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About Lala Hijabs

The hijab is essential for women Muslims to cover the hair and head area. By this chance, Lala Hijabs exists to aid them in providing qualified hijabs and their accessories.

Lala Hijabs Review: About Lala Hijabs

Lala Hijabs is a Canadian brand that specializes in hand-dyed hijabs. They are known for their vibrant colors and unique designs. All of their hijabs are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be comfortable and easy to wear.

This brand comes from a small family in Toronto, Canada. They have developed significantly to serve all customers worldwide. In addition, they make the tie-dye on their own for adults or youngsters.

It features in many popular publications, such as Style Canada, Toronto Star, Fashion, City News, 6ix Buzz, etc. The brand also has massive followers on social media: 21.2K on Instagram, 144.4K on TikTok, and 921 on Facebook.

Stay tuned to learn the founder, history, products, and policies in the Lala Hijabs reviews if interested in this company. So, without further ado, let’s begin with the overview!

Overview of Lala Hijabs

Sana and Will Saleh are the founders of this company. Generally, they are a famous family with more than 993K subscribers on YouTube. However, they began this business on August 2020.

It started with Sana, who loves colors and a pretty hijab. She then creates many tie-dye hijabs that get attention from people around her environment. Then, her first child, Ameenah, shouted the name of Lala Hijabs.

The brand grows little by little. First, it was only hijab, but then they created hijab accessories to complete the needs. The company also wants to help countries with a lack of water. So it decided to donate a portion of every sold item to Water for Life.

These owners are generous to every buyer. They offer free shipping for domestic and international orders. Moreover, they will send a new item once a buyer receives defective items. Plus, they have eco-friendly paper packaging to save the earth.

Below are the key features of Lala Hijabs:


  • Provides qualified hijabs for adults and youngsters
  • Every item features premium materials
  • The fabric is harmless for sensitive skin
  • Offers eco-friendly packaging
  • Free international shipping on orders $125+
  • Free local shipping on orders $70+
  • Send a new product on defective products with free shipping
  • Provides 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Provides 14-day returns and refunds
  • It has many good feedbacks from customers

Lala Hijabs Review

You must be interested in this hijab company since you read on to this section. Here, I’ll provide more profound research regarding Lala Hijabs.

Lala Hijabs Reviews: Lala Hijabs Review

This brand offers hijabs and accessories -for example, hijab, scarf, kid’s hijab, face mask, hijab magnet, scrunchie, and underscarf.

Lala Hijabs Best-selling Items

However, I’ll focus on the three best-selling items below:

  • Sierra Leone Earth Hijab
  • Toddler Cream Soda Hijab
  • Rose Gold Magnets

Hence, let’s begin with the first product review right away!

Lala Hijabs Sierra Leone Earth Hijab Reviews

Do you love tie-dye? If so, you’ll fall in love with Lala Hijabs Sierra Leone Earth Hijab. It is available black base with light golden or beige tones art.

Lala Hijabs Review: Lala Hijabs Sierra Leone Earth Hijab Reviews

It is 70 x 32 inches in dimensions with light-medium in weight. Moreover, it is super soft and breathable due to the premium cotton and spandex blend.

You can wear this hijab all year and in all weather. Furthermore, the color will remind you of the earth. In addition, this hijab is the first solid collection by the brand that is also the first charity item.

You’ll donate a portion to Water for Life if you purchase this hijab. The donation is shared with countries with water issues, including Sri Lanka, Sudan, Bangladesh, Kenya, Ethiopia, etc.

Even better, the tie-dye is handmade. The team makes it on their own. Pssst, not only is it available in the adult’s size, but also it is available for your kids with 70 x 20 inches in dimensions.


  • Handmade tie-dye hijab
  • Made of premium cotton and spandex
  • It has a similar tone to the earth
  • Lightweight, soft, and breathable
  • Suitable for all season
  • It suits adults and kids
  • A portion of the sale will be donated to the Water for Life organization

Thus, go check out your wallet and purchase the adult’s size for $22.94 and the kid’s version for $15.29!

Lala Hijabs Toddler Cream Soda Hijab Reviews

Now let’s move to a hijab option for your little girl. Lala Hijabs Toddler Cream Soda Hijab is a favorite for many kids due to its refreshing pink color.

Lala Hijabs Review: Lala Hijabs Toddler Cream Soda Hijab Reviews

It is 60 x 12 inches in dimensions and is light-medium weight. In addition, it is so pink to give new stimulation to your beautiful face.

The hijab is soft, breathable, and made of high-quality cotton and spandex. Your girl will love the pattern because the tie-dye is naturally made with the team’s hands.


  • Handmade tie-dye hijab
  • Made of premium cotton and spandex
  • Lightweight, soft, and breathable
  • Suitable for all season

Even better, the style is unlimited to follow every weather all year round. Thus, you can purchase this gorgeous pinkish hijab for your girl at $11.47.

Lala Hijabs Rose Gold Magnets Reviews

The final item I’ll review from this brand is a life savior. Lala Hijabs offers Rose Gold Magnets to save your hijab from furious pine.

Lala Hijabs Review: Lala Hijabs Rose Gold Magnets Reviews

These magnets are beneficial to tuck in your hijab and make you feel secure. In addition, it is made of nickel-free zinc alloy that is strong and durable. It won’t even slip!

You’ll love the product since they hold very well, even on thick fabrics. The material also has a shining mirror with elegant features. Plus, it is going well with sensitive skin.

Every purchase of this product contains two magnets that measure around 12 to 13 mm. In addition, due to the tiny shape, the brand provides a velvety pouch to keep them safe.


  • Made of nickel-free zinc alloy
  • Strong, durable, an anti-slip
  • It can hold on to many fabrics, even the thick one
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

Note that you must keep it away from children because they may think of it as a snack. Then, let’s get this magnet for only $11.47!

Lala Hijabs Affiliate Program

Do you have a great interest in this brand? Then, you should sign up to become an ambassador.

Lala Hijabs Review: Lala Hijabs Affiliate Program

Some benefits you’ll get from joining this program are:

  • Get featured on the brand’s social media
  • Obtain a chance to grab a giveaway
  • Grab specific discounts on your order
  • Gain opportunities to do a collaboration
  • Earn special commission
  • Free products under several terms and conditions

Kindly visit the Ambassador page on the official website for further information regarding this program.

Who is Lala Hijabs For?

The brand intends to provide high-quality hijabs worldwide for every Muslim woman and girl. The brand even offers free international shipping on particular conditions.

Lala Hijabs Review: Who is Lala Hijabs For?

Moreover, it creates products for adults and youngsters. The company focuses on giving the best with premium materials and affordable prices. So, you must check it out to get a hijab all year round!

Lala Hijabs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

I know you’re wondering about the rating and testimonials from this brand. But please be patient because I’ll break the reviews down in this section.

Lala Hijabs Review: Lala Hijabs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Currently, this hijab company obtains a 4.95/5 rating from 1838 reviews on the official website. Below, I’ll provide the ratings for the three abovementioned products:

  • Sierra Leone Earth Hijab obtains a 4.91/5 rating from 116 reviews
  • Toddler Cream Soda Hijab gets a 5/5 rating from 10 reviews
  • Rose Gold Magnets receives a 4.91/5 rating from 65 reviews

Those numbers are pretty high for worldwide customers. Even better, one of the buyers said:

I use this hijab all the time. It’s perfect for when I want to style a pin-free hijab look! The fabric is so soft and it drapes very nicely. I’m very happy with my purchase.

This review stated that the customer is beyond satisfied with her purchase. She even wears it all the time, and she loves the soft texture. It covers her well.

Another testimonial said:

I love all of your products! This hijab is of great quality, it makes me feel so pretty 🙂 I keep reordering all the way from Germany!

This buyer also finds the hijab cool. She also feels prettier after wearing it on her head. She is a German customer who keeps reordering stuff from Lala Hijabs!

Here is what the last review stated:

These are strong! I was worried that they won’t withstand the wind, but I was mistaken! It is easier to work with than safety pins, and it keeps the fabrics together. I tested it out with different fabrics too and they still stood well. I must say I got my money’s worth and I don’t have to worry about poking myself with safety pins anymore.

This customer reviews the magnets honestly, and she agrees with the solid and durable hold! She believes that the magnet is a game-changer and helpful. At last, she is free from poking herself with pins.

Thus, I must say that the brand works exceptionally well to prove quality. As a result, many customers are satisfied, trust, and keep purchasing items from this hijab company.

Is Lala Hijabs Worth It?

Purchasing a comfortable hijab isn’t easy. Instead, you must look at the material, the dimensions, and everything to be pleased with. But Lala Hijabs is different; it is a highly worth-it brand.

Lala Hijabs Review: Is Lala Hijabs Worth It?

The company offers handmade and eco-packaging for every Muslim woman worldwide. In addition, the owner Sana Saleh is generous in providing free international standard shipping.

Thus, I must say that you can rely on the brand to get a beautiful, vibrant, colorful, qualified, and comfortable hijab and its accessories.

Lala Hijabs Shipping Policy

The team will process orders from Monday to Friday. It offers free shipping on orders of $70+ in the North American region. In addition, international buyers can get free shipping on purchases of $100+.

Below are the terms and conditions of the brand’s shipping policy:

  • North America regions: $10 flat rate standard shipping, $30 express shipping cost, $7.5 flat rate same day shipping
  • International: $15 flat rate standard shipping
  • Pre-order purchases will take up to two to four weeks to ship

Once your order ships, you’ll get a confirmation email and a tracking number. If you face a problem, please get in touch with the team at [email protected]. You may also visit this page for further information regarding the shipping policy.

Lala Hijabs Return Policy

The brand wants you to love every item you purchase. Thus, it provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee. In addition, the team will send you a new item with free shipping options if you get a defective item.

However, if you are dissatisfied with the hijabs, you can return the unworn and unwashed hijabs after 14-days of receiving the product. Note that it is only eligible for hijabs. Accessories, mystery hijab items, and final sale products are not accessible for returns.

Also, you must be responsible for the return shipping cost. To initiate a return, please get in touch with the team at [email protected]. If the return is eligible, you’ll get a refund after several days of the process.

How to Contact Lala Hijabs

Further questions regarding this hijab company may follow the steps below:

  • Shoot an email to [email protected]
  • Fill out a blank form on the official website
  • Ask directly on the live chat at the bottom left part of the website

Where to buy Lala Hijabs?

This hijab company is committed to quality and service. Thus, it serves the best on the official website. However, you can also purchase items from the company on Faire. These two offer original products that can make your appearance more beautiful!

Lala Hijabs Coupon Codes & Promos

Hip, hip, hooray! You must’ve been waiting for a long time to reach this section. Here are the exclusive deals you can get from the brand:

  • Subscribe to the official website and get 15% off on your entire first order
  • Check out the 20% discounts Last Chance Items
  • Get free international standard shipping for orders of $100+
  • Join the ambassador program to get a commission and benefits

Please visit the official website to get more discount codes.

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Lala Hijabs

Lala Hijabs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Lala Hijabs reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Lala Hijabs?

Sana and Will from TikTok and YouTube @salehfamily are the owners of this company.

Is Lala Hijabs eco-friendly?

Yes, the brand offers eco-friendly packaging for every order.

Does Lala Hijabs ship internationally?

Yes, it offers free international standard shipping for orders of $100.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Lala Hijabs Reviews & Ratings

A hijab for Muslim women is a must. They must wear it to cover specific areas on their bodies. Lala Hijabs is the perfect solution to get a qualified hijab for yourself.

The owner is generous to international buyers, and the products are worth buying. So, which of the items above attracts you the most? Then, let’s buy it and get a new hijab for the whole year!


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