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About Jovs Hair Removal

Everyone must take care of ingrown hair and skin effectively. Therefore, Jovs exists to launch helpful and practical beauty tools with easy-to-use and home-friendly treatments. The brand intends to help men and women look as gorgeous as possible.

Jovs Review: About Jovs Hair Removal

Over the years, this company seemed to focus on their commitment and also their customers. They always want the best for every customer who believes in its products.

This beauty company works with famous dancers in New York, such as Rachel Thalman and Saverio Pascucci. Again, this brand appears in fantastic media publicity, such as Forbes, Rohs, FDA, and more. They also getting famous on social media, boasting more than 7.3k followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Want to get informed about the brand before buying? Stay tuned with this Jovs review to learn the company history, mission, benefits of best-selling products, and more. Let’s jump to the next section immediately!

Overview of Jovs

Jack found that IPL treatment tools were lacking in 2018. He then invented time and energy to create a lightweight, helpful, and competent device. He and the team then launched an item in 2019. The first product that Jovs found was a big hit!

It even became a best-seller in Europe, Korea, Japan, and North America. The brand even won the Red Dot Design Award for the first hair remover in the world.

This beauty company’s mission is:

To reach past the boundaries of personal care by combining the state-of-the art technology with skin care to provide intelligent beauty solutions that are safe and easy to use at home

You can see that the brand has a significant difference from other brands. It develops hair remover that also features skin treatment. Furthermore, it serves worldwide at a more affordable price.

Let’s see the brand’s highlights before we get into the Jovs review.

Jovs Highlights

  • Provides practical hair remover products and skin treatment device
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Offers affordable price with the qualifying item
  • Easy to use and DIY-friendly
  • Ships internationally with the free cost for orders of $100
  • Provides returns for 3-days
  • Provides 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Provides one-year warranty
  • Has good feedbacks from customers

Jovs Review

Do you have more curiosity about this brand? There’s no need to worry because I’ll provide reviews on the best-seller items from Jovs.

Jovs Reviews: Jovs Review

Currently, this company focuses on the IPL hair remover or removal device for men and women. However, it also invents skincare tools on that device. So, I’ll focus only on three best-selling items. Here they are:

Jovs Hair Removal Best-selling Items

  • Jovs Venus Pro II Hair Remover
  • Jovs X Hair Removal and Skin Care Device
  • Jovs Blacken Photorejuvenation Device

Without further ado, let’s begin to review the first item!

Jovs Venus Pro II Hair Remover Reviews

Let’s begin the review with the best-selling product. Jovs offers Venus Pro II Hair Remover in emerald and white colors. This item is perfect for anyone who needs to remove hair from their body.

Jovs Review: Jovs Venus Pro II Hair Remover Reviews

The main benefits of this item are ice cooling, 6 modes, and 6 energy levels. The ice cooling system comes from ultra-thin sapphire, allowing it to have a constant temperature of 5º C. Thus, it will ensure that the treatment is painless.

In addition, you can choose which mode is suitable for you. Starting from the arms, underarms, bikini line, leg, face, and skin rejuvenation. Every customer can use it efficiently due to the 330-degree rotating head. You’ll also get a razor and goggles in this item.

The L-shaped is ergonomic with a matte finish and is lightweight. So, you can remove ingrown hair with effortless treatment for only seven minutes. Even better, this item is suitable for all genders, men and women can use this device.


  • It has two colors, six modes, and six energy levels
  • Effortless and pain-free IPL device
  • Suitable for men, women, all skin tones, and all hair colors
  • It only needs 7 minutes to remove hairs all over the body
  • Has rejuvenating skin mode
  • One-year warranty and 90-days money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping

So, let’s prepare your money for $429 to get this item. Plus, it has exclusive deals, so you can only have it for $369! Also, you can apply JOVS30 at the checkout for an extra $30 off!

Jovs X Hair Removal and Skin Care Device Reviews

This beauty company intends to provide smart hair removal and skin care combinations in one product. So, Jovs offers X Hair Removal and Skin Care Device in Emerald and Yellow.

Jovs Review: Jovs X Hair Removal and Skin Care Device Reviews

It features six power levels and three-speed cooling adjustments. This item is a 3-in-1 IPL hair removal with infrared light to enhance FIR waves that benefit your skin. For example, it will reduce wrinkles, restore elasticity, and moisturize your healthy skin.

This product also works with Lamborghini to the interactive system with visualization on the skincare platform. You can even use it on every part of your body for only seven minutes, including your hand, leg, armpit, face, and bikini line.

Many customers love this item because it is simple but functional. In addition, the design is ergonomic and has a child lock. You’ll get free goggles and razors for buying this product. Therefore, it’s a helpful device for men and women to take care of their bodies efficiently.


  • It has two colors, six modes, and three-speed colling adjustment
  • Effortless and pain-free IPL device
  • Suitable for men and women
  • It only needs 7 minutes to remove hairs all over the body
  • Helpful in treating healthier, brighter, and more hydrating skin
  • One-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping

If you’re interested in this device, let’s take your money of around $1,299 now! Or you can get exclusive deals for only $599! Don’t forget to apply the JOVS30 code at the checkout to get $30 off!

Jovs Blacken Photorejuvenation Device Reviews

This company invents greatly on skin and body. Here, Jovs offers Blacken Photorejuvenation Device for your skin treatment. This item has three benefits: brightening, reducing spots, and reducing redness.

Jovs Review: Jovs Blacken Photorejuvenation Device Reviews

It is compact with a sapphire cooling surface area and DPL spectrum technology. In addition, it promotes a four-week treatment to brighten your skin. You can use the three modes conveniently and effectively.

By using this product, you can save money from monthly treatment. Instead, you can have it two to three times a week at home. The design is ergonomic, lightweight, and easy to carry.


  • It has three benefits for the skin
  • Effortless and easy to carry
  • Suitable for men and women
  • One-year warranty and 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping

You’ll get free goggles and an invisible mole sticker on purchasing this item. So, get your wallet and buy this item for $699. Or, get it now to get a lower price of only $549!

Jovs Hair Removal Pros and Cons

It’s crucial to weigh all factors before choosing a product, so we’ll delve into the benefits and possible drawbacks of using Jovs Hair Removal. Let’s see!


  • Painless hair removal
  • Clinically proven to reduce hair regrowth
  • Safe for all skin tones and types
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use at home


  • It may take several treatments to see results
  • Some people may experience mild side effects, such as skin redness or irritation
  • The device can be expensive

Jovs VS Ulike

Jovs and Ulike are both popular brands of at-home IPL hair removal devices. They both use the same technology to target melanin in the hair follicle and prevent hair growth. However, there are some key differences between the two brands.


  • More affordable
  • More powerful flash
  • Larger treatment window


  • Fewer features, such as a skin tone sensor and cooling technology
  • Not as popular as Ulike, so there may be fewer reviews and information available


  • More popular, so there are more reviews and information available
  • Advanced features, such as a skin tone sensor and cooling technology
  • Compact and portable design


  • More expensive
  • Less powerful flash
  • Smaller treatment window

Who is Jovs For?

Jovs beauty targets everyone, so it’s perfect for youngsters or adults to use the devices. It offers fantastic products which are beneficial to treat everyone’s body. In addition, every item has different benefits, such as removing hair, skin treatment, or even both.

This beauty brand doesn’t differ between men and women. Instead, it wants all customers to get the benefits. So, it doesn’t matter your gender or age; this item is perfect for helping you treat your body better than before.

Jovs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

You come at an essential part of this article, testimonials. This section is awaited because you must be curious about what other people say regarding the brand.

Jovs Review: Jovs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

I’ll start with the ratings from the three best-selling items that are provided in this Jovs review.

  • Jovs Venus Pro II Hair Remover gets a 4.9/5 rating, and 85% of customers will recommend it to a colleague.
  • Jovs X Hair Removal and Skin Care Device obtains a 5/5 rating, and 84% of customers will recommend it to a colleague.
  • Jovs Blacken Photorejuvenation Device receives a 5/5 rating, and 90% of customers will recommend it to a colleague.

Those numbers are high, reminding us that Jovs runs for four years. But, even better, one of the customers said:

This type of hair removal tool use to only be available to demonologists and professionals. It is a high-end machine that really works and the best thing is you can do it yourself in the privacy of your own home.

The review told us that the product from this brand was well-working. It is a premium tool that professionals commonly use. However, the customer was delicate because she could do the IPL privately and efficiently from her house.

Another review stated:

Less than 30 days and you can see my skin has a more vibrant look, even skin tone, less dark circles. It just feels like this device helps reveal a more vibrant youthful layer of your skin – this picture doesn’t do it justice, I’m very happy!!

The second testimonial comes from Blacken Photorejuvenation Device. This customer was beyond happy because of the well-working beauty tool. In addition, it changes her skin to a more vibrant and youthful appearance.

So, we can conclude that the brand performs nicely in serving every customer. Most are satisfied and even intend to recommend it to others.

Is Jovs Worth It?

Going for an ingrown hair treatment will require a significant amount of money. In addition, skin treatment is not cheap either. Jovs beauty appears in this article to provide premium beauty devices for you.

Jovs Review: Is Jovs Worth It?

It comes at an excellent price and high quality. In addition, the brand is committed to quality, and the customer is the priority. Here, I must say that this brand is worth it. It comes with great innovation and valuable benefits.

Thus, you can trust the brand and start treating your own body privately and efficiently in your house thanks to the brand’s products.

Jovs Shipping Policy

This Jovs review is happy to report that this beauty brand offers worldwide free shipping for orders $100 or more. It will require 1 to 3 business days to ship your purchase.

Here are the classifications for every region:

  • North America: requires 3 to 15 business days
  • South America: needs 20 to 30 business days
  • Australia and New Zealand: requires 10 to 15 business days
  • Europe: requires 10 to 20 business days
  • Asia: requires 10 to 20 business days
  • Africa: requires 20 to 30 business days

You’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking number once your order ships. In case you face a problem, kindly contact [email protected] for asking help with the shipping.

Jovs Return Policy

This beauty brand offers returns for 3-day after receiving the product. You can send back the item that’s unused and in its original packaging. Then you can return it with the original shipping method.

However, please get in touch with the team first before returning the order. Afterward, the team will direct the return steps. Once the return is eligible, the team will process the refund. Please allow 7 to 14 business days until the process finishes.

Jovs also offers a 90-day money-back guarantee under these terms and conditions:

  • Try the product for at least 60 days and complete every treatment by taking a photo
  • If there’s no noticeable result, email the team with the order number and eight photos at [email protected]
  • Please ensure that every picture has a time stamp to ease the inspection process
  • If the claim is eligible, the team will make it right for you ASAP

Kindly visit this page for further information regarding the return, refund, and money-back guarantee policies.

Jovs Warranty Policy

This beauty company prioritizes quality and offers a one-year warranty. However, it is only applicable for purchase on the official website. In addition, you can claim the contract due to defects in materials or craft.

Please take a look at the terms and conditions below to claim it:

  • The period counts by the time you received the item
  • Customers can get free product replacement within a year
  • Ensure you have the receipt to prove the purchase
  • It is not acceptable for damage caused by modification, mistake, and improper use

You can get in touch with the team at [email protected] to get help with the warranty.

How to Contact Jovs

Do you have further questions regarding Jovs beauty? Please follow the steps below to get in touch with the team.

  • Shoot an email to [email protected]
  • Ask directly on the live chat at the bottom right of the official website

The customer service team is available during business days, Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 4 PM, and keep in mind that the team may respond slightly longer during the peak seasons and high demands.

Where to buy Jovs?

There are two places you can visit to purchase products from this brand. First, it is committed to quality, so go to the official website for exclusive deals.

Or, you may get it on the nearby marketplace, Amazon. No worries because these two are from the original brand, Jovs beauty.

Jovs Coupon Codes & Promos

So we’ve come to the promos and deals section on this Jovs review, and I know you’ve been waiting for this! The brand offers exclusive deals in these ways:

  • Subscribe to the official website and get a discount on your order
  • Halloween Sale with a special offer of up to 20% OFF
  • Gets $30 OFF with the code JOVS30

Please visit the brand’s website for more Jovs discount codes and promotions!

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Jovs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Jovs reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is the Jovs treatment?

The Jovs treatment is an at-home IPL hair removal treatment that uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to target and destroy melanin in the hair follicle. This prevents the hair from growing back.

Is Jovs hair removal FDA approved?

Yes, Jovs hair removal devices are FDA-approved. The Jovs Venus Pro II IPL Hair Removal Device was cleared by the FDA in 2017 for safe and effective use at home.

Is BoSidin and Jovs the same?

Jovs and BoSidin are two different brands of at-home IPL hair removal devices. However, they are both manufactured by the same company, Shenzhen Jovs Technology Co., Ltd.

How does Jovs work?

Jovs uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to target and destroy melanin in the hair follicle. Melanin is the pigment that gives hair its color. When the IPL light hits the melanin, it heats up and destroys the hair follicle. This prevents the hair from growing back.

What is Jovs 4D laser mask?

The Jovs 4D Laser Mask is a home-use LED mask that uses four different wavelengths of light to target a variety of skin concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne.

Hoe much does Jovs Mini Wireless Hair Removal Device cost?

The Jovs Mini Wireless Hair Removal Device costs $199.00 on its official website.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Jovs Reviews & Ratings

Every human must take care of his body to look more attractive. You may begin by using IPL hair remover to get rid of ingrown hair. Then, focus on the skin to have a healthier and bright look.

Also, don’t worry because Jovs beauty is an excellent solution for those tools. This brand has a great reputation for providing hair removal products with skincare device combinations. In addition, the item is DIY-friendly so that you can do it at your own house.

Not only are the products well-made, but also you can save more money by going to the nearest treatment house. So, let’s purchase the item from this company and care for ourselves more!


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