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Kistania Review 2024 → Embrace Your Punk, Gothic Style!

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About Kistania

Every woman has her own fashion sense to represent her personality and uniqueness. One widespread fashion sense is gothic, a clothing style that has been widely popular since the old days until now. Amazingly, the gothic popularity is followed by Kistania.

Kistania Review: About Kistania

Kistania is an upcoming brand that provides high-quality, personalized, unique clothing and accessories. It carries numerous styles and categories ranging from gothic, punk, chic, and costumes.

With plenty of collections, this brand allows all women to embrace their beauty confidently and show their uniqueness proudly. Whether you love wearing a gothic dress with dark lipstick or chic costumes beautified with dyed black hair, they can realize them all!

Thanks to the mission it carries, this company boasts unbeatable fame on social media. As proof, this brand currently has 43k followers on Instagram, 33k followers on Facebook, and 1.9k followers on TikTok.

However, when you go online, you’ll find that no platforms discuss this goth clothing brand in depth. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place in this Kistania review. From the brand’s background to the available discounts, we’ll cover everything here. So, keep reading!

Overview of Kistania

As the old saying goes, everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. Perhaps that’s what Kistania is all about. This brand focuses on creating the most personalized, unique clothing and accessories, allowing all women to exhibit their beauty uniqueness.

Amazingly, this is in line with the brand’s tagline,

Make you looking unique.

Going the same with its tagline, this company aims to create and provide all women with unique gothic dresses, punk street jackets, gothic dark platform shoes, and everything else. Show the world how uniquely beautiful you are!

Even though we didn’t find any information about who the founder is, one sure thing is Kistania’s location in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. You’re right! It is a China-based brand that sells various unique gothic, punk, and costume clothing worldwide.

Kistania Review

Kistania is a brand that specializes in bringing high-quality women’s gothic and punk clothing, attractive costumes, and other unique clothing to the market. Period.

Kistania Reviews: Kistania Review

When you go to its official website, you will find that it offers an extensive range of collections ranging from dresses, tops, bottoms, and shoes to accessories. Below are the detailed collections it carries.

Kistania Collections

Dress Gothic Dress, Mini Dress, Midi Dress, Maxi Dress, Long Sleeve Dress, Sleeveless Dress, Bodycon Dress, JK & Main Dress
Tops and Corsets Crops & T-Shirts, Corsets & Lingeries, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Sweaters, Jackets & Coats, Sets, Graphic Top
Bottoms and Skirts Pants, Skirts, Leggings, Socks & Tights
Accessories Bags, Wallets, Face Masks, Belts, Harnesses, Gloves, Scarfs, Wigs, Choker, Necklace, Rings, Earrings, Hats, Headwear
Shoes Boots, Platform Shoes, Pumps, Mary Jane, Slippers, Flats, Western Boots, Sandals, and Sneakers

Apart from that, Kistania also allows you to have a convenient shopping experience. Thus, it offers numerous menus on its official website, such as Best Selling, FREE Gift, What’s New, Design Sets, and Halloween Style.

However, due to your precious time, we will only review several of the most-searched and best-selling products from Kistania. What are they? To find out, go rocking and rolling into the next section. Go ahead!

Kistania Gothic Corset Bustier Top Reviews

Be free, be sexy! Every woman deserves the freedom to show her beauty and sexiness without bad judgment or harassment. Then, let this Gothic Bandaged Corset Bustier Top Cutout High Split Mesh Set help you to look sexier yet elegant on any occasion you attend.

Kistania Review: Kistania Gothic Corset Bustier Top Reviews

Featuring a high split style, bandaged design, and several cutouts, this gothic dress is genuinely designed to elevate your attraction and sexiness. Likewise, this dress holds incredible details on every single part of it from top to bottom, giving a stunningly elegant feeling whenever you wear it.

The brand makes this gothic dress from Spandex materials so you can wear it comfortably. Accordingly, it is an excellent material well-known for its superior elasticity and wrinkle-resistant properties to ensure your comfort in wearing this dress.


  • Available colors: Black and Red
  • 8 sizes are available, from S, M, L, to 5XL

All in all, does this gothic bandaged dress best suit your fashion sense? Can’t wait to add this dress to your wardrobe and wear it on a date or party to show your beauty and sexiness? If so, don’t hesitate to exchange $62.99 or $33.99 (46% OFF) from your pocket!

Kistania Goth Moon Change Fleeced Jacket Reviews

Are you a Goth enthusiast searching for great outerwear to spice up your goth fashion senses? Look no further than this Goth Moon Change Fleeced Jacket, then. It is an all-black punk jacket featuring fleeced, perfect for daily clothing to pair with any of your day-to-day outfits.

Kistania Review: Kistania Goth Moon Change Fleeced Jacket Reviews

On top of that, this fleeced punk jacket is decorated with a Moon Change design on its front edge, from top to bottom. With such a design, you can wear it to show the essence of your punk-ness, freedom of expression, simplicity, and dark aesthetic.

Likewise, the material used in making this punk jacket is cotton. As you already know, cotton is well-known for its soft, comfortable, breathable, and durable properties. With this in mind, you can wear this jacket comfortably all day long.


  • Only available in black color
  • There are eight available sizes, from S, M, L, XL, to 5XL

How is it? Are you ready to enhance your punk outfit with this Kistania punk fleeced jacket? If you are, we bet you will never regret investing $54.99 or $26.99 (51% OFF) to bring it to your gothic wardrobe.

Kistania Women‘s Dark Monoblock Wedges Lace Up Platform Boots Reviews

It’s no longer common for every Goth to have platform boots in their shoe rack. That’s right! Gothic means platform shoes, and vice versa. Of the many platform shoes Kistania offers, we recommend you pick these Women’s Dark Monoblock Wedges Lace Up Platform Boots.

Kistania Review: Kistania Women‘s Dark Monoblock Wedges Lace Up Platform Boots Reviews

Then, what aspects make us recommend these platform shoes? What else? Of course, the deep gothic element. At one glance, you probably notice that these shoes feature all the gothic elements, such as lace-up, punk, and monoblock wedges. Do you agree with us?

More than that, these gothic platform shoes are made from premium PU material, known for its excellent lightness and resistance properties. No more uncomfortably, as these platform shoes will bring extraordinary comfort to your feet every time you use them.

Best of all, these women’s gothic platform shoes are ideally suited to be paired with any outfit. Indeed. You can use these platform shoes to match jeans, skirts, and gothic dresses. So, are you ready to mess around with your wardrobe to find the perfect outfit with these platform shoes?


  • Heel height: 8 cm or 3.1 inches
  • Available colors: Black and Pink
  • Available in seven sizes, from US6, US7, US7.5, to XS

It was breaking news! These women’s platform shoes are priced at only $63.99, from its regular price of $90.99. You’re lucky, as you can save 30% to get these gothic platform shoes. That’s why you don’t hesitate to add them to your cart before the deals are gone!

Kistania Punk Rock Vintage Cutout Rivets PU Mule Slippers Reviews

Choose the Punk Rock Vintage Cutout Rivets PU Mule Slippers. Be punk and free! In the same way that punk is all about the freedom side of things, so are these slippers. They come in a slip-on design, allowing you to walk in freely and comfortably all day.

Kistania Review: Kistania Punk Rock Vintage Cutout Rivets PU Mule Slippers Reviews

On top of that, the pair of these mules features vintage style and cutout designs decorated with rivets ornament. With such designs, these mule slippers will spice up your outfits. They are also versatile for you to use at home or hanging out in the city.

Moreover, these mule slippers are made from premium PU material, making them lightweight and comfortable. Throw that uncomfortably wearing doubt, and be comfortable wearing these punk rock vintage slippers! 


  • Only available in black color
  • There are nine available sizes, from US5, US6, US7, to US12

Are you interested in making these mule slippers your daily footwear? How much do they cost? Lucky you! These punk slippers currently are priced at $39.99, from its regular price of $100.99. You get 60% OFF!

Kistania Pros and Cons

Hello, smart Goth buyers! Is there any clothing from Kistania’s collections that wins your heart? Before investing money in this brand, let us help you make a savvy purchase. So please check the brand’s pros and cons below!


  • Offers high-quality, personalized, unique clothing and accessories
  • The collections include gothic, punk, lolita, chic, costumes, and other unique clothing
  • Available from dresses, tops, bottoms, skirts, shoes, accessories
  • Provides multiple exclusive and crazy discounts
  • Reasonable prices
  • Boasts user-friendly website
  • International shipping
  • FREE shipping on orders over $79
  • 30 days return policy


  • Many customers complain about the long delivery time
  • Numerous buyers also regret the poor customer service
  • Limited information about the founder

Who is Kistania For?

Kistania, undoubtedly, is the best go-to shop for Goths or people who have a sense of fashion in gothic, punk, or dark style. As you’ve learned, this brand offers a wide range of unique clothing and accessories. It allows women with a unique fashion sense to show their beauty and uniqueness worldwide.

This brand can provide everything unique-related clothing, from gorgeous gothic dresses, dark high-waist pants, punk jackets, and gothic platform shoes to unique accessories. So, have you found the one that catches your sparkling eyes?

More than that, Kistania also carries many unique costumes in its collection, making it perfect for cosplayers or those looking for costumes to go to Halloween or other events.

Kistania Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

On Trustpilot, Kisania boasts an average rating of 3.4/5.0 stars from 205 reviews. Most unsatisfied customers complain about the long shipping time and poor customer service.

Kistania Review: Kistania Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

In contrast, this brand received excellent ratings on its official website. As shown by the four best-selling products below.

  • Gothic Bandaged Corset Bustier Top Cutout High Split Mesh Sets: 4.9/5 stars from 25 reviews
  • Goth Moon Change Fleeced Jacket: 5/5 stars from 2 reviews
  • Women’s Dark Monoblock Wedges Lace Up Platform Boots: 4.8/5 stars from 4 reviews
  • Punk Rock Vintage Cutout Rivets PU Mule Slippers: 4.9/5 stars from 22 reviews

What do these happy customers say about Kisania? Let’s take a first look at the testimonial below.

Excellent quality and looks fantastic! I am also happy with the customer service and shipping time.

This first happy customer claims that the gothic dress features top quality and a gorgeous look. She also praises the brand’s good customer service and prompt delivery time.

Another customer loves the punk jacket, as seen in the testimonial below.

Like the picture, the jacket’s thin, soft fabric is more comfy.

Based on her testimonial, she loves the fabric from this jacket that is comfortable to wear.

After all, the platform shoes also received positive testimonials.

These platform shoes are fantastic. They are light and robust. The color of the sole is similar to the picture. The delivery is prompt.

This happy customer finds that the brand’s platform shoes are lovely, with light and robust properties. She also loves the prompt delivery service provided by this brand.

Otherwise, the last customer praises the mule slippers.

Gorgeous mules. The size is just right. Take one size above.

This last customer praises the brand’s slippers due to the beautiful design and the right size for her feet.

To wrap up this section, we can conclude that Kistania can still be the ideal place for those who seek gothic dresses, punk jackets, dark gothic platform shoes, and other unique accessories. Most customers love how this brand boasts excellent product quality with stunning styles.

If long shipping times are an issue, you may have to wait a little longer. As the wise proverb says, Good things take time. You might need to be a bit patient to get high-quality and unique clothing from this brand.

Is Kistania Worth It?

How sure are you to exchange your money to bring the clothing products from Kistania? We bet that this might be everyone’s questions who read our review.

Kistania Review: Is Kistania Worth It?

So, is it worth it? We would say, once again, that Kistania is worth checking out when it’s all about gothic, punk, unique clothing and accessories.

So, if you’re a woman with a unique sense of fashion in gothic, punk, dark, or all-black, this brand should come to your shortlist. With its extensive collections, whatever goth clothing, punk accessories, or dark shoes you’re searching for, this brand has you covered.

Is Kistania Legit?

Considering how Kistania received average ratings on Trustpilot, some of you may have a “Is it legit” question pop into your mind. Therefore, this section will tell you that Kistania is legit.

On its official website, this brand provides all the information regarding its shipping policy, return policy, privacy policy, and terms & conditions. More so, it also boasts an HTTPS domain, which ensures that your data is safe and secure.

Kistania Shipping Policy

Based on its shipping policy, Kistania supports shipping its products internationally within the USA, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Australia, and Japan. More than that, this brand provides FREE standard shipping worldwide on orders over $79.

All the more, all your orders will be prepared, processed, and shipped within 7 – 10 business days. Once your order is shipped, this brand will send you tracking information to your email.

This brand will use Yun Express and Jet Logistics as the shipping couriers to ship your ordered products. Then, how about the shipping time? It depends on your chosen shipping methods and your home address. Here are the details for the standard shipping method.

  • United States: 10 – 20 business days
  • United Kingdom: 9 – 18 business days
  • France, Germany, and other EU countries: 8 – 20 business days
  • Canada, Mexico: 10 – 20 business days

Meanwhile, for the expedited shipping method, your order may arrive at your doorstep within 5 – 7 days for all countries. 

Kistania Return Policy

Kistania always ensures that its products will be shipped in excellent condition. That’s why this brand gives a 7-day return and exchange policy. So, if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, you can return and exchange your product within seven days of receiving the package.

After all, you should ensure that the product you want to return comes in a new condition, unused, unworn, and unwashed. Still, there are several conditions about the brand’s return policy, as seen below.

  • Custom products are non-refundable
  • A secondary return is not acceptable
  • Swimwear, bodysuits, underwear, earrings, and accessories are non-refundable and non-exchangeable

Then, how do you start a return? You can initiate a return process by contacting [email protected].

How To Contact Kistania

Do you have questions about this brand? If you have, please visit the FAQ page on the official website. If you still have another question or inquiry, you can contact the brand’s customer service team through several channels below.

Alternatively, you can also ask questions by mailing to the brand’s address.

Kistania Address
No. 4, 7th Floor, Building 2, No. 1366,
Middle Section of Tianfu Avenue,
High-tech Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan Province

Where to buy Kistania?

There are many ways to shop for punk, gothic, chic, and other unique clothing from Kistania. Except from the official website, you can get your hands on the brand’s products through Amazon, Poshmark, and other retail stores.

Kistania Coupon Codes & Promos

The saving way on Kistania is coming! Check the bullet points below to find several available discounts.

  • Get up to 60% OFF on all products
  • Enjoy Buy 1 Get 1 40% OFF sitewide
  • Get FREE random accessories on every purchase
  • Spend more than $79 and unlock FREE shipping
  • Join the VIP and take many exclusive discounts
  • Refer to a friend $10 and earn $150

If you seek a coupon code to help you save your purchase, click the button below. 

Reveal all coupons

Kistania Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Kistania reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is Kistania safe?

Yes, it is. Kistania is a safe brand that you can rely on when searching for high-quality gothic, punk clothing and accessories.

Is Kistania ethical?

There is no information on whether Kistania’s products are ethical or not. But what is confirmed is that this brand ensures customers by offering high-quality, personalized, unique clothing and accessories.

Does Kistania offer international shipping?

Sure, it is. Kistania offers to ship its goth clothing internationally to the USA, UK, Canada, and others.

How long does Kistania take to ship

Depending on your country, your order may arrive at your doorstep within 8 to 20 business days.

Where is Kistania located?

The brand’s location is in No. 4, 7th Floor, Building 2, No. 1366, Middle Section of Tianfu Avenue, High-tech Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Kistania Reviews & Ratings

Women are unique. They have their own fashion sense in elevating their beauty uniqueness. Then, Kistania arrives at the market by offering high-quality, personalized, unique clothing and accessories in different styles, from gothic to punk, costumes, and others.

This brand will make all women look more gorgeous and unique through its comprehensive collections. From gothic dresses, punk jackets, and dark platform shoes to unique accessories, please explore them through the official website!


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