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Ice Barrel Review 2024 → At-Home Cold Water Therapy Revolution

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About Ice Barrel

Do you experience sore muscles a lot? Is your anxiety becoming stronger and defeating your rational thinking? If you do, it is time to overcome your fears by taking icy bathing with Ice Barrel

Ice Barrel Review: About Ice Barrel

This company wants you to leave your comfort zone with helpful, cold bathing inside a barrel. The barrel is made of recyclable plastic to reset your body and mind. Ice Barrels are typically upright, which allows you to submerge your entire body in the water.

Indeed, Ice Barrel is a portable cold water therapy tub that allows you to take ice baths at home. It is made of durable, insulated plastic and is designed to keep the water cold for longer periods of time.

In addition, this natural way does not need a lot of effort. Instead, you only need water and ice cubes to result in 3 improving functions: recovery, mood, and nervous system. 

The founder’s idea impressed the presses. As a result, you can check its review on InsideHook, DAILY BEAST, Well+Good, etc. There are more than 104K followers on its Facebook and Instagram. 

So train your breathing method, read this Ice Barrel review, and get significant results after 2-10 minutes of bathing. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the icy barrel! 

Overview of Ice Barrel

Living in a big city with a “work more, rest less” culture is tiring. This slogan brings unhappiness to Wyatt Ewing. Even worse, he loses his hope.

Then, a gym trainer told him to do cold showers in meditation. Surprisingly, his effort in ice bathing worked magnificently. Later in 2017, this founder shared the idea of Ice Barrel with a water company logo. 

Wyatt wanted to create a durable and portable plunge. Thus, he uses recyclable plastic that can hold 105 gallons of water and is compact enough for a narrow backyard. 

Furthermore, tall and big people may fit inside the barrel. You only need to bathe for several minutes to feel the results. So let’s dig deeper into the product by moving on to the following section! 

Ice Barrel Review

Wondering how this company promotes wellness in a barrel? If you have that curiosity, let’s see what tools can help you with the cold bath routine. 

Ice Barrel Reviews: Ice Barrel Review

Ice Barrel Product Categories

Here are 3 categories you’ll immediately see from the company: 

Ice Barrel Accessories Wears

Since you want to know more about the chiller, this Ice Barrel review will focus on the following products. 

Thus, let’s immediately dig deeper to see them closer! 

Ice Barrel Ice Barrel Reviews

Say hello to the star all-rounder USA-made Ice Barrel! It is an easy-to-use drainage system with recycled plastic to bring an icy bath to your routine. In addition, it is available in black and desert tan shades. 

Ice Barrel Review: Ice Barrel Ice Barrel Reviews

The barrel is durable yet lightweight, at only 55 lbs in its empty state. Its dimensions are 42 x 31 x 25 inches which suit 6’6 and 300lbs customers. Furthermore, you’ll get the lid, stand, UV cover, and step stool in one kit. 

Fill the barrel with 105 gallons of water if you want to bathe. Ensure the temperature is below 60°F (15.5°C), then spend 2-10 minutes to enhance the effect. Thus, you can get rid of sore muscles, sleep better, and eliminate overthinking effectively.


  • Bathe plunge for icy showering
  • Promotes a healthier body and mind 
  • Portable, lightweight, compact, and durable 
  • Suitable for big and tall people 

Let’s check the availability and buy this kit at only $1,199.97 now! 

Ice Barrel Water Stabilizer Reviews

Keeping your water in good quality during ice bathing is a must. If you want to keep it balanced, pour this Water Stabilizer into your plunge. The ingredients feature chlorine-free copper or silver that can clean and balance the water. 

Ice Barrel Review: Ice Barrel Water Stabilizer Reviews

In addition, this scientifically backed-up product will control the odor, inhibit calcium, and soften the water. When you use this product, it will not irritate your eyes and skin. It also does not cause damage to your hair and swimwear. 

You can use 1/4 ounce of the stabilizer for every 100 gallons of water. Then, each 30-45 days, add another 1/4 ounce of the liquid to balance the water quality. Thus, you can do your ice bathing routine with balanced water quality. 


  • Liquid to stabilize water quality 
  • Free of harmful ingredients
  • Does not cause irritation and damage

Let’s buy this product if you need to clarify the water under these price classifications: 

  • One-time purchase: $49.99
  • Subscribe and save 15%: $42.50

Ice Barrel Ice Block Reviews

Some of you may find buying ice cubes is wasting. If you think so, you can make your own ice cubes in this Ice Block! It features steel-reinforced silicone mold at 5 x 6.75 x 11.5 inches dimensions. 

Ice Barrel Review: Ice Barrel Ice Block Reviews

The size is larger than regular ice cubes. In addition, this 1.5 lb weight block can make 7 lb blocks of ice. Even better, the block is reusable and dishwasher-safe. Thus, you can save time and start bathing immediately! 


  • Steel-featured silicone ice block 
  • Lightweight yet durable 
  • Make a larger size than a regular ice cube
  • Safe for dishwasher machine 

So if you need this block, prepare the budget as follows. 

  • 1 unit: $35.99
  • 3 units: $98.99
  • 4 units: $154.99

Ice Barrel Pros and Cons

Doing therapy requires consistency. So if you’re unsure, look at the following company’s pros and cons below before deciding to do the ice bath regularly. 


  • Ice bath therapy with a well-made chiller 
  • Enhance relaxation with a healing mechanism
  • Suit youngsters to the elderly
  • The chiller is fit for 6’6 and 300lbs customers 
  • Ships internationally
  • 30-days of delivery 
  • Receive many good feedbacks from customers 


  • The price is somewhat high. 
  • No free shipping for local and international orders 
  • Returns are only eligible for US orders 
  • Returned products will be charged 30% of the restocking fee 

Who is Ice Barrel For?

This company intends to help people who experience frequent sore muscles, unclear mind, and anxiety. It is perfect even for children to older people. Ice Barrel with Chiller is the best option whether you are a man or woman. 

Ice Barrel Review: Who is Ice Barrel For?

While the water chiller may not suit regions with high heat, it is perfectly fine with cold to shivering weather. So whenever you want to recover yourself, build mindfulness, and combat overthinking, bathing on this barrel within 2-10 minutes will give significant results. 

Ice Barrel Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

As you’ve read, iced bathing with chiller accelerates recovery and sore muscles. But is the claim valid? You can read this section thoroughly to determine how customers react after the bath. Without further ado, let’s take a look closer!  

Ice Barrel Review: Ice Barrel Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

There are more than 1.2K testimonials on the site. So here is what a 5/5 testimonial said: 

I love this Ice Barrel because its sleek design fits well in my backyard. The shape and size is perfect, it is also extremely durable and well-insulated. It’s indeed the best thing to have a cold stream in your backyard. … 

This customer is delighted because the barrel is sleek and fits her backyard. Furthermore, the design is robust, with a well-fitted shape and size. 

Another customer who gave a 5/5 rating said: 

The Ice Barrel is great! If you’re searching for an amazing method to build and revitalize your health, look no further than this product. It is five stars all the way!

This customer finds the barrel amazing because it can revitalize his health. In addition, it is one of the terrific ways to keep his body healthy. 

Simply put, Ice Barrel performs exceptionally in providing ice bathing with well-made products. Therefore, customers are satisfied with the result since they get significant impacts on their bodies. 

Is Ice Barrel Worth It?

Everyone has different discomfort, and that is how ice bathing works. However, Ice Barrel is worth trying because it is scientifically backed with well-made products. 

Ice Barrel Review: Is Ice Barrel Worth It?

You do not have to suffer yourself but try to overcome your fear by bathing within 2 to 10 minutes long. Because bathing in cold temperatures will reset your body and mind to be in a better condition, 

Ice Barrel Warranty

This company’s founder wants to make you relieved by offering a limited warranty. It will protect any damaged product that arrives at your door. If you face this experience, don’t hesitate to contact customer service at [email protected].

The team will inspect and send you a new product. Thus, you do not need a DIY ice barrel because the company is ready to help with a high-quality penguin chiller. 

Ice Barrel Shipping Policy

To provide easy-peasy ice therapy, this company ships internationally. The team requires 5 to 10 business days to prepare your package.

They use UPS, FedEx, or USPS to ship your package. Unfortunately, there is no complimentary cost for both local and international. Once your package ships, you’ll get a confirmation via email.

You can check the tracking number while waiting patiently until your purchase arrives at your door. But if you need assistance, contact customer service at [email protected]

Ice Barrel Return Policy

As a customer, people change their decision quickly. If you do the same thing and are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return the product within 30 days after the delivery. 

To start the request, please get in touch with customer service at [email protected]. You’ll get the guidance, prepare the package, and send it to the returned address. 

If your request is eligible, the team will process a refund with a 30% decreased restocking fee. Please allow 1 to 2 weeks until the process finishes. 

How to Contact Ice Barrel

Do you need the team’s help? Then, feel free to get in touch with them through these ways: 

If you think writing a body email is complicated, sending your queries through the website’s Live Chat is also welcome. Remember that customer service is away during weekends. Furthermore, you can visit the following address for a face-to-face meeting. 

Ice Barrel Headquarters
5452 County Road 201,
Millersburg, OH, 44654

Where to buy Ice Barrel?

Customers who need tremendous help to heal their bodies and minds may immediately purchase the barrel on the official website. No need to find an alternative because the product features a limited warranty

It also has certified dealers, allowing you can find the most near-me location. Don’t hesitate to get the product on Amazon if you prefer the marketplace. So, no need to look for the used Ice Barrel for sale anymore! 

Ice Barrel Coupon Codes & Promos

Many customers find the product’s price is high. But it does not mean you can’t cut the cost to a cheaper one. Thus, apply for the following promotions and get the penguin chiller at a more affordable price. 

  • Signing up for an email address to get updates on special offers 
  • Receive a 15% discount for First Responders and Military 
  • Acquire specific deals for the Corporate Gifting program 
  • Join the Affiliate Program and earn a commission for a successful referral code
  • Take a chance to become the Ambassador to get remarkable perks  

Remind yourself to check social media for more coupons and discount codes. So are you ready to get more relaxation and get rid of negative vibes? 

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Ice Barrel

Ice Barrel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for Ice Barrel reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

What does an Ice Barrel do?

This ice-chilling therapy enhances your mind and body to relax from a busy mind and life. 

How long does Ice Barrel stay cold?

The ice in the water chiller may stay cold for about 3 days if you close it with the cover. 

How much does the Ice Barrel cost?

You can take an ice bath by purchasing the barrel kit for $1,199.97. 

How often do you change water in Ice Barrel?

The company recommends changing the water within 4 weeks. 

Ask a question?

Conclusion of Ice Barrel Reviews & Ratings

When you have a busy life, you do not have time to care for your body and mind. Ice Barrel exists to help you overcome your fear by resetting your tiredness into a better state. 

You only need 2-10 minutes daily ice bathing to get a significant result. So let’s take the plunge and give yourself a break from your overworked body and mind! 


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