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Kolder Creative Review 2024 → One-stop Video Editing Course

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About Kolder Creative

Pursuing your dream of attending film & editing school might be expensive and time-consuming. Thus, Kolder Creative provides online courses in mastering video editing from the expert.

Kolder Creative Review: About Kolder Creative
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The company is an official video editing academy to master the art of video editing. It offers two classes, including KC All Access and DaVinci Resolve.

Besides, the brand presents lifetime access to both courses for beginners and experts. You will learn from video transitions & breakdowns to set up filmmaking gear.

Another thing to remember is that the company has partnered with many tech industries, such as Youtube, Canon, GoPro, B&H, DJI, RØDE, and many more.

Seeing that the brand has grown into a big company, with around 117k followers on Instagram, it’s no surprise that it’s viral among editing enthusiasts.

Before you get moving, see the Kolder Creative review and its product discussion after this!

Overview of Kolder Creative

Sam Kolder name the brand after him. He started his career in 2004 and is best known as a famous autodidact filmmaker. People recognize his works for their unique video editing style.

Due to his failure to enroll in film school, he wants to share his experiences of becoming a successful video editor with everyone. He hopes students can develop their talent more deeply with the knowledge he shares in the course.

Before going further into the product review, see the pros and cons of Sam’s brand.


  • Premium courses with 2 options
  • Learn from the owner directly
  • Online class with tutorial videos
  • Best prices & short training time
  • Lifetime access
  • Have partnered with renowned tech companies
  • Hundreds positive reviews
  • Exclusive join FB and Discord communities group


  • Modules are not free to download

What do you think after seeing the benefits above? Are you ready to register now? Let’s take a peek at the product detail below!

Kolder Creative Review

Kolder’s course offers distinctive online classes for every beginner or those seeking other skills in editing from the owner directly.

Kolder Creative Reviews: Kolder Creative Review

Since the owner will be the one to teach you, and with his unique experience of almost ten years of learning editing, we’re sure you won’t lose out. Get to know the two courses on the brand’s website.

Kolder Creative Courses

  • KC All Access
  • DaVinci Resolve

Furthermore, each course will differ regarding your online modules and the cost you must pay. The details are in the following section. Please stay tuned!

Kolder Creative KC All Access Reviews

Both courses the brand presents are excellent. However, if you are the type of person who wants to get a completed facility in learning editing skills, KC All Access is the right choice.

Kolder Creative Review: Kolder Creative KC All Access Reviews

The course pack provides lifetime access to all lesson materials. This compact course & community allows you to access DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, dan After Effects lessons.

The lesson can be learned in 40 hours of training with over 190 video tutorials. Each module piece is friendly to beginners because the owner himself is the expert here to make it easier.

Another exciting thing about this type, of course, is access to exclusive discounts and merch. Also, the owner will give unique insights to start your business in the industry.

What else? The KC all-access course presents open access to join FB’s private community and the Discord server to those who choose this.


  • All-in-one package
  • 40 hours of training with 20+ modules and 140+ video tutorials
  • Lifetime access and access to all future lessons
  • New DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and many more
  • Beginner friendly and no need for prior experience
  • Downloads to original media are available
  • Free custom LUTs made by the owner
  • Keyboard shortcut PDF cheatsheets
  • Access to exclusive discounts and merch
  • Community access (private FB group & Discord server)

In addition, to access this course, you may need to pay $1,299 only. We believe the price is affordable since you can access future training.

Kolder Creative DaVinci Resolve Reviews

The most-looking course on Kolder’s site is DaVinci Resolve. This online class option offers fantastic modules for starters. Also, its lesson can be taught to other senior levels.

Kolder Creative Review: Kolder Creative DaVinci Resolve Reviews

Each student will learn from 13 modules the brand gives in over 18 hours of training. The accessible video tutorials are available for up to 90 files.

Similar to the previous course, you will get a lifetime access facility. Meanwhile, the DaVinci software is perfect in all cases, fast, and reliable.

Compared to other apps, DaVinci is way more futuristic. The exceptional features include node-based color grading, professional audio workspace, and operating on database structure.

Further, viewing up to 3 timelines at once, a free version of up to $295 for the studio, and a one-time payment are the attributes the DaVinci software has.


  • Lifetime access available
  • 19+ hours of training with 15 modules and around 90 videos
  • Beginner friendly and no need for prior experience
  • Downloads to original media are available
  • Keyboard shortcut PDF cheatsheets
  • Free custom LUTs made by the owner
  • Access to all future DaVinci lessons
  • Solo module (gets no community access)

Furthermore, each module consists of one to 30 videos. Joining the course, you must prepare around $799 to acquire the Resolve course free download. Get lifetime access and advanced DaVinci software now!

Kolder Creative Modules

In each course, the owner provides many modules that students can utilize. All modules are free to access if you join one of the courses.

There are substantial parts of the lesson that will be learned; for example, video transitions and breakdowns, the special gear used mainly by the owner, and technicalities.

Furthermore, discover the checklist here about the other parts of the modules:

  • Video transitions & breakdowns
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • After Effects
  • Premiere Pro
  • Additional Programs
  • Guide to FPV Drones
  • Data management
  • My creative process
  • Business
  • Gear
  • Shooting
  • Technicalities

We highly suggest you join the course first to uncover what modules you will get since each lesson may not include one or two papers above.

How Does Kolder Creative Work?

Now you know what the all-in-all facts of each training are. Next, to directly access the services, you can log in and make an account.

Kolder Creative Review: How Does Kolder Creative Work?

After that, follow the guidelines below and make sure you already prepared your required data, including names, email, and password.

Kolder Creative Register Steps:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Click log in to already have an account and choose to Get All Access to make a new one
  3. Decide which course you want to join
  4. Follow the subsequent updates for payment methods
  5. Finally, get all modules and start learning

After reading the quick ways to join the course, watch for further developments about which course fits you best.

Who Is Kolder Creative For?

The course on the website is perfect for film and editing enthusiasts. Besides, content creatives may join the lesson.

Kolder Creative Review: Who Is Kolder Creative For?

Regardless of what skill people have, Kolder Creative is for everyone who desires to learn video editing. Beginners and experienced editors are meant for the courses.

Not to mention, influencers and content editors are subjected to try the class. Apart from the brand’s quality modules, you will learn from the expert to engage more masses.

Kolder Creative Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Customers tend to see others’ feelings before trying something new. Thus, in this section, you will find testimonials from students enrolled in the courses to reassure you.

Kolder Creative Review: Kolder Creative Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

From 127 reviews on Kolder’s website, most of them have given their satisfaction by giving 5/5 ratings. Take a look at the first customer whose origin is in Italy.

The man said that the class was the most generous funding and that every module he learned was straightforward and applicable. He mentioned:

The course is best investment to sharpen my filmmaking and editing skills. I learned something fresh everyday and every lesson gets straight to the point.

In contrast to the man in the first comment, the guy revealed that the course is the right place to broaden film students’ new knowledge and experiences. He said:

I have learned a lot with the KC community and the lessons, even as a film student. I’d recommend the class for those wanting to extend their knowledges and experiences…

Another student from the class mentioned the course was beneficial for him as a beginner who’s no background in editing skills. Also, he successfully started a business in the industry after joining the class. The man revealed:

I had no previous knowledge on how to use a camera before this class. I was only using an iPhone from my own. Now, I’ve my own camera and even started a business with it.

At last, each customer shown in the comments above feels satisfied with the product, the module, and the price. It can’t deny they are growing fast after learning editing skills from Kolder’s futuristic courses.

Is Kolder Creative Worth It?

Kolder Creative course is worth it due to its two advanced classes that everyone, including new learners and professionals, can follow.

Kolder Creative Review: Is Kolder Creative Worth It?

The best prices of the courses are the best investment for those who don’t wanna go to a formal school to learn editing skills.

Each module can be accessed for a lifetime to learn whenever you want, and there is a chance for future lessons.

Is Kolder Creative Legit?

The brand is legit! What aspects should be considered if it’s truly legit? The owner has experience in the film and video editing industry for almost 10 years.

In addition, the company successfully has partnerships with famous technology companies, such as Youtube, Canon, GoPro, B&H, DJI, RØDE, Musicbed, MVMT, Polarpro, DRL, Karat, etc.

Three alumni of the course who succeeded in being hired by Beautiful Destinations are equally essential to mention. So, we don’t hesitate to recommend it as the legit course ever.

How To Contact Kolder Creative

This brand can be reached through the contact information we will write down. You can contact the team by email or social media. Here are the lists:

Then, if you’re still unsure about the course program, you can visit the official website.

Where to buy Kolder Creative?

The company’s official website is the only place to book the course. You can get detailed information about classes, benefits, and discounts on just one site.

Kolder Creative Coupon Codes & Promos

Are you ready to join the course at this time? Wait, don’t forget to click the below button to add coupon codes to get exclusive discounts when enrolling in the classes. Please sign up on the website if you need more promotions, deals, and other special offers!

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Kolder Creative

Kolder Creative Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Kolder Creative reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Kolder Creative?

The owner of the brand is Sam Kolder.

How much does Kolder Creative cost?

The cost of the KC course is available from $799-$1,299.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Kolder Creative Reviews & Ratings

In general, it can be said that Kolder Creative is such a fantastic film and video editing course with exceptional features, such as DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. The company offers two outstanding classes that can be attended from beginner to expert. 

By purchasing one of the lessons, you can now save a lifetime payment for studying in formal schools. You don’t need to apply to certain schools to be an expert. Put your skates on and get all access now!


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