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Lambwolf Collective Review 2023 → Pet Goods With Sophisticated Minimalism!

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About Lambwolf Collective

Have you ever heard about Lambwolf Collective? If you dive into our review, you may have built curiosity about this pet goods brand. Here we’ll try our best to fill your interest in this brand.

Lambwolf Collective Review: About Lambwolf Collective

Lambwolf Collective is an online pet goods store that designs and sells unique and high-quality products for dogs. They offer a wide variety of products, including leashes, collar, harness, dog toys, and beds.

Accordingly, the brand is passionate about creating products to help dogs live happy and healthy lives. They are committed to using sustainable materials and practices and give back to the community by donating a portion of their profits to animal shelters.

The thing that you may already know about this brand is they provide pet goods that look cute and affordable. They design their objects with sophisticated minimalism and primitivism. This brand collaboration with artists can bring the same value and quality to their minds.

You may start your curiosity about this brand from them passing through your timeline, but indeed their product has gained more popularity through social media. They have a 19.8k following on Instagram. 

Well, to help you relieve your curiosity, we’ll break down some information about the company, product reviews, and promos and see what people say about them. So let’s jump into the next section of this Lambwolf review!

Overview of Lambwolf Collective

The Lambwolf emerges when the owner wants to improve their furry family members. Their pet good mainly focuses on sophisticated primitivism and minimalism.

As a result, they provide not only functional products but also attractive ones that every pet owner wants to have.

In addition, by collaborating with artists with the same value, they strive to provide sustainability and maximized fluffball satisfaction. So their product can keep the pet engaged physically and mentally.

Moreover, This brand has been established internationally, and they have stockists in 12 countries.

Lambwolf Collective Review

When it comes to seeing the quality of the products, we need to read reviews from the brand product highlights first.

Lambwolf Collective Reviews: Lambwolf Collective Review

As we have said, this pet goods shop has various product categories on its website, including play, walk, wear, eat, care, travel+ home, and human.

In the eat section, you can find various kinds of Lambwolf pantry that offers a wide selection of food such as Bison Kidney, Chicken Breast, Beef Liver, and many more.

It sounds like too many categories, right? Indeed, this brand can be your go-to in finding pet goods in all those categories. But, here, we’ll specifically pick their top three best-selling products. So let’s go to the next section!

Lambwolf Apex Ultralight + Skinny Leash Reviews

The first recommended product in our Lambwolf review is this Apex Ultralight + Skinny Leash, which can be an excellent item for your little one.

Lambwolf Collective Review: Lambwolf Apex Ultralight + Skinny Leash Reviews

The brand designs this leash with long skinny that provides ultralight and minimal hardware. In addition, its compact size can fit into any pocket, so you can easily store it when it isn’t in use.

It is made from an ultralight mesh storage pouch with 0.05lbs or 22g weight and 0.17lbs or 75g in total weight or the leash. Lambwolf collective bag is in the right size, making it easier for you to store a little treat while walking.

Lastlt, this leash also features pliable, soft vinyl-coated nylon, which provides a waterproof and good grip.


  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • easy to clean
  • Waterproof and odor-proof
  • 360 degrees rotatable auto-locking carabiner

With all the designs that provide durability and comfort, you can purchase this ultralight leash for only $42!

Lambwolf Baguette Enrichment Pocket + Squeaky Reviews

It will never be enough when we talk about the dog’s toys. But, when they try something new, they’ll play with it joyfully, which can also be our joy. This Lambwolf Baguette Enrichment Pocket + Squeaky is one of the best-selling dog toys they offer.

Lambwolf Collective Review: Lambwolf Baguette Enrichment Pocket + Squeaky Reviews

This plush toy is an enrichment play object that is suitable for M+ size pets. The crinkly paper bag design can be stuffed with treats that your pet can eat while playing.

In addition, it features 4 pocket design to make them enjoy the treats. Also, the brand designs it with two large super-squeakers that can keep them engaged. Things that we like about this Baguette are it has.

However, it’s worth noting that this dog toy is not completely indestructible, so you should supervise the first time your pup plays with it.


  • Machine washable
  • Crinkly sounds to keep them engaged
  • 4 pocket design for treats

Have you found that it will be a delightful gift for your pup? The good news is you can purchase this lovely pup toy for only $32.

Lambwolf Waffle Knit Tee Reviews

Filling up your pup closet seems a must thing to do every year. This Lambwolf Waffle Knit Tee will be perfect for the winter to spice up their look to become cuter. This tee is worth highlighting because it is made of natural wooden buttons that provide a natural look.

Lambwolf Collective Review: Lambwolf Waffle Knit Tee Reviews

The subtle color and soft material will provide the highest comfort for your darling fur baby to wear it. It does not matter what the pet’s size is since you can find sizes ranging from S to XXL. You can also combine it with Lambwolf Otto Harness to make your puppy more stylish or other Lampwolf harnesses.

Wearing this knit tee will turn your dog into a cute little one, making it stand out among the crowd! Check out this product in the link below for only $38 for the upcoming winter!

Lambwolf Collective Pros and Cons

Before jumping to the next section, let’s take a look at some short pros and cons so you can portray their qualities:


  • Various pet product options, including leashes, harnesses, care, etc
  • Functional and attractive design
  • Detailed information about the products
  • Comfortable and safe product for pet
  • Various kinds of offers and Lambwolf discount codes
  • 14-day return and refund policy
  • Ship internationally
  • Free shipping for orders over $100


  • Mostly their product isn’t that suitable for heavy chewers

Who Is Lambwolf Collective For?

Lambwolf’s product is made for every mid-size cat and dog. However, there are certain things that you should consider. If you want to purchase their products, it’s better to check whether they suit your dog according to its size and behavior.

Lambwolf Collective Review: Who Is Lambwolf Collective For?

For instance, some of the play products may be used for the big dog but are unsuitable for heavy chewer since it is mainly made from fabric that is not entirely indestructible.

Lambwolf Collective Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

To see this brand’s reliability, you shouldn’t only believe what we say! So in this section, let’s see what their customer state about their pet goods. Here are some reviews from their customer for Baguette Enrichment Pocket+ Squeaky:

Lambwolf Collective Review: Lambwolf Collective Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

My dog and me love this baguette! It keeps my puppy occupied as she tries to get out the treats. I like to hide it in the house to make it even more challenging. She also plays with it as a tug toy and carries it around in her mouth. It is durable for my dog, although she is not a big chewer. Lastly, the baguette and bag it comes in is so cute!

From this statement, we can see how this toy can keep the pup engaged and amused. We can also see many customers use their toy for big dogs like Doberman, but it’s not recommended for heavy chewers.

Both of my dogs love this absolutely adorable pumpkin snuffle toy! It is so cute that I seriously think it could pass as Halloween decor. I do wish that the treat openings were a little bigger because my dogs have trouble even getting pieces of kibble out and are small dogs.

Not only for your dog toys, but its attractive design can also be a good decoration for your house. Overall, the cute, comfortable, and durable design make this brand gain high reviews among customers.

Is Lambwolf Collective Legit?

After reviewing this brand, we can see how this Lambwolf collective is legit. Your consent and information will be protected, and the payment information will be secure.

In addition, we found that all the reviews about this brand are genuine, and there are no complaints about this brand. So we can clearly say that this brand is legit.

Is Lambwolf Collective Worth It?

After getting through all our sections above, you may see Lambwolf‘s reliability. While we investigated this brand, we were amazed at how this brand has a good reputation and how good their customer reviews are.

Lambwolf Collective Review: Is Lambwolf Collective Worth It?

Many online businesses always have many bad reviews, at least from their customer service, but this brand is not the case. They have built trust among their customers through well build products and outstanding customer reviews.

Moreover, they provide a wide range of pet goods that you can purchase at an affordable price with high standards. Plus, you don’t have to worry if you see any damage to your product since you’ll be backed with the 14-day return policy.

So it’s impossible to say that it’s not worth it since all the things we can see from this brand are how reliable they are. Thus, you can try and see how worth purchasing their pet good is!

Lambwolf Collective Shipping Policy

After you place your order, it will be processed in around 2 – 5 business days, and whether you purchase a pre-order or back-ordered item, it will be delivered when it is ready. You should keep in mind that they will ship the package Monday – Friday via UPS/ USPS.

However, during the holiday season, it will take a few extra days, and all delivery dates will be estimated by a third party (USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.). Here is the estimated shipping cost, depending on your place:

  • United States: $8
  • Canada: $18
  • Europe: $18

It’s worth mentioning that the price listed above does not cover the import duties and taxes that the local customs office may charge.

The good news is that if your order is over $100, you’ll be eligible to get free shipping, but it’s not eligible for dog beds. Lastly, if you need further information according to shipping, you can check their FAQ pages.

Lambwolf Collective Return Policy

Regarding online shopping, we always worry about product quality, but you don’t have to worry since all your purchases in Lambwolf will be backed with the 14-day return policy.

But it won’t be eligible for orders placed by mistake. If you find any defective, you can apply for a replacement or refund, which will be used for the original payment method.

Contact [email protected] with the ‘RETURN’ and order number as the subject line to start the return. Then you can describe the situation, and they’ll give you instructions on how you’ll send the package. Keep in mind that all products sent back without request won’t be accepted.

How to Contact Lambwolf Collective

If you have any questions to which you can’t find any answer in this Lambwolf review, you can contact them by filling out their contact box. Then, please wait for them to respond to your email shortly.

Where to buy Lambwolf Collective?

Are you want to visit and see Lambwolf’s wide range of pet goods? If so, you can visit their official website and international website to ensure you purchase an original purchase.

This Lambwolf review highly recommends that customers head to its official website since any purchase will be backed with a return and refund policy to decrease the risk of an unsatisfied purchase.

Lambwolf Collective Coupon Codes & Promos

This is a must-read section if you have determined to purchase their pet goods since it will save you bangs of bucks. This season, you can visit their New Seasonal Box, where you can save 33% on their bundle. In addition, you can also enjoy the 4 Seasonal Boxes and get an extra 10% off.

Are you afraid that the shipping will cost more? Good news for you because you can leverage free shipping for purchasing above $100.

To get to know the latest discount and arrival, you can join their newsletter to receive updates, restock alerts, promotions, and more. Lastly, you can click the button below to reveal the exclusive Lambwolf collective discount code!

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Lambwolf Collective Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Lambwolf Collective reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Lambwolf?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information regarding the ownership. But it’s safe to say that this brand remains business-focused.

Does Lambwood ship internationally?

Yes, Lambwolf ships internationally. They also have stockists internationally in over 12 countries in Europe, North+South Amerika, and Asia+Australia.

Where is Lambwolf located?

This brand is located at 53 Bridge Street, 504, Brooklyn, NY.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Lambwolf Collective Reviews & Ratings

Finding pet goods that are comfortable and safe for your lovely pet has never been easy. But, if you have put your eyes on Lambwolf, you may notice how good their product is. This brand offers an affordable, good, and cute design that can spice up the dog and cat look. It is attractive enough to be your home decoration.

What’s more, Lambwolf also has an excellent return policy, free shipping, and discount that you can leverage. Lastly, you can surf their website to grab some pet goods that never make you regret buying!

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