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About Kathie Storie Jewelry

Apart from outfits, jewelry is one of the complementary accessories to enhance your appearance. Jewelry is one way to express your style and personality. So, reveal your favorite style with the Kathie Storie jewelry collection!

Kathie Storie Review: About Kathie Storie Jewelry
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Jewelry is often seen as a fashion accessory to complete an outfit. Kathie Storie is an American jewelry brand that provides you with a wide collection of earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches with eccentric and modern designs.

Kathie’s jewelry collection features designs of different pieces worn to symbolize additional messages such as security, wisdom, elegance, and prosperity.

An American jewelry store, the brand is dedicated to bringing you elegant jewelry collections of high quality and affordable prices.

As a newly established brand, the brand has recently launched its social media account, Instagram. Of course, you can become an avid follower of the brand to get to know the brand’s latest catalog collections.

In this Kathie Storie jewelry review, we’ll dig into everything you need to know about the brand before you buy. From the company itself to its best-selling items, we will leave no stone unturned. Let’s dig deep!

Overview of Kathie Storie Jewelry

Established in early 2022, Kathie Storie is a USA-based jewelry brand with a theme of Niche x Unique, Old Fashion x Modern Style.

The company stands for the selection of jewelry with unique classy, elegant designs and styles to make a woman a delicate lady, like a classic salute or a working woman for casual gatherings.

Kathie Storie is dedicated to crafting exquisite jewelry for everyday elegance. Gold is the brand’s primary color for whatever the season brings, autumn and winter to come.

The brand makes its products plated in 14K gold and colorful enamels crafted on sterling silver. Its Millet bead and Baroque pearls uphold the purity and elegance of pearls, then meet with gold that reflects the radiance of a woman’s dignity and confidence.

All in all, the brand brings you a jewelry blend of a retro and modern vibe. It resembles protecting the memory of the past and the vision of the future.

Kathie Storie Jewelry Reviews

You deserve the fashion style you want, so it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to some affordable luxury. Kathie Storie has just the thing.

Kathie Storie Reviews: Kathie Storie Jewelry Reviews

When you discover the brand’s prices, you might not believe it. But that’s not even the extent of Kathie Storie. Once you open the website, you’ll fall in love with what the brand is all about.

This Kathie Storie review will review three best-selling brands from the earrings, bracelet, and necklace categories.

Kathie Storie’s three best-selling products:

  • Drip Glaze Rose Earrings
  • Initial Multicolor Small Bead Bracelet
  • Long Oval 2IN1 pendant Necklace

So, are you ready for this elegant and affordable jewelry collection? Let’s take a look in the section below!

Kathie Storie Drip Glaze Rose Earrings Reviews

Helping customers express their personality through accessories and style, the Kathie Storie Drip Glaze Rose Earrings are perfect for everyday wear as they are extremely lightweight and comfortable.

Kathie Storie Review: Kathie Storie Drip Glaze Rose Earrings Reviews

These Drip Glaze Rose Earrings come with textured gold studs and a vintage-style design. In addition, these elegant rose-themed dangle earrings come in the perfect shade of red or pink.

These delicate pieces are timeless and made with drip glaze metal, so the color will never fade. As a result, you can cherish and decorate it with pride.

Whether your favorite style is; floral, formal, gothic, or e-girl, these Drip Glaze Rose Earrings can do a great job matching your favorite style.

Drip Glaze Rose Earrings details:

  • Metal: 14K Gold Plated On Silver
  • Needle: 925 Sliver
  • Color: Red or pink drip glaze
  • Red dangle: 16mm(H) x 16mm(W)
  • Pink dangle: 20mm(H) x 15mm(W)

Ranging in color and size, these Drip Glaze Rose Earrings are simple enough to wear every day, yet they can elevate and add sparkle to your wardrobe essentials. You can get these Drip Glaze Rose Earrings at $22.40.

Kathie Storie Initial Multicolor Small Bead Bracelet Reviews

Between dangling hoops and layered beads, a suitable bracelet will take any outfit to the next level. So, when it comes to accessorizing your wrist, the Kathie Storie Initial Multicolor Small Bead Bracelet can be a visionary bracelet choice for your fashion style.

Kathie Storie Review: Kathie Storie Initial Multicolor Small Bead Bracelet Reviews

Enchanting enough to be worn alone or with your favorite watch, this Initial Multicolor Small Bead Bracelet features a round chain bracelet and round diamond-shaped multicolor beads.

The Initial Multicolor Small Bead Bracelet features an old style that meets simple design. It is a gold-plated titanium steel double-strand with strands of tiny colored beads, becoming the most common decoration in daily life.

You can wear this Initial Multicolor Small Bead Bracelet with other bracelets, your favorite watches, and many more. It has a total length of 6.3 inches and is made with a brass base with gold plating.

Instead of having dangling charms, this bracelet set features a broken heart in the center of each chain with a small diamond in the center for added sparkle.

At $17.50, this Multicolor Small Bead Bracelet can be your favorite bracelet choice on any occasion!

Kathie Storie Long Oval 2IN1 pendent Necklace Reviews

Necklaces are a great place to start when you want to show your personality. If you want something to show your personality or find affordable jewelry that you can wear daily, the Kathie Storie Long Oval 2IN1 Pendant Necklace is a great option.

Kathie Storie Review: Kathie Storie Long Oval 2IN1 pendent Necklace Reviews

If you prefer a necklace that isn’t chunky but does a great job showing off your neckline— allow us to introduce you to this attractive option, the Long Oval 2IN1 Pendant Necklace.

Made with a base metal that is gold plated on titanium steel, this necklace has a beautiful semi-titanium gold finish.

Furthermore, the one Cuban chain plus a strand of the oval chain makes this double-layer chain perfect for your look.

Striking a balance between bold and minimalist, you can get this Long Oval 2IN1 pendent Necklace at $24.50.

Kathie Storie Pros & Cons

Weighing the pros and cons can speed up the decision-making process and help you avoid decision-making regrets. Hence, we have summarized the pros & cons of the brand into the following points.


  • Vintage & aesthetic design
  • The price is in line with the quality
  • Many & varied choices
  • Easy to pair with other jewelry
  • Free shipping option


  • No international/global shipping is available yet

Who Is Kathie Storie For?

Looking at how the brand designs and marketing approaches through the brand’s Instagram feeds, this review would say that Kathie Storie’s target demographic is the young millennial.

Kathie Storie Review: Who Is Kathie Storie For?

Their necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings are delicate and accessible enough for people who want to collect staples.

Plus, for those who want to try gold jewelry but not make you look too flashy or older, Kathie’s jewelry collection will be perfect for whatever your style is.

Is Kathie Storie Worth It?

A reasonable question, no doubt. From our observations, the value of Kathie’s jewelry based on its overall price and quality seems reasonable.

Kathie Storie Review: Is Kathie Storie Worth It?

Moreover, Kathie’s top priority is the consumer and shipping the products directly to them. So you can avoid markups that make your favorite items 10x more expensive.

Kathie’s jewelry collection uses gold, precious metals, chains, and gemstones. They are very high quality and last for years, especially with proper care. Based on our findings, we can confidently say that Kathie Storie is worth it.

Is Kathie Storie Legit?

Despite being a relatively new brand, Kathie Storie is legit. It is legally registered and has collaborated with some banks as the company’s payment method. In addition, the product return service makes us confident that the brand is legit & registered.

Kathie Storie Review: Is Kathie Storie Legit?

How to Contact Kathie Storie

The brand aims to provide the best jewellery and the best customer service. If you have any questions or want to discuss the products further, you can reach out to the company by filling out the form on the official website or sending an email to [email protected].

Furthermore, you can also talk to the company through the live chat available in the bottom right corner of the official website. The team does its best to respond to all your messages without exception.

Kathie Storie Shipping Policy

Once you have paid, the company will ship your order within 8 to 15 working days for items in the store. This brand only ships its products to the United States.

The items are shipped in orange or/and white boxes filled with polyethene boxes to store them. Also, you can track the status of your order through the track order status page on the official website.

Kathie Storie Return Policy

Customer satisfaction is definitely the brand’s priority. If you have any issues related to your ordered products, please email or notify the company through online chat/forms within 14 days of receiving the products.

If your return request is approved, the company will handle the refund or exchange as soon as possible. Note that customers are fully responsible for shipping costs when making a return or exchange, and shipping/handling fees from the original purchase are non-refundable.

Where to buy Kathie Storie?

Do you want to get your hands on gold earrings and necklaces from this brand? You can shop the entire collection directly from their official website for a more extensive product catalog and detailed product descriptions.

Kathie Storie Coupon Codes & Promos

The brand is happy to provide you with several offers and discounts to help you make your first purchase convenient. Some of the deals that this brand offers:

  • Enjoy Christmas Sale 30% OFF on all collections through 31/12 
  • Enjoy Free Shipping on orders over $60
  • Buy any 3 items, and get free gift
  • Sign up to hear more from Kathie Storie

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Kathie Storie Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Kathie Storie reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Where is Kathie Storie based?

Kathie Storie is based in the United States.

Does Kathie Storie provide international shipping?

Currently, the brand only ships its products to the United States.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Kathie Storie Reviews & Ratings

Jewelry has been known as one of the fashion items that support your appearance. There are various types of jewelry on the market, from gold, silver, and diamonds. However, the most important thing is getting elegant jewelry that fits your fashion style and is high quality and value for money.

Kathie Storie will always be the jewelry brand for that. Their necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more have been designed for the style and self-expression of each wearer. Hopefully, this review can help you find your favorite Kathie’s best products. Good luck!


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