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About Joom Shopping for Everyday

Some people tend to be more open-minded due to the more developing world. One of them is the rising technology that allows people to shop effectively through a marketplace like Joom.

Joom Review: About Joom Shopping for Everyday

In addition, this shop offers low prices, which allow you to save money but still able to purchase your desired item. You would love to buy from it due to the free shipping privilege.

Furthermore, its products variation are huge! You will find high-quality items for fashion, outdoor tools, leisure, electronics, home appliances, and so on.

Although you may not find this e-commerce in the press, it is famous in social media. Its Instagram is filled with more than 1.8 mio followers. Meanwhile, its Facebook has 7.2 mio likes!

So if you want a new marketplace for shopping every day, please stay tuned to this Joom review. But then, are you ready to know more about its background? Let’s get into the next section now!

Overview of Joom Shopping for Everyday

Ilya Shirokov founded this e-commerce in 2016 Joom is a marketplace and fintech company that assembles sellers worldwide to sell the products through its technology.

This tech company is based in Riga, Latvia, a European country. However, it does not only serve European orders, but worldwide customers may place an order too!

It is committed to providing the best service with free standard shipping for all orders, 30-day returns, etc. So whether you buy personal needs or home compartments, the sellers vary!

Since this company is famous, you can search it on Wikipedia for more information. Then, let’s move to the next section to take a closer step in understanding this marketplace!

Joom Shopping for Everyday Review

Since you reach this section, you must have more attention to this marketplace. If you are, let’s look at the topic discussion we will dig into. 

Joom Reviews: Joom Shopping for Everyday Review

Here are four topics to discuss in this Joom review:

  • Product Categorization
  • Country Source
  • App Reviews
  • How to Order

Then, let’s now dig deeper into the first topic of discussion! 

Joom Product Categorization

Alright, let’s start the discussion with product categorization. It is necessary because you cannot go to a marketplace if the place does not sell your needs. 

Joom Review: Joom Product Categorization

There are 23 categories you may see from Joom, including:

Cars & Motorcycles Outdoors & Garden Women’s Fashion
Kids Shoes Sport & Leisure
Pet Supplies Hobbies & Creativity Beauty 
Health Watches & Clocks Electronics
Smartphone Cases Construction & Renovation Home & Kitchen
Bags & Suitcases Men’s Fashion Jewellery
Xiaomi Office & School Supplies Home Appliances
Parties & Events  K-Pop  

Then, is your need available from this place? Visit the website and start shopping now! 

Joom Country Source

As discussed, this company empowers many sellers to promote their products through its fintech company. But don’t you curious about which country the sellers come from?

Joom Review: Joom Country Source

12 countries participate in selling products through Joom; here are the lists:

Korea India Poland
Spain Germany France
Britain Ukraine Europe
Thailand Chinese Japanese

These countries have different products, but they are all high-quality. So let’s click the link below and shop for your needs immediately!

Joom App Reviews

Shopping from Joom promotes flexibility. It does not burden you by always visiting the official website. Instead, the company creates a Joom application accessible through your gadgets.

Joom Review: Joom App Reviews

This marketplace app is compatible with Android and iOS systems. In addition, you can download it for free! Then, your shopping experience will develop to the next level.

Thanks to this technology, you can access every order, even if you only buy a pair of sandals or dresses. This app also allows you to check your account whenever and wherever you are. So, let’s immediately install it on your gadget!

How to Order from Joom

Customers who want to order from this marketplace must know the procedures. So, if you wonder how does Joom work, read this step-by-step explanation below:

  1. First, ensure you own an account on the official website or app. If you do not have one, sign up for an account and log in immediately. 
  2. After that, start searching for the product you want to buy. 
  3. Click Add to Cart and check your cart.
  4. If you own a promo code, fill in the form to get discounts. 
  5. Then click Buy. Before that, ensure you have filled in your personal information, including name, address, and phone number. 
  6. You will then get information to pay the bill. 
  7. Complete the payment via bank transfer, PayPal, credit card, or others. 
  8. That’s it! The seller will process your order and package it securely. 

The purchase process is similar to other marketplaces. So, are you ready to place an order now? 

Joom Pros and Cons

Understanding this marketplace is much easier if you know the plus and minus points. So then, find the pros and cons here:


  • Marketplaces for everyday shopping
  • Offers a variety of products from beauty, fashion, automotive, etc
  • Tends to sell products at lower prices
  • Serves via the official website and an app
  • The Joom free app is available on Android and iOS
  • Ships worldwide
  • Free standard shipping fee for all orders 
  • 30-day return policy
  • Has an abundance of good feedback from customers


  • Some policies are not written clearly 

Who is Joom For?

This marketplace does not limit customers. Instead, whatever gender and how old you are, you can purchase your desired wishlist from this online shopping platform.

Joom Review: Who is Joom For?

Moreover, you may find whatever products you want, from beauty products to kids’ needs. So, let’s immediately visit the official website or open the app and start placing an order!

Joom Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

After reading a lengthy explanation from this marketplace, testimonials are essential, and you could never get out of it. In addition, the knowledge concerning shopping reviews will ensure your intention to order from Joom. So, let’s get started!

Joom Review: Joom Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

First of all, I’ll tell you three available ratings from this marketplace:

  • App Joom on App Store: 4.4/5 
  • App Joom on Google Play Store: 4.7/5
  • Joom on Trustpilot: 4.5/5

Below is what a customer said:

I love this app. The app has a great selection, the pictures are gorgeous and clear, and the product description is commonly very good. …

This customer finds the app great since it provides a high selection of pictures. Moreover, the seller describes the product clearly, which helps see the quality. 

Another customer said:

I’ve been using Joom for a few months and I think I’m getting used to it! I haven’t had any problems with the customer service, because they are great! …

This customer has trusted Joom for a few months for online shopping. She does not have any problem and is thankful for the service! 

Meanwhile, the last customer said:

I love online shopping on Joom! They have variety prices for the items. Even if I need to wait a longer time to receive my orders, they’re well worth the while.

This last customer stated that she loves buying on Joom. Not only do the prices vary, but waiting until the products come is worthwhile. 

In short, Joom receives high ratings from satisfied customers. Also, its excellent products and services bring so many full stars! 

Is Joom Worth It?

Having a lot of options for a product and receiving a free shipping fee are the two most looked-for privileges. Luckily, this worth downloading Joom provides them all!

I must say that this marketplace is well-deserved attention because it is committed to providing the best for all customers. Furthermore, worldwide sellers will serve high-quality products. So, let’s not stop too long and start shopping now!

Is Joom Legit?

You know the ratings, the worthiness value; now let’s discuss the legitimate side. First of all, I must say that Joom is legit. Why? Because it has a secured-SSL website that protects your data on the internet. 

Second, people tend to give high ratings for the service and application. For example, it receives more than four stars out of five.

Not to mention that more than millions of people trust the brand on social media. Therefore, I recommend you start counting this company for your next-level and affordable-price marketplace.

Joom Shipping Policy

Shipping policy from the marketplace may be confusing since every seller sends it individually to the order’s destination. So read the list below if you want to know:

  • All orders that use standard shipping receive a free shipping fee 
  • The company provides 12 business days to send your order
  • Once your order ships, check your email and “My Orders tab” for shipping and tracking progress
  • Track your shipping from the “My Orders” tab
  • Shipping estimate may take 14 up to 75 business days to arrive at your door 

Because the price is low and the free shipping fee, the progress may be longer than in another marketplace. So ensure you do not purchase the product close to the deadline to avoid overthinking your online shopping. 

However, you do not need to worry since the team is ready to help with your issues. So if you face a problem, contact the team via [email protected].

Joom Return Policy

Customers who do not like the products may return them within 30 days of delivery. However, ensure that the products are in the re-sellable condition to be eligible for a refund. 

So what is the procedure? Here is the explanation:

  • Open the “My Orders” tab on the official website or app
  • Choose the order you want to return 
  • Contact the support team and describe your wish 
  • Then, the team will guide you to the return address 
  • If the return is eligible, you’ll receive a refund to your account
  • Refund may take 7 to 14 business days 

Therefore, ensure to follow the guides to receive the refund. 

How to Contact Joom

You may have another question concerning the policy or want to complain. If you’re going to get in touch with customer service, find them here:

The team will reply at least 24 hours after you send your message. Those email addresses are also the contact number UK that will receive complaints or questions. 

Furthermore, ensure to send it during business days for a faster response. Suppose you need to meet the staff, here is the address you need to visit:

Registered Address
Gustava Zamgala 78,
Riga, Latvija, LV1039

Where to buy Joom?

You may use services from this company through two methods. First, buy your preferred shoes or flipper zero from the official website

Or, if you prefer a practical way, you may purchase it from the application. This marketplace app is compatible with Android and iOS. So which methods do you choose to buy your favorite trainers? 

Joom Coupon Codes & Promos

I know that this marketplace offers low prices for almost all products. However, I know you can never reject discounts and promo codes. So, find them below! 

  • Sign up for an account and log in before buying to get exclusive coupons.
  • Acquire a 10% discount on your first order 
  • Enjoy a free shipping fee on all orders with a standard shipping method 

Remember to check social media to find special deals during big events. Therefore, are you ready to purchase your desired bags and sandals?

Reveal all coupons

Joom Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Joom reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who is the owner of Joom?

Ilya Shirokov is the founder and owner of this marketplace. 

What country is Joom from?

It comes from Riga, Latvia. 

Is Joom a British company?

No, it is not. It is a Latvia-based company that cooperates with sellers. 

Where is Joom based?

This company is based in Latvia. 

Is it safe to purchase in Joom?

Yes, you can purchase products safely from this marketplace. 

Is Joom good quality?

The sellers from this marketplace ensure to sell good quality to satisfy customers. 

Is Joom free?

You can download the application for free on Android and iOS systems. 

How long does it take to get stuff from Joom?

You must wait for two weeks, up to 75 days, to receive products from this company. 

Does Joom deliver to UK?

Yes, the company does not only ship to the UK but also internationally. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Joom Reviews & Ratings

Some people avoid purchasing products from the brand’s official website because it may cost more than the usual price. However, you need not do that anymore because Joom will solve the problem.

This marketplace will ship your products securely to wherever the destination is. In addition, the product variation is excellent! So, what thing will you check out first? Let’s download the app and start shopping! 


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