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ICS Shoes Review 2024 → Wide Diabetic & Orthopedic Shoes

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About ICS Shoes

Are you easily tired when walking or standing? Or do you experience persistent pain in your leg? Then, let’s go to the shoe store now! ‘Wait, a shoe store? Are you for real?‘ Yes, a shoe store. But you won’t find ordinary shoes there, because we bring you to ICS Shoes!

ICS Shoes Review: About ICS Shoes
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If you are confused, this paragraph may explain you well. ICS Shoes is a place for all people who suffer pain in their legs but want to walk comfortably and safely. Simply, it is a retail store that provides numerous orthopedic & diabetic shoes from various brands.

Furthermore, the store understands that diabetic people need special shoes to reduce the risk of foot skin damage. That’s why we said that you won’t find regular shoes here. As a result, specially designed shoes are available here for more comfortable walking.

At this point, we all know this kind of store is rare to find. Thus, its existence may be essential. However, we found that ICS Shoes only gains less than 500 followers on social media. So, we do hope it keeps increasing today and in the future.

Hence, will you join us to sound about this company and its products to more people? You don’t need to do anything but scroll down into our ICS Shoes review till the end. A little spoiler: you will get some recommendations, customer reviews, and special offers!

Overview Of ICS Shoes

Dear excited shoppers, wearing shoes is not only about looking for some good styles and trends. However, you can also get comfortable and healthy feelings with some pairs of them.

And that’s what ICS Shoes wants to prove to you. While other stores or brands focus on creating shoes with the best looks without considering comfort and health, ICS takes a different path.

Supported by various top health shoe brands, the store only stocks items that fulfill people’s needs. Yes, we’re obviously talking about diabetic and orthopedic shoes, which are rare today.

Thanks to Neal Lebar, the company’s current President, you can still enjoy those shoes today. Therefore, on this nice occasion, why don’t you just read this whole page and enjoy it?

ICS Shoes Review

From the previous section, we can say that ICS Shoes can’t do perfectly without those top brands. Thus, are you curious about the brands that participate in filling the store’s collection?

ICS Shoes Reviews: ICS Shoes Review

We won’t tell you all of them, but we have some popular and best-selling names here. Certainly, you’ve ever heard of Apex, Dr. Comfort, Apis, Propet, Xelero, and more. So, do you have a fav?

Besides that, when you want to shop for some, let’s learn about the product categories on its site. But you don’t need to leave this page because we already brought it here for you. Let’s enjoy:

ICS Shoes Product Categories

So, it’s now clear that the store’s products are suitable for both women and men. That’s why we hope to have all of your attention since the store’s best-selling products are about to drop below.

ICS Shoes Men's Athletic Walking Shoe Reviews

The first on the list, we have shoes with trendy and sporty looks from Apis. Can you guess what it is? Yes, let’s get to know more about Apis MT. Emey Men’s Athletic Walking Shoe! Who can wear this?

ICS Shoes Review: ICS Shoes Men's Athletic Walking Shoe Reviews

Dear all readers, as its name suggests, it is a men’s shoe that offers a high level of comfort in every walk. In addition, it is also lightweight, so you have no pressure while wearing this for a full-day activity.

On the other hand, another thing to enhance this shoe’s comfort is its genuine leather uppers and 2 layers of removable inserts. At this point, your foot won’t get tired easily as you have wanted.

Next, these Double Depth shoes are also helpful for moderate to severe swelling and fleshy feet. Not only that, they also help people with ankle & foot orthotics (AFO), KAFO, and foot orthotics. 


  • Gender: Men
  • Size: 7 – 17
  • Color: Black, Brown, White / Navy
  • Width: Medium (D), X-Wide (4E), XX-Wide (6E), XXX-Wide (9E)
  • Features: Diabetic Shoes – A5500, Double Depth (2 Inserts), Extra Depth for Orthotics
  • Closure: Lace

So, how much do you love Apis MT. Emey Men’s Athletic Walking Shoe? We can’t say the stocks are too many, so let’s be faster than others! Take $168.95 from your bank account and send it home!

ICS Shoes Women's Sneaker Shoe Reviews

Next, if we already have a recommended choice for men, let’s move on to the women’s shoe collections. What is it? It’s nothing but Xelero Genesis Women’s Sneaker Shoe. Why do you need this?

ICS Shoes Review: ICS Shoes Women's Sneaker Shoe Reviews

If you are curious, these shoes are perfect choices for casual walking and running. This is because the mini-lug outsole is designed for use on roads and moderate terrain, which is good.

Next, talking about shoes from this store is also all about comfort. Specifically, the midsole offers lightweight cushioning, while the seamless lining enhances comfort. A pair for trial, why not?

Then, if you hate wearing shoes because it will make your feet wet or something, no worries. Further, the shoe’s moisture-wicking linings help to keep your feet dry and cool in every situation.


  • Gender: Women
  • Size: 6 – 11
  • Color: White/Periwinkle
  • Width: Medium (B), Wide (D), X-Wide (2E)
  • Features: Diabetic Shoes – A5500, Double Depth (2 Inserts), Extra Depth for Orthotics, Rocker Bottom
  • Closure: Lace

Dear all women, why don’t you take a pair of Xelero Genesis Women’s Sneaker Shoes home? Since you find it rare in the market, we believe spending no more than $193.95 will be 100% worth it.

ICS Shoes Boss Men's Work and Casual Boot Reviews

Since most of the customers are men, now let us bring a shoe for men (once again) as an additional recommendation. Have you ever seen Dr. Comfort Shoes Boss Men’s Work and Casual Boot?

ICS Shoes Review: ICS Shoes Boss Men's Work and Casual Boot Reviews

Wow, can you see the picture above? Yes, if you beg for cooler and wilder shoes, these are what you need. Specifically, we agree these classic-style boots harmoniously blend art and technology.

Furthermore, it’s a premium boot that offers an undeniable iconic style. And seeing it for the first time, certainly makes you think that they have a smooth ride in any terrain you step on. 

Then, this lace-up boot is made of sturdy leather uppers, so you can expect this to stay longer on your feet. Additionally, its outsole is oil-resistant, resulting in better safety and reliability.


  • Gender: Men
  • Size: 6 – 15
  • Color: Black, Chestnut
  • Width: Medium (D), Wide (2E), X-Wide (4E)
  • Features: Diabetic Shoes – A5500, Extra Depth for Orthotics, Steel Toe
  • Boot Height: 6″
  • Closure: Lace

At this point, you can’t say that this Dr. Comfort Shoes Boss Men’s Work and Casual Boot is not your type, right? So, ensure to have good feet protection and exchange your $241.95 for it!

ICS Shoes Pros and Cons

Reading review is always not complete if you’re not having this. Are you curious about the pros and cons section?


  • Functional orthopedic and diabetic shoes
  • Supported by various top brands
  • So many sizes available
  • Comfortable & lightweight
  • Men and women’s shoes
  • Durable
  • Suitable in most terrain
  • Trendy design
  • Thick and padded
  • 30-day return


  • No free shipping
  • Prioritize domestic shipping only

Who Is ICS Shoes For?

We understand that shoes are part of fashion style. However, through this review, you have also learned that they are functional in many terms. So, who can shop for these shoes?

At this point, we recommend ICS Shoes for everyone. But let us make it more specific. The store’s product collections are more suitable for diabetic people or those who need orthopedic shoes to enhance their feet’s health. So, are you one of them?

ICS Shoes Review: What Do Customers Think?

Do you know why we persuade you to read this review till the end? Of course, we want you to be the happiest and luckiest customer to shop in this store. So, in what section are we now?

ICS Shoes Review: ICS Shoes Review: What Do Customers Think?

Correct, we are in the testimonial section and know you have been waiting for this. Through this section, let us see how customers rate and asses this store based on their experiences.

On its website, the store has gained over 60 reviews with an average rating of more than 4 out of 5 stars. Then, if you are also curious about the product’s detailed rating, here they are:

What a good start! Those ratings show that the products and the store are incredible. But now, what about the customer’s real reviews after shopping? Let’s explore them below:

The first customer’s review may attract your attention:

I’m so glad to see that the special shoes we got from you are making a big difference in my husband’s life! It’s always great to hear that the products are helping him especially when it comes to managing a condition like diabetes. Thank you!

See? Even from the first review, we already know that the products from this store are helpful and functional.

Then, we beg you not to skip this:

I was planning to buy the 11E size but ended up with 11, which was also good. These shoes are simply the best. They provide me with exceptional comfort, stabilize my ankles, and prevent me from twisting them. Also, they feel so good on my feet that it makes me want to take a walk.

In addition to its function, you can also expect some comfort while wearing this shoe, just like this customer said.

Also, it’s nice to read this as further consideration:

My husband has been having trouble with his feet, but unfortunately, the boots he normally wears do not come in a triple-wide size … As soon as he tried on these boots, he absolutely loved them! I am so relieved for him and will definitely be ordering another pair for him soon.

Shoes from ICS also perform better than than other stores. This customer has admitted and we’re glad to hear that.

Finally, how many shoes do you want to order? Let’s not decide too early since more surprising sections are waiting for you below. Keep reading and get your best shopping experience!

Is ICS Shoes Worth It?

After reading those reviews and seeing the rating, can you take an answer to the question above? Exactly, ICS Shoes is 100% worth it for any health shoe order.

ICS Shoes Review: Is ICS Shoes Worth It?

Why? Simply, it is because the store only stocks products from reliable and trusted brands. Also, those brands are the experts in the industry. So the quality is well-delivered even when you purchase from a retailer like this.

ICS Shoes Shipping Policy?

When you arrive at this section, it means that you are ready to ship some shoes, right? So, how does the store shipping policy work? 

Basically, ICS Shoes only ships within the US (48 states), Hawaii, and Alaska. However, all orders require a flat shipping fee ($10). 

What about International shipping? The store may provide this service, but they find it hard to find an expedition company that ships to each country. So, they only prioritize US shipping right now.

ICS Shoes Return Policy

Oh no, have you received a wrong or unwanted item? Let’s not panic because ICS Shoe’s return policy is here to help you 24/7. Then, how does it work in general?

Generally, all customers will have 30 days to return the item after the receipt date. In addition, make sure the items are unworn and still in their original packaging before re-shipping them.

However, before that, you may complete the return form or contact the store at (877) 553-5544. Finally, if you’re curious about this, customers are responsible for paying a return fee (less than $10). 

How To Contact ICS Shoes

Have you chosen ICS Shoes to be your ultimate health shoe provider? Then, let’s stay connected to them:

  • Phone:  (877) 553-5544
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact form: complete it here!
  • Facebook: ICS Shoes
  • Availability hours:  Monday-Friday (10 am – 5 pm EST)

Company Address

67 Windy Park Way, Candler, NC 28715
United States

Where to buy ICS Shoes?

Are you looking for the best and most trusted site to shop for ICS Shoes products? Let us tell you that you have other places than the store’s official website. So, since the products are still on sale, what makes you postpone your shopping agenda?

ICS Shoes Coupon Codes & Promos

Leaving this page without reading this promo section? We don’t think you can. So, can you expect to have a coupon code here?

  • Subscribe and enjoy a 10% discount with a coupon code: THANKS on your first order
  • Get another 10% discount on your next with a coupon code: BUDDY10

Unfortunately, those are the current offers on the store’s site. But if you beg more, let’s get more inside the following button:

Reveal all coupons
ICS Shoes

ICS Shoes Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for ICS Shoes reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

Who owns ICS Shoes?

The store’s current President is Neal Lebar.

Where is ICS Shoes located?

The store is at 67 Windy Park Way, Candler, NC 28715, United States.

Does ICS Shoes ship internationally?

The store seems to provide this service, but they tend to find it hard to have an expedition company that ships to many countries. Therefore, they are only focusing on US shipping currently.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of ICS Shoes Reviews & Ratings

So, what do you feel after finishing this review-reading activity? At this point, we understand that the store products are not only good in looks but also helpful and functional when worn.

If you need some orthopedic shoes or are in need of buying these for diabetic people, then ICS Shoes is the right place to shop. The best thing of all is you have so many product choices from different top brands. So, is it now the time?


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