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Keyzar Jewelry Review 2024 → Elegant Engagement Ring For True Love

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About Keyzar Jewelry

Show your true love to the woman you love by giving her the most impressive engagement ring. It might be a classic or timeless elegant shape flattering to the finger. Everything can be customized easily at Keyzar Jewelry.

Keyzar Jewelry Review: About Keyzar Jewelry

Keyzar is your one-stop destination for a wide selection of the finest jewelry. It’s the place to get the jewelry you’ve been dreaming of with trustworthy manufacturing. Each stone is carefully crafted to leave a memorable statement. 

This brand is quite popular, with 13.7k+ followers on Facebook and 109k+ followers on Instagram. You can drop by the account and look at the sparkling diamonds that will shine on your precious finger. 

If you’re interested in this brand, we will be your buying guide to determine which ring you’re going to choose. Stay with us in Keyzar Jewelry review to find our honest review about the brand. 

Let’s get started!

Overview Of Keyzar Jewelry

Keyzar is a jewelry store based in New York City. The store decided to expand its business online after focusing on handling customized jewelry pieces and engagement rings.

With a great team of jewelry experts, creatives, and programmers, this brand has a mission to streamline online jewelry shopping. They strive to be the most important part of spreading love in every beautiful moment.

The manufacturing process is entirely created from scratch and handled with cutting-edge technology. It will keep each piece of jewelry sparkling and elegant.

Keyzar Jewelry Review

Wondering which engagement ring to choose? No worries. You’ll find the perfect collection or try to create your own design at Keyzar. Just begin by finding the style that’s flattering to you. Then decide on which diamond shape will bring out your personality even more.

Keyzar Jewelry Reviews: Keyzar Jewelry Review

The shapes of diamonds are divided into the following: Oval (an elongated shape), Round (the classic one), Marquise (sparkling narrow shape), Pear (teardrop shape), Emerald (like a hall of mirrors), Princess (brilliance in a square shape), and Heart (love’s expression), and many more. 

Other than rings, the following are the other collections listed at Keyzar. Feel free to personalize your desired size, color, and total carat.

Each piece of jewelry has its own meaning with unparalleled quality. Of course, you’ll love it. It’s also easy to resize the ring if it doesn’t fit you.

Moreover, we found some important points that must be highlighted while shopping at this store. Check it out!

Keyzar Jewelry Highlights

  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Free Engraving
  • Easy return within 30 days
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Secure payment
  • Helpful customer support

Keyzar Wedding Bands Review

The first best-selling jewel is The Penelope Ring in the Wedding Bands collection. This stunning ring has 7 brilliant VVS diamonds dazzling on each side. It’s so beautiful to put on your finger at the sacred moment of your wedding.

Keyzar Jewelry Review: Keyzar Wedding Bands Review

The Penelope ring is both beautiful and sophisticated. Looking closely in front, this ring gives an elegant impression. This ring fits perfectly and feels super comfortable on the finger. Everyone will swoon at the sight of it.

Available in 3 different gorgeous colors and two average total carats (14k and 18k): White Gold, Rose Gold, and Yellow Gold. Select your size now for a special price of $650!

Keyzar Engagement Ring Review

Seize your special moment by selecting the right engagement ring, like The Twig Emily. This ring symbolizes your next chapter in starting a new journey together as a couple.

Keyzar Jewelry Review: Keyzar Engagement Ring Review

This exquisite ring is inspired by the beauty of nature. From the side and back, you’ll notice the branches spread out to tightly bind the diamond. The delicate band and soft color add memorable subtle sparkle. It’s such an incredible ring!

Just like the wedding ring, this one comes in 3 beautiful colors along with a total of 14k and 18k carats. You also need to be careful about which diamond shape suits you best.

The Twig Emily ring costs $950. Book your appointment now to consult your ring!

Keyzar Jewelry Pros & Cons

Once you’ve figured out the brand’s products, let’s take a look at this roundup below to see what’s up and down at Keyzar.


  • Carefully handcrafted 
  • Various selections of styles, sizes, and exquisite colors
  • The quality is beyond no doubt
  • It’s good for customized jewelry without any hassle
  • It’s made with real diamonds


  • There are no significant complaint of the product

Keyzar Jewelry Size Guide

When purchasing any jewelry piece, you must ensure the size feels extra comfortable without sacrificing the design. With this in mind, Keyzar Jewelry brings you a broad selection of sizes to fit your finger.

Each jewelry collection has a different size guide. For example, the available sizes for wedding bands range from 3.0 – 11.0. You can check them out on each product page. You can also personalize your own size easily.

Who Is Keyzar Jewelry For?

Keyzar is specially made for customers who want to find exceptional jewelry with brilliant and unique designs easily. All the selections are suitable to be the first choice of engagement rings or wedding bands.

Keyzar Jewelry Review: Who Is Keyzar Jewelry For?

Even better, Keyzar is a highly recommended online jewelry shop for customized jewelry items. Whether you’re a woman, a man, or a co-designer, you must add this as a top list in your notes.

Is Keyzar Jewelry Legit?

Keyzar Jewelry is totally a legit brand in the industry. All pieces of jewelry for sale are handcrafted from scratch. They have carefully selected the diamonds and the material to create the highest quality of jewelry.

This store also provides returns and a warranty if the item meets any issues. So, don’t hesitate to think about it when it comes to buying the finest jewelry.

Keyzar Jewelry Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

As mentioned above, we will provide testimonials from real customers who have already tried this amazing jewelry. We found at Trustpilot, Keyzar received 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 292 reviews. You can consider this to find out what they think about the quality. 

Keyzar Jewelry Review: Keyzar Jewelry Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The first customer said:

She absolutely loved it. I surprised my fiance with this beautiful ring. She was a bit worried that she might not like with white gold that much. But, it is a perfect ring for my lovely girl. I am super happy that it was made and shipped so quickly …

Each ring is handcrafted using advanced technology to ensure its excellent grade. It’s no surprise when a customer is extremely thrilled about it. 

Another buyer mentioned:

The shipment is very quickly. I would say the whole process is satsftying. After ordering, it took two weeks at most. This one is the most wonderful ring I’ve seen. I think I’ve truly made a good decision …

Again, one customer shares his happiness after buying an engagement ring from Keyzar. He couldn’t be happier to find a delicate solitaire ring design

One buyer explained:

Overall, my experience shop at this store is really great. The team is helpful during the entire process, especially when my order was not exactly what I was want. I am super amazed when the ring arrive …

In addition to quality, the customer above leaves a good impression of the excellent service in every selection of jewelry.

All in all, most clients seem extremely impressed with every purchase. They are satisfied with the good service and everything. You can find other testimonials from verified customers on its site.

Is Keyzar Jewelry Worth It?

Every jewelry purchase in Keyzar is worth it. The jewelry comes in dazzling looks, from rings to necklaces and bracelets. In addition, there are various designs and styles you can find there.

Keyzar Jewelry Review: Is Keyzar Jewelry Worth It?

In terms of price, each piece is tailored to match the quality and manufacturing process. As a result, it guarantees customers will definitely get the best jewelry collection with breathtaking designs.

How To Contact Keyzar Jewelry

For any questions related to the product, checking out process, or other general questions, please reach out to customer service. Here are the following contact methods you can use:

The team will be available during business hours starting from Sunday to Thursday, 10 am to 5 pm ET.

Keyzar Jewelry Location

580 Fifth Ave. Suite #1706,
New York, NY 10036

Keyzar Jewelry Shipping Policy

Keyzar offers International shipping using express courier services, either DHL or FedEx. The good news is all items are eligible for free shipping. All items are guaranteed to be in good condition before being shipped to each address. 

Typically, the jewelry creation might take up to 10-15 business days. It will ship around two business days to arrive at your doorstep. The estimated delivery time might vary depending on location and shipping method. 

Your order requires a signature upon delivery to provide a guarantee of protection. You can trace your order location with the tracking number you received once the product is shipped. 

Keyzar Jewelry Return Policy

At Keyzar, you’ll find the easiest way to order custom jewelry. They will ensure every customer’s satisfaction. But, if the item you receive doesn’t meet your expectations, you can request a return for a refund within 30 days from the shipping confirmation date.

The return policy is available for all items except any custom-made jewelry. Please note that the rings must be sent back in perfect condition. It requires the original packaging and receipt of the order. 

It takes about 14 business days to process your return. If your request is approved, the team will manage your refund to the original payment. For further info, kindly visit the Term Of Use Page

Keyzar Jewelry Warranty

Every purchase on Keyzar Jewelry in-store or online store has covered a lifetime warranty. It includes free refurbishment, inspection, and plating during the product warranty period. 

You can claim the warranty with general defects such as loose prongs, rhodium plating, and more. The warranty doesn’t apply to improper use, such as exposure to damaging temperatures and environments, use of abrasive materials, negligence, or alterations by third parties.

Where to buy Keyzar Jewelry?

Keyzar Jewelry is available either in-store or online store. If you want to purchase online, make sure to visit only its official website. Over there, you can enjoy easy shopping and other exclusive benefits.

Keyzar Jewelry Coupon Codes & Promos

Lucky you, Keyzar has special offers for purchasing on the website. Here, we will tell you how to redeem the discount. 

  • Enter discount code SPARKLINGWEEKEND at checkout for 12% off sitewide.
  • Claim $200 off on the first order by joining the newsletter. 

To get more promotion codes, tap the button box below. Remember that the discount is only available for a limited time. So please, grab it faster!

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Keyzar Jewelry

Keyzar Jewelry Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Keyzar Jewelry reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Keyzar Jewelry?

Shalom Khotoveli is the co-founder of Keyzar Jewelry. 

Is Keyzar Jewelry real diamonds? 

Of course, each jewelry piece is crafted from real diamonds that are carefully hand-selected to create brilliant and exceptional collections.

How long does Keyzar jewelry take to ship?

Once the jewelry has been made, it will be shipped to each address within 1-2 business days.

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Conclusion of Keyzar Jewelry Reviews & Ratings

So, have you decided on your own ring? Make sure you choose the style you want, whether it’s paved, side stones, three stones, hidden halo, solitaire, vintage, or others. Then, set it with a diamond shape to suit your perfect ring

Well, you must add Keyzar Jewelry to your bucket list for online jewelry shopping. Other than receiving the best quality 14k or 18k-carat jewelry, you’ll enjoy the ease of shopping without compromising satisfaction. 


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