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About IQAir

Have you ever noticed the air quality around you? Does it feel clean and fresh? Or the opposite, which is worse and makes you cough and sneeze? Well, if you think the air quality around you is poor, you better check out IQAir now!

IQAir Review: About IQAir

IQAir is a brand that sells various air-cleaning technologies, including air purifiers, air monitors, face masks, and replacement filters. Accordingly, their technology has gained massive attention.

That attention comes from their medical-grade product. Hong Kong Hospital chose this brand’s air purifier to fight against COVID-19. Thus, the track record is proven, and they work effectively!

For your information, they have already received several awards. It includes Global Innovation Awards, Product of the Year 2019, Best Air Purifier for the Money 2023, and many more!

On top of that, they are Swiss-made! They have responsible manufacturing that ensures they keep people safe, protect natural resources, and minimize environmental impact by reducing carbon footprint.

We found that this brand has massive audiences on their social media. They have 174K followers on Facebook and 14.7K followers on Instagram. If you haven’t followed them, you better do it now.

If you want to know more about this brand, we suggest you stay on this IQAir review. You will find information about their collection, pros and cons, and even customer reviews. Let’s scroll!

Overview of IQAir

This brand was founded decades ago, in 1963. Yes, it was a long journey for IQAir! There have been ups and downs until they have become one of the best air purifier brands in the world today.

However, we are afraid we can’t find valid information about this brand’s founder. Still, we, fortunately, find what makes this brand exist and the underlying reason why they develop air-cleaning technology.

It all started from the concerns of a million death cases every year due to poor air quality. Back then, timely information about air quality wasn’t accessible to everyone.

Therefore, it is understandable that those suffering from aspiration issues may not notice that the air they breathe isn’t entirely clean. If that’s the case, then it was a nightmare for everyone.

However, IQAir works to fight against the issue. They provide real-time air quality information through their website. On top of that, they also innovate to create an air purifier that works effectively and efficiently.

As technology becomes more accessible, they provide an app where every customer can control and monitor the air quality at their fingertips. Also, you can access air pollution forecasts, alerts, and anything through your phone.

IQAir Reviews

IQAir provides access. It is the free real-time air quality information through their platform. When you see their website, you will find anything about air information.

IQAir Reviews: IQAir Reviews

One that attracts the eyes is the live city ranking. It shows the list of the cities with high air pollution. For instance, NYC is ranked 79, and Seattle is ranked 100. 

Besides, if you see a map on top of the website, it is to check the air quality near your location. This information matters since it can give you knowledge of the air quality and let you find a way to improve it.

Likewise, they also offer business services. It cleans the air in schools and facilities like offices, hospitals, etc. Their service provides customized air filtration based on the needs.

However, as mentioned before, this brand also provides air cleaner products. They sell cutting-edge tools to support air quality, and we already list the collection in the table below.

Air Monitors

AirVisual Pro Indoor Sensor, AirVisual Outdoor Sensor, Solar Panels & Battery, Mini-Router, SIM Card, US/International Monthly Internet Connection, and Dongle for SIM Card.
Air Purifiers HealthPro Plus, HealthPro Compact, Atem X, GC MultiGas series, Atem Desk, The PerfectPro Series, and Atem Car.
Filters HealthPro Series, GC Series, GCX Series, PerfectPro, Perfect 16 Whole House Air Purifier, Atem Series, Cleanroom Series, Dental Series, and Free filter offer.
Face Masks 12 pack (L – Adult size), 12 pack (M – Child size), 100 pack (L – Adult size), and 100 pack (M – Child size).

After carefully reading the collection on the table above, you can see that they have many items in their collection. However, we have found their 5 best sellers and will review them in-depth. Thus, let’s scroll to the next section!

IQAir Air Quality Monitors Reviews

It is always hard to notice whether the air quality in your home is good or bad. However, with the existence of the Air Quality Monitor, things like that are accessible now!

IQAir Review: IQAir Air Quality Monitors Reviews

As stated in the name, Air Quality Monitor helps monitor the air quality around you. This cutting-edge technology simplifies the way to check real-time air quality in surroundings.

It works by detecting the air quality where the product is placed. After that, they will measure the fine dust, CO2, temperature, humidity, and anything related to air quality.

Likewise, IQAir has 2 types of monitors. It is AirVisual Pro Indoor Sensor and AirVisual Outdoor Sensor. Yup! The function belongs to what their name is.

The AirVisual Pro indoor works mainly inside. It is in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. The outdoor ones are outside buildings, typically on a balcony, and work to monitor air pollution. This pollution usually comes from traffic or industrial.

To make it compact, you can also view the real-time air quality via a free mobile application. It is an AirVisual app. Therefore, take your chance to purchase this monitor! You can check each of the prices below.

  • AirVisual Pro Indoor Sensor: $299.00
  • AirVisual Outdoor Sensor: $299.00
  • Bundle Package (Indoor and Outdoor Sensor): $549.00 from $598.00

IQAir HealthPro Plus Reviews

Are you afraid that your air purifier doesn’t entirely filter your air? Do you think there is no difference with and without your air purifier? You better move to HealthPro Plus, then!

IQAir Review: IQAir HealthPro Plus Reviews

This air purifier has HyperHEPA filtration technology that is perfect for filtering 99.5% of harmful substances in a 0.003-micron size. It is 100 times smaller than the usual air purifier that filters 0.3 microns of particles!

When it comes to performance, the HealthPro air purifier is top-notch. They are scientifically tested and meet the proper standards. You can also see the hand-signed Certificate of Performance along with your product.

On top of that, this air purifier has 4 filtration stages. It means there will be no harmful particles passing the filtering process. They are all facing elimination!

Thus, there’s no way back! Purchase this air purifier now and stay healthy with your excellent-quality air. It cost $899.00 only!

IQAir GC MultiGas Reviews

Have you ever been in a situation where your throat hurt so bad? Look around. Is any of your family a smoker? If yes, then we get the issue here. Try GC MultiGas by IQAir. This air purifier will eliminate all the tobacco particles in your place!

IQAir Review: IQAir GC MultiGas Reviews

HyperHEPA particle filtration. It is a solution for every ultrafine particle, and this air purifier has it. This air purifier is rated 1st to be smoke and tobacco control. Their removal power is 100 times more than a gas mask.

GD Multigas don’t use technologies that add MCS triggers. It includes ozone and other chemicals. They are using computer-grade ABS plastic that doesn’t off gas.

Moreover, this air purifier has the most potent fan for better air cleaning results. Plus, they work quietly. Say no to noises! In addition, they have 3D UltraSeal to prevent any leakage.

As you already know the details, you can now are eligible to see the price. This GC Multigas cost only $1,369.00! It is a reasonable number since their superb quality works to save you from aspiration issues due to smoke and tobacco particles.

IQAir Atem Car Air Purifier Reviews

Spend hours driving? It can be dangerous to breathe the air constantly from your car. However, it is worse to open the window cause there’s traffic pollution out there. Okay, keep calm! We have an Atem Car Air Purifier here.

IQAir Review: IQAir Atem Car Air Purifier Reviews

This air purifier is the definition of revolution. It provides hassle-free, portable features. Perfect to place on your car. It doesn’t take up much space!

Moreover, they have superior gas-phase filtration. It can remove 99% of pollutants, including viruses and bacteria. Plus, they reduce odors, gases, and any other harmful chemicals.

On top of that, the durability and security are at a top level. The automatic key-in-ignition activation is hassle-free. Keep your hands on the wheel and breathe clean air inside your car.

Furthermore, this Atem Car Air Purifier can also sync with the Atem mobile app. Thus, you can customize the fan speed, activate the child lock, and even monitor the air quality. Simple!

Alright! To take this Atem Car Air Purifier home, you must spend $399.00 only! By purchasing this air purifier, you can drive wherever safely!

IQAir HealthPro Series Replacement Filters Reviews

Filter replacement is everyone’s enemy. It is because they are time-consuming and energy-draining. Hey, calm down! You don’t use HealthPro Series Replacement Filters, don’t you?

IQAir Review: IQAir HealthPro Series Replacement Filters Reviews

This brand has many filters in specific series, so that we will review one. It is the HealthPro series. If your concern is time and energy, all replacement filters from IQAir are the key!

They come in a compact and hassle-free form. Plus, all air purifiers from this brand can last up to 4 years. Thus, you can replace it infrequently.

Likewise, this brand’s filters are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. They are non-woven and non-off-gassing. For the price list, you can see in the following list.

  • PreMax Pre-Filter F8 (F1): $79.00
  • V5 Cell (F2): $99.00
  • HyperHEPA H12/H13/H14 (F3): $199.00
  • PF40 Replacement Filter Pads (Optional): $59.00
  • HealthPro Plus 3-Filter Replacement Bundle: $369.00
  • PreMax Pre-Filter 3-Pack Bundle: $229.00

IQAir Pros and Cons

Before we go further, let’s explore this brand’s advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of their pros and cons:


  • HyperHEPA filter reduced 99.5% of 0.003-micron size
  • Medical-grade product
  • Manufactured in Swiss
  • Smart app available
  • Responsible Manufacturing
  • Support sustainability
  • Expert customer service
  • Free shipping available
  • 30-days return policy


  • There is no detailed information about the shipping policy on the website
  • The price is quite expensive

Who Is IQAir For?

IQAir provides an excellent solution regarding air quality. They are perfect for all families concerned about dust, bacteria, and allergies caused by poor air quality.

In addition, their product is also suitable to place in officesschools, or restaurants. This brand is perfect if you need filtration to air around you! They also have real-time air quality information on their website and app. It is accessible to everyone!

IQAir Reviews: What Does Customer Think?

Unfortunately, we can’t find information about customer reviews on their website. However, we do find ratings and reviews from Amazon. We believe that the reviews can help you to understand the product better.

IQAir Review: IQAir Reviews: What Does Customer Think?

Before we go further, let’s see each rating of the product we already reviewed in the product review section.

Let’s see the first customer review. She said:

I live near a Canadian forest. Since the forest fires, I was curious about air quality and ordered an indoor monitor and GC Multigas. I am shocked that the air quality in my house is so bad. But, thanks to the GC Multigas, it is improving significantly.

This customer said that she is satisfied with the product from IQAir. She can monitor the air quality inside her house and improve it to be cleaner and fresher.

Now, look at what this customer said about the main character, HealthPro Plus air purifiers.

I saw this product in hospitals, dentists, and other medical places. I purchased 1 and am so happy with the machine. My house smells clean. It also took 6 to 15 minutes only to filter the whole room. Love it!

Pleased with the quality of the product, this customer said that after using the air purifier, her house smells clean. She also mentions that the product works fast. It takes about 6 to 15 minutes only.

Another review also said:

I have multiple chemical sensitivities and already tried countless air purifiers. I think IQAir has the best product so far. The Bluetooth app works well, and the materials are high quality. Very recommend it!

Yup! As we said earlier, IQAir air purifier products can reduce harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde. This customer has already proven it. He said he didn’t smell any chemicals again after using the product.

Furthermore, an overall review shows that all of them are satisfied with the product. It is all because they work efficiently to reduce ultrafine particles and enhance the air quality. Therefore, investing in this brand’s products is a great green light!

Is IQAir Worth It?

There have been millions of death cases per year. Sadly, all those cases come from a health issue due to poor air quality. On the other hand, this brand comes with innovation to reduce all those problems with their cutting-edge technology. Hence, IQAir is 100% worth it.

IQAir Review: Is IQAir Worth It?

Further, their products are proven to work efficiently. They are passing through a layered checking process. Thus, it isn’t surprising that their quality is top among similar products. Indeed, you can’t find products like this brand ever again.

Is IQAir Legit?

IQAir is a legit brand that has been on the market since 1963. They provide real-time information about air quality worldwide through their website. On top of that, they have already satisfied thousands of people with their product and received positive feedback through numerous 5-star ratings.

As additional information, this brand partnered with reputable organizations. It includes the United Nations Environmental Program, UN Habitat, and Greenpeace. Thus, their reputation is at the top of the list.

IQAir Shipping Policy

Unfortunately, they don’t have detailed information about the shipping policy. However, we can find that they offer free shipping and same-day delivery for orders in the US. Otherwise, for international orders, free shipping is available on orders over $500.

Moreover, we believe you can find further information about the shipping during checkout. Thus, ensure you check the details before proceeding to payment.

IQAir Return Policy

This brand offers a 30-day return policy for unused and unopened products. For the unopened products, there will be no restocking fee. Otherwise, all opened products will be subjected to a 15% restocking fee.

All returned products must have a Return Authorization number from the IQAir Technical Support Team. Contact them through 1-888-560-1020. Likewise, for additional information regarding returns, you can also check their Return Policy.

How To Contact IQAir

Need help during your shopping time? You can contact this brand’s customer service team through several ways below.

  • Phone number: +1 877-304-7247 
  • Consult with a specialist: (866) 488-1918 
  • Pop-up chat: below on the website
  • Form: Contact Us

Where to buy IQAir?

To shop their collection, you can directly go to their official website. You will find the product category on top of the website. However, if you wish to shop on e-commerce, this brand’s products are accessible through Amazon.

IQAir Coupon Codes & Promos

Discount codes will be forever essentials. Therefore, we have already piled up current deals of this brand on the following list. We hope it helps to enhance your shopping experiences.

  • Join their Affiliate Program and earn some commissions
  • Enjoy free shipping for all orders

Reveal all coupons

IQAir Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for IQAir reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Is IQAir data reliable?

Yes. This brand does its best to provide accurate and reliable data. Their sources range from governmental stations and from the AirVisual in each place of their customer, which covers more than 10,000 cities in the world.

Does IQAir really work?

Yes. According to customer reviews, IQAir products work well.

Is IQAir still in business?

Yes. They are still in business.

Can you run an IQAir purifier on high all day?

Yes. All products of IQAir can be run 24 hours a day.

Does IQAir filter mold?

IQAir filter doesn’t mold, but they fight mold growth. Once the air purifiers detect mold, the mold will gone.

How long do IQAir filters last?

They are last up to 4 years. It means you have to replace the filters once every 4 years.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of IQAir Reviews & Ratings

IQAir is a revolution. They provide everything you need regarding air quality. It includes real-time air quality information through the website and app. Plus, air cleaning products that are hassle-free and proven to work efficiently.

Their air purifier product has HyperHEPA filtration technology. It can reduce up to 0.003 microns in size. Thus, don’t hesitate to give your trust to this brand. Purchase their collection and make the world a better place to breathe!


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