.

Does Larnmern ship internationally?

Yes, the brand ships to all countries worldwide.

Where is Larnmern located?

The company is located at 6/F Manulife Place, 348 Kwun, Tong RD Hong Kong.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Larnmern Reviews & Ratings

Now, you know that Larnmern is a reliable and trusted safety shoe company, right? As we stated earlier, many things can happen in your workplace and may also affect your feet. Therefore, looking for the right protection for them is a must.

The brand’s safety shoes are well-qualified and adjustable for men and women. It won’t bring your look down but maintain your sporty or trendy look. Therefore, people at the shopping center or gym may not realize that rocks, bricks, or some liquids have just hit your shoes.


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