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About KGorge Curtains

Trying to find the best way to keep your room private from the burning sunlight and nosey neighbor? A curtain. But, KGorge Curtains goes beyond being a professional curtain company.

KGorge Curtains Review: About KGorge Curtains

KGorge is a professional curtain company fully devoted to making the best curtain, from making fabric dye to designing, cutting, and marketing.

Still, going beyond a curtain, you can find all your indoor and outdoor curtain needs, curtain accessories, bath mats, and tablecloths on the website. 

Interested in hearing more about this brand review? No worries, we’ll be taking you through the KGorge Curtains Review to discuss ratings, customer reviews, company, and more to help you assess whether or not this brand is one you should trust.

Overview Of KGorge Curtains

KGorge was launched in 2021 by a private enterprise that runs on making professional curtains. To our best research, we cannot find the owner of this company, but some sources disclosed it is from China.

Unlike the standard curtain makers, they curate curtains from fabric processing, dyeing, and designs within their factory.

Also, by hiring designers from the USA and Europe, their products remind you so much of how a high-class patio, gazebo, and luxurious corridor look will be with their perfect layer of curtains.

Not only do they design curtains for indoor and outdoor layouts, but they also offer curtains accessories, tablecloths, and bath mats in their collection to complete your interior look.

With thousands of followers and numerous tags from design interior enthusiasts on their social media, will KGorge also be your favorite curtain brand?

Well, I will help you figure that out, but for now, let’s skim their highlight points:

KGorge Curtains Highlights

  • Free shipping on all orders above $80 within the USA
  • Accept international shipping requests
  • Customer care hotline is open 24/7
  • 30 days return
  • Secure payment with PEV
  • Various outdoor, indoors, and blackout curtains
  • Customizable measurements
  • Offer curtains, accessories, tablecloths, and bath mats

KGorge Curtains Reviews

Of course, on this Kgorge Review page, I couldn’t miss reviewing some of their fittest products. You can find filter options on their website, such as blackout curtains, sheer curtains, kitchen curtains, etc.

KGorge Curtains Reviews: KGorge Curtains Reviews

KGorge Product Collections

  • Outdoor Curtain
  • Sun Shade Sails
  • Patio Furniture & Covers
  • Indoor Curtains
  • Accessories

However, after browsing through their catalog and enjoying the interior look reviews from their buyers, 3 products received the most praise from buyers. What are they? Jump to the paragraph below!

KGORGE Waterproof Grommet Top Patio Curtain Reviews

Let me point out the appeal of this curtain from KGORGE in three words: protect your privacy. Literally, this curtain has a polyester material with triple weave technology to block out sunlight and neighbor’s peepers in 85 – 90 percent.

KGorge Curtains Review: KGORGE Waterproof Grommet Top Patio Curtain Reviews

The triple weave technology makes this curtain a heavy-duty material to protect you from UV rays, rain, and extreme weather conditions.

You can enjoy the view of your backyard without thinking about how to maintain these curtains, and they are low maintenance. For just $44.99, you can protect your private patio moments from the nosy eyes of your neighbors.

KGORGE Rod Pocket & Back Tab Sheer Privacy Linen Curtains Reviews

The next product that catches customers’ eye is this sheer white, dreamy curtain which will let the morning light enter your room more softly.

KGorge Curtains Review: KGORGE Rod Pocket & Back Tab Sheer Privacy Linen Curtains Reviews

What’s the material of these drapes? It’s made of a linen blend fabric with a boxy fibrous texture and a semi-translucent view.

Beautifully, it is perfect for you who want to set a sense of privacy yet still let a trace of visible silhouettes. To let sunlight into your home without anyone knowing too much about what’s inside, you only need $32.99!

KGORGE Velcro Tab Top Waterproof Outdoor Curtains Reviews

Say hi to Velcro Tab Top Waterproof Outdoor Curtains! As you can guess, this curtain is perfect for those of you who want more of an instant result.

KGorge Curtains Review: KGORGE Velcro Tab Top Waterproof Outdoor Curtains Reviews

You don’t have to bother taking down the rod to install it. You or your kids can easily hang it by attaching the velcro tab top when the package arrives home. For only $54.99, you can get these polyester curtains for your patio, corridor, pergola, or even gazebo!

KGORGE Curtain Measurement Guide

Are you new to curtains? Or want to get a new style variation for your windows, terrace, or even gazebo Don’t get the wrong size. Immediately head over to KGorge’s website, as they provide detailed information on choosing a curtain design and measuring it to fit your expectations.

KGorge Curtains Review: KGORGE Curtain Measurement Guide

Who Is KGORGE Curtains For?

For any interior design enthusiast or someone who pays attention to vintage and outdoor decor, KGorge is the perfect curtain stop.

KGorge Curtains Review: Who Is KGORGE Curtains For?

It has a huge range of curtains to embellish your space with various styles, colors, drapes, and silhouettes. If you are someone who needs indoor accessories with practical and durable value, then KGorge is also suitable for you.

Because not only does it offer the highest quality curtains, but it also prepares simple style options that are affordable for many parties but high in functional value and durability.

Is KGORGE Curtains Legit?

We know you want to entrust your curtain order to the best brand. Hence, we say that KGorge can be your trusted curtain brand.

KGorge Curtains Review: Is KGORGE Curtains Legit?

Honestly, we believe that this brand is legit. All the reviews from the web, trust pilots, and uploaded photos tagged on social media show that it is a legit brand. So, it’s safe to say it’s a legit brand.

Is KGorge Curtains Worth It?

With high-quality curtains in various fabrics, from sheer, velvet, and linen, as well as quality delivery and affordable prices, KGorge strongly has many positive aspects that make it worth buying and collecting.

KGorge Curtains Review: Is KGorge Curtains Worth It?

KGORGE Curtains Customer Feedbacks: What Do Customers Think?

Still shortly been running since 2021, and KGorge has stolen the hearts of interior design enthusiasts.

KGorge Curtains Review: KGORGE Curtains Customer Feedbacks: What Do Customers Think?

Their website review is overflowing with hundreds of positive comments and photos of testimony. One satisfied customer said:

I love these curtains. I ordered 6 and then ordered 3 more for my whole deck. Fabric is wonderful, shipping was very fast & they are made well & exactly as advertised. I would definitely & highly recommend it.

Clearly, the customer is happy because of the product’s quality and shipment service from the brand. They even cannot get enough with one order.

Amazon is another source for us to skim on their review. One of the customers wrote:

I was skeptical of the quality due to the price. But we wanted something that wouldn’t break the bank but would keep the light and heat out on our sliding back door. These did the trick!! Much better quality than I anticipated, and they really do block the light and heat out!

This time, the brand has exceeded the customer’s expectation of product quality despite the affordable price.

However, in Trustpilot, we find some complaints regarding the company’s customer care service that has huge room for improvement. One of the customers reviewed:

I am really happy with the curtains. That is the only thing I can say that is positive. Customer service experience was awful […]

Even though there is room for improvement, the positive reviews outweigh the dominant ratings. Most customers are satisfied with the multi-faceted aspects of this professional curtain brand, especially the quality curtains.

KGORGE Curtains Shipping Policy

KGorge offers free shipping within the USA for purchases above $80. Also, they provide standard and express shipping, which will take delivery time of around 3-5 days and  5-7 days on business days

In addition, this curtain company also has the following standard shipping prices and promos:

  • Purchases up to $38.99 are subject to shipping costs of $9.99
  • Purchases up to $79.99 are subject to shipping costs of $6.99

Good news! If you are outside the USA, you can still order their beautiful curtains.

Please get in touch so with the KGorge team via the contact below, so they can provide the best and most reliable delivery service to arrive at your home.

KGORGE Curtains Return Policy

KGorge also accepts refund or return requests for items with quality issues (without shipping and handling fees) within 30-days.

Reach out to [email protected] and let them know about the defect you received. Also, you can cancel your order within 1×24 hours of the deal, and they will give you a full refund.

How to Contact KGorge Curtains?

Does the urge to decorate your rooms and patio start to level? Or do you have any questions to ask them about the perfect drape to add to your room’s interior and exterior?

You can contact them through the following media:

Thankfully, their hotlines are open 24/7, so you can contact them anytime!

Where to buy KGorge Curtains?

You can fulfill your shopping cart with KGorge’s curtains collections by checking out their items through its official website or buying them through other e-commerce such as Amazon, eBay, Wayfair, etc.

KGorge Curtains Coupon Codes & Promos

Just as the sheer curtains are easy to open and close, KGorge is also happy to offer rebates and discounts. Here are some of the discounts that I found when writing this KGorge review:

  • Free Shipping over $80 within the USA
  • Back to school deals 49% + 12% off

Also, you can subscribe to their newsletter to get more info and exclusive deals.

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KGorge Curtains

KGorge Curtains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for KGorge Curtains reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns KGorge?

There is no exact information about the owner. But KGorge is a private enterprise specializing in making curtains.

Does KGorge ship internationally?

Yes, it does. But you need to contact the customer hotline to get further information regarding delivery policies.

Where is KGorge located?

The curtains factory process is located in China.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of KGorge Curtains Reviews & Ratings

When you are in a dilemma to take the public spotlight or to hide, just purchase a curtain. KGorge has a lot of options to help you with that.

Say anything you need; a blackout curtain? A sheer one? Or just a linen blend to give your patio more lively vibes? Just heading off to their website, you’ll never know how a hanging fabric can change your interior and exterior mood.


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