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About Julie K Nail Art

As a manicurist, your nail art supplies are your primary weapon in creating a piece of art. Julie K Nail Art exists to provide you with Julie’s nail art supplies collection that she used or made.

Julie K Nail Art Review: About Julie K Nail Art
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This brand is not only about nail art supplies but provides a well-designed product in the visual and functional that you can purchase at affordable prices. This brand has gained popularity since its launch because it was established by one of the art industry’s legends.

It is undoubtfully a great brand since its celebrity manicurist owner has worked with famous artists such as Camila Cabello and Selena Gomez. Not only that, but it’s also active on Instagram, with 30.9k followers sharing Instagramable nail art content.

However, can the fame of Julie nail art guarantee its product line quality? Thus, in this Julie K Nail Art review, we’ll break down all information about this brand, including its company profile, product review, testimonials, and many more. So let’s get started!

Overview Of Julie K Nail Art

In 2020, Julie K Nail Art was founded by Julie Julie Kandalec, along with launching the new retail product of a 42-page creative workbook. As the founding creative director of Paintbox in New York City, Julie K strive to make chic and on-trend nail art more accessible.

She also actively shares her years of nail art experience with schools, salons, spas, and hotels worldwide. In addition, Julie is one of the best celebrity manicurists with impressive artist clients such as Mariah Carey, Camila Cabello, Joe Jonas, Jessica Chastain, Anya Taylor-Joy, and many more.

This brand offers a real game changer with products that can be used by professionals and DIY nail art-obsessed consumer to make their dream nail art comes to life. This brand mainly focuses on providing a nail art-related product that Julie exclusively designed and used in her nail art.

Additionally, before we go deeper into this brand, here are several points about the brand that is worth highlighting.

Julie K Nail Art Pros

  • Premium quality offers convenient and accurate nail art
  • The product design emphasizes the functionality
  • A chic design that looks good for creating content
  • Product collection created from years of experience
  • The Julie K Nails prices are relatively affordable
  • 90 days return policy which is quite long
  • A positive review from the customers

Julie K Nail Art Cons

  • Only ship within the US
  • Limited product collection

Julie K Nail Art Review

Julie K Nail Art is a company that exclusively offers what Julie designed and uses in her nail art. This brand also still only has a limited product collection with only 16 products.

Julie K Nail Art Reviews: Julie K Nail Art Review

At first, its site only offered the nail art design book, but now you’ll also find products such as nail art tape, polish palate, nail tips, lint-free wipes, rainbow stones, brush, stamper, and many more. All product has an eye-catching design that’s also functional.

Now let’s review some of its nail art products to see their quality.

Julie K Nail Art Design Book Palm Springs Cover Reviews

The Julie K Nail Art Design Book Palm Springs Cover is specially designed by Julie Kandalec with vibrant colors and gold metallic foil ink. Inspired by all girts trip to Palm Springs, California, it utilizes ten different nail lacquers from Light lacquer, Orosa, Zoya, and Essie.

Julie K Nail Art Review: Julie K Nail Art Design Book Palm Springs Cover Reviews

The Southern California desert is represented through the vibrant pastel color alongside glitter and gems around the globe. This design book is carefully hand-collated and printed in the US.

What’s inside:

  • 46 pages of color theory, Julie’s illustration of favorite brushes and tools
  • 32 fool-proof quad color combinations
  • 50 of Julie’s favorite nail art looks
  • 3 nail shapes of almond, square and oval
  • 540 blank nail shapes for sketching

The paper is made of opaque 100-pound cover paper that’s durable. It also comes in another cover design of Mexico City Cover, or you can purchase both nail art design books in Beauty Bestie 2-piece Book Set that costs $44.

So if you’re interested in this nail art design book Palm Springs Cover, you can grab it for only $24 and start designing your nail art!

Julie K Nail Art Pink & Rose Gold 3-piece Nail Art Brush Set Reviews

Just join the nail master class? Julie K Nail Art Pink & Rose Gold 3-piece Nail Art Brush Set is a must-have item for every nail atelier as your primary weapon. The nail brush has a chick and elegant design that you would like to use.

Julie K Nail Art Review: Julie K Nail Art Pink & Rose Gold 3-piece Nail Art Brush Set Reviews

It has a rose gold and metallic pink finish with three sizes: medium-long, medium, and short. The Bristles are made from nylon, meaning it’ll be better to use gel or non-acetone polish removers. 

It will come with a holographic pouch that looks shiny and enchanting. The elegant design of this Julie K Nail Art nail brush will make it look good on your client when you make nail art content for TikTok and Instagram.

Not only the look, but it has a great quality build with a dip in the handle that makes it easier to hold. Its nail brush quality makes it easier for you to make a perfect line of polish that’s close to the cuticle. 

Interested in this elegant look and quality nail brush? You can grab these three nail brush sets for only $8!

Julie K Nail Art The BEST Full-Coverage Nail Tips You'll Ever Use Reviews

Julie K Nail Art The BEST Full-Coverage Nail Tips You’ll Ever Use are nail tips that Julie used in the New York Fashion Week runway show of The Blonds show in February 2022. This full coverage press on nails becomes everyone’s favorite that never slows down.

Julie K Nail Art Review: Julie K Nail Art The BEST Full-Coverage Nail Tips You'll Ever Use Reviews

However, people complain about the proper fit, which makes the biggest problem with nail tips. Since if the nail tips are curved or thick, they won’t fit the natural nail apex and will pop off prematurely.

The best full-coverage nail tips are designed with an extra thin cuticle to ensure a seamless fit in all shapes and curvatures of the nail plate. So this design will allow you to give an excellent fit to the customers.

You’ll get 10 branches x 24 tips in 12 sizes with sizes 0 – 11 for a minimum of 10 complete sets. With two options of a long clear stiletto and a long coffin, you can grab this Julie K Nail tip for only $12!

Who Is Julie K Nail Art For?

Julie K Nail Art strives to make nail art products that can be used by professionals to students. Its product collection also has a beautiful design that can be the best option if you’re a nail art content creator.

Julie K Nail Art Review: Who Is Julie K Nail Art For?

Since this brand is exclusively created by Julie K, it can be ideal if you’re Julie’s fan or those who want to try what she uses in her nail art. So overall, its product selection can be used by everyone, whether you’re a professional, hobbyist, content creator, or others.

Julie K Nail Art Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

From all the sections above, we know what Julie K Nail Artelier and what they have to offer. Now, this section will focus on a breakdown of the customers’ Julie K Nail Art reviews.

Julie K Nail Art Review: Julie K Nail Art Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

When we investigated this brand, we couldn’t find reviews on a third-party review site, but we found it in its site review section. So now let’s see one of the reviews below:

When I get tons of ideas in my head, I can use the book and organize my thoughts in a super-fun way. I use the book to refine my ideas, so when I get to my nails, it is just about the execution.

Another customer also said:

It’s an easy and clear way to test a design before bringing it to an actual nail. This design book lets me test colors and views the design as a whole to see how cohesive it is.

Now let’s take a look at the last review that we attached:

Its color palettes are a big help. I stress sometimes coming up with unique color combinations because I am a new nail tech. The rest is fantastic for me to explore design and practice techniques. I extremely love using the book.

All the reviews above state that the customer is satisfied with the products that let them practice and efficiently deliver their ideas. The product also gives a unique color combination that allows them to explore nail art techniques.

It’s worth emphasizing that we couldn’t find any negative reviews about this company. So if the customer finds a complete deal breaker review, they’ll find a way to express it through social media review. But we see no negative reviews.

Is Julie K Nail Art Worth It?

After we review this brand, we believe that Julie K Nail Art is genuinely worth it. This company provides an attractive design product and functional design that will help you in nail art.

Julie K Nail Art Review: Is Julie K Nail Art Worth It?

It also surprises us how affordable the price range is with the quality it offers. We also couldn’t find any negative reviews about this brand, which means most customers have positive experiences.

So overall, from the price, product quality, and look, this brand is worth investing in, mainly if you are looking for nail art supplies that professionals and hobbyists can use.

Julie K Nail Art Shipping Policy

Julie K Nail Art is available for shipping to states within the US, and shipping costs will be estimated at the checkout, depending on your address. Once the transaction and your order are done, your order will be processed in approximately 3 – 4 business days.

If you use economy, shipping costs less and arrives in up to 2 weeks with no tracking. Aside from that, if you want to receive the order as soon as possible, you can upgrade to priority shipping, which will cost more with tracking.

Julie K Nail Art Return Policy

In order to guarantee customer satisfaction, Julie K Nail Art offers a 90-day return policy, which means you can request a return within 90 days of receiving the package. Moreover, your item must be in the same condition as you receive it to be eligible for the return.

After you receive the order, it’s better to check the product carefully to see whether there is a defect. If the product is damaged or you get the wrong product, the brand will make it right for you.

To start the return, you can reach its customer service at [email protected]. If your return request is accepted, you’ll get the return label and instructions for the next step. Keep in mind that a return without requesting first is unacceptable.

How To Contact Julie K Nail Art

Do you have any questions lingering in your mind about Julie K Nail Art products? If so, you can get in touch with its customer service by email at [email protected] and Instagram at @julieknailsnyc.

Where to buy Julie K Nail Art?

Want to use similar Julie’s nails art tools? If you’re going to check what Julie offers for you, the only place where you purchase it’s through Julie K Nail Art’s official website.

By purchasing on her official website, you’ll be guaranteed an authentic product with a 90 days return policy backed by your purchase!

Julie K Nail Art Coupon Codes & Promos

If you want to get the latest offers, you can subscribe to its email list so it can notify you of exclusive offers and new arrival. But you can also get exclusive Julie K Nail Art discount codes by checking the button below!

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Julie K Nail Art Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Julie K Nail Art reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns Julie K Nail Art?

This company is owned by Julie Kandalec.

Does Julie K Nail Art ship internationally?

Unfortunately, its website only ships within the United States.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Julie K Nail Art Reviews & Ratings

As a nail artist who never knows Julie Kandalec? Some nail artists may make her their idol, making you want to be as professional as her. But, at least you want to try what she uses. Julie K Nail Art is a company that offers nail products designed by Julie at a great design and affordable price.

This brand offers design books, brushes, nail art stampers, and many more that Julie exclusively creates on its web. This brand also has excellent customer service to ensure your satisfaction. Then, you can check its website to complete your premium nail art supplies!


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