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Interior Define Review 2023 → Customize Your Own Furniture Easily

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About Interior Define

Sometimes we get bored with the same furniture styles in the showroom. It would be great if we were the mastermind of our very own furniture. You can achieve it by inserting Interior Define on your wishlist.

Interior Define Review: About Interior Define

Interior Define is a contemporary furniture brand that allows people to customize or design their own furniture. But it doesn’t mean all products are made-to-order. There are also many stunning in-stock collections ready to take home.

“But I’m not convinced whether the furniture will fit in my room.”Luckily, the company has AR (Augmented Reality). You just need to point your device to the space where the furniture will be placed. Then, decide if it fits perfectly or better to change the style.

Additionally, the brand has gotten many shoutouts from publications like Forbes, House Beautiful, and Apartment Therapy. Also, it has a huge fan base on social media. They collect 410k followers on Instagram, 159k on Facebook, and almost 16k on Pinterest.

Curious about the buzz surrounding this furniture company? Find out more in our must-read Interior Define review. We will spill about the collection, features, and updated discounts. Spot your cozy place, and let’s begin!

Overview of Interior Define

Founded in 2013 by Rob Foyer, Interior Define has a vision to simplify designing and purchasing personalized furniture. The company is located in Chicago, Illinois.

The brand attracts attention in the world of furniture with its aim to bridge people who want to custom home furnishings. The price of custom furniture is usually much more expensive. Nevertheless, this label offers at a more affordable price.

Furthermore, the quality is very exceptional as well. Each product is made in the hands of professional furniture experts. Also, the product must pass 45 inspection points before being delivered to consumers. Thus, people will receive their orders in perfect condition.


  • Oeko-Tex certified fabric
  • Customizable design
  • Free swatches
  • AR technology
  • Expert design advice for free
  • Kids and Pets-friendly
  • 10 years warranty
  • 30 days and 60 days return

Interior Define Review

At Interior Define, furniture is not just a piece of furniture. It is a form of expression of your interior art taste. Thus, are you ready to insert your taste into your home sweet home?

Interior Define Reviews: Interior Define Review

You may often find stores that sell customized furniture but in small quantities. Nonetheless, it does not apply to Interior Define. They give customers absolute freedom to choose many colors, lengths & depths, legs, fabrics, and cushion fills.

There are many options of 125+ fabrics, 100+ colors, 20+ legs, and 20+ collections. You can match your design with different materials directly on the website. It’s like you’re playing a fun home decorating game.

As well, the brand has premium fabric quality. All fabric choices have Oeko-Tex standard 100 certification. Also, it has been tested on its comfort and durability. Thus, you can enjoy the comfort of your sofas for years to come.

Further, the brand has anticipated customers who hesitate to choose the color or fabric. So, they provide free swatches containing 10 types of fabric. You can freely choose any color or fabric that makes your heart indecisive.

Interior Define Products

Does this company only sell sofas as their furniture? Of course not. Here is the triumph collection that we have divided into several categories:


  • Sectionals
  • Sofas
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Modular
  • Ottoman


  • Beds
  • Nightstands & Dressers
  • Seating
  • Rugs


  • Chairs
  • Stools
  • Benches


  • Medium Rugs
  • Large Rugs
  • Oversized Rugs


  • Table & Desk Lamps
  • Floor Lamps
  • Ceiling Lights

Since the collection is vast, we will look at the most popular products from this company. They are Sloan Sleeper Sofa, Maxwell Fabric Sofa, and Jasper Corner Sectional Sofa. Let’s scroll down to the product review section!

Interior Define Sloan Sleeper Sofa Reviews

Multifunctional sofas are all the rage nowadays. If you love it as well, we highly recommend the Sloan Sleeper Sofa by Interior Define to experience that advanced feature.

Interior Define Review: Interior Define Sloan Sleeper Sofa Reviews

This Sloan sleeper sofa has a hidden talent. It is transitioning from a luxurious sofa to a cozy bed. You just need to pull it gently, and bingo! You get the most fitting place to watch Netflix. Psst.. we are not responsible if you fall asleep because this sofa is too comfortable.

Moreover, the frame underneath the plush cushions is very sturdy. It promises years of durable support. You can use it for relaxing, working, or hanging out with friends. Your friends might be reluctant to go home because they have been enchanted by this sofa.

Personalization is the core of the brand’s ethos. So, the Sloan Sleeper Sofa is no exception. You can customize this sofa based on size, fabric, legs, seat cushions, cushion fill, and sleeper mattress.

Sloan Sleeper Sofa details

  • Comfort: soft seat
  • Height: Medium height at 19”
  • Depth: Medium depth at 24”

Thus, make the Sloan Sleeper Sofa the center of attention in your home by paying $2,245. It will exude allure for years to come.

Interior Define Maxwell Fabric Sofa Reviews

Do you want to bring back the classic relaxed design in the center of your room? Well, this Maxwell Fabric Sofa will work well for you.

Interior Define Review: Interior Define Maxwell Fabric Sofa Reviews

Maxwell’s classic design doesn’t give a stiff feeling to the cushion. Instead, it is very fluffy and soft. In addition, this low sofa is very comfortable to lounge on. The upholstered cushion can be adjusted to a certain level according to your preference. You can also flip it over.

Moreover, the sofa is kid-friendly. It has safe and durable materials. Also, don’t worry about spills and messes. Maxwell is easy to clean from any stains. Thus, you do not need to be too strict to maintain this sofa.

Furthermore, Maxwell can be personalized as you like. The company allows you to experiment with fabric, leg, size, depth, seat cushions, and custom fill. Feel free to mix and match them to suit your preferences.

Maxwell Fabric Sofa details

  • Comfort: Soft seat
  • Height: Low height at 16”
  • Depth: Standard at 22”, Deep depth at 27”

So, welcome to your new fun hangout spot. For $1,945, you can bring this Maxwell Sofa into your home. The price includes a lumbar pillow.

Interior Define Jasper Corner Sectional Sofa Reviews

Some of you might like a modern style with a touch of curve in the corner. Then, try this Jasper Corner Sectional Sofa. It is a blend of contemporary design and unparalleled comfort.

Interior Define Review: Interior Define Jasper Corner Sectional Sofa Reviews

The Jasper is not only about aesthetics but also about comfortable functionality. Its soft cushions are freely configurable. You can raise, lower, or flip the cushions of your own free will. The wide open arms make it ideal for lazing around on Sundays.

In addition, this Jasper sectional sofa can be placed anywhere, whether it is in the corner or in the center of the room, though. Also, it provides a large capacity. You can invite your extended family or beloved friends to enjoy this soft sofa.

Moreover, you can input your preferences into it as well. The brand allows you to customize the fabric, legs, arms, length, depth, and cushion fill. Thus, JasperJasper feels more personalized to you.

Jasper Corner Sectional Sofa product details

  • Comfort: Soft seat
  • Height: Low height at 17”
  • Depth: 24” or 36”

Thus,upgrade your living room dengan sectional sofa yang mewah ini. jasper tersedia dengan harga $4,745.

Interior Define Pros & Cons

In this section, we’ll give you a snapshot of the Interior Define’s pros and cons. We hope it can help you in considering your shopping plan.


  • Strong construction
  • High-quality materials
  • Customizable design
  • Broad product range
  • The pleasant online shopping experience
  • Safe for kids
  • Pets-friendly
  • Free swatches
  • AR technology
  • Free design advice


  • Long time to process made-to-order products
  • No international shipping

Who Is Interior Define For?

Interior Define provides furniture needs for everyone. It is mainly for homeowners, apartment dwellers, and home renovators that are looking for high-quality, customizable, and stylish furniture. Also, Millennials and Gen Z, who love aesthetic design, can add this brand to their wishlist.

Interior Define Review: Who Is Interior Define For?

Besides, the company provides many design options that customers can choose according to their preferences. It can be a consideration for those who want to redecorate your room based on taste. So, your signature sofa will look even more charming than your old couch.

Interior Define Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

As we know, this brand has received positive reviews in the press. However, is Interior Define also well-received by the customers? We’ll find it out by looking at the honest testimonials from people who have purchased its products. See below for more details:

Interior Define Review: Interior Define Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

One buyer mentions:

This wonderfully crafted sofa arrived almost a month early! Absolutely breathtaking and very cozy!

The customer who purchased the Sloan Sleeper Sofa praised the product as stunning and comfortable.

The next shopper on Glassdoor states:

This sofa is everything I was looking for to put in my sunroom! the booking process was very easy and it’s a comfortable, uncluttered, beautiful Maxwell sofa!

The buyer appreciates the easy process when ordering the Maxwell sofa to match his wishes. Also, the quality is excellent and comfortable for lingering in the sun.

Another happy customer on Reddit says:

Let’s talk about the excellent customer service; accommodating, prompt and fast response at every step in the process.

Besides the satisfying purchase, this customer also praised how responsive and helpful the customer service is.

All in all, the majority of feedback for the brand is stellar. The customers found the best quality and comfort in every product they bought. Also, it really matches their preferences. Find your personalized furniture as well with Interior Define.

Is Interior Define Worth It?

The customer satisfaction in the previous section proves that Interior Define is worth it. The positive reviews are inseparable from the exceptional craftsmanship and ease of furniture customization according to their taste.

Interior Define Review: Is Interior Define Worth It?

In addition, to fully support design personalization, the company has set up free design advice. Interior design experts will help you with your space’s design, fabric selection, and visualization.

Equally important, the brand wants your items to suit your room really well. Therefore, the company offers AR technology. It allows the customers to see whether the furniture they buy fits their room or not.

Interior Define Shipping Policy

We’ve got great news! Interior Defines ships throughout 48 states in the US. Furthermore, it takes 12-14 weeks to arrive for made-to-order products. In contrast, in-stock products only take up to 1 week. 

Moreover, the company knows some customers need help lifting or assembling large furniture. That’s why they offer the following delivery methods:

  • Threshold delivery: the delivery will be scheduled according to your free time, and the team will put the items in a safe place. The shipping fee is $149.
  • White glove delivery: all made-to-order items will get this type. The delivery team will help assemble your furniture (if necessary). The delivery fee is $249.

Remember that you must stand by at home while the order arrives at your location. However, if you’re out on business, the team will reschedule it. But you must pay $100 as a fee.

Interior Define Warranty Policy

Interior Define does not play around with giving peace of mind to its customers. You can contact the team to claim the warranty if your product is defective within 10 years of ownership. However, some conditions can remove the guarantee, such as modifications made by the customer.

Interior Define Return Policy

If you are not completely satisfied or find any damage caused by the brand’s fault, you can return it within 30 days for in-stock products. But the company will deduct 15% of your refund as a processing and delivery fee.

In addition, made-to-order products have a 60 days return. To reward the hard work of processing, you will be charged 50% off on your refund.

Please note that items that are damaged due to your own negligence cannot be returned. The return process is relatively easy. You just need to send a picture to the team via [email protected]. Then, they will reach out quickly.

How To Contact Interior Define

Let’s say you have a product-related question or any delays on your order. What should you do? It’s a piece of cake! You can contact Interior Define customer service through:

Or you can directly visit their office at Interior Define – 833 W Armitage Ave – Chicago, IL 60614

Where to buy Interior Define?

It is easy to find Define Interior products. First of all, you can shop online with all the convenience on their official website. Your shopping is supported by a web interface that’s very pleasing and easy to understand.

In addition, we found that the company has plenty of physical showrooms spread across the US, including Dallas, NYC, Seattle, and many more. You can find Define Studio near you by checking it on the official web page.

Interior Define Coupon Codes & Promos

Shopping for furniture is incomplete if you don’t take advantage of existing discounts or promo codes. Interior Define offers a discount that’s easy to get.

Just sign up and login to the website, then you’ll get 10% off. It automatically makes you join the mailing list. You’ll receive the latest info about the newest products and special offers.

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Interior Define

Interior Define Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Interior Define reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What is the relation between Havenly and Interior Define?

Currently, Interior Device is incorporated under Havenly.

How do I get my money back from Interior Define?

You can contact customer service via [email protected] to get a refund.

Does Interior Define offer payment plans?

Yes, it does. The company offers the Afterpay method. It allows you to pay your order later.

How do I check the order status in Interior Define?

You can check the order status at

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Interior Define Reviews & Ratings

In essence, Interior Define is a pioneer in infinite furniture. It provides a stunning combination of personalization, high-quality craftsmanship, and premium materials. They also provide AR to make sure your purchase suits very well in your room.

So, why choose ordinary furniture when you can pick your own style? Experience the transformation created by Interior Define by exploring its products on the official website. Buy now and turn your room into a personalized paradise that reflects your personality.


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