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Kim Seybert Review 2024 → Bring Fashion To The Dining Table!

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About Kim Seybert

Do your big family plan to have a Christmas dinner in your house? That’s good. But it’s also bad. Yes, we know that you have been hectic preparing everything, especially how the dining table looks. But let’s stay calm because we have Kim Seybert!

Kim Seybert Review: About Kim Seybert

Why do you need to rely on this brand? Since you shouldn’t let your dining table look messy during that special night, so here we are now. Everyone knows Kim Seybert is the #1 store to provide pretty collections of dining table items, from napkins to tablecloths.

Once you visit the site, we believe you’ll spend hours because they are all way too good. However, does everyone shop from here, too? We 100% believe it’s everyone’s favorite since the store’s social media accounts have accumulated over 56k total followers.

Then, what aspects make it cooler? Within its operation, the store has gained so much attention and love. Those include huge recognition by Architectural Digest, Vogue, Brides, Elle Decor, and other popular magazines. So, have you ever seen its appearance?

Finally, how much is your interest in this brand after reading this brief introduction? Since you may find the best store to shop, let our Kim Seybert review explain everything in detail. Finally, be ready for more cool things to appear on your phone screen!

Overview Of Kim Seybert

The idea of bringing the magnificence and luxury of fashion to the dining table is just something good. We can see that dream happening today thanks to the founder, Kim.

Exactly, this brand’s name actually came from its founder. Kim has been a fashion enthusiast for a long. She was motivated to give a fresh tabletop look on one of her trips.

Therefore, she tried to combine her passion for fashion with the tabletop characteristics. Then, no one knew that it would turn into something that everyone adores a lot.

Next, related to the brand’s big recognition by people and the press, you may know when it all started. Kim Seybert has been the main player since its first appearance in 1998.

If you’re a 90s person, you may understand that classic tabletops are so common in that year. Hence, Kim put her taste of fashion into it, and everything has changed.

So, do you want to know more about how Kim changed the entire tabletop industry? Let’s always be on our side because you may fall in love with what we already prepare.

Kim Seybert Review

Don’t you think decorating a dining table will effectively increase your appetite? Sure, everyone knows it. Therefore, you shouldn’t be outdated. Instead, let’s start thinking about what concept you will put on the table.

Kim Seybert Reviews: Kim Seybert Review

Thankfully, Kim Seybert has appeared to be your only solution for this. Since you shouldn’t embarrass yourself in front of your big family, you better hurry to explore what’s inside this store. So, can we show you the list?

Kim Seybert Product Collection

Placemats Tablecloth/runner
Napkins Dinnerware/barware
Napkin Rings Decor

In addition, the brand also classifies the products based on the celebration. Specifically, you may buy items for the winter season and holiday occasions like Christmas (Christmas stockings, candlesticks, or placemats).

On the other hand, the brand also releases collaboration products with Baccarat. It is a French luxury brand, and you can check the collection here. Finally, let’s see the brand’s best-selling items in our reviews below!

Kim Seybert Croco Placemats Reviews

One thing to consider is not forgetting to bring a good placemat. Have you ever seen the best one in the market? You are about to see it now. Thus, let’s see Croco Placemats (Set of 4) below!

Kim Seybert Review: Kim Seybert Croco Placemats Reviews

If you love a simple and chic look but are also versatile at the same time, then this Croco placemat may suit your taste. In addition, using this also means effectiveness since you can easily clean it.

Next, since it is versatile, you can freely put it on any occasion, from formal to casual. However, you also need to adjust it to the dining concept you have so that it will blend with each other.

Then, about the color, you should be happy to see it in various colors. It has 17 color choices, from glacier blue to fuchsia. Also, for its durable function, you mustn’t put hot foods or utensils on it.


  • Dimension: 15″ Length x 15″ Width x 0.1″ Height
  • Weight: 0.6 lbs
  • Materials: 100% Polyurethane with PVC Backing

So, if Croco Placemats (Set of 4) is your final choice, then let’s secure it now. With only $148.00, you can bring them home in any color you love. Anyway, we never know when it runs out, right?

Kim Seybert Dahlia Drink Coasters Reviews

In addition to making fresh drinks with some appetizing fruits, you should also think about how to serve them well. At this point, Dahlia Drink Coasters (Set of 4) is what you really need!

Kim Seybert Review: Kim Seybert Dahlia Drink Coasters Reviews

As you can see in the picture, the drink coasters exude spring vibes a lot from their flowery design. Also, with its vibrant colors, the relaxing feeling should be everyone’s first impression.

Besides that, the special thing here is you can expect to see 3D flower views. Specifically, they are created on drink coasters using over 35 sequins and pink, orange, and amethyst beads.


  • Color: Multi
  • Dimension: 5″ Length x 5″ Width x 0.25″ Height
  • Weight: 0.32 lbs
  • Materials: 70% Plastic, 30% Glass, 100% Cotton Backing

After reading the review, what do you think about Dahlia Drink Coasters (Set of 4)? Since you don’t have drink coasters all this time, why don’t you try to get one? It’s no more than $114.00!

Kim Seybert Beach Day Cocktail Napkins Reviews

Has someone recommended you with a cocktail napkin? You may love to see it, but what we recommend here is way cooler. Will you give a chance to Beach Day Cocktail Napkins (Set of 6)?

Kim Seybert Review: Kim Seybert Beach Day Cocktail Napkins Reviews

What makes these cocktail napkins good is their unique design concept. Specifically, you may notice that the looks were inspired by large-scale photography of a bird’s eye point of view.

Furthermore, having this napkin also means having a lazy-and-sunny-beach-day type of feeling. It’s because the item features picturesque embroidered seaside images to light up your mood.

Then, about its care, you should be happy to know that this item is machine-washable. However, ensure only a smooth cycle and soft detergent so the quality remains the same.


  • Color: Natural/Multi
  • Dimension: 6″ Length x 6″ Width x 0.1″ Height
  • Weight: 0.3 lbs
  • Materials: 100% Linen

Can you say you beg this Beach Day Cocktail Napkins (Set of 6) a lot? Since the brand’s stocks decrease daily, make sure to get yours today at $82.00 only! We know it’s too cheap for you.

Kim Seybert Hydrangea Table Runner Reviews

You can’t say that you don’t need this. After all, you won’t let your table have any good covers, right? Thus, let’s see how the Hydrangea Table Runner works. Are you excited to know more?

Kim Seybert Review: Kim Seybert Hydrangea Table Runner Reviews

Dear happy shoppers, you must be grateful if someday you own this. Why? It’s because the product takes inspiration from Kim’s garden in the Hamptons. Hence, you find it too pretty, right?

Besides that, a unique beading technique is used to create an ombre effect through layering. Also, this floral table runner has petals with a smooth and fluid texture, so it’s more comfortable.

Next, this item can still be safely washed in a washing machine with over 20 types of sequins and beads used in the flower design. So, you can expect it to be durable at this point, can’t you?


  • Color: Multi
  • Dimension: 38.5″ x 15″ x 0.2″
  • Weight: 4.85 lbs
  • Materials: 65% plastic beads, 30% glass beads, 5% wood beads

After having a long and deep decision process, will you bring this Hydrangea Table Runner home? If it’s your final choice, then let’s exchange your $715.00 for this and get satisfied afterward!

Kim Seybert Pros and Cons

Let’s bring our review into its deeper and sharper side by exploring this pros and cons section:


  • Various home & kitchen products (tabletop, kitchenware, table furniture, glasses, and others)
  • Several products are machine-washable
  • Well-designed
  • Durable even after multiple washing
  • More than 2-decade operation time
  • The design and pattern are always updated to the current style
  • Providing product care videos on the website
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Free shipping for domestic orders over $100
  • 21-day return policy


  • More expensive than other similar sites
  • There’s no detailed ratings & reviews on Trustpilot or other similar platforms

Who Is Kim Seybert For?

So, have you decided what concept you want to have in your big family dinner? Of course, you may choose the Christmas collection since it suits the celebration. 

However, can everyone shop from this store? We can’t say that the store’s products only suit several people. Therefore, we confidently recommend this to everyone, especially homeowners who want to decorate their dining tables to be prettier.

Kim Seybert Review: What Do Customers Think?

How do you make sure that the store is really that good? From now on, you shouldn’t look for other sources to get the answer. Instead, let’s just stay in this testimonial section, and we’ll tell you everything.

Kim Seybert Review: Kim Seybert Review: What Do Customers Think?

However, it was a bit hard to find ratings and reviews for the site on some review platforms. Otherwise, we found on Facebook that the brand collects 26 reviews with an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Then, what about the customer’s real reviews after shopping? 

Let’s begin with this satisfied shopper:

Upon the arrival of these napkin rings, I was concerned they would be too large for my medium-sized table. However, as you can see in the photo, they add the perfect pop to make my tablescape a winner.

From her napkin ring order, this customer felt so happy because it perfectly suits her table.

Next, you can also read this for further consideration:

These candlesticks are beautiful, exactly what I was looking for. I already have several sets and it can be addictive. Yesterday, someone recommended Tahiti placemat, so I think it will be my next order.

Have you purchased candlesticks before? Then you must do it since this customer felt it’s so addictive and good.

After that, it’s also important to read:

Last month, I decided to join the store’s sample sale. The packaging, quality, and overall experience were top-notch. Keep up the great work!

The sample sale event was a favorite. More customers had the best shopping experiences.

Then, can you stay for a while for this?

I recently bought my mom Kim Seybert beaded placemats as a Mother’s Day gift. They were even more beautiful in person and definitely worth the splurge!

People are satisfied to shop here because the products are as pretty as they’re advertised, as this customer.

Finally, have you ever had the best shopping experience in your life? If you haven’t had one, then trying to buy some from this store may give you one. But let’s not leave earlier because we still have more!

Is Kim Seybert Worth It?

Honestly, for a brand that has been in the industry for over 2 decades, it is already a game-changer. The fact that it persists in this most competitive era is insane. Also, there should be thousands or millions of customers benefit from it.

Kim Seybert Review: Is Kim Seybert Worth It?

Of these points, we confidently say that Kim Seybert has been and will always be 100% worth it. Under Kim’s management, the brand always catches the current updates to make their collections into every era. So, are you ready to decorate your own dining table?

Kim Seybert Shipping Policy

Who are the shipping enthusiasts here? Then, let’s learn Kim’s shipping policy passionately and get satisfied with your orders!

We are happy to inform you that Kim Seybert offers domestic (US), International, and Hawaii-Alaska shipping. Where are you from?

If you’re a US customer, there will be free shipping for orders over $100. But if you shop less, enjoy shipping costs starting from $14.99.

Then, International and Hawaii-Alaska customers will be responsible for shipping costs. Let’s go to the checkout page to see the detailed amount!

Kim Seybert Return Policy

After a long shipping, do you find that your items are wrong? That’s terrible. However, let’s stay calm because you have this return policy. Customers will have a 21-day return policy after the date of delivery.

For your information, to start the return process and learn the requirements for each collection, you may check it here. Finally, all customers will be responsible for return shipping costs, including insurance (if there are any).

How To Contact Kim Seybert?

A sweet talk to Kim Seybert? Find out the brand’s loveable customer support on the following platforms:

  • Phone: 1 – 877 – 564 – 7850
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Facebook: Kim Seybert
  • Instagram & Twitter: kimseybert
  • Contact form: Drop the message here!
  • Hours of availability: 5 active days (Mon-Fri 9:00 am-5:30 pm)
Company Address Showroom Address
37 W 37th St Fl 9, New York City, New York, 10018, United States Manhattan’s Fashion District

Where to buy Kim Seybert?

Shoppers, where can you buy nice product collections from Kim Seybert? Obviously, the most recommended place is on the official website.

Or, if you’re looking for other platforms, check eBay to see some retail stores. On the platforms, you can find various products like pillows. Besides that, if you prefer offline shopping, you can find the closest outlet to you on this page.

Kim Seybert Coupon Codes & Promos

While shopping on Kim Seybert, can you expect to have some special offers? Find them out here:

  • Subscribe to the email to get earlier notifications of exclusive offers
  • Join the affiliate program and earn benefits
  • Free shipping for domestic orders over $100
  • If you’re a store owner, you may earn benefits by joining the Wholesale program here (US and global)

We know those offers are not enough for you, so let’s check the more complete list below:

Reveal all coupons
Kim Seybert

Kim Seybert Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Kim Seybert reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Kim Seybert?

The brand’s founder and owner is Kim.

Where is Kim Seybert located?

It is located at 37 W 37th St Fl 9, New York City, New York, 10018, United States.

Does Kim Seybert ship internationally?

Yes, Kim Seybert ships internationally.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Kim Seybert Reviews & Ratings

So, how much are you preparing for the upcoming big family dinner? Since you still have more days, we guess shopping your needs on Kim Seybert will be good. You have learned about this store well, haven’t you?

Kim Seybert is truly the definition of all homeowners’ favorites. Since 1998, the products have dominated the industry and are now shipping worldwide. Hence, instead of spending hours bargaining the prices around the city, why don’t you visit the site now?


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