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Keepsake Frames Review 2024 → Display Your Photos with High-Quality Handcrafted Frames!

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About Keepsake Frames

There is nothing easier than transforming, storing, and displaying whatever memories you have with your loved ones with a high-quality photo frame from Keepsake Frames. When it comes to photo frames, you are definitely familiar with the name of this brand.

Keepsake Frames Review: About Keepsake Frames

It is a well-known United States-based brand that provides and delivers high-quality photo frames to everyone effortlessly through phones and computers.

As a testament to their popularity, they currently boast 55k followers on Facebook, 66.4k followers on Instagram and 3k followers on Twitter. You can follow their social media to get the latest information about the brand.

Apart from social media, you can also get valuable information through this Keepsake Frames review. Here, we will invite you to know more about this brand, starting from its history, how it works, customer reviews, discounts, and more. So. stay tuned!

Overview of Keepsake Frames

In 2015, Adam Weiss accidentally took a picture of his two friends holding hands. He thought it would be perfect if he framed the photo and made it into a gift for his friend. So that’s the story of how Keepsake Frames was founded.

Headquartered in New York, United States, the brand builds each frame in its various workshops across the United States. Indeed. All the frames are made in the United States, ensuring the best quality yet affordable price you can get.

In addition, every frame you order from the brand is handcrafted by professional framers to ensure your frame arrives with outstanding quality and craftsmanship.

Moreover, the material used by this brand to print your photos is luster paper. Luster paper is a well-known paper suitable for printing photos because it can show accurate skin tones and is easy to see from various angles.

Plus, the molding on each Keepsake frame is made of solid wood with premium finishes. The brand also uses acid-free foam core backing and scratch-resistant glass to protect the photo prints from unwanted elements.

To this day, the brand has framed hundreds of thousands of photos and sent them to people all over the United States, Canada, and Australia. As a matter of fact, Keepsake Frames has also been featured in The New York Times.

That’s a bit of an overview of the brand. To give you more insight into it, we have also compiled the pros and cons of Keepsake Frames. Check them out!

Keepsake Frames Pros

  • All frames available are made in workshops across the United States.
  • Every frame you order is handcrafted by professional framers
  • Uses premium materials in the manufacture of frames
  • Presents a wide range of different frame sizes and designs
  • Featured in The New York Times
  • Gain many happy customers
  • Excellent customer service

Keepsake Frames Cons

  • Does not accept international shipping

Keepsake Frames Review

With Keepsake Frames, there is a wide selection of frames that you can choose from to suit the memorable photos that you want to frame and showcase. You can pick frames from small, medium, to large sizes.

Keepsake Frames Reviews: Keepsake Frames Review

In addition, you can also choose frames with various designs ranging from rustic style to modern style. Whatever your photo is, you decide which frame is the most suitable.

In this review, we picked three frames that we thought were interesting, which you might want to use as a reference to frame your memorable photos.

Keepsake Frames Review: Best Three Frame Choices

  • Haiku Small Frame
  • Sojourn Medium Frame
  • Gallery Large Frame

Without further ado, let’s break down these three kinds of frames!

Keepsake Frames Haiku Small Frame Reviews

Need a small frame to display a photo with your loved ones? Then you might want to consider this Keepsake Frames Haiku Small Frame. A frame that has an aesthetic hardwood maple style, perfect for decorating your bedroom while reminiscing your memorable photos.

Keepsake Frames Review: Keepsake Frames Haiku Small Frame Reviews

This Haiku frame is made from solid American hardwood milled in Michigan, giving the frame a unique yet luxurious design. In addition to the design, this small frame is also equipped with 2mm scratch-resistant glass that ensures your photos will not be easily damaged by external factors.

Haiku Small Frame Details

  • Ideal for 6½” x 4½” Prints
  • Frame Interior: 10″ x 8″
  • Exterior Frame: 11″ x 9″

If you are interested in using this Haiku frame, you can prepare a budget of around $49 when you are in the checkout process.

Keepsake Frames Sojourn Medium Frame Reviews

The second is the Keepsake Frames Sojourn Medium Frame, a frame that is suitable for those who wish to frame their photos with a frame that is neither small nor large. This medium frame is also perfect for those of you who are looking for a frame with a contemporary design coupled with a rustic nuance.

Keepsake Frames Review: Keepsake Frames Sojourn Medium Frame Reviews

Additionally, the distressed wood border on this frame comes with a style that will bring the atmosphere of a summer vacation on a blue beach. With this border design, it makes this medium frame suitable for photos with a blue sea background.

Sojourn Medium Frame Details

  • Ideal for 10″ x 8″ Print
  • Frame Interior: 12½” x 10½”
  • Exterior Frame: 13″ x 11″

Interested in getting this Sojourn frame because it suits your photos? In that case, pick this frame up and set your budget at $55.

Next up is a large frame suitable for displaying your large photos as an eye-catcher in your living room, the Keepsake Frames Gallery Large Frame. Whether you have your wedding photos, family photos, or vacation photos with your loved ones, you can showcase your romance and harmony with this large frame.

Keepsake Frames Review: Keepsake Frames Gallery Large Frame Reviews

Featuring a large modern design without a mat, this frame can display all your photos without any gaps, giving the impression that your memories are fully enjoyed by many people.

Gallery Large Frame Details

  • Ideal for 20″ x 20″ Print
  • Frame Interior: 20″ x 20″
  • Exterior Frame: 21″ x 21″

To bring this Gallery frame home, you should be prepared to spend a budget of $99.

How Does Keepsake Frames Work?

Transforming your memories into high-quality photo frames will be as easy as with Keepsake Frames. Below are the steps you can take to transform your memories. Check it out!

  • Choose Your Photo

Firstly, you can pick a photo you want to commemorate through photo frames.

  • Preview Your Photo in Dozens of Frames

Once done, you can choose and preview several frames that are available and depicted on your phone or computer.

  • Done. Just Wait for Your Photo Frames to Arrive at Your Doorstep

Suppose you have already chosen the suitable frames that suit your preferences. In that case, you just need to wait within days to receive your orders.

Who is Keepsake Frames For?

Unquestionably, Keepsake Frames is for everyone. Whoever you are who wants to showcase your memorable photos in a frame, then this brand is for you. Whether you want to display your wedding photos, vacation photos with your family, adorable photos of your child, or anything else, this brand is the ideal place for you.

Keepsake Frames Review: Who is Keepsake Frames For?

The selection of frames that you can choose with this brand is also diverse, ranging from small, medium, to large. Additionally, each type of frame size comes with a different design. With this, you will never run out of frame options to choose from.

Keepsake Frames Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Great. That’s probably the right word to describe Keepsake Frames. For a brand that provides high-quality framed prints, they managed to get outstanding ratings for their app on two different platforms.

Keepsake Frames Review: Keepsake Frames Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Here are the rating;

  • Keepsake Frames App on Play Store rated 4.6/5.0 stars from 619 reviews
  • Keepsake Frames App on App Store rated 4.9/5.0 stars from 36.2k reviews

To show you what kind of quality this brand delivers to get such an amazing rating, we have summarized some genuine testimonials for you.

The first one comes from a customer who expressed satisfaction that the frame she ordered came with the same design as the picture. She also liked the ease of process that the brand provides through its intuitive website and app.

The frame I chose for my picture was exactly as described and looks gorgeous. It was a highly intuitive process due to their excellent website and app.

The same thing was also expressed by the next customer. He revealed that the frames owned by this brand come with high quality as well as prints. In addition, this customer also shared his satisfaction with how the brand delivered his frame order well-packed.

The frames are high quality, and so are the prints. I received them super quickly and well-packed to avoid them from damage.

Based on the two genuine testimonials above, Keepsake Frames managed to get a perfect rating due to the ease of ordering that the brand offers to its customers. Additionally, many customers expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the frames and photos provided by the brand.

All in all, the ease of ordering and the high quality of the frames are the two aspects that are most loved by the customers.

Is Keepsake Frames Legit?

Sure, and no question about it, Keepsake Frames is legit. The brand was established over 10 years ago and has displayed thousands of photos of people with the high-quality frames that the brand provides. Also, the brand has been featured in The New York Times, which makes it even more trustworthy.

Keepsake Frames Review: Is Keepsake Frames Legit?

Better yet, the Keepsake Frames app developed by the brand has also received positive feedback from many people as it facilitates them to order the frame. Thus, not only the brand but the Keepsake App is also legit as it has gotten 10,000 5-star reviews.

Is Keepsake Frames Worth It?

Based on the fact of how the brand is getting outstanding ratings on both Play Store and AppStore, it would be easy to agree that Keepsake Frames is worth your consideration. With this brand, you will have the convenience of displaying your photos through frames in your home.

Keepsake Frames Review: Is Keepsake Frames Worth It?

On top of that, every frame designed by the brand is made in the USA using premium materials and handcrafted by professional framers. With this, you can bet that you will always purchase the highest quality frames at Keepsake Frames.

Keepsake Frames Shipping Policy

According to Keepsake Frames’ shipping policy, they currently ship to all 50 states in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Since every frame sold by this brand is handmade, you will need to wait a few days for your order to be delivered.

What about the arrival time? It may take a few days for the frame to arrive at your doorstep, depending on where you live. At checkout, you can figure out the arrival time of your order.

In terms of shipping policy, the brand offers two shipping methods to choose from, standard or expedited. Depending on which shipping method you choose, the shipping costs you have to spend will also differ. If you choose the expedited shipping method, you may need to spend more money.

Keepsake Frames Return Policy

As you already know, every frame provided by this brand is handmade. Therefore, all frames that arrive at your doorstep are completely final. Yep, that’s right, this brand doesn’t offer any return policy.

However, if you receive your order damaged during shipping, you may be able to apply for an exchange with the brand. You can request an exchange by sending photos of the damage to your order via [email protected].

How To Contact Keepsake Frames

Keepsake Frames is happy to receive any feedback or questions you have in mind. So, in case you experience several problems, you can approach the customer service contact.

  • Phone Number: (917) 708-8240
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Instagram: @keepsake
  • Facebook: Keepsake Frames
  • Twitter: @givekeepsake

To facilitate your service quality to excellent quality, please keep in mind that you should contact the customer service team during their business hours on Monday – Friday, from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Where to buy Keepsake Frames?

As a brand that provides custom photo frames, the only place you can go to order the Keepsake Frames sales is its official website.

Keepsake Frames Coupon Codes & Promos

Discounts will always be a wonderful thing to use on every purchase you make. Thus, we’ve summarized some Keepsake Frames discounts and promo codes for you. But before taking the discounts, you can subscribe to the brand’s newsletter as you can take some advantages, such as limited coupon codes and exclusive offers. 

So how can I get those promo codes? It’s quite easy, as you just need to click the button below. Once you hit the button, several coupon codes will appear on your screen. Use it, and happy shopping!

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Keepsake Frames Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Keepsake Frames reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who is the founder of Keepsake Frames?

This brand is founded by Adam Weiss.

Where is Keepsake Frames located?

This brand is located in New York, United States.

Does Keepsake Frames ship internationally?

As of today, this brand only offers to ship within 50 states in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Where can I download the Keepsake Frames app?

If you’re an Android user, then you can download the Keepsake Frames app through Google Play Store. In contrast, you can install the Keepsake Frames app through AppStore if you’re an Apple user.

How much do Keepsake Frames cost?

Depending on the size dan design of the frame you choose, the price will be different, starting at $15 to $100+.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Keepsake Frames Reviews & Ratings

Photos aren’t always meant to be kept, but you should also showcase them in your home. If a photo makes you happy, then it deserves to be on your wall. With Keepsake Frames, whatever photos or memories you want to showcase, they will print, frame, and deliver to your doorstep.

Thanks to their quality in terms of photo printing, frames, and even service, they have managed to satisfy hundreds of thousands of customers, which makes them worth it. So, if you have photos that you want to hang in your home, we highly recommend Keepsake Frames as your go-to option.


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