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JTF Oral Care Review 2024 → Electric Toothbrushes for Brighter, Healthier Smile

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About JTF Oral Care

An electric toothbrush is a great item to reduce plaque and gingivitis significantly. It is easy to use effortlessly and works great in cleaning teeth thoroughly. Meet the brand JTF Oral Care– more than just an electric toothbrush.

JTF Oral Care Review: About JTF Oral Care
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Driven by the mission of “bring smile to your life,” JTF Oral Care is a leading provider of electric toothbrushes and water flossers in the United States.

Backed by a team with experience in R&D & electric toothbrush manufacturing, the brand is dedicated to helping you always keep your teeth white and your mouth clean. JTF will give you a confident smile.

Starting with the concern of the high price of electric toothbrushes and water flossers in the market, the brand is committed to scientific and technological innovation, providing high-quality and affordable electric toothbrushes and water flossers for customers around the world.

In its quest to expand its market area, the company has an average of 500 followers on Instagram and Facebook, which is still growing. Even so, the brand strives to be the best one-stop destination for electric toothbrushes.

To know the lineup and value of the brand’s products, this JTF Oral Care review will cover everything you must know, including an in-depth product review, pricing, pros and cons, customer reviews, and many more. Read on!

Overview of JTF Oral Care

JTF Oral Care was founded in 2018 by Frank Zhao and a team with over 20 years of experience in Research & Development and manufacturing electric toothbrushes.

The establishment of this brand was motivated by the monopolistic and expensive electric toothbrushes and water flossers in the market. Thus, consumers could only afford the high prices.

Therefore, the JTF Oral Care team was determined to integrate experience and resources to change this situation. They then researched and created products that were genuinely high-quality and affordable.

The company has successfully expanded its market by shipping to more than 30 countries and regions worldwide. With warehouses supporting the UK, USA, Germany, and Spain, the brand will ship products from one of its nearest warehouses.

JTF Oral Care Review

Thanks to the research and innovation of an experienced team, JTF Oral toothbrushes are not only accessible to all people, but still, they are also excellent at providing a thorough cleaning.

JTF Oral Care Reviews: JTF Oral Care Review

The brand’s entire collection of electric toothbrushes comes with various modes that can be customized according to your needs and can remove plaque 10x better than manual toothbrushes.

Now that you know that electric toothbrushes are more effective than manual toothbrushes, let us tell you about some of the products offered by this brand.

JTF Oral Care Products

Next, let’s look at their best-selling options so you can understand why everyone is in love with this brand!

JTF Oral Care P200 Electric Toothbrush Review

The JTF P200 Electric Toothbrush is one smart toothbrush with many features for exceptional cleaning. This electric toothbrush can remove up to 10x more plaque compared with a manual toothbrush.

JTF Oral Care Review: JTF Oral Care P200 Electric Toothbrush Review

This toothbrush has 5 modes; Clean, Sensitive, Refresh, Massage, and White. Each mode has a different function, but they all have in common to thoroughly clean your teeth and the oral cavity. Hence, you don’t need any extra effort to clean your teeth.

Supporting the dentists’ recommendations, this JTF P200 Electric Toothbrush is equipped with a 2-minute timer and a 30-second reminder to ensure proper brushing time. You don’t have to worry about the battery. For a 12-hour wireless charge, this brush can be used for 30-90 days.

What is included?

  • 1 electric toothbrush handle
  • 1 USB wireless charging base (not including charging plug)
  • 1 user manual
  • 3 optimal plaque control brush heads
  • 3 soft bristle brush heads

The brand sells this JTF P200 Electric Toothbrush for $49.99 at the regular price. Yet, you can save 10% OFF by entering the discount code JTF2023.

JTF Oral Care Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review

Experience cleaning your teeth thoroughly and effortlessly with a smart toothbrush, the JTF Sonic Electric Toothbrush. Like the P200 series, this toothbrush also comes with 5 modes for personalized brushing.

JTF Oral Care Review: JTF Oral Care Sonic Electric Toothbrush Review

The Sonic Electric Toothbrush ensures you get an exceptional cleaning of your teeth. This electric toothbrush can reach every contour for a deep clean, removing up to 10x more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

In addition, this toothbrush has 6 replacement heads that contain 3 standard “W” shape bristles and 3 ultra-soft bristles. As a result, it can clean your teeth and oral cavity thoroughly, morning to evening.

Generally, this Sonic Electric Toothbrush is similar to the P200 Electric Toothbrush in terms of features, charging, battery life, and timer. However, it’s lightweight, relatively affordable, and has a great stand. Get the JTF Sonic Electric Toothbrush by paying just $39.95!

JTF Oral Care W100 Water Flosser Review

While a smart toothbrush can only remove residue from the tooth surface, the JTF Oral Care W100 Water Flosser can accurately clean every corner a toothbrush cannot reach. These are irreplaceable dental cleaning tools, yet they complement each other.

JTF Oral Care Review: JTF Oral Care W100 Water Flosser Review

The brand designed this Water Flosser to clean more profoundly than a toothbrush. It can effectively remove 99% of food debris hidden deep inside and fix problems such as bleeding gums and bad breath.

This Proalpha Water Flosser is designed with unique cleaning technology. It uses advanced acoustic technology to create tiny bubbles. When the bubbles burst, they create sonic shock waves that powerfully clean food particles from the surface and between teeth.

Like the electric toothbrush, this water flosser also has 3 reliable modes: normal, soft, and pulse. You just need to press ON to use your favorite mode without selecting it again.

Moreover, this W100 Water Flosser can only clean for 1 minute/day because it only has a capacity of 190ml. Nevertheless, this water flosser can work optimally to make your mouth healthier and cleaner.

You only need 4 hours to charge this water flosser with USB fully. So it can be used for 21 days. Also, this water flosser comes with 2 replacement tips and a 360° rotating nozzle that can clean hidden areas easily.

With its powerful strength and flexibility, this JTF W100 Proalpha Water Flosser can be the best flossing device for beginners and professionals. And you can get it for $54.99 only.

JTF Oral Care Pros and Cons

A wise buyer will think about the other side of a brand before buying. Exactly, because below we will summarize the advantages & disadvantages of JTF Oral Care as follows:


  • Safety & Health
  • Sonic technology
  • Smart timer
  • Travel-ready design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Long-term mission
  • 3-7 days free shipping
  • Multiple warehouses in US, UK, and Germany
  • Money back guarantee
  • 24-month warranty


  • Needs electricity or batteries
  • More expensive
  • Need a proper maintenance

Who is JTF Oral Care For?

The brand provides electric toothbrushes that can be used for adults and children. Many children also think electric toothbrushes are more enjoyable to use than manual toothbrushes, making it easier for parents to motivate their children to brush their teeth.

In addition, electric toothbrushes are also great for individuals with difficulty using their hands. This will help them put in less effort yet ensure their teeth are effectively clean.

Moreover, some young people who are wearing braces also find electric toothbrushes more effective, as the smaller brush head makes it easier to reach hard-to-reach places.

JTF Oral Care Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

After going through the sections, we understand you may still have doubts about JTF Oral Care. To give you credible facts, we have included some customer reviews from the official website below.

JTF Oral Care Review: JTF Oral Care Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Starting with the first product the JTF P200 White Electric Toothbrush. This product gets an average review of 4.9/5 stars out of 47 reviews. It is the feedback of customers who are satisfied with the purchase of this product:

I am pleased with this purchase. It is not as expensive as the well-known brands in this field which we have. There are several options for how to brush your teeth, and they are all good. Very happy with this purchase!!!

Another customer also gave a 5-star rating to this item, as it effectively made her teeth very clean. This customer said:

This electric toothbrush is beautiful and effective—first time using an electric toothbrush. My teeth feel very clean. Great value. It also comes with an extra head and a beautiful case. All in all, it is highly recommended!

Next, the JTF W100 Water Flosser received a rating of 4.9/5 stars from 10 reviews. One customer gave this item a perfect score because it was worth it with its cleaning ability. This customer said:

…It is very easy to use. Just fill the water reservoir on the back, and it’s ready to use. I have made it a habit for my kids to rinse their mouths after meals, making it pretty easy for them to do so…

From some of these customer reviews, most said JTF Oral Care products are worth it due to their ability to clean thoroughly, as claimed. Hence, we can say that this brand really delivers products with real impact.

Is JTF Oral Care Worth It?

According to UCLA Health, a group using electric toothbrushes showed 20% better plaque removal and 11% less gingivitis than a group using manual toothbrushes. And hence, JTF Oral Care is a worthy brand to be your best electric toothbrush product destination.

JTF Oral Care Review: Is JTF Oral Care Worth It?

The brand’s electric toothbrushes and water flossers will ensure you and your family have beautiful teeth and smiles and help create straight and attractive smiles. Also, they have been providing quality dental care for over three years.

How To Contact JTF Oral Care

JTF guarantees the quality of its products and services. To that end, if you have any questions regarding the brand and products, you can submit them through the contact form on the brand’s official website.

Alternatively, if you want your needs to be addressed quickly, you can send an email to [email protected]. Customer service is available 7×24 and will get back to you within one business day.

JTF Oral Care Shipping Policy

JTF has always been dedicated to providing the best transportation and shipping wherever customers are. They have served hundreds of international customers every day and always strive to provide quality service to you. The brand divides the order delivery time frame into two parts, namely:

  Processing Shipping
Local orders 1-2 working days 3-7 working days
International orders 2-4 working days 8-20 working days

All orders are shipped from the brand’s warehouse. However, the above timeline is approximate, and it may take different times for orders to arrive at your doorstep. Please visit the contact page for accurate estimates of time.

In addition, the brand provides free shipping for orders over $25, and you will be charged a shipping fee of $5.99 for orders under $25. If you have any questions or confusion about shipping, please get in touch with the brand’s customer service.

JTF Oral Care Return Policy

If, for any reason, the products you ordered are not to your preference, JTF Oral offers a full refund within 15 days of delivery. Please ensure that the product you are returning must be in its original condition, unworn, and still have its original tags and box.

It takes approximately 2-3 weeks for the brand to receive the product to process the refund. To start the return process, please contact the brand’s customer service, and they will send you the return address.

Note that the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the returned item to the warehouse. However, once the brand receives and inspects the item, they will refund the full payment to the customer without affecting secondary sales.

JTF Oral Care Warranty

JTF has guaranteed that their electric toothbrushes have passed a strict and comprehensive product quality check. Hence, the brand offers an outstanding guarantee for professional product users.

The brand provides a 2-year limited warranty from the date of purchase under the following conditions:

  • There is proof of purchase
  • Still under proper wear and tear
  • Hasn’t been misused or repaired by unauthorized persons

Under the terms of this warranty, the brand will be responsible for defective products by repairing or replacing them. Please get in touch with the brand’s customer service at [email protected] to submit a warranty claim.

Where to buy JTF Oral Care?

To shop online with JTF, visit jtforal.com or their authorized retailers on Amazon. If you prefer to shop by picking up in-store, JTF products can also be found at Walmart.

JTF Oral Care Coupon Codes & Promos

Everyone loves discounts; who doesn’t? We don’t want you to miss out on this exciting opportunity either. Here are some discounts and offers that you can use on your purchases:

  • Enjoy 5% OFF on your order by using discount code JTF2023
  • Save $4.99 on select items by entering coupon code JTFBH
  • Get 10% OFF on JTF P200 White Electric Toothbrush by using discount code JTF2023
  • Get free shipping on orders over $25
  • Be the first to receive the latest updates and coupons by subscribing to the brand newsletter.

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JTF Oral Care

JTF Oral Care Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for JTF Oral Care reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns JTF Oral Care?

Frank Zhao is the founder & CEO of JTF Oral Care.

Where is JTF Oral Care located?

JTF is based in Guangdong, China, and has several warehouses spread across the US, UK, Spain, and Germany.

Does JTF Oral Care ships internationally?

Of course! JTF Oral also ships to several countries, such as Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands, Poland, and many more.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of JTF Oral Care Reviews & Ratings

Many brands provide a list of electric toothbrushes, but JTF Oral Care gives you an electric toothbrush that works, is easy to use, and is proven to work. In addition, their toothbrushes are equipped with advanced features, usable for adults to children.

The brand claims that its electric toothbrushes can remove and clean plaque 10x better than regular toothbrushes. Likewise, the 2-minute timer feature also helps people brush for the right time. We highly recommend this brand to you, as it will help you bring the brightest smile ever!


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