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About Kalesafe

When it comes to looking confident, men have a great sense of fashion and always find a way to achieve it effortlessly. Have your eye on men’s fashion and affordable outfits? Check out this Kalesafe review!

Kalesafe Review: About Kalesafe
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Men need activewear that moves with them. Therefore, most men will choose stylish, practical, yet moisture-wicking clothes with stylish designs.

Introducing Kalesafe, a men’s choice shopping platform designed by independent fashion designers. Whether you are looking for tactical styles, shirts, shorts, coats, trousers, to hats and beanies, you can always find them here.

Basically, this brand offers the latest collection of fashion clothing, tops, hoodies, bottoms, and shoes. Likewise, it includes menswear for all ages with high quality and affordable prices.

As a newly established brand, this brand is still trying to introduce its brand name and fantastic collection among men who love fashion clothing. That’s why their social media is still under construction. But don’t worry; they will release it soon!

Are you looking for a one-stop destination for men’s clothing but need help finding the right source to shop from? Please read this Kalesafe review to discover why this brand is rocked the men’s fashion clothing line!

Overview of Kalesafe

Kalesafe was launched in October 2019. Unfortunately, there is no valid data stating who is the owner and founder of this brand. However, it is known that Kube Ven registers this brand site from Haizhu, China.

Since its establishment, the brand has been committed to becoming a favorite one-stop destination for men’s shopping with a diverse selection designed to handle many activities at an affordable price.

In the beginning, the brand started with a small team of just a few people. Now, they have an independent factory. Kalesafe started its journey because it wanted to incorporate the concept of life into clothing design.

As an independent business, the brand wants to help you get the best quality and authentic men’s fashion collection. Therefore, the brand works closely with highly professional suppliers and production houses to ensure product quality.

Kalesafe Review

Kalesafe has a wide range of high-quality designer clothing for men worldwide. So whether you like tactical styles, poker jackets, casual jackets, jeans, and basic T-shirts, the brand includes menswear for all ages.

Kalesafe Reviews: Kalesafe Review

By partnering with independent fashion designers, the brand stands out with the attention to detail given in its merchandise and customer service.

Each item on display comes with detailed information such as its material, season, style, and various unique features.

The range of styles available at the brand is also astounding, and there is something for everyone, regardless of whether you prefer modern or casual cuts.

Kalesafe Products

Kalesafe Men's Casual Shirt Review

The Casual Long Sleeve Cotton Linen Shirt from Kalesafe is a summer manifest. This shirt blends polyester and natural linen, so it’s very lightweight, slightly sheer, and loose-fitting.

Kalesafe Review: Kalesafe Men's Casual Shirt Review

As the sun peaks over the horizon for a day of adventure, this cotton linen shirt is one type that men love to wear. It’s versatile enough while still looking casual, keeping you cool, and most importantly, protected from the sun.

Whether you plan to walk by the beach, commute by bike, run on a scenic path, then have a beer with friends, this shirt is for you. It has 8 sizes (S-5XL) and 13 colors to choose from.

Not to forget, this shirt also comes with a little collar and 3 buttons on the top. In addition, its durability is also top-notch, making this linen shirt a true all-around winner. So prepare your money of $22.99 to buy this item.

Kalesafe Men's Vintage Long Sleeve Sweater Review

This Men’s Vintage Long Sleeve Sweater is a thick and cozy sweater perfect for all seasons, from fall, autumn, and spring to winter. Likewise, its knit material will make you feel less guilty about buying one of these sweaters with your favorite 5 color options.

Kalesafe Review: Kalesafe Men's Vintage Long Sleeve Sweater Review

In addition, the thick material offers decent warmth and serious durability in winter. So while it may seem less appropriate for the office, it’s also great for almost every occasion, making it one of the most versatile sweaters you can get.

This elegant knitwear is a quality workwear and stylish streetwear option. It can be easily dressed up or down, according to your preference.

You can layer it with a t-shirt, and you’re ready for a relaxing day of lounging. You can check the size and color available, then prepare a budget for around $35.99 to get it.

Kalesafe Men's Hoodie Review

This Ranch Cowboy Men’s Hoodie is a comfortable and stylish addition to any wardrobe. This hoodie is made with Terry Cloth and is soft and suitable for everyday wear. It’s cut and sewn with breathable and comfortable material, perfect for staying warm on colder days.

Kalesafe Review: Kalesafe Men's Hoodie Review

The material and cut give it a relaxed feel, making it a top choice for minimalists who appreciate good quality. And while the lightweight upper is intended for workouts, it will also work well on colder days when you don’t need a heavy coat.

This Ranch Cowboy Men’s Hoodie is a stylish, comfortable choice for any casual occasion. Plus, it’s available in several colors, making finding the best fit for each individual easy. Available for all ages, you can get this hoodie from sizes XS to 4XL for $29.99.

Kalesafe Pros and Cons

We want you to have an overall pleasant shopping experience with the brand. For that, knowing the other side of the brand is also important. So, this Kalesafe review will give you a list of the pros and cons of the brand. And here they are:


  • Detailed product description and size guide
  • Many sizes available
  • Affordable price
  • Ships internationally
  • Free shipping on orders over $99
  • 30-day return policy
  • Multiple payment currencies are available


  • No social media promotion to follow
  • Still no offline store yet

Who Is Kalesafe For?

Kalesafe is a men’s wear brand that offers the best menswear to fashion-forward men. The brand claims to cater to the fashion needs of men of all ages and sizes. You can buy products in sizes S-5XL from this brand at this brand. Moreover, the size guide is also available both in cm & inch and is available for US, EU, and UK.

Kalesafe Review: Who Is Kalesafe For?

Kalesafe Review: What Do Customers Think?

Kalesafe is not the only men’s fashion brand, and we know it. If you want to shop at this brand but have doubts, this section is made for that. We will include some customer testimonials from the brand’s official website.

Kalesafe Review: Kalesafe Review: What Do Customers Think?

The Long Sleeve Cotton Linen Shirt is one of the most popular products. This item is rated 5/5 stars. This is the latest customer feedback about purchasing this product:

I got this shirt for my boyfriend. I like the quality. It was great and is worth the money!

Moving on, one customer found that the Men’s Vintage Long Sleeve Sweater has a very fitted and soft cutting. It was even strong enough despite being washed many times. This happy customer said:

This sweater fits great! This shirt is so soft, and the design is pretty awesome. Also, I’ve washed it numerous times, yet it still looks new!

Moving on to the last product, the Ranch Cowboy Men’s Hoodie is available in various sizes from M to 2XL. One customer is pleased to find this hoodie because its size is available for kids. Here’s the customer feedback:

I got it for my son. It`s a good-quality hoodie. I like the color. Looks very nice on my son. He wears it all the time. Very comfy.

Not only the best-selling products but almost all of the brand`s product lines get very satisfactory ratings from customers. Also, most customers liked the material and said it was worth the price. Thus, it’s also happy for us to say that this brand is worth every penny!

Kalesafe Size Guide

Before you finalize the order or payment, check the size guide below to ensure you get the product at the right size.

Top (in CM)

Size UK US EU Bust Waistline Hips Shoulder Width Weight-KG
S 8/10 4/6 36/38 94 80 97 43.5 55-60
M 12/14 8/10 40/42 99 85 102 45 60-65
L 16 12 44 104 90 107 46.5 65-70
XL 18 14 46 109 95 112 48 70-75
2XL 20 16 48 114 100 117 49.5 75-80
3XL 22 18 50 119 105 122 51 80-85
4XL 24 20 52 124 110 127 52.5 85-90
5XL 26 22 54 129 115 132 54 90-95

Bottom (in CM)

Size UK US EU Waistline Hips Thigh Circumference Weight-KG
S 8/10 4/6 36/38 80 97 59.1 55-60
M 12/14 8/10 40/42 85 102 61.8 60-65
L 16 12 44 90 107 64.5 65-70
XL 18 14 46 95 112 67.2 70-75
2XL 20 16 48 100 117 69.9 75-80
3XL 22 18 50 105 122 72.6 80-85
4XL 24 20 52 110 127 75.3 85-90
5XL 26 22 54 115 132 78 90-95

Is Kalesafe Worth It?

Kalesafe is definitely worth getting your hands on, considering the customer ratings alone. Moreover, the wide selection of curated designs and sizes will surely find a happy home in your wardrobe and are also suitable for everyday wear.

Kalesafe Review: Is Kalesafe Worth It?

Created with comfort in mind, the brand offers casual and attractive clothing for men who seek to build their looks in every season. In addition, the materials are also tailored to the type of clothing featured, leading most customers to agree that the price is worth the quality.

How To Contact Kalesafe

If you are interested in purchasing the brand’s products and have some questions to ask, feel free to get in touch with the brand’s customer service at:

  • Phone number: +1 833-830-0397
  • E-mail: service@kalesafe.com
  • Fill out a form provided on the contact page of the official website, and choose the subject regarding your intentions.

Kalesafe Shipping Policy

This label is happy to inform you that they ship internationally, including in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania. Once you complete your order, the brand will process your order in about 3 to 5 business days.

Delivery times will vary depending on where you are and your package’s origin. However, the standard delivery time is 10-15 business days. Of course, you can also enjoy free shipping on any order above USD$99.

Kalesafe Return Policy

Did you find the product you purchased unsatisfactory and want to return it to the brand? You can read the terms and conditions below to get a refund.

Returns Policy

You can return items shipped from kalesafe.com within 30 days of receipt. Note that this return doesn’t apply to items labeled as clearance, gifts, underwear, panty, bags, and accessories.

How to Return

Before returning a product, please ensure that the item is eligible. That is, in its original packaging, unused or damaged. Then, please submit an item change request to customer service via service@kalesafe.com for product return. Afterward, you will receive a confirmation from the brand’s customer service regarding the return address location.

Refund Process

The brand will process most orders within 5 business days after they receive your package. If you cancel your order within 24 hours of purchase, but it has yet to be shipped, the brand will offer a partial refund after charging a 15% cancellation fee. If your refund is approved, a credit will be automatically applied to your credit card within 7-15 business days.

Where to buy Kalesafe?

Customers can purchase men’s t-shirts, sweaters, pants, hats, and other menswear through Kalesafe official website. Unfortunately, the brand’s products have yet to be sold on Amazon and other marketplaces. So please make sure to purchase on the official website to save yourself from fakes.

Kalesafe Coupon Codes & Promos

The brand’s items are sold at relatively affordable prices. Nevertheless, they are happy to help you shop at the lowest prices. Hence, we surfed the brand’s official website to keep you updated on the brand’s deals and discounts. Here are they:

  • Apply the code H10 to save $10 OFF on orders of $99
  • Acquire $20 OFF by applying the coupon code H20
  • Use the code H40 to redeem $40 OFF on a purchase of $209
  • Grab up to 50% OFF on your first order by subscribing to the brand’s newsletter
  • Activate 10% OFF on your first order by using discount code NEW
  • Enjoy Free Shipping on orders $99 or more

Reveal all coupons

Get discounts & promotions coupon codes for Kalesafe in other countries.

Kalesafe Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Kalesafe reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Kalesafe?

We are sorry that we couldn’t give the information about the owner of this brand, as they also didn’t provide the exact details about it.

Where is Kalesafe located?

According to BBB, Kalesafe is located at 9500 Santa Fe Springs Rd, CA.

Do ships Kalesafe internationally?

Yes, they do! Besides shipping within the US, they also ship to Europe, Asia, Africa, New Zealand, and North America.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Kalesafe Reviews & Ratings

Kalesafe clothing is only designed for men, so the products are very focused. If you buy clothes from this brand, you can trust in comfort, impeccable cutting, and fine materials. In addition, the company offers a line of menswear for any situation, so the options are almost limitless.

Kalesafe’s dedication to providing the best fashion products and excellent customer support makes them deserve to be an industry leader. So if you want cheap and quality men’s fashion, please check out their official website now!


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