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Cool, comfortable, and stylish are 3 reasons why IBKUL has become one of the best sports clothing lines in the world. This brand comes as the answer to every sports fan out there that struggles with their sportswear on a hot and humid day.

IBKUL Review: About IBKUL
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Specializing in designing high-quality activewear, this brand sells sportswear that uses a technology called IceFit to let you stay cool and dry in your workout activity. Hence, too much sweat is no longer a problem.

With its popularity, this brand has been featured on several news. It includes Daily Mom, CNN, The Advice Sisters, Worth Magazine, etc. Thanks to that, IBKUL boasts of its existence in social media by having 4.6K followers on Instagram and 2.3K followers on Facebook.

Moreover, many famous influencers also give their approval of this brand’s products as one of their favorite sportswear. However, if you are curious why this brand gets so much praise, you can check this IBKUL review!

Overview of IBKUL

Found in 2015, IBKUL started its path by launching a women’s resort-inspired collection. This brand is headquartered in Miami Lakes, Florida, United States, and has grown as full men’s and women’s athleisure line.

Moreover, this brand’s collection is sourced from premium textiles from around the world and thus has become one of the most luxurious athletic wear ever.

Their innovation also gives a modern solution to whoever wants comfortable and stylish clothes to wear in their daily sports activities.

Besides, their sportswear collection is also suitable for other’s activities rather than sports, such as travel, outings, casual meetings, and any other non-sports activities. It is because their design isn’t like the usual sportswear.

IBKUL Highlights

  • Premium quality materials
  • Stylish designs
  • Versatile colors and size choices
  • Reasonable price
  • Cool and comfortable fashion

IBKUL Review

In the middle of this dynamic world of fashion, IBKUL stands as a well-known brand that expertly combines modern design with cutting-edge technology.

IBKUL Reviews: IBKUL Review

Their commitment to helping many people with their comfortable sportswear has become one of the reasons they continuously get attention from broader customers.

However, are you curious about what this brand sells that attract many people worldwide? Below is its product collection, from women’s dresses and men’s outerwear to kid’s tops.

IBKUL Collections

Women Men Kids
Tops Tops Tops (Girls)
Bottoms Bottoms Bottoms (Girls)
Dresses Outerwear Tops (Boys)

Furthermore, with its large selection of products, we will review only several best-selling products. Therefore, let’s go to the next section!

IBKUL Solid Long Sleeve Mock Neck Top Reviews

Looking for stylish golf sportswear? IBKUL Solid Long Sleeve Mock Neck Top must be for you! Comes with a mock-neck top, say no to the boring design of the golf top.

IBKUL Review: IBKUL Solid Long Sleeve Mock Neck Top Reviews

Available in 17 colors and 6 sizes varying from XS to XXL, this top definitely suitable for women seeking an enjoyable and stylish fashion for their outdoor activities.

In addition, this top also built-in a UPF 50 sun protection, anti-microbial properties, and moisture-wicking, making it more comfortable to wear. Moreover, the mesh under-sleeve design facilitates airflow, allowing breathability to move your body.

On top of that, with all of their great features, you are probably curious how much this top costs. Surprisingly, you can add this Solid Long Sleeve Mock Neck Top to your wardrobe for $90.00 only!

IBKUL Mini Check Sleeveless Mock Neck Dress Reviews

Think of wearing a dress for playing golf? With IBKUL Mini Check Sleeveless Mock Neck Dress, all is possible. The design is absolutely for you who love to effortlessly capture the essence of chic fashion while ensuring a comfortable outfit for doing activities.

IBKUL Review: IBKUL Mini Check Sleeveless Mock Neck Dress Reviews

Besides, this Mini Check Sleeveless Mock Neck Dress is made from 92% Nylon and 8% Polyurethane and has smooth and flimsy materials. Also, its sleek and stylish designs allow you to transition seamlessly from outdoor activity to indoor gathering.

Moreover, this dress is also available in 9 color choices with 5 size differences from XS to XL, ideal for you who want to wear a different color in each of your outdoor activities.

Perfect for multitasking, you just need to spend $128.00, and you can get this dress sent to your door house!

IBKUL Solid Flounce Skort Reviews

Finding a simple and fashionable skort to wear in a golf activity is hard. However, IBKUL Solid Flounce Skort presents it way to help you. Comes in solid and minimalist colors, you will shine well in a huge golf yard. Also, this skort will easily match any type of top you have.

IBKUL Review: IBKUL Solid Flounce Skort Reviews

This skort is designed to reduce moisture buildup on your skin and regulate body temperature with its UPF 50+ fabric materials. Equipped with pockets at the side and back and two more on the shorts, it can perfectly hold your things while you play tennis.

Ready in 8 colors and 5 sizes, you can freely select them that suit your taste at its best. However, if you are still unsure what colors match you the best, with their affordable price, reordering all the colors collection is greatly possible.

Curious about how affordable this skort is? Sure, we will give you the answer. This IBKUL Solid Flounce Skort costs only $94.00 for each. What a great deal, isn’t it?

IBKUL Long Sleeve Polo Reviews

As a polo lover, doing your sports activities while wearing your stylish polo shirt must be one of your dreams, right? Today, your dream finally becomes true with IBKUL Long Sleeve Polo.

IBKUL Review: IBKUL Long Sleeve Polo Reviews

Meets with this brand’s patented cooling technology, this sportswear can go along with your hot outdoor hobbies. Also, it comes with long sleeves option supported by sun protection, ensuring your arms are secure from the ultraviolet.

Moreover, with 15 colors and 5 size charts available, you don’t need to worry about matching it to your taste. This polo also appears to be fit to a body, making your muscle stands out very well.

However, are you keen to know how much this IBKUL Long Sleeve Polo costs? All right, this one is purchasable at $90.00. Definitely worth the price!

IBKUL Solid Tennis Dress Reviews

Want to appear confidently in the tennis yard? IBKUL Solid Tennis Dress is the key. There is no activewear like this dress that has both functional and beautiful at the same time.

IBKUL Review: IBKUL Solid Tennis Dress Reviews

This Solid Tennis Dress provides by antimicrobial for odor protection. Their materials are ultra-smooth and lightweight, making them more comfortable to wear. Its sleek design exemplifies elegance in sportswear, enabling you to wear this on any informal occasion.

Both colors and sizes are available in 5 selections. You can choose whatever your tennis dress wants to appear. This dress has a stylish and flattering front zip with handy mesh zip pockets made from patented IceFil fabric.

To get this beautiful tennis dress home, you just need to pay $120.00 only. Go to their websites and add this to your cart!

IBKUL Pros and Cons

We are in the important section now. To ensure this brand’s product is the best for you, we provide the pros and cons in the table below. Therefore, it can make you more confident to make the final decision.


  • Shipping to domestic and internationally
  • Available choice of colors and size
  • Excellent fabric with IceFil technology
  • Reasonable price
  • 40 days return policy
  • Retail store available
  • Wide variety of payment options


  • Free shipping for only above $100 purchase to the US
  • No return policy available for international purchases

Who is IBKUL For?

As a brand that produces sports apparel with innovative technology, this brand is absolutely for everyone of all ages and all genders seeking a stylish and functional fashion to wear on their outdoor activities.

IBKUL Review: Who is IBKUL For?

Even though IBKUL’s fashion is also suitable for indoor, their IceFit feature is mainly for outside activity. It is because their feature help to combine the body’s perspiration to lower skin temperature. Thus, you can stay cool and dry even on a hot sunny day.

Its designs are also perfect for those who love to groom well on any occasion. No more boring designs and colors! Their overall designs and fabrics are impressive and aren’t like typical common sportswear.

IBKUL Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

After all the reviews from us, we’ve come to the reviews of its brand customer. So, what do the customers think about this brand’s product? You better be curious because we already found and summarized the customer’s review of each product here.

IBKUL Review: IBKUL Reviews: What Do Customer Think?

However, before we dive into the reviews, we will give you a glimpse of their ratings. By looking at this, you can understand the big picture of customer satisfaction after purchasing each product.

  1. Solid Long Sleeve Mock Neck Top – Rated 4.88 out of 5 based on 312 reviews
  2. Mini Check Sleeveless Mock Neck Dress – Rated 4.72 out of 5 based on 18 reviews
  3. Solid Flounce Skort – Rated 4.90 out of 5 based on 40 reviews
  4. Long Sleeve Polo – Rated 4.73 out of 5 based on 26 reviews
  5. Solid Tennis Dress – Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 review

The points stated above clearly show that all of them had above-average ratings. However, you may be curious about their in-depth product testimonials, right? If so, you can find out one by one below. Let’s start with the first testimonial.

The best golf shirt I ever wear! The half zip and ventilation stripe inside the sleeve, make the design become more lightweight. I wore this in 95 degree weather, and it was comfortable. Already have 8 and will purchase more when new colors are available.

Based on her testimonial, this Solid Long Sleeve Mock Neck Top has a great material that allows her to feel comfortable even on a hot day. Moreover, she is satisfied with her purchase and wants to re-order again with a different color.

Then, let’s see what this happy customer says about Mini Check Sleeveless Mock Neck Dress.

I casually play tennis and golf in high humidity temperatures. Bought this one and wear it for playing 2 hours of tennis and golf. Really love how it quickly dried. I can sense the coolness than my other tennis/golf clothes. I went to the retailer and bought again for the 4th time.

This customer is happy about the performance of the product. She wore this dress for tennis and golf for 2 hours on a high-temperature day, but it shocked her because the sweat dried very quickly. It proves that the IceFil in their product description works well.

Moving on to the 3rd product on the list, you may be very curious why this Solid Flounce Skort got nearly perfect ratings from customers. Then, let’s find out the reason here.

The best golfwear I ever known, I got praised a lot every time I wear this skort. Has a comfortable, cool and a stylish design, it is also washable. I do air dry seveal time and it maintains its shape. Definitely a perfect skort!

Even for its best materials, its designs also remain the best. This customer also mentioned that the product stayed in shape even after she washed it several times.

Accordingly, most of the reviews on their official website stated that this brand has great material at a reasonable price. All of the customers are satisfied with their purchase, and the majority of them repurchase the product until they get all of the colors available.

Is IBKUL Worth It?

IBKUL presents as a sportswear brand whose primary purpose is to help people with body odours and the hotness that comes from their bodies when they do sports activities. However, with this innovation, IBKUL is absolutely worth your money.

IBKUL Review: Is IBKUL Worth It?

This brand also has a versatile range of colors and sizes that perfectly match any body shape and preference. The price also remains competitive, making it accessible to more comprehensive customers.

IBKUL Shipping Policy

There is no charge for standard US shipping on orders above $100. You can check the following tables to see the details of service types, rates and estimated delivery.

  • For the United States and all territories
Service Type STANDARD
Order By 3:00 PM EST 3:00 PM EST 3:00 PM EST 3:00 PM EST
Estimate Delivery 7-10 business days 7-10 business days 3 business days 2 business days
Rate FREE $6.00 $17.49 $21.00
  • For Canada and International
  Canada Other Countries
Order By 8:00 AM EST 8:00 AM EST
Estimate Delivery 6-10 business days 8-12 business days
Rate $10-$25 (plus charges) $10-$100 (plus charges)

However, because all packages are shipped from the United States, standard international shipping fees may vary depending on your region. Customers are the ones who are responsible for all charges, such as duties, taxes and customs fees.

IBKUL Return Policy

IBKUL offers refunds for unworn, unaltered, and unwashed items with tags after 40 days of delivery. However, they only accept a product with full price and sale items.

In addition, to return your package, you can complete the form at their Returns Center. Moreover, don’t hesitate to contact their customer service if you find any difficulties during the process.

How To Contact IBKUL

Find any problems during your shopping activities or want to clarify general inquiries? You can reach out to IBKUL according to your needs.

For customer:

If you are a wholesale and distribution:

Inquiries for media, press, and influencers:

Furthermore, their customer service hours start from 9 am to 4 pm EST (Monday to Friday) except for holidays.

Where to buy IBKUL?

Interested in this brand’s product? You can shop their collection through two alternatives. First, you can purchase it directly on their official website. Second, you can walk and buy at this brand’s retailers near your location. However, this brand is also available to shop through sale Amazon.

IBKUL Coupon Codes & Promos

There aren’t the best feelings rather than getting your wishlist and saving money at the same time. Therefore, we found that IBKUL provides discount codes and promotions for its customers. Look at the list below and see what is best for you.

  • Receive up to 75% off by signing up for their newsletter
  • Claim $25 off by referring your friend with your code
  • Obtain $20 off for your first purchase by signing up for their mail
  • Get a 10% discount with a coupon code 23SPRING
  • Don’t miss your chance from their up to 80% sale available

However, kindly check the official website for more information about IBKUL’s discounts and promotions.

Reveal all coupons

IBKUL Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When looking for IBKUL reviews, customers typically ask the following questions. We provide the answers to help you in making a smart purchase decision.

How does IBKUL work?

IBKUL works with its functional technology to create stylish design outerwear to give a comfortable and outstanding fashion to sports fans worldwide.

Where is IBKUL from?

IBKUL is based in Miami Lakes, Florida, United States.

Does IBKUL run true to size?

Yes, IBKUL runs true to size. However, if you prefer and extra size, you can also size up before you place an order.

Ask a question?

Conclusion of IBKUL Reviews & Ratings

To conclude, this brand offers a comprehensive style of sportswear fashion at a reasonable price. They also come in various colors and sizes for measurements and match your preference. However, their innovation of IceFit technology makes them one of the best apparel stores to reach.

Further, with all of the reviews we went through, there is no excuse for you to turn away from this brand. Thus, if you’re trying to find activewear that fits you the best by its comfortable, stylish, and reasonable price, go to IBKUL websites now and get yours as soon as possible.


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