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About Kmall24 Shop for Korean Merchandise

Liking Korean things is fun, but finding the products near you is nearly impossible. Say no more because Kmall24 provides many collections of Korean merchandise

Kmall24 Review: About Kmall24 Shop for Korean Merchandise

This company has everything you need: beauty items, fashion, food, health, etc. Even better, you may purchase your wishlist from K-Pop to K-Dramas! Several famous and best-selling things come from BTS, Stray Kids, NCT, Blackpink, etc. 

Meanwhile, other brands from this Korean mall online are Innisfree, Etude House, Missha, Dr. Tart, etc. In addition, you can buy beauty items, and tteokbokki and ramyeon instant are available! 

Although you may not find it on media, this company boosts more than 70K followers on Facebook and 24.2K on Instagram. So if you want to know more, read this Kmall24 review thoroughly.

Therefore, let’s dive right into the next section! 

Overview of Kmall24 Shop for Korean Merchandise

Kmall24 is a retail shop founded in 2014 under the leadership of Christopher Koo. KITA (Korean International Trade Association) authentically owns and operates this company. 

It is a non-profit business that allows independent sellers to sell items on its retail website. In addition, you can’t underestimate the company since it has several warehouses in India, the Philippines, etc. 

This company also shares many insightful contents via social media. For example, you may see it on Instagram or YouTube. So before digging deeper into this company, find its pros and cons below. 

Kmall24 Pros

  • Retail shop offering K-merchandises
  • Non-profit organization
  • Offers many collections 
  • Products vary from beauty products, food, fashion, and so on
  • Provides bulk orders 
  • Provides monthly promotions 
  • Publishes many informative contents on social media 
  • Ships internationally

Kmall24 Cons

  • No free standard shipping fee for international orders 
  • Returns only eligible for defective or incorrect products only 

Kmall24 Shop for Korean Merchandise Review

After understanding the ownership from Kmall24, you may wonder about the products. Find what products you can buy directly from this place in the following explanation. 

Kmall24 Reviews: Kmall24 Shop for Korean Merchandise Review

Here are five main categories available from the brand:

Beauty Fashion Food
Culture Lifestyle  

But this Kmall24 review will concentrate on these three, including:

Then, without waiting any longer, let’s dive into the Dreamy album! 

Kmall24 NCT DREAM - Beatbox (Photobook ver.) Reviews

Are you NCTzen wanting the new album from the Dreamy members? Then, NCT DREAM – Beatbox (Photobook ver.) will be the best option! This product features two versions from New School and Young Star.

Kmall24 Review: Kmall24 NCT DREAM - Beatbox (Photobook ver.) Reviews

In addition, this second repackaged item features a booklet, photocard set, folded poster, sticker, and one random photo card. You may get between one to seven members and find it surprising because the album is sealed. 

Track List

  1. Teddy Bear
  2. Arcade
  3. Glitch Mode
  4. To My First
  5. Saturday Drip
  6. Better Than Gold
  7. Beatbox
  8. Sorry, Heart
  9. Rewind

Are you ready to purchase these two sets from Beatbox? Then, let’s checkout for this product at $31.59!

Kmall24 NewJeans - 1st EP Reviews

NewJeans is the new and hottest girl group in the K-Pop world. If you find this group’s song attractive, then NewJeans – 1st EP is a must-have! 

Kmall24 Review: Kmall24 NewJeans - 1st EP Reviews

It is only available in 1 version with an outbox, lyrics, one random photocard, and a QR card. In addition, you may see your bias thoroughly in the lyrics book. So, let’s listen to your favorite track now! 

Track List

  1. Attention
  2. Hype Boy
  3. Cookie
  4. Hurt

Therefore, prepare your wallet and buy this album for only $9.38!

Kmall24 Beautiful Enough Sweatshirt Reviews

The fans of RM BTS can’t stop smiling since Kmall24 offers Beautiful Enough Sweatshirt. This cloth is famous in the Army fandom because RM has worn it before! 

Kmall24 Review: Kmall24 Beautiful Enough Sweatshirt Reviews

It is made of high-quality cotton, perfect for winter and spring. In addition, it is wearable for men or women. You can choose between M, L, or XL that fits your body best. 


  • Made of cotton
  • Suitable for spring and winter
  • M, L, and XL sizes 
  • Perfect for men and women

Then, start shopping for this sweatshirt at only $35.39 now and imitate the outfit from the leader of BTS now! 

Who is Kmall24 For?

Since Korean merchandise is too far from the US, this company tends to create a retail shop for people fond of Korean things. Due to this privilege, you don’t have to purchase it by visiting the country. 

Kmall24 Review: Who is Kmall24 For?

Furthermore, you may purchase anything from beauty products, merchandise for K-Pop and K-Drama, fashion, and even food to healthy items. So let’s check out your wishlist before the stock runs out! 

Kmall24 Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

I’ll write the customer testimonials in the middle of this Kmall24 review. This section will give you more insights concerning the brand. 

Kmall24 Review: Kmall24 Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

First, let’s take a closer look at the ratings of the abovementioned product below:

Here is what a customer said:

Thanks a lot! Everything came well-packaged and pretty fast. I will definitely going to keep purchasing albums here.

This customer is thankful because her NCT DREAM album arrived safely at her door. She promises to buy more from this place. 

Another one said:

Nothing is missing, packaged great!

This customer is happy because her package ultimately arrives at the destination. Nothing is missing, and it is well-packaged. 

The last one said:

… The material is great. Comfortable to wear in all season. For me, who rides a motorcycle often, this sweater is very suitable. The blue, pink, and ivory combination gives the impression of funny and cool. …

This customer finds the sweatshirt tremendous and suitable for all seasons. Moreover, it is perfect to accompany her during the ride. Finally, she loves the color combination because it is funny and unique. 

Simply put, most customers from Kmall24 are satisfied with their purchases. Furthermore, they don’t find it hard to give complete stars! 

Is Kmall24 Worth It?

After writing this long article, I can answer the question immediately. Indeed, Kmall24 is worth checking out! Not only is this Korean mall shop non-profit, but also it offers a complete collection. 

Kmall24 Review: Is Kmall24 Worth It?

Moreover, you may purchase your preferred items from beauty, albums, health products, and fashion! Therefore, you don’t need to consider more to buy your preferable item! 

Is Kmall24 Legit?

Many people are looking for the legitimacy of this brand. Some even check it on Reddit. But I can guarantee that Kmall24 is legit

Kmall24 Review: Is Kmall24 Legit?

Why? The company provides crucial information concerning the chairman, owner, address, etc. Not to mention the website has secure SSL. You may also check the rate of every sold item. 

Thus, no need to worry because this legit non-profit company will send your package safely to your door. Hence, let’s check your preferred item before it runs out! 

Kmall24 Shipping Policy

The company requires two to five business days to prepare your package. In addition, the package will be sent to the warehouse before sending to your door. This process may take up to 5 to 14 business days

Luckily, it ships to almost all countries around the world. But unfortunately, you cannot find the shipping fee on its official website.

Furthermore, I can’t find information concerning free shipping. But it offers a $30 off delivery fee support for purchases over $60 for a limited period. You may check it on this promotion page. 

Once your order ships, you’ll receive a confirmation email. You may track your order on your account page on the website. Suppose you face a problem, don’t hesitate to fill in the Contact Form immediately. 

Kmall24 Return Policy

Unfortunately, the company does not accept returns due to a change of mind. Instead, it only accepts returns for defective or incorrect items

You may claim for return by filling in the Contact Us form. The team will guide you with a return address so that you may send the package immediately. 

Once the return is accepted, you’ll get a refund to your original payment method. Remember that the refund process may take up to 7 business days. Suppose a problem arises, contact the team on the same form. 

How to Contact Kmall24

Sometimes you need assistance from customer service. If you do, you don’t need to think twice, but please get in touch with them at the following methods:

The team will immediately respond to your queries for at least 24 hours. Moreover, you can visit the headquarter at the following location. 

Kmall24 Headquarter
511 Yeongdong Street,
Gangnam District, Seoul
South Korea 

Where to buy Kmall24?

You can purchase merchandise from this retailer only through the official website. So do not forget to sign up for an account before purchasing. 

Having an account will allow you to track your order through an account’s page. Therefore, prepare the budget and check out your preferred item now!

Kmall24 Coupon Codes & Promos

Before I close this Kmall24 review, I want to provide information concerning discounts and promotions. So if you’re looking for ones, find them in the list below:

  • Subscribe to the official website for 10% or $5 off as a welcome kit 
  • Join the membership for limited deals and coupon code
  • Purchase bulk orders to receive wholesale prices 

Moreover, don’t forget to check monthly promotions frequently to get exclusive promotions. Hence, are you ready to purchase your wishlist? 

Reveal all coupons

Kmall24 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Kmall24 reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Kmall24?

Christopher Koo is the chairman of this company. 

Where is Kmall24 located?

It is located in Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea. 

How long does Kmall24 take to ship?

It will take 2 to 5 business days to ship to the warehouse. However, it may require 5 to 14 business days to arrive at your door. 

Is Kmall24 safe?

Yes! This shop is safe and secure so that everyone can purchase their preferred K-merchandise. 

Does Kmall24 ship internationally?

Yes, the company ships internationally with different terms and conditions. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Kmall24 Reviews & Ratings

Purchasing your K-merchandise wishlist is no longer difficult because Kmall24 is ready to help. Not only is this company trusted, but also it is operated by a trade association by the government. 

Whether you need beauty products or merchandise concerning your bias, this place has them all! Therefore, let’s visit the website and purchase it immediately! 


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