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About Joules USA Rainwear

Rainwear is vital during cold weather since you can’t catch a cold. Luckily, clothing and footwear from Joules USA will protect your body from the swift rain and wind. 

Joules USA Review: About Joules USA Rainwear

Truthfully, this Britain’s most loved company opened a branch in the USA, which is why it is called Joules USA. But its popularity has gained so much attention, allowing many people to buy from this place.

This clothing brand has many collections, including rainwear and footwear. Furthermore, it creates products for all ages!

Everyone will love the items because they are well-made, waterproof, and have colourful designs. Due to the exceptional items, the company boosts so many followers, around 27K on Instagram.

Then, if you wonder about Joules USA reviews, let’s dig deeper into this brand thoroughly in this post. So, without any longer, move to the next section now! 

Overview of Joules USA Rainwear

Tom Joule founded Joules Inc in 1980. He was inspired by Great Britain’s countryside, which is traditionally colourful, warm, and refreshing. 

Joules have sold much and owned many retailers. But, unfortunately, the company faced loss and was acquired by Next, a fashion retailer, for £34 million.

After the acquisition, this company survives and can serve customers. At first, many customers were disappointed because they couldn’t purchase items from their favourite brand.

The acquisition successfully allows people to buy new clothes and footwear from this company. Below, I’ll tell you the brand’s pros and cons. 

Joules USA Pros

  • Clothing and footwear brands made of high-quality materials
  • Waterproof and colourful designs 
  • Suitable for babies to kids, teenagers to adults 
  • Well-fitted sizes 
  • Ships to USA region
  • Free USA shipping fee on orders of $79 
  • 30-day return policy 
  • Has many good feedbacks from customers

Joules USA Cons

  • It doesn’t ship outside the US 

Joules USA Rainwear Reviews

Well, you learn much concerning this Joules USA review. But don’t you wonder about the brand’s products? 

Joules USA Reviews: Joules USA Rainwear Reviews

Currently, it has six categories you can explore into. Here they are:

Women’s Collections Men’s Collections
Girl’s Collections Boy’s Collections
Baby’s Collections Gifts 

However, this article will only focus on the following:

Then, let’s dive into the first product review now! 

Joules USA Helmsley Hooded Raincoat Reviews

Say hi to the Helmsley Hooded Raincoat, a product that can protect you from the cold. This rain jacket is available in two shades, from Marine Navy to Laurel. Additionally, the product has a variety of sizes, from 6 to 22. 

Joules USA Review: Joules USA Helmsley Hooded Raincoat Reviews

The brand creates it with polyester, cotton, and polyamide lining combinations. Moreover, it is perfect for cold weather with a long-line and waterproof outer design. This detachable hood features a two-way zipper and poppers. 

Furthermore, you can keep your stuff safely in the two front pockets with poppers. Plus, you can take care of it quickly by washing it in a machine but avoid tumbling it dry and do not iron it for more durability. 


  • Has a wide variety of colors and sizes
  • Made of polyester, cotton, and polyamide 
  • Waterproof, long-line, two-way zippers and poppers
  • It has two front-row pockets 
  • Suitable for cold weather

Then, let’s prepare the budget and buy this item for $179.95 now! 

Joules USA Go To Water Resistant Padded Jacket Reviews

This item does not call Go To for no reason. Instead, the Go To Water Resistant Padded Jacket is perfect for all men and all seasons. But, unfortunately, it is only available in one shade: Marine Navy.

Joules USA Review: Joules USA Go To Water Resistant Padded Jacket Reviews

But don’t worry because you can choose between S to XXXL sizes to fit your body. In addition, you can wear it comfortably during the falling rain since it has a water-resistant outer and full-zip fastening.

This rain jacket is made of polyester and features contrast contour lining. It has two zipped front pockets, handy inside pockets, and an adjustable hem with a bungee cord.

So you can protect yourself from cold, which is easy to take care of. Merely wash it in a machine and tumble it dry on low heat. 


  • Available in a wide variety of sizes
  • Only has marine navy shade
  • Made of polyester
  • Waterproof, two-way zippers and poppers
  • It has two front-row pockets and handy inside pockets 
  • Suitable for cold weather

Therefore, let’s check the availability and buy it for only $119.95 before the stock runs out! 

Joules USA Kelly Mid Height Rain Boots Reviews

The cold season does not allow you to walk easily. But say no more to this problem because Joules USA offers waterproof Kelly Mid Height Rain Boots made of natural rubbers. 

Joules USA Review: Joules USA Kelly Mid Height Rain Boots Reviews

These rain boots are hardwearing and feature removable insoles. Furthermore, you can walk efficiently while protecting your feet from shivering cold. 

The boots are available for adults from 5 to 10 in size. Although it is only available in the French Navy shade, the side strap and buckle will stand still until you arrive at your destination. 


  • Available in a wide variety of sizes
  • Only has french navy shade
  • Made of natural rubber
  • Waterproof, removable insole, and buckle closure
  • Suitable for cold weather

So if you want to protect your feet, start shopping for the boots at only $74.95 immediately!

Joules USA Size Guide

Before purchasing raincoats and shoes wishlists, you must know which size suits your body. Therefore, I have attached the clothing sizing for men and women in the picture. 

Joules USA Review: Joules USA Size Guide

Please visit this page for further information concerning the boots and other size guides. Unfortunately, this company doesn’t offer the plus size. Let’s hope it can appreciate all body sizes later. 

Thus, are you ready to purchase your well-fitted clothing and footwear? Let’s get them immediately!

Who is Joules USA For?

Joules USA tends to create clothing and footwear for all ages. So you can purchase items for your baby, kids, teenagers, couple, and even family members. 

Joules USA Review: Who is Joules USA For?

Furthermore, the designs are excellent with comfy materials. Therefore, you won’t regret buying items from this clothing brand. 

Joules USA Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Welcome to another important section of this Joules USA review! I’ll break down the ratings so you can get more insights concerning customer satisfaction. 

Joules USA Review: Joules USA Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

First things first, here are the ratings of the abovementioned rainwear and footwear:

Below is what a satisfied customer state concerning the purchase:

I really pleased with this coat. It keeps my body dry in the heaviest rain, and covers all of my clothes. The coat looks stylish and it is comfortable to wear!

This customer is happy because the Helmsley Hooded Raincoat protects her during heavy rain. Furthermore, it is stylish and comfy to wear. 

Another one said:

This jacket is extremely good, not only keeping me warm but also looks stylish. A excellent purchase all round.

This customer finds the Go To Water Resistant Padded Jacket great to warm his body. Also, it looks stylish, and he claims it is an excellent purchase! 

The last one said:

I love these boots! They are the right height, very sturdy, and very comfortable. I buy my second pair, and I love them!

This customer can’t hide her happiness because the boots are durable and comfy. Moreover, it is her second purchase because she loves them so much! 

Simply put, Joules USA performs fantastically to create rainwear and boots for all customers. As a result, most are satisfied and reordered due to the excellent quality, comfortable, and well-made items! 

Is Joules USA Worth It?

I do not need another word to express the answer to the abovementioned question. Instead, you must know that Joules USA is worth checking out, period! 

Joules USA Review: Is Joules USA Worth It?

This clothing company offers many products with well-made designs and high quality. Furthermore, you can purchase your preferred rainwear to protect your body from the cold. So, get your wallet, and let’s buy them now! 

Joules USA Shipping Policy

This company only ships to the US region by offering a complimentary shipping fee on orders over $79. However, the flat rate for orders under $79 will also be charged a $7.95 shipping cost. 

The team will dispatch your package using a DHL courier. Once your box ships, you’ll get a confirmation email. Therefore, you can track your order status until it arrives at your door. 

Suppose you need someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to contact customer service at [email protected] or call 1-800-583-9559

Joules USA Returns Policy

Unhappy customers who purchase items from Joules USA may return the items within 30 days. To begin with, please get in touch with the team at [email protected] to fill out the Return Form. 

Furthermore, you can pack the items and send them to this return address:

Joules 3580
NW 56th Street
Fort Lauderdale, 
FL 33309

Once your return is accepted, you’ll get a refund to your original payment method within 14 to 30 business days. Suppose you face a problem, don’t hesitate to contact the team at the same email address. 

How to Contact Joules USA

Do you need assistance from customer service? If so, please get in touch with the team at these steps. 

Furthermore, you may also ask directly on the website’s Live Chat. The team will immediately return to you within 24 hours. So, please wait and be patient to receive a response. 

Where to buy Joules USA?

There are two methods you can do to purchase clothing from this company. First, get your preferred items through the official website or buy them in the stores. 

Customers can visit this Store Finder page and fill in their postcode. Then, the system will tell you which USA outlets are near you so that you can get the item immediately. 

Joules USA Coupon Codes & Promos

Can’t you resist any promotions? Well, I bet you can’t because we love sales! Below, I’ll tell you methods to gain the USA promo codes. 

  • Subscribe to the official website and receive 15% off your first purchase
  • Spend $40 on baby or toddler products to receive a gift box for free with the GIFTBOX promo code
  • Shop your preferred items at lower prices on the Clearance page 
  • Free USA shipping fee on orders of $79+

I recommend checking social media and websites for other coupon codes and limited deals. Thus, are you ready to shop now? 

Reveal all coupons
Joules USA

Joules USA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Joules USA reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who is Joules owned by?

Initially, the company was owned by Tom Joules. But in 2022, he must divide ownership with the NEXT company after the acquisition. 

Is Joules an American company?

No, it is a UK brand offering rainwear and other casual clothing. 

Is Joules a luxury brand?

No, it is not. It tends to provide affordable products for all customers. 

Is Joules part of Boden?

No, this company is acquired by NEXT company. 

Is Joules made in China?

Yes, the company has a manufacturer in China to produce most of the items. 

Does Joules ship internationally?

Unfortunately, this USA branch only ships to the US region. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Joules USA Reviews & Ratings

Joules USA prioritizes every customer’s needs with premium items and functional clothing. This company has everything you need to face cold weather. 

Furthermore, you would not be disappointed with having the items because you could not catch a cold. Hence, are you ready to place an order? Let’s buy them now! 


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